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A 2 stage long sidescrolling action platformer which accurately follows the Game Boy's specs
Submitted by Michirin — 21 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline
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I like the feel of the game. I am not too sure about the shield being the down on the d-pad but after playing to the end. I got around that and used to it.

I love the SFX and the music takes off after the initial beginning of the piece. Great job with the channel mutes between the music and sound design!

I liked how the screen shows more of the level once the character jumps on the ledge. Normally you can hold Select plus up for that but I appreciate alleviating the player to do extra controls.

The level design and enemy types were awesome! So well thought out. I think  I was spazzing but some mouse enemies ran faster at you which I liked.

This is looked, felt, and sounded like a an Official GameBoy title. Awesome work! Can't wait to see more.


The kind of game I like! I spend hours at play like that. It is very well done! Too bad there is a bug after the door opens. The game crashes! Please, when you fix the bug, let me know. I want to play until the end!

Congratulations! great job!


You're the first one to report such a bug, what browser are you using?




That's strange, I also use chrome and I've never gotten a crash, and nobody else reported a crash either, I have no idea what's going on, can you send me video footage of the crash happening?



Here  the Crash! In the end of stage. i open the door, enter and....  everthing stops, only the music that doesn't.


I'm really sorry, but I have no idea what's going on, this is a bit out of my control, must be a problem with Construct...
Maybe if I update the program and reexport the game that could be fixed, but I don't know if that's gonna do it...
Have you tried it with a different browser? Or on a different computer?


The art of this game is phenomenal! And it feels so much like a GB game it's crazy! Also the way the enemies move, the animations, the sounds... Everything is great and gives a huge GB feel!

I also had a lot of fun playing the game! The levels are greatly designed and so much fun to play! 



Very good one !

Nice job on the parallax trick, this makes the game feel much bigger without breaking the GB limitations.

Altough I don't know how you could achieve the moving ceiling of the second level on a real GB. Does the GB have horizontal blank interrupt ?

Anyway, impressive amount of work in such a small time !


Yes it does! ; 3
You can see it being done in games like Ninja Gaiden Shadow and TMNT Fall of the Footclan, among many others, and a surprising amount of European-developed GBC games actually use Hblank interrupts on every scanline to change the solid BG colour in order to pull off an Amiga-style gradient in the background, effectively creating a 2nd BG layer! (Though one that only displays vertical gradients, it was also done in a Goemon game by Konami, though to a lesser extent)


First game in about 20 I-ve rated that I played all the way until the end, absolutely loved it! I like more twitchy reaction based platformers and Akumanor definitely scratched that itch. Love how snappy and fast it feels, especially when it comes to blocking projectiles.

The level design was definitely the star. Linear paths mixed with open areas in a way that feels super natural and fun to progress through. Would definitely play more of this in the future!

Also, feels super gameboy-like especially graphicswise. Congrats!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

What a fun game! A true love letter to the Game Boy. You really bothered to animate the background tiles for parallax mimmicking! I could tell by its jittering. Very honored for having a fellow dev going for complete limitations of hardware.


I really appreciated the fact that the effort to stay true to authenticity were kept to the graphics and sounds and not for the controls ! It feels really good and responsive and I like that. And this is actually very nice and polished considering you had four days to work on it !


They were kept for the controls though, there's no shortage of GB games that are responsive and smooth...
Thanks anyway ^^


Really good and nice game! I had a lot of fun. I like the challenging difficulty that reminds me of Castlevania. The nice yet limited graphics gives the perfect GameBoy aestethics.


Perfect Gameboy-ness feeling!

I dig a lot of little big details like:
- your hair moving while falling, the GameBoy-like shade effect
- enemies spam more hearts at the beginning of the game which helped me a lot while discovering the game at first
- this main theme song start remembers me one song from Undertale, and that's really lovely!
- that title screen <3
- that scrolling camera effect is so cool

Great job!


Perfect game boy feel and really fun!


You keep on impressing :D


Very authentic! My only complaint was the camera behaviour in some places, but otherwise great entry!


Nice art and good gameplay


i was honestly not expecting this game to be as good as it was!
its like castlevania, but if everything was buttery smooth.


Solid platforming, fantastic music and sfx, and simple yet effective combat. I loved this, great job on creating an authentic feeling GB game my friend! One of my favourite submissions yet! Only thing I found a little daunting were sometimes the camera didn't scroll down far enough to see the platform below me on the ground leading me to believe it was a bottomless pit, even though it was safe! Fantastic game! 5,5,5,5!


This was one of the few games that the soundtrack and SFX alone made me feel like playing a real gameboy game!

I experienced some delay between input and action, but it might be because it's a HTML build and that tends to happen.
Level design is awesome and there is a large variety of enemies! Good job!


Very well done! This feels good to play.

I love that the color palette stays the same when you pause, only shifted to the darker index, that's a great detail.


Like many said below, it really captures the game aesthetics. I it's a very good entry, one of the best I played this year! Well Done! 

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Graphics and music were ON POINT. Really captures that Gameboy aesthetic. There's a good post on this below, but WOW great use of the camera with the clever panning and all that; everything was very nicely telegraphed.

Only real prob was this one moment in the third room where I think I got soft locked and had to reset after obtaining a key -> dying -> and then using that key on an early door. But because it turned out to be an optional door, I couldn't progress out of the level because there was only one key in that room. Unless I'm mistaken??? Was there an extra key hidden somewhere in there? It was kind of hard to backtrack there anyway because at one point you cross a staircase, and seemingly you can't walk back through a staircase if it's on the ground because your character will instead climb up it? I hope I'm wrong about that...

Besides alllll that... SOLID stuff.


I didn't realise it was possible to softlock there, I'm sorry you had to go through that! Whenever I take the time to make a full version I'll make sure to either put a check point there, or rework how my keys and doors are handled... Also, yeah, the stairs were deliberately put there in order to prevent you from backtracking, thus locking you in the area that has a key and a door, which was meant to prevent any softlocks, but I neglected the fact that death was a possibility... Stupid me...


I found this on my second play through, I don't like spoiling things, but there is a secret key in an earlier section, somewhere before the spiked ceiling room, that's meant for that optional door.

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