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Very cute! :D

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I'm currently developing a full release of the game! I'm adding enemies, bosses and more terrains :D

If you want to stay up to date or give feedback and suggestions i just made a discord server for the game:
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Just made one!

I'm adding those features right now for the 0.3 build, as well as things like save files and input remapping, hope you stick around!

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Yooo that's insane! I made a server for the game if you wanna discuss speedrunning strats >

Lovely eerie vibe with minimalistic but clean graphics. My computer kinda blows so I had lag most of the time while playing it but it still felt smooth, so thats a huge tell on how nice it feels to move around :D

Loved the theming and feel of the game! Moving around feels really nice, though I wish there was a way to replenish the cream faster. 

Cant believe you complained about the wind after playing through these waterways smh

Good job ^^

lmao, turns out I did, still just such a good game I guess I had to double comment :p

I thought I had commented but apparently not! Amazing game, definitely top 5 of the jam, without a question. I had a bit of trouble telling how high the monkey was off the ground, maybe adding some sort of HUD element indicating height would help? I do get wanting to keep the screen clean though, especially with such pretty graphics!

Amazing work!

Yeah, I really really wanted to add some music and sfx, but I just didn't prioritize my time correctly T_T
I also thought I could do the entire thing myself which was both a self imposed challenge of sorts since its my first time doing a solo game, and incredibly optimistic, lol. Glad you liked the game!

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its 石 actually! i just placed a very unfortunate crack in the stone that makes it look like 右 lmaooo 

I realized after I submitted that there was a readability problem loll

Edit: The only actual font used is in the dialog boxes inside the game, the rest is just me drawing the letters 

Beautiful, chill ambience that comes to life through some really unique visuals and audio design. Very clearly presented and straightforward with its mechanic, which is a plus. Jumping feels very bouncy in a good way, since the sense of control is always there and whatever momentum is kept when sliding on platforms feels fair. 

I actually liked being able to jump in the air after sliding off platforms, felt like a nice recovery option that made potentially unfair situations feel more balanced out.

Really solid entry with potential for a short level based game imo :D

fuckin amazing game, top notch as shit, you nailed the mechanic perfectly.

Its a really original idea that I feel doesn't give enough time for the player to get used to the mechanic. The AI spawned wayy too quickly for me, or maybe I'm just bad like that lol

All in all, interested to see if you take this concept further

Really, really solid entry. Music reminded me of the sims in a really good way, super chill vibes all around and felt super fair even though its punishing. Great, great work!

Absolutely insane scope and great execution. Got my ass handed to me by the baboon so I couldn't really make it that far, but a really amazing entry, all in all!

Absolutely loved the main mechanic, felt like it really worked well with what the game is trying to do. Great polish on that. Lacks a bit in presentation and is a little too punishing imo, but a solid solid entry nonetheless.

Didn't get to play it bc it lagged a lot on my pc for some reason :( 

if there's a way to fullscreen that might  help, lemme know!

I loved the aesthetic and theming of the game, but I just couldn't get into the gameplay. Maybe i just fuckin suck, but not being able to prepare your jump when in hitstun kinda ruined the experience for me unfortunately, I was permanently getting stunlocked and it was just no fun :(  Still giving the game good scores in presentation and originality, but I think the gameplay and by extension its place in the theme of the jam suffer quite a bit due to the execution.

Love the visuals and how the salmon controls. Gave me big big pokemon stadium 1 magikarp minigame vibes. Fuck the eagle, loved the game even though im dogshit at it

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Super unique and interesting entry. I feel like the dating feel could have been really improved by having the person you're dating ask you questions as well, I couldn't help but feel like there was some chemistry missing between us lol. Could be interesting to have to keep your answers consistent as well.

Not a huge fan of the permaloss mechanic, doesn't feel super foddian as other ppl have suggested, but I do think the game manages to capture some of the stress and excitement of a first date, which is huge for such a straightforward mechanic imo. Having progress be lost in stages or having 'lives' would feel a bit more natural I feel like.

Giving this 5 stars in originality, a very unique idea with tons of potential if executed a bit more cleanly.

Textbook jump king game, and good at what it tries to be. I would've loved to see some more creativity regarding the mechanics of the game, but for what it is its an extremely solid entry!

5 stars all around. Absolutely brilliant game that manages to flawlessly tread the line between ambition and scope. Audio is on point, gamefeel is off the charts, the art is incredibly charming and this is my winner for the jam, hands down.

T_T legit made me tear up reading this and the incredible review u left me. I would've fuckin loved to see more of this games' art, the spritework is incredibly expressive for being just static poses, I actually lol'd when I saw ludwigs full sprite for the first time. You really nailed the aesthetic and feel of the game, I really hope to see it on stream!

Had a fuckin blast. Super polished in its gameplay, and especially great work on the visual feedback. No notes!

Really really liked the presentation. Could use some work on the level design I feel like, bc the first mushroom ball jumps are really really hard. I might come back to this game after Im done rating stuff for the jam tho, good job :D

Fantastic entry. Amazing execution of the foddian feeling with an unconventional gameplay mechanic. It really makes you FEEL like jump king. 

5 stars across the board. Incredibly ambitious and sticks the landing, on jam time constraints no less. This game would've been an achievement even if it had been developed as its own thing. 

I thought I saw a lot of cave story visual references (the cris crosses and those ghost type enemies, mostly), happy to see my suspicions confirmed in the credits :p

If I could offer a bit of constructive criticism for future dev on the project, there's some things mechanically speaking that feel a bit superfluous, particularly some enemies like the squid feel easily ignorable and not much of a threat, and the levels felt a bit diluted at times. Of course polish is what suffers most under time constraints, but you have a really solid core here that could sing even more if the levels were a bit shorter and sweeter.

Followed your account, can't wait to see what you do next.

Perfectly captures the addicting frustration of the original impossible game. Props on the gameplay and music!

Really charming visual style and interesting mechanics with tons of potential. Got the spear bug as well unfortunately, but I'd love to see more of this game once the voting period ends!

Loaded with charm, the star of the show is definitely it's interesting rng mechanic. There's ton of potential in the rng manipulation thing, but sadly it's not quite as effectively explored here (understandable due to jam constraints). 

Super looking forward to playing this again if it ever gets expanded on.

Source code is in the description! Otherwise you can download it through the Itch desktop app :D

Absolutely carried by its charm and writing, loved it. As some have pointed out, the movement and dialog input scheme is kinda weird, and while it did take some time to get used to, it didn't really hinder my experience. 

What kinda did hinder it and would be an easy fix is the camera lagging behind you like crazy. I get doing some ease in ease out, but I found myself walking in a direction and stopping to wait for the camera to catch up, which took me out of an otherwise lovely experience. One of my favourite games from this jam so far.

Thanks so, so much for the detailed feedback!

I don't know what else to reply since you were very kind with your compliments, other than we appreciate you taking the time to go through our game and think about it.

We'd love to hear what else you'd like to see in the game, perhaps weapon or enemy suggestions?

Again, thanks a lot!

Thanks so much! 🐱🐱‍👤< Our heroes say thank you

Huh, that's strange you'd get stuck! We haven't seen a bug like that happening. Do you remember what kinda room it was? there's a room with spikes on the left that has  an easy to miss enemy, ppl have thought they cleared the room and the bugger is still lurking in the bottom left corner. 

Those were your upgrade choices, correct! We were going for a not so subtle hades mechanic ^^

Thanks for the kind words and we appreciate any further feedback if you have it!

oh word? (mine too *-*)

Insane production value for a jam game. I cannot wrap my head around how you managed to pull this level of detail and stylization in a week's time. I'm assuming there's seven of you bc of the studio's name?

Aside from the text issue which was sorta dealt with when I installed the font (I say sorta bc text regularly seemed to be pushed offscreen), my biggest issue with the game is the battle system. I love traditional JRPGs, but I feel like you were pressed for time and what suffered most were the battles. Feedback feels wonky on both attacking and receiving attacks, and the game would be vastly improved with pokemon style attack animations (just like, dropping an animated vfx on top of a character). As it stands I have a hard time imagining how my characters attack and their particular specialties.

Again, presentation wise, it's impeccable. In my opinion the best game of the jam, graphically speaking. Music was very solid as well, but it seemed to suffer a bit in the gameplay area.

Congratulations on a fantastic entry :) 

The general consensus seems to be that the kunai are stronger than the sword, yeah. The controller feedback is interesting, and I think you might be right! We wanna try fleshing the game out a lil bit as well as doing a balance pass after the voting's done, so any criticism or suggestions are appreciated ^^

Many thanks! We had tons of fun making it, glad to hear people having fun playing it ^^

If you have any criticism or feedback, we'd love to hear it since we're gonna do a bit of a rebalance and additions after the voting period is done :D

We're looking into rebalancing the game a bit after all the feedback (and after the voting period ends :p)!

Thanks for the kind words, you're one of the few people who appears to prefer the sword, so while we might have to make it a bit more powerful it's nice to hear that it's got fans :D

Once again thanks for the feedback and we're taking any suggestions for future weapons or balance adjustments.