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Super fun arcadey game! Feels great to play, hooked me for like an hour, even tho Im stupid bad at it. Great job!

First game in about 20 I-ve rated that I played all the way until the end, absolutely loved it! I like more twitchy reaction based platformers and Akumanor definitely scratched that itch. Love how snappy and fast it feels, especially when it comes to blocking projectiles.

The level design was definitely the star. Linear paths mixed with open areas in a way that feels super natural and fun to progress through. Would definitely play more of this in the future!

Also, feels super gameboy-like especially graphicswise. Congrats!

Definitely one of the most finished and polished entries. Really like how deliberate the controls feel, but I would personally give the jump a bit less of starting lag. Just to make it feel a bit more responsive, even if the lag is on purpose.

Enemy and obstacle placement is fantastic, really loving the old school level design!

Super duper cute game! Love the mechanics and the aesthetic, feel like a very gameboy game. Couldn't get the hang of the controls though, they feel a bit clunky to me, I'd love to be able to chew while moving in the game, just to make movement a bit more streamlined. All in all, excellent game!

Incredible graphical and game feel! Doesn't really look like something the gameboy could handle, but it's really impressive work. The game did slowdown the longer I was playing it, which is a bummer, but that's jam games for you. Very nicely done!

Incredible entry! Love both the theme and gameplay. Level design is smart and the enemies are super charming, one of the best games submitted imo

Clever mechanics! loses a bit of points in the graphics department imo, but it's super fun and quite well made :D

Couldn't figure out how to play! :c

Maybe I'm a bit daft, but I'd definitely appreciate more detailed instructions on the itch page. I'll give it another go then!

The visuals are a bit bare bones, but they get the job done. Mechanically, it's solid, and has a really nice difficulty curve. Also, one of the most gameboy-ey feeling games as a whole. Would've definitely played a whole bunch of SparX back in 1997!

Excellent game. Every area is at least great, the visuals being the cherry on top of a very fun mecha ferret themed cake! The level design is clever, in an ideal world I'd have loved to see even more creative uses of the dismount mechanic. 22/25

You're cool!

Thanks! We didn't have enough time, unfortunately :c

Suggestion noted! We're planning on polishing it up a bit after the jam's done.

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Will do!

Thanks for the kind words! About the feedback, we do have hit and explosion vfx, but couldn't implement them on time. You know, jam-style

Sadly, we didn't have enough time to make some music for the game... After the jam's done we plan to add it tho!