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really fun :D Although the mouse is actually targeting the bottom of the cross hair, and the control setup is not ideal for left handed people. but other than that, really good!

i already do all of that, except for the whole use your other hand thing... i guess ill just leave art for the last day

ok, so i can draw... kinda. i dont consider my art good (and my brother who does the art thing for a living always finds several flaws with it)

do i still qualify as"i can make a game, but i cant draw"?

no, that is still text, even though its in a picture

boesh is correct, only 4 colors including black and white

question. how do you program the games in lua, and is there a specific reason why lua was chosen?

well... that was... interesting... whats a chan?

I freaking love mega man battle network

yes. You are just not the hero, you may even be a dog observing the hero. Or a shop owner.

glad you enjoyed, thats an interesting idea...


wow thanks! and ill update the icon in the next build.

Got a new build out

The game plays very slow. I can win and lose at the same time. And my area of movement seems to be glitched. Might wanna make an after jam version of this. 

The game can use a lot of polishing. The collision is basically non-existent, and the screen transitions are buggy. However, I did enjoy my time with this game. Good work!

I agree with the death statement. It is very... unique.

You should show that bombs are bombs. Other then the few glitches though, I really enjoyed this game! 3 unique levels is a lot for a jam!

also... no sound for me

i like how easy it is for me to not die. not saying its not challenging, it just feels like one of those games that you play just for fun.

nice sound track! I would make the candy stand out more.

why isn't this on the switch?

imagine, making a  game for a game boy, but it cant display the 4th color, so you can only use 3 colors.


also, which screen shake? the shooting one?

hehe, yea..... thanks! a new update will be coming out in a 1-7 days

very very fun! i did get a little lost at some parts, and ended up doing some shady maneuvers tho

... it wasn't that bad... though the shooting noise :(

really fun, tho the music made it seem like it would be sad... it wasnt :( also the hit box was too unforgiving 

i couldn't get it to run :(

you can make anything, as long as it follows the rules, just remember that most of us know English and have a windows pc


thank you for letting me know, i will hopefully have a new build out next week

thanks, i wonder why the resolution was low... and the music and art was made by stridersounds and Erizur

sometimes in games the police are the bad guys

i don't see how the police would be against the limitation...

they don't multiply, its actually the red words colliding with your burden