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A game explanation is definitely a good idea (the game is basically rogue being shown as a text adventure), as for the dialogue file, i’ll see what i can do.

glad you enjoyed, I considered having each decision spit into a branching path, but the whole dialogue tree was typed in notepad, so separating each branch would have been hell XD

Normally I don’t comment on games, but wow, not at all what i was expecting. The story was very intriguing and felt very real, and the piano piece just tied it all together.

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Im really glad you liked it :)


yes, the theme is optional, the limitation is required

yes, looking for a programmer teammate is the best option

every tile must be 4x4

1.Sprite sheets are allowed 2.Scaling and rotating inst something everyone agrees on, so use at your own risk 3.You *could *stitch multiple sprites together, but it does defeat the purpose of the limitation

If your game was submitted, it should show as a submission to Mini Jam on the game’s page

the player can kill enemies indirectly, say from dropping a crate on its head

yes, as long at its clear that is post jam

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Yes this is allowed, Other game jams usually allow for it and at the moment Mini Jam doesn’t have a rule against it. As long as its just work on the engine before the jam, and no actual work on the game. Definitely go for it, it would be cool to see what you make with your own engine.

yes, you can update your game at any point.

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i like this.

Very nice! I had a lot of fun playing, although i noticed a few things that make the experience less enjoyable.

  1. the player doesn’t have a dedicated hitbox making getting hit feel just a tad unfair, especially with the fact that the player rotates while in air.

  2. when shooting, bullets spawn at a slightly random position. Although it can add juice in some cases, for your game it just makes things a bit unfair. Most noticeably with jumps where you need to shoot at a 1 tile target, and jumps against walls. Sometimes bullets will hit the wall instead, or miss the target entirely.

other than that, i has a lot of fun with it.

i dont know if im just being dumb or not, but the game doesn’t have to run on the NOKIA 3310, right?

like it has to follow all the limitations and everything, but its still a windows exe?

glad you had fun, there are a few bugs that need to be fixed however, like the fact that there are only 16 stars in the entire game and the little red square should not be visible :)

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as you may know, i use fusion 2.5, as far as i can tell it has no effects system, so i just ended up creating an object (trail piece) every 1 in 5 times the movement loop was run, then i have them constantly scale down until .25% size (while moving) or .4% while dashing. i also destroyed every odd tail piece, and the ones not touching other tail pieces, all to make it more optimized. it is still very much a super poorly optimized system, but i know of no other way of doing it.



yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fun :D

just procedurally generated content and permanent death

we actually considered increasing the viewport size, the problem is that some of the levels would need to be remade

i do believe that i have fixed those now.

did you re download the game?

fixed now

glad you enjoyed! 

fixing those bugs now!👍

thanks for the feedback! you make a great point, however with the way the camera works, showing more space to one side of the player could be disorienting because the camera shifts when you change direction.

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thanks for the positive feedback!
it appears that you have encountered two bugs with the saving system in the game.

1. inside of the save houses there is supposed to be a old man you can talk to, it sounds like none of the npc's spawned for you. 

2. because there was no one to save with, the game loaded a empty save when you died and pressed retry, placing the player at 32,32 (which is his starting point) and also not loading in any of the object.

these have been fixed in the post jam version of the game. though i believe i need to wait for voting to end to update it.

i was honestly not expecting this game to be as good as it was!
its like castlevania, but if everything was buttery smooth.

glad you enjoyed, sorry to hear that you ran into that error. 
I will be sure to fix it when uploading the post jam build.

quite fun, though it is confusing why i get small all of the sudden

this game always caught my attention on the blog, super exited to finally get the chance to play it.

really fun :D Although the mouse is actually targeting the bottom of the cross hair, and the control setup is not ideal for left handed people. but other than that, really good!

i already do all of that, except for the whole use your other hand thing... i guess ill just leave art for the last day

ok, so i can draw... kinda. i dont consider my art good (and my brother who does the art thing for a living always finds several flaws with it)

do i still qualify as"i can make a game, but i cant draw"?

no, that is still text, even though its in a picture

boesh is correct, only 4 colors including black and white

question. how do you program the games in lua, and is there a specific reason why lua was chosen?