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The bats early on were annoying at first, but I think that just had to do with adjusting to the controls and not running into walls lmao. But once you get the controls down, nah not too hard tbh!

Been following you for a while now, and it's awesome to finally get to try your game! It's pretty freaking cool. Love the environment and animations. 

Really cool!

Cute and awesome

You keep on impressing :D

Where do the stats save?

You got me wondering, so I restarted a few times just now, and brought my refresh rate down to 60hz, and the controls are still too fast and slippery for my tastes.

This is all 5s from me! Adorable, very well paced, and very well designed. The way you teach the mechanics from level 1 onward is so intuitive. Good job on this

The idea is cool, but the execution is rough. I can't tell if you synced the attack window to the hi-hat or if it's just really fast, but is definitely hard to control. 

Pretty original though! If you fixed that and added some juicy effects this could be sick!


This game was sick. Absolutely a 5 on originality. Not only have I never seen this idea in this jam, I don't think I've ever seen this idea before. You really got creative on this one. Challenging, tight, and really fun. Good job!

Damn man, you really understood my game :D Thanks a lot! Really appreciate that

The theme of the gang only owning one gun is hilarious. This game oozes charm and originality. Love it, good job!

Controls like a dream. Just dumb fun, loved it, good job!

dw I did, and thanks!

One of my favorites. Good puzzles, and you can skip a level if you just can't figure it out :D

Extremely original concept and very well executed! Going through walls because you don't have the sense of touch in the moment? Really thinking outside the box on this one. I really liked this. Rated 4-5-5

Beautiful, simple, engaging, and immersive. Design would have been a 5 from me if the monster's vision range was more easily understood, but I get that some sacrifice needs to be made for fantastic aesthetics. I also love the parallax on that dust at the end!

This is incredibly polished! Plays great and there are some really well designed levels. And surprisingly relaxing

Thanks a ton man! I definitely shoulda done that :x I also should have made what you need to do much more clear. 

Pretty tough and damn that monster got me so anxious lmao

Cool idea but the controls are rough

I know this was during a jam, but this concept is begging for AI haha. Cool concept

My game is played with one button. You grow some plants then protect them from evil

I think you uploaded the wrong file!

Really liked this! I loved unlocking one dude just to be stabbed in the back for the sake of victory :P

Short and sweet. Really cool concept

This was pretty damn original, nice. 

The shield dude was a great idea

This was great, fit the theme damn well, super creative

Very slippery controls but fits the theme!

To me, the Only One theme was meant to inspire a convention-breaking creativity.

LOVE this game! Very creative execution in fitting with the theme! Rated it a 4-5-5

Beautiful visuals and good music, fits real nice, but the controls leave much to be desired. I rated a 3-3-4

Awesome concept but lacks an objective! Super cool though, would love to see this fleshed out. Gave it a 2-5-5

I feel like this missed the spirit of the jam...

This was a great idea, but the execution I felt was lacking.

This has choice aesthetic. It's like one of those obscure hidden gem SNES titles. Absolutely fantastic, especially considering the time constraints. 

Yeah this was pretty phenomenal. Super creative, simple, and so damn charming. 

I really liked this! Simple and tricky concept. The stamina meter was stressful.