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A warehouse platformer with one surprising obstacle.
Submitted by SheepDragon Studios (@SheepDragonStud) — 55 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#11903.3403.340

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Really lovely polish on the art, and it sounds and feels amazing. I think the difficulty curve could do with being a little more forgiving perhaps though. Maybe i just suck but i got stuck on level 3 and didn't really understand how to progress past the bottom right corner. 

Really amazing for 48 hours though


Thanks! Yeah we should've done more play testing. Your game was cool too!


The controls are indeed frustrating. But I like the idea and the execution other than the controls is great!


This one is hard :P But I really like the artstyle.


Nice take on the theme, i'd just say the controls feel a bit too floaty (just needs a bit of tweaking nothing much) appart from that what's there's quite good, with great pixel art !

Not sure what i could say more for this one but Good job :)


Wow really great sprite and tile art!  The controls felt nice and responsive too!  Also, I loved the particle effects, like explosions and jump trail.  Really great UI too, amazing job for 48hours!  5 stars.  Please check out my entry if you have time~ good day!


Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your game too!


Nice art!


Great art style and nice use of the theme, about my only complaint is the movement controls are a little loose for how precise some of the jumps need to be I think.


Love the art style :~)


Everything works really well together and seems really smooth and enticing, I just wanted to keep playing more! The graphics and music is simple but is really nice to look at and listen to without being unoriginal.

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Hey all!

Zak here: lead artist, animator and music-man on Obstacular.

A word of warning about a music bug you might've noticed - pressing replay on the very first level causes the game music to play over itself which is... not super pleasant. This will be fixed in the post-jam patch.

Just something to keep in mind as you enjoy the soul-crushing brutality of this shameless Dark Souls clone ;)

Cheers to all of you for the fantastic feedback!


Hot damn, this game is hard.

I was replaying the 3rd level so much i pressed replay on accident when i finally won and then it wouldn't let me skip the level anymore. I...just gave up after that. lol.

This has good potential for a mobile game. Well done!


Heh, that was interesting) Couldn't get past the "ghost box" though, but I like the visuals the the idea behind this game. Gj!

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 I love the game and its concept. The soft narrative and flavour text is just adorable and oddly relatable, and the art is gorgeous.

My only criticisms would be how the level  'scores' are tied towards your number of jumps rather than run time, especially with the current state of the wall jump mechanic, and that one level.... why was it so scary?


You got some crazy good artstyle. I am impressed! I feel kind of sad that the difficulty is so high I couldn't get past level 3. I am sure I am missing a lot. 


Thanks! We've got a wall jump patch coming out as soon as the jam is over, so if you want to see the rest, be sure to check back in!


I like the idea of one single obstacle, but this kind of fast and lucky style games are too exhausting for me. After several dozens attempts to pass the third level I stopped trying.


The quality of this game is amazing, even without taking into consideration that it was made in 48 hours. Overall, cool concept, great gameplay and amazing art. Keep up the good work!


I was stuck forever on level 3 then I mastered wall jumping :D. Very cool game!!


Glad to hear you got the hang of it! Our programmer always gets stuck on that level too!


Amazing Visual design and cool concept! The third level's moving box had some very tight timings, but other than that each one was fresh and fun to play


Great art style and atmosphere! The controls feel a little floaty, but over all nice job!

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