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A jam submission

One button, three gamesView game page

A game created for the gmtk game jam 2019
Submitted by Elias Kia — 6 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Adherence to the Theme#734.5874.587

Ranked from 75 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Hahaha, I love it! Really original.


I got 112. Very clever design. Balancing tapping, holding and stopping made for an evenly distributed challenge. It became easier once i realized you can hold the button from yellow through red to keep the baloon up but then I realized the game was scaling. Adding the progression was a really good call. Those last few seconds franticly and unsuccessfully filling the bucket was thrilling. Good Job!


Great work! We debated making a game like this! I'm glad to see it pulled off quite well :D Good fun!


Fun little game... sorry games. Good job.


I liked it. Reminds me of some of the weird and experimental flash games that I used to play that would bounce between a few games at once. It does feel very rhythmic and like as long as you're paying attention you could probably go forever. The red light only ever lasts just less than the length of time it takes for your pump to go from full to empty. With a little more random chance (which admittedly might not work for this set of mingames) I think it could become a lot more of a chaotic good time. Keep working on and experimenting with the minigames and this could become a madcap masterpiece.


This is like warioware but if all games were going at once! Great job, please check out mine!


Very original game! Loved it! :)

Cool game!


Unique take on the only one! One button with multiple games is not seen very often. It would be better if there are more different minigames that requires you to divert attention to them. Great job!


So simple, yet so ingenious! It is a very fun multitasking game that made me spam my spacebar as a madman, greedily trying to get as many presses as I can, before the red light appears. The lack of any sounds also made it more intense, as I was clearly hearing all the presses.


Awesome multi-tasking game, congrats on the idea!

5/5 on theme for sure

The hot air balloon pixel art is the best by far. (;


Very interesting and clever design. Fantastic job on applying the theme. ++


This was really clever! It took a while for me to figure out the pattern, but once I did I was mostly focused on the stoplight game. Cool idea.

I don't think my eyes have ever been in so many places at once. This was a unique idea. Thanks for sharing!

If you have time please play and rate my game:


Woah, what a great idea! I didnt manage to hold it for too long, but it was a lot of fun.


Made it to 105 seconds! Very cool, I liked how you made all of the games work together. I think it would be cool if there was a game that would punish you for spamming, such as filling a jar and you couldn't let it overflow. Nice :)


That is an interesting idea I will think about.


Three funny little games which you have to play at the same time. Well done.


Cool idea, but gets repetitive very fast, add some variation to it, and it can become a good mobile game.

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