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Well, hello there! 

If you want it, then here is a 2D puzzle-platformer about the peculier gentleman that can travel in only one dimension at the time:

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Thank you for your feedback and I am happy that you were satisfied with the game. That relly feels me with the enthusiasm :)

Hey, thank you for your suggestions! The last level was actually designed with the intend of tensely avoiding spikes in the "death tunnel". In retrospect, I think that it might have been too much of them, but it was an experimental extreme. 

Hey, thank your for playing! Yeah, I remember wondering a little, if some transparency in the darkness under the characters feet would be a good idea, and your response reminded me of it.

Hey, thank you for your feedback! I hope that in the future I will manage to fully realize this concept.

Thank you for playing and rating my game!

Hey! Here is my game "Where is my 2nd dimension, gentlemen" :

Good and fun game! Liked the music and the fact that even the very first enemies were showing some resemblance of the intelligence and tried to run away, if the player is too close. Despite that, the enemies grew to be rather predictable, and it became easy to dispatch of them. If you develop their AI even further than it could become even more fun and challenging.

A short 2D puzzle-platformer where you travel in only one dimension at the time:

Hello, kind Sir!

If you are interested in some hot tea and quantally unstable gentleman, then you can find it all here:

Fun way of looking back at the old roguelikes with such a huge liability like one "pocket" space. It is pretty hardcore and unforgiving, and I like that! This old-schoolysh style, however, can repel casual players, so beware of that. All things considered, I think that you can develop a good game out of it!

So simple, yet so ingenious! It is a very fun multitasking game that made me spam my spacebar as a madman, greedily trying to get as many presses as I can, before the red light appears. The lack of any sounds also made it more intense, as I was clearly hearing all the presses.

Thank you for your suggestions! I actually did not think so much about the puzzle side of my game and concentrated more on the platforming elements, which is especially evident in the last level. I will certainly try to play around with my focus between the two sides and see, if this game should be more a puzzle, platformer or somewhere in between.  

As for the dimension switch affecting things, I have not given it much of a thought. I concidered to add enemies in the future, that would attack you if you see them. Your idea about moving other things with the dimension switch is very interesting indeed.

I love this small turn-based survival action game. Once you get an understaning of the enemies and the cards' functions, you will get in a nice flow that musica helps to solidify. This game is good for relaxation and spending your time. This would be a solid phone game. From nitpicks I only have a wish for an ability to have a bigger window size.

Let us with Sir Reginald open this thread then! Here is a small 2D platformer where you can travel in only one dimension at the time:

Your idea of shrinking a metroidvania to one screen feels amazing. I usually dislike to backtrack and seek out secrets on the typically vast maps of this genre, so for me it was like a refreshment. Due to its limited scope, the backtracking never felt tedious and I was more encouraged to look out for the secret gems. 

From negatives I can only point out that with every death my character became more and more hidden in the textures. Nonetheless, it is a small technical problem that, I am sure, you will be able to fix.

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I actually was planning to play and rate your game anyway, so I don't mind being "bribed" to do so :D 

Hare is a 2D puzzle-platformer where you can travel in only one dimension at the time:

It is beautiful... Thank you!

It is good to see that you liked it and thank you for taking your time to play and write this review!

Hey, thank you for your review! I will most certainly think abot how to communicate to the player which parts of the room are safe, and so disencourage  them from needlessly switch dimension every step. However, for a perceptive folk I might add hidden secrets to the levels to reward them for their observations.

Very fun and surreal game. It took a time, but I managed to addapt to the "steering" and controls felt pretty good after that. However, in the beginning it was pretty hard. As some people already noted, a leveled road at the start would greatly benefit to the beginner.

Well, if you want it, then here is a 2D puzzle-platformer where you can move in only one dimension at the time:

The idea is very good, the execution is even better. All the lighting and  the hand drawn decorations gave the game an unique feeling. I only played the jam version, but saw that you also have a hardcore one, which is great, because the levels were pretty easy.  

The game is fun and pretty unforgiving. A lot of challenge, however, was actually from "slippery" controls and the lives' system. It may appeal to fans of hardcore games, but an average player can become frustrated with it. 

I think that the game would greatly benefit from having two difficulties: easy/normal without the lives' system for more casual people and hardcore/normal with lives' system for the hardcore ones. 

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Cool concept and a fun game. Felt bit short, but it is understandable. I liked how you used "perimeter" textures to tell where the walls begin. Art design and music go very well with together.

Very clever and what is more, the cutest.

Thanks for your feedback! Good to see that you enjoyed it :)

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As many other people have already noted, it is nice to see a story driven game on the jam for refreshment. It was neat in its art design and pace. Only nitpick that I have is that the furniture puzzle was a bit junky (the furniture was sometimes unresponsive and the bed broke in half like Scott's mind)

Here is another one of "7 ratings club" games as I can judge by the people above me :D

Thank you for taking your time to play and rate my game!

One of my favourites now. It is very original and its minimalistic look really helps.

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If you still want more to play and draw, then here is my game "Where is my 2nd dimension, gentlemen?":

If you want it, then you can get some tea in this game during your coffe break :

Don't know about juice, but my game certainly has some tea in it:

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Very cool and enjoyable game! I love how you managed to create a strong atmosphere using (as I assume) only your voice and the few colours. Also as you already noted, both of our games are somewhat similar in the mechanics, and it is interesting to see how different people approach them differently.

Hey, thank your for review! It is great to see that the snow idea and the mustache paid off :D

Thank you for your critique and the kind words! 

A very fun game with good mechanics and puzzles. I liked the most the audio design, especially the music and the sound effect of dying.  Sometimes a one small bug occured, where the usual blue platforms launched me outside the level, which was funny, but in the fast timing-based chambers it may have been a bother. The overeall experince, however, it didn't influence.

The game has an amazing art direction and a strong core mechanic. One of my favourites during the jam.