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Simple One Hand Platformer
Submitted by iwansquall — 2 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#10413.5003.500

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Hey! It was really cool seeing a twist on a genre! Platformer with only one hand is easy enough, but a first person platformer, now THAT's a design challenge! Great work on this one! 


I don't really see how it fits the theme (yeah, only one hand, I know, but it doesn't really matter from the games perspective, it would be the same with 2, 3 or even more hands).
That aside, the hand has a cool design and the moving between platforms feels good. Well, when they work properly, I jumped through the walls many times and died in the outer space... But, still for a 48 hour game, it's very impressive, I still really liked it! :)


Remind me of Portal and boy did I love those games. If you keep working on this you could iron out the bugs and make this into a much fuller product. I do love a good puzzle game :D

I didn't have much issue with following the path laid out, I did have to look around sometimes but no more or less than I did during Portal 1/2

Submitted (1 edit)

The main problem I'm facing is that it's hard for me to know what distance I am able to teleport, and what distance is too far for me to. Also in the fast reaction levels its very hard to follow the lasers (I think because of the limited view range), making the controls a bit frustrating. Other than that, the game was made pretty well! I had fun playing it and I believe most people find it fun too. The game reminds me of games like Portal and Q.U.B.E when you have just a simple mechanic in a 3d platformer that makes the game a tricky puzzle game. Well done!


A very fun game with good mechanics and puzzles. I liked the most the audio design, especially the music and the sound effect of dying.  Sometimes a one small bug occured, where the usual blue platforms launched me outside the level, which was funny, but in the fast timing-based chambers it may have been a bother. The overeall experince, however, it didn't influence.


Great work! Nice puzzle game!


I love puzzle games and this is an interesting idea. Excellent learning curve.

I get confused with the platforms that I can grapple to, it doesn't seem to be based on the surface normal or the distance but more in the "predetermined path" which I guess is fine but I personally get confused.

Congrats and please keep updating it!


I had a fun time, the teleport pads feel nice to zip around on, and there's some good variety with the breakable one use blocks, death lasers and boost pads later on

The minimalist aestetic work really well here, makes everything nice and readable to figure the puzzles out, which make a nice contrast with the super cool detailed robot hand ^^ 

To be fair there are a few small issues though, there are a few bugs from time to time with the physics, and one thing i'd suggest is to go easy on the motion blur, you put a lot in it so the best thing would be to have maybe an option so people can choose to have it on or not (could be a good compromise if you want to keep it ^^)

Other than that it feels pretty solid, the looks in general kinda give this "Tron" vibe which got me thinking, the way you handle movement seems like what they did for some VR games, so this could have potential in that regards ?

Anyway congrats for your game :)


The movement feels great and it ramps up pretty quickly. I think it was a good mix of puzzles and quick reactions. I like how new thing got introduced as it went along, you have added a lot of elements to the simple controls.


Loved the design and the visuals man.

This is also honestly one of the more interesting ideas I've found in this jam.

Don't really have any qualms.....apart from the fact that maybe the distance you can move at once could be increased by a little maybe ?

Submitted (1 edit)

Really nice idea and execution. It gets really hard when the player needs to act swiftly since I find my self a bit disoriented after dashing and need to look around to plan which way to go. I also suggest adding slightly different colors to adjacent walls  since it can be hard to analyze the level layout on the fly (especially since motion blur blurs the boundaries between adjacent walls).  It was very fun and challenging to play and I will hopefully win that level full of death lasers one day.


Some bugs, but really cool mechanic. Fun to fling yourself from platform to platform.


Good game design to make a simple mechanic really engaging! There are some bugs related to physics mostly, but they are not gamebreaking.


A  solid entry! There were a few bugs here and there, but it didn't ruin the experience. The music and sound effects were boppin, and the overall concept was great! I do wish some of the levels were a litlle less trial and error, but that's my only complaint. Good game!


The mechanics are solid and i appretierte your feature to change the sensibility very much. I encountered a bug several time, i don't know how but i was forced out of the room. But overall cool game!


Very solid and action-packed! Thanks!

Cool game, I like this crazy wall teleporting idea! Thanks for you comment on my post, and feel free to check out my game :)

Good game !
The theme "Only one" is a bit hidden even if it's true that you're using only one hand ;)

The feeling when playing it is good !
It can be even a greater game with a bit of details in levels.

Good job overall ! :D


It's challenging but it feel a bit more demanding in certain levels.