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Having Fun with the yandere.

Howdy. I've just played your updated game. I'm Already loving on how the game is coming along. 

For the feedback on the new shader I feel like the older shader look better as it looks like she hiding in the shadow. The New shader doesn't feel that menacing. But I think there could a blend a both where if she far away from the player her shader can be in the original shader and once she close to the player she could be in that new shader.

Hell’s Quandary is an FPS rouge-like hybrid where you go to hell, fight demons in hell, and escape from hell!

(WIP Story) You are the newest iteration of God’s angels call an Angeloid. You are sent by your beloved creator to hell to prove your worth. Your skills will be tested as you fight through the denizens and monsters of hell. Every time you die, heaven just creates a new version, and the test begins anew.

Try out our game here:

Thank you for playing my game and showcasing  it!

Thank you for playing my game!

Wan's My favorite One.

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This Game is Pretty cool. The game Looks clean and the control feels alright.

I was led to believe that I could be able to win the game Until I gotten to the end where theres a sign that Just said WIN while the lava pools up to my balls doom. I was very sad.

Game is great Btw. it was kinda hard to difficult to controll the ball.

I keep getting Stuck in the Shopping Cart. Other than that.

Definallty a hard game.  I Really like it.

This Game is Pretty Cool. I Definalty Like the music.

It's challenging but it feel a bit more demanding in certain levels.

This game is mind boggling. You have to control the blob and the scraper at the same time. It Really brings in the challenge.

I've Like The game. It's a pretty awesome concept.

The Game it is funny. I kinda want the the gun play to be like CS:GO

I got you cover, Boss!

It pretty awesome. I've just realize each round they use the movement from the previous round.

Mark Mark

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Unrealbot Ask for a game where you spank Wild Creature for earth in an abandoned village