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JUMP, SHOOT, Then DASH!View game page

Submitted by Jvthewanderer (@jvthewanderer) — 7 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#9433.6503.650

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That was a lot of fun. I only made it to the second level and gave up though lol.

 If you get a chance, please rate my game:


Game is fun! The switch mechanic is kind of confusing, but after your first puzzle it's pretty intuitive. I'm not entirely sure about the shoot mechanic. On the one hand I like the double design of it also moving you, on the other hand it's place in the cycle right after shoot means you mostly use it as a dash. 


Hey there, I played through some of your game in this video at around 12:35

I'll admit I had some trouble figuring it out, but hopefully the video is helpful to see how some people will play it.


Nice idea, that forces you to think on the next move carefully, instead of just rush it

Nicely done!


Thank you for playing my game!


Very nice concept, full of challenge. I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you for playing my game and showcasing  it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Oh my god, this game is pure evil! Just when you think you're clearing the level with your next jump, BOOM, you get spiked! Nah, kidding, had lots of fun playing it :). Very creative mechanic, especially how movement is tied to the recoil of the gun. I also liked how the game taught you one mechanic (even though it was kind of hard to figure it out) and then expanded on it during the next puzzle!

Oh, and do try this game on Chrome. I tried it on Edge and it did not do a good job displaying the viewport. 


Dual purpose mechanics for the win! I'm too dyslexic for this game, but I think that means this game trains me to overcome it, haha.


Very fun and satisfying movement. Level design really plays into learning how to best use the mechanics. Great game!


oh wow this was actually cool once I got the hang of it. but I up very far and so many spikes I just couldn't pass it. I did feel very clever when I figured out some of the parts which is the best thing in a puzzle like game, once you figure out that moment you feel like you can do anything

I think this game had me yelling at the game the most, but it was all in good fun. Sadly I wasn't able to beat it but I did enjoy playing it. Something about it made me want to keep pressing onward death after death after death


It has a very cool mechanic wich felt interesting, satisfying and rewarding, but also very hard and too punishing. Because even if you figured out the puzzle and had that Oooohhh moment you still had to perfrom all jumps perfectly.

Puzzle design was good, but it would be amazing if player could finish levels in one long combo from start to end. 

Presentation was a bit off too with sounds and visuals, but It's because all time went in to puzzle design. If there was more time I think this problem wouldn't exist.

Overall I think this game need polishing here and there to make it less punishing for every single little mistake and after  improving visals and sfx and we can get a very cool puzzle/platformer and a great game.


A very creative interpretation of the theme! I think the difficulty curve was quite a bit off, as i found the levels very very hard even from the start.

 Regardless, awesome game!


It's hard, has a simple art as hell and it's addictive and enjoyable. Well done.


Interesting challenges made from just the idea of "one action is accessible at a time". Just a shame of the audio and the quick ramp up in puzzle difficulty.


Nice idea ! Get's your brain in the right mood


Cool idea! I like how you have to make use of all three mechanics to transverse the puzzles. Turns it from an easy to a rather difficult game! 


Nice take on the platformer genre.
The controlls feal a bit floaty and air controll is a bit hard.
Combined with the general difficulty of the game it gets a bit frustrating.


Really good core concept, pretty background, but the sound design really harms the experience with high pitched noises without pitch randomization.

The level design is not really fun either, because it has really low error tolerance and is really ramping up at level 2, which I didn't have the will to pass.

However, the game is really original and interesting mechanically, and I'd like to see the mechanics in a different setting.