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Thanks for the feedback 😊

Big thanks for everyone how played and rated my game.
I'm really happy how the result turned out.

See you in the next jam. 😉

Thank you 😄

With the right character and Nintendo charme this would have been a nice early 3D game. 😄

Wow, thanks.
A lot has to be contributed to the Kenney Assets and the Sound Library I used.
If I had to make these by myself aswell it probably would have taken a week 😆

Thanks you for the comment. 😄

Thanks for the specific feedback.
You have a good point about the platforming aspect.
It really helped in term of clearity of what the game is good at and what not.
I'll take that into account going forward.

Also thanks for the nice stream.
I really enjoyed it while jamming myself.

Yes, indeed Fez was the main inspiration.
Maybe I piggyback a bit on that in terms of originality,
but I hope to make up for it in  the polishing department.
Lets see were the rating will take it.

Thank you 😁

Happy to hear you liked it.
The transparency comes from a custom shader I wrote.
It takes in the distance of the camera to a vertex and changes its alpha (transparency) according to it.

Would you mind telling me  what excaxtly doesn't open ?
Like the web version (which browser are you using) or
the standalone one (on what OS are you running) ?

Thank you. 😊
As the controlls can be quite hard to get around, I really wanted to focus on a nice and clean step by step tutorial.
Awsome to get the feedback, that it does its job.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah there are a couple of known bugs.
As levels are the hardest to create there might be more in the fututre. I had some planed but needed  to cut them for the time sake.

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Leave a link down below, join in the stream chat and get you game played.

Also you play my game if you want.

If your game hasn't made it in the stream yet, there is one last opportunity.

06.02. 5pm UCT

People in the streamchat will be favored.

We had some technical problems, but are live again

We are now live, come and join the stream.

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Hey everybody,

I'll do a livestream with your submissions, watch you game get played and get feedback along the way.

06.02. 5pm UCT

Simply add a link to it and  add description if you want.
Include something like:

- how many jam  you already participated
- if you joined a team
- what you liked most about the jam
- what you learned
- where you are from

"Hey Phil,

this is my first game jam I've joined.
For the jam I worked together with a friend of mine.
We tried Unity for the first time and had to watch lots of youtube tutorials.
It was amazing to see that others played my game online.
Greeting from Germany ~ Phil

<link to the game>

I know this is an unpopular oppinion, but I muss say that the second half of the game is were it really shines. It builds upon the  established fundamentals from the first and omg that twist at the end #no_spoiler

Thanks for playing, the version you played was only a work in progress, the version we just release comes with plenty new features.

Thanks 😄

Thanks for the comment.
Not sure how farmilia you are with Unity/ C# but what it boils down to is.
Zoom - move along camera.tranform.forward
Moment - move along plane with normal camera.tranform.forward
Rotation - two parts:
convert mouse x movement to rotation on xz plane (global space)
convert mouse y movement to x rotation (local space)

Maybe that gives a rough image of how it works.

Your game was a blast playing made it to 1089.

For some feedback:
- The trail of the black holes is a nice addition.
- I would be nice to have some kind of progression (more spawning holes, higher spawn rate, increasing speed)

Great submission and keep on jamming 😄

Simple and great idea with solid a execution.
The player graphics and animations surely were well made.
The art style fits together nicely and the general game flow works well.

Really impressive for a first time submission.

There was  a lot that gave the game the right feel. From the nice bullet effects to the weapon knockback and the level transitions to the music. It made the game feel a lot more polished.

For some feedback and recommendations:
- Nice idea wit the sniper rifle through the wall
- It feels a bit unsatisfiing that the player can be instant killed by the larger mosters. This made the first playthrouths a lot harder.
- You might want to chage the healing packs. Increase healing and decrese drop chance. It feels a bit of when the medi pack only heals 1hp.
- Stage 12 and 15 were really good with the wide level and I'd like to see more off these
- Camera shake would be a nice touch
- The ending was great

Keep it up, I'd like to see more in the future 😉

Hey everybody,
I hope you enjoyed the jam as much as I did.
On my channel I uploaded a video covering the process how I created my game ridiculous golfing.

Also to get you games played just leave a link in the comment section of the video and
I will make sure to play and rate them.

My submission:
Let me know what you think.
Happy jamming. 😁

Thanks a lot.
I envisioned to have mutiple worlds (castle, pirate, samurai...) with unique mechanics each.
As I only had the weekend to work on it, these were the most I got into the game.
I'm glad you had a great time and I will make sure to play your game.

Wow your mechanics it really great.
There is a lot of potential in there.

For some feedback:
- the game generally feals a bit slow (character moves slow and enemies take quite a while to kill)
- the player just gets thrown into the action. This could be overwelming for some
- the music is repeating itself rather often. Players might get anoyed
- the graphics looked good, espeacially the player character.

Keep it up and happy jamming 😄

Great job on the pixel art and the music.
The dialog box at the start also looked really nice.

For some feedback:
- it would be nice if the player automatically moves while  pressing down. Still tilebased and with cooldown, but you don't have to repress the button.
- this might be a bit of a streght bug adding in random generated level can add a lot more replayablity and keep the player running, as they think that this time  the level might be easier.

Keep it going and happy jamming.😄

Thank you so much for taking the time to give this valuable feedback.
I do outright agree with you on most of the points you mention.
Both collectables and Clubs/ Balls fell victim to some over scoping on my side.
The last thing I hope to get into the game was a secret stage for which you would need to collect all special coins.

Till the end I wasn't sure if I would add some kind of timing mechanics for to make it more skill based. But my fear was that it could kill the pacing  as I was more aiming for an arcade style game.

Even though the content was a bit short I focused a lot on making the game feel right and
I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the kind words.
I only had about 3day to work on it and the is a still lot I wanted to add.

Have tried moving the camera. In in the tutorial there is some explanation (basically the same as the unity scene view).

What the golf ?!
This game remind me a lot of donut country.
Anyways so great to see others also making a golf game.
Really solid execution.

And just by accident:
Do we actually both have the same victory sound in our golf games ?
This is so funny.
Great game keep it up.

That backflip start is amazing.

It already is a quite fun to play.
Some suggestions for improvements:
- The start feels really slow. You don't need to make it faster but you can change the hexagon size and tilt the player character a bit to make it appear faster.
- An other nice addtion would be if the camera had its own collision detection.

Keep it up and happy jamming.

This a kind of typing game you won't see often.

Your UI looks really really good and the asthetics in general are wall made.
The sound when typing in the right letter get a bit repetative.
Changing the pitch for each time playing could help.

Was fun playing.

Playing you game was a lot of fun
Using hole for tower defence is an interessting idea.

Some feedback and improvements:
- I really like how the hole 'fuse' together with their diffent colors merging, instead of overlapping
- The addition of the wooden golem creatures made the game much more interessting
- The pacing is a bit off. Wave often feal redundant and new enemies are introduced a pretty slow pace (especially in the end)
- The pacing of the holes feal a bit tedious, clicking the button over and over again can be anoying to the player. There are better solutions.
- It would be nice to see how many holes you can still dig
- The sound of the enemies dieying is repeated very ofter. Changing the pitch a bit each time one dies can ease this problem.

These are some suggestion I'd have to make the game even better.
Keep it up and happy jamming.

Wow I'm really happy to hear that.

As golfing is  a rather boring sport my goal was to make it actually fun.
With that I added lots effects (camera shake, particles, flashes) in hopes players will enjoy.

Ah man it took me 136 deaths to complete 😄
Really sweet game you've got there.

As for some feedback:
- general asthetics look great
- especially the portal effect feels good
- it would be great if the player would move along with the moving platforms (currently it feals as if the character is hovering over them). 
- the difficulity spike is quite huge between the first few level and the once afterwards. Maybe add some medium difficulity level in between.

Had a blast playing it.

Wow this was really fun to play.
Impresice work on both visuals and audio.
Especially the UI and particle effects were a nice touch.

When in the 'air' it is sometimes a bit hard to aim when the camera rotates. Maybe interpolation a bit slower between the camera rotations could help.
In one run I flew away and couldn't get back on the planets. (fixing that would be nice, alternatively you could have a respawn(something like a teleporter) ?). 

Really solid execution.

Really nice game.
Great work on the charater art and music.
I liked that you introduced the player to the mechanics of the characters.
The is a lot of potential for the abilities.

For some minor improvements:
- In the stage with the saws next to Touka it can be confusing for the player when the foucs lies on Naoki (other character dies of screen)
- The portal mechanic of Naoki didn't always respond. Not sure how the mechanics was implemented. As far as programming goes you might want to look into raycasting and collision normal to spawn the portals. (Just a suggestion).

Kepp it up and happy jamming.