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Oh no, it must be the recent changes on Itch. I'll look into getting a download version.

Thanks for pointing that out. I think Itch recently changed some settings and I'll have to update

I'm super impressed by the amount of work you put in on this update! In game and in communications.

The inclusion of a spinning wheel within the realm of Simon Says introduces a stroke of sheer genius, a feat that commands unequivocal admiration. However, amid this constellation of innovative facets, one particular gem stands out—the delightful assortment of feline companions, each adorned with their unique vocalizations. The dynamic between these endearing meows and the overarching gameplay creates an exquisite tension, exemplifying the intricate balance between our inclination to nurture and the yoke of external directives. This game metamorphoses into a veritable manifesto, resonating as a clarion call for liberation from external dominion—an exhortation to seize control over our destiny.

In this allegorical construct, the yearning to pet every cat emerges as a poignant metaphor for our ceaseless struggle against external constraints. A defiant anthem, the game stirs a thirst for empowerment, a fervor that endures until the chains of subservience are shattered. Until that triumphant day, the chant of "Simon Says Meow" remains an enduring and poignant testament to our relentless endeavor against imposed authority.

In the veritable ebb and flow of my endeavor, I surmise that I have, in all probability, triumphed—albeit signaled by the cessation of auditory resonance long ere this juncture. A harmonious amalgam of art, sound, and spirit enveloped me, fusing my essence with the very heart of this realm. The collage-style artwork seamlessly interwoven with the essence of detritus spoke a language that resonated deep within, while the distant news headlines resonated as if they were my personal chronicles.

The image of rotting apples resonated with a parallel in my own life, relics of moments forgotten amidst the captivating embrace of this digital domain. And yet, within this rapture, a crucial epiphany emerged—a subtle, almost invisible rock, a metaphor for life's unpredictability. Its unassuming presence, a mere pebble on the path, brought me crashing back to reality, imparting a powerful lesson: amidst the illusion of seamless progress, an inconspicuous obstacle can shatter the façade. The revelation echoes profoundly—a reminder that beneath even the smoothest surface lies the potential for unexpected disruption.

In gratitude, I extend my appreciation for this enlightening journey. Your creation, a masterpiece uniting art and wisdom, has granted me insights that resonate with the essence of existence itself.

The art and narrative framework wield an immersive power, submerging players within the very essence of the subject matter—the iridescent realm of trash. This symbiotic synergy enriches the experiential tapestry, drawing players into a universe awash with its evocative sensations of dumpster diving and dumpster lifestyle.

Per our previous correspondence, a discerning examination reveals areas in need of refinement, where augmentation could elevate the experience.

Distinguishing the two types of punching more conspicuously stands paramount, affording players heightened strategic options. The potential for evasive maneuvers, specifically tied to left-click interactions, could introduce a layer of tactical sophistication.

The diversity of adversaries beckons, urging a mosaic of enemy archetypes to infuse engagements with dynamic complexity. The introduction of healing pickups is a tantalizing prospect, adding variability to confrontations.

Ameliorating the transition from room to room, infusing each with distinct enemy compositions and layouts, would dispel monotony. The sporadic introduction of inventive elements, like the explosive sodas, merits further exploration.

Embracing the concept of mastery could entail crafting expanses wherein players incrementally ascend the ladder of proficiency. The culmination of this journey, epitomized by the prowess to tackle formidable foes like the pizza, engenders a sense of transcendence.

...until I reset the game!

It didn't work in any direction - it wouldn't let me click on the middle part

A disproportionate allocation of temporal investment was exacted within the confines of the 'chains' level, eclipsing the cumulative duration engrossed by the entire gaming odyssey. The toll, as it were, was not solely temporal—countenance bore witness to the sprouting of a few strands of silver amidst the follicular tapestry; a testament, perhaps, to the ordeal's taxing nature.

In the realm of mechanics, a vestige of ambivalence exists, a vestigial evocation of an arbitrary disposition—an ostensible capriciousness permeating the equilibrium between controls and hitbox delineations. Further, the expansive scope of the game, while undeniably opulent, occasionally evokes sentiments of protracted sojourn. Yet, despite these trials, a triumphant crescendo emerged—an almost Dark Souls-esque crescendo of fulfillment, the zenith of satisfaction attained through an unswerving traversal of adversity's labyrinthine passages.

The artist presents to us a masterful creation tailored to satiate an untapped niche within the expansive realm of capitalism—a void hitherto unattended, where novelty sprouts amidst the cacophony of uniformity. This opus forges a pioneering path, spotlighting life's inception through the prism of interactive entertainment.

At its heart stands our resplendent guide, a chromatic opossum, leading us on a journey into infantile introspection. This ambassador of experience implores us to grasp life's pinnacle: the art of button-pressing, an endeavor curiously complemented by the whimsical indulgence of microphone consumption.

Evident is the truism that societal advancement hinges upon aiding the most vulnerable. What more poignant embodiment of vulnerability than nascent consciousness? In this creation, a prelude to enlightenment emerges—a testament to the collective pursuit of universal betterment.

Thus, within this narrative of innovation, the very essence of an enhanced human experience takes root—a testament resonating with the symphony of shared progress.

The intriguing paradox persists: the allure of being crushed by a recalcitrant rock supersedes the satisfaction derived from its exertion. A logical coherence underpins this preference—a recognition that embracing obliteration entails lesser exertion compared to the formidable labor of arduous toil.

Within this digital expanse, the skill points architecture embodies brilliance, proclaiming the transformative power of challenges—fortifying us with strength, luck, stamina, and resilience. A resounding ethos surfaces: our existence finds purpose in surmounting adversities and pursuing endeavors. This Sisyphean cycle is further invigorated by the exquisitely rendered surroundings, a visual stimulus that beckons us toward successive milestones.

Amidst failure's embrace burgeons potential for growth, a poignant reminder that triumph blooms from the seeds of setbacks. A bittersweet undercurrent emerges—tragedy resonates in success's cessation, for it's the journey itself, not the destination, that amplifies life's symphony.

Only upon the transformative juncture wherein my team embraced the auspicious transition to the grandiloquent tableau of this power point template did our enterprise attain the zenith of triumph amid the capitalist arena's relentless crucible of existence.

In the beguiling embrace of this format, a subtle yet discernible proclivity towards a mode of cognition that skirts the boundaries of legality reveals itself—an insinuation, dare I say, that alone commands a value commensurate with the empyrean stature of this indispensable corporate instrument.

Within the annals of my latest literary endeavor, the magnum opus christened "What I Learned From Le2023 Power Pompous Template," a comprehensive compendium enumerates the manifold conduits through which one might navigate the labyrinthine tapestry of achievement within commerce, existence, and interconnections. This opus, hailed as a titan of the New York Times Bestseller pantheon, reverberates with the ethos of prosperity catalyzed by the incandescent utility of the aforementioned power point template—a veritable zeitgeist electrifying the globe.

Behold, the template's dominion is insurmountable—a pervasive presence that pervades the very corridors of journalistic dissemination, its name uttered in the sacred halls of news dissemination, and a perennial subject of fervid discourse across the boundless expanse of social media's digital agora. Even the realm of reverie, when eyelids shutter to eclipse reality, is not exempt from the invasive encroachment of this template's visage.

This is not merely an artifact; it is a compulsion that has evolved into a sanctified modality of existence, an epiphany that traverses beyond humanity's grasp, permeating the cosmic firmament itself—a latent longing realized, a cradle of wisdom hitherto unattained.

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And yet...

...the ethereal emanations encapsulated within the very essence of this ludic opus evoke an unparalleled resonance—a harmonious convergence that orchestrates an exalted symphony of sensory engagement. The stratified dimensions of its offering are marked by the resplendent trinity of the tridimensional textual manifestations, a resonant testament to the mettle of its artistry; an auditory tapestry woven with such unparalleled mastery that it transcends the auditory realm to caress the very soul; and the serene benediction of a temperate ambiance that graces the enterprise with an aura of equanimity.

Let us not overlook the intricacies—the very tapestry—of the character iconography, evoking visages reminiscent of the illustrious tradition of animated aesthetics. Behold, a metatextual engagement befitting the effulgence of the anime pantheon, a symposium of dialogic provocation poised to incite ponderance. And in the diorama of narrative progression, the pantheon unfolds: cutscenes endowed with cinematic grandeur, a choreography of fluidity attendant to movement controls, the nuanced ballet of fishing rendered accessible through an interface that is nothing short of magisterial.

The mise-en-scène warrants its own commendation, the design of the environment an ode to the very zenith of creative ingenuity. An innovation christened the whirlpool launcher bespeaks the heights of audacity reached, and the core holding effect confers an indelible sophistication to the ludic milieu, transcending mere functionality.

And lo, a lustrous allusion to Nier enshrines itself within the narrative tapestry, underscoring the intellectual gravitas interwoven within the fabric of this experience. The zenith of this treatise emerges—a triumphant crescendo heralding its completeness—embodied within the encapsulation, the very synthesis, of each hallowed attribute.

Yet, even within this sublime choreography of virtues, a note of plaintiveness finds its place. For, as the Sisyphean cycle would have it, the piscatorial mechanism, alas, faltered in its execution. An unforeseen bug, a capricious digital imp, marred the fruition of the angling endeavor—requiring the orison of a reset, rendering the reel impotent in its function. A restart was required.

Thus, the ineffable apotheosis of this veritable opus, brimming with laudable elements, yields to the frailties of the technological medium—a humble reminder of the inescapable contingencies that temper even the most transcendent of ludic forays.

An unequivocal imperative has crystallized—needing to be pursued with unwavering determination and resolute dedication—the meticulous refinement and subsequent ascent of this experiential masterpiece into the pinnacles of video game veneration, those elevated echelons reserved for the most illustrious and renowned titles within the digital realm.

Behold my team, entitled "Right to Bear Arms"

The facial visage evoked in the pursuit of refuse encapsulates a universal experience among us all, one invariably summoned by all in the quest for detritus. This animation stands as a testament to its impeccable verisimilitude, accentuated by the superlative synergy of artful animation, deft vocal intonations, and a character configuration that resonates with excellence. The inclusion of an endearing puzzle dynamic garners further commendation, culminating in a singular symphony of ingenuity.

Verily, this compendium possesses an all-encompassing embodiment of its titular theme, wherein resides an exquisite amalgamation of attributes. Amongst these, the patently titular element finds its zenith—trash in its quintessential glory, epitomizing the very essence of this compositional ensemble.

Indubitably, it is my conviction that the artist's interpretative resonance emanates from the profundities enshrined within this composition. With deft strokes of both artistry and insight, the message unfurls: that the very tapestry of companionship finds its weft and weave in the offering of detritus betwixt kindred spirits. A veritable ode to the societal ethos intrinsic to our own species and to kindred species, it avers that the nature of the proffered artifact is secondary to the ineffable spirit of benevolence that undergirds the act of bestowal.

By this artistic parable, the quintessence remains—be it the tangible or the intangible, the essence is a symbiotic exchange of tokens, emblematic of a quest, not merely for the mundane trinket but for the communion of souls.

A toast to the artist(s)!

The judicious maneuver towards a manifestation of ethereal fumes transmogrifying into a particulate tapestry, assuming the mantle of the principal protagonist in lieu of a trifling avatar, betokened a sagacious stratagem on your part. The infusion of articulate discourse and the orchestration of particulate phenomena within the ambient milieu both conduce to an amplification of aesthetic magnetism.

Yet, the apogee of your creative virtuosity finds its apotheosis in the audacious innovation of inverting gravity along vertical planes—an unequivocal tour de force for which felicitations are in order. Permit me to indulge in a singular supplication: bestow upon this opus the gift of waystations, that the odyssey might be punctuated by respites of progress.

In a delightful confluence of information, I find myself compelled to apprise you that this opus harmoniously complements the thematic tapestry woven in the "Work For Me" segment—a symbiotic confluence worthy of acknowledgment.

It has arisen as an incontrovertible compulsion within my discerning sensibilities that I must promptly initiate a retrospective sojourn, traversing the labyrinthine passages of antecedent entries within the chronicles of this ongoing event. This pilgrimage, undertaken with a steadfast commitment to elevate the experiential milieu, necessitates the concomitant orchestration of an auditory accompaniment of utmost severity—an exemplar of the most astringent strain within the metal genre—to resound in discordant symphony with each revisitation.

Pray, allow me to elucidate the profundities enshrined within the adage: the trajectory of life remains impervious to our helm.

A most exquisite satisfaction unfurls as one orchestrates a symphony of cascading colliding events, where the resonance of spheres harmonizes with the auditory tapestry. Herein, the therapeutic balm of this diversion unveiled itself, catalyzing a confrontation with inner tumult, leading to resolution.

The narrative's culmination, shrouded in obscurity, unveils an authentic unburdening of confines. This is where we find enlightenment: The piece proclaims that delving into our shadows kindles the fortitude to transcend limits, uniting with the chaotic cosmos of the open world, birthing enlightenment from disorder.

Awaken, O Seeker, for in these musings reverberates a summons—to cast off cognitive slumber, embrace worldly tumult, and seize awakening's crescendo!

In this piece we encounter a world of grey and blue, of beauty and saddness, of allure and desolution, of fallen giants now relegated to mere supine exhalations of breath.

Verily, these fallen titans exist in naught but breath and supine repose—mere subjects for one's indifferent perambulation. And lo, the protagonist emerges, their frigid gaze a testament to a philosophy of nil admirari. Amidst the giants' prone forms, this figure ambulates wordlessly, untouched by the environment's offerings, stepping around and on top of their ravaged bodies. Who, indeed, is this enigma, this icy paragon of cruelty and disinterested eyes? 

To rectify their wrongs, to save this very world, I deemed it my duty to plunge from the precipice into the abyss, thus sparing the world from their malevolence.

And let it be known, I present unto thee a veritable chronicle, an intricate tapestry woven from the threads of my experiential sojourn:

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH I gotta extricate all denizens from the clutches of malevolence.

My heart, a crucible of unrest, remained unsated until the day I encountered a scion of capitalism, whose patronage bestowed upon me a grandiloquent purpose, elevated above the mundane.

Behold the paladin, a valiant yet lamentably unidextrous champion, whose martial prowess is but confined to the sinister left flank of the fray.

Oops, in an unintended cacophony of successive blows, the pumpkin-headed entity was unwittingly dispatched from existence, a trifling misstep in the ballet of combat.

Oh - Lo and behold, a resurrection most unexpected graced the erstwhile annihilated gourd-like specter.

A congregation of waterfowl in tandem assumed the form of a question mark, a testament to the enigmatic choreography of avian flight.

Lamentable misfortune struck as the geometric mosaic's custodian met an untimely demise by my successive inadvertent agency of left-handed destruction.

Alas, ultimately the recesses of the abyss did not yield their arcane enigmas to my eager and inquisitive pursuits, I relent.

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Pray, indulge me, in unraveling the enigma known as "I Didn't Make A Game But I Still Want to Rate SOP Games." A conundrum that has vexed the sharpest minds across centuries, remaining resolutely elusive even to this day. Yet, in this momentous juncture on the grand stage of MYSTERIES OF THE IDMAGBISWTRSOPGs, we embark upon a sojourn to glean the meager fragments that do rest within our grasp. Some say it was used for religious ceremony, but this is pure speculation. A warning, though: what lies ahead is an enigma, an enigma even beyond the realms of archaeology.

And so, the discourse shifts, as we contemplate the musings that IDMAGBISWTRSOPGs casts upon the intricacies of existence. It is through this singular prism, where the yearning to appraise manifests, that the very essence of our humanity surfaces. A yearning for inclusion, a desire for voice—this tapestry is woven with threads of equality, dismantling walls to unveil verdant gardens of untrammeled expression. Such, dear seekers of enlightenment, is the quintessence of IDMAGBISWTRSOPGs—a beacon of democratic ideals.

Within the realm of IDMAGBISWTRSOPGs, we unearth the sublime facets of our human condition, wherein the altruistic tendencies that define us find sanctuary.

At long last, you have unlocked the vault of wisdom to address an inquiry that has persisted through the annals of time: What, indeed, is the essence of power? A revelation emerges, profound in its simplicity yet profound in its implications—it is the ability to direct one's gaze toward the ineffable:

It's the power to point to Grombit.

It's the power of Grombits to control point A.

It's the power to point to Grombits who never die.

It's the power to point to Gromb Fortress 2.

The only complaint I have the power to point to right now is: When's Gromb Fortress 2 release date?

gg ez

The Itch app is protesting - is this happening to anyone else?

It is with a profound discernment that I acknowledge the emergence of an inimitable aesthetic milieu within your creation, a milieu that resounds with an aura of resplendent brilliance. This artistic panorama, seamlessly interwoven with the marvel that is the Bagel Engine™️, engenders an unparalleled sense of exhilaration while traversing this expanse. The harmonious amalgamation of disparate elements yields an opus that surpasses mere summation, transcending into the realm of sublime cohesion.

Furthermore, your sagacious inclusion of personal flourishes, notably exemplified by the postcards, stands as a testament to your discerning artistry. The sole lamentation is that the grandeur of your artistry, ideally witnessed in its full splendor, wanes all too swiftly from the screen. 

The room graced by the presence of multi-hued line pathways evoked a visceral reaction, a resounding "wow" that echoed within the chambers of my cognizance, a testament to the sheer brilliance of your conception.

As I stand amidst the tapestry of your creative endeavor, a beguiling thought germinates: what sublime embodiment would be bestowed upon a roguelike RPG enrobed in this very aesthetic? It is an inquiry that stirs the depths of my curiosity, a tantalizing proposition that conjures visions of uncharted territories within this captivating stylistic domain.

Within this composition, an exuberant cascade of vibrant tones unfolds, notably the effervescent brilliance of neon sea foam, boldly disengaged from the moorings of natural coloration. This audacious departure serves as an unyielding protest against the bounds nature imposes upon our perception.

Geometric polygons meticulously compose the forms herein, reflecting our human penchant for simplified shapes, rendering the intricate world accessible to our understanding. The artist's voice emerges, asserting humanity's sovereignty over this realm—a proclamation that colors and contours answer only to our internal dictates.

This masterpiece liberates observers from conventional constraints, while the audacious sea foam hue stands as a symbol of unapologetic defiance, rendering the work an anthem to audacious individuality.

We each have within us our own shade of sea foam.

This creation transcends the realm of mere pretension, venturing forth into the domain of the intimately ineffable, where descriptors falter and definitions crumble before its enigmatic allure.

The artist's statement IS the artist. 

The deliberation to anoint the central protagonist with the guise of a raccoon, a creature of the wilds, perched loftily upon a receptacle for refuse, elevating this humble trashcan into an instrument of traversal, stands as a testament to the unassailable fortitude of an indomitable intellect.


Amid the grand tapestry of technological progress, a query of paramount significance emerges: Can a game ascend from its origins to attain the stature of art? The very demarcation between the traditional realm of artistic endeavor and the immersive embrace of engagement becomes an intricate riddle in this digital epoch. Behold, a game, a meticulously woven mosaic of intricate design and emotion, stands as a modern-day counterpart to the canvases of old, where creators deftly wield the arcane language of code and the artistry of design to summon forth sentiment and craft elaborate narratives.

Yet, let not mere nomenclature veil our perception; the appellation "game" scarcely encapsulates the profundities these creations unveil. Rather, the epithet "interactive experience," with its expansive resonance, seems more fitting to acknowledge the immersive odysseys that games unfold—acknowledging the intricate interplay of artistry and emotions they orchestrate. Thus, whether we decree them games or bestow upon them the moniker of interactive odysseys, these creations, without a doubt, possess the potential to be veritable vessels of artistry, imbuing the ongoing narrative of human ingenuity with new layers of brilliance.

Lo and behold, an exquisite manifestation emerges, a portal unto the ethereal realm of artistic transcendence. Within this visual tableau, our gaze alights upon naught but a humble rodent—a creature not confined to mundane bounds, but a rat, nay, a rat endowed with the faculty of bipedalism, fortified by a most curious accessory, a walking stick. The variegated interplay of light and shadow, an enigmatic canvas of dappled illumination, stands as an allegory for the dissembling serenity of the sylvan realm—a place where allure and peril interlace in a delicate waltz.

The artist's deft hand has summoned forth a stylistic paradigm, characterized by the judicious use of flat shading—a choice that, I surmise, ensnares the viewer in an intricately wrought snare of perceptual guile, luring them into a realm of artifice that belies the intricacies of existence.

Yet, let us not succumb to the siren call of facile comprehension, for this opus conceals depths hitherto uncharted. One's gaze is inexorably drawn to the ocular windows of the subject—an investigation that compels us to ponder: to what distant vista do those eyes cast their gaze? A realm beyond the confines of the canvas, perchance an enigma untold, a specter of dread unspoken, an embodiment of the dread of dread itself—a metaphor, perchance, for the gnawing tendrils of apprehension.

A truth undeniable emerges, that our course, though propelling us ever forward, is beset by an unrelenting urge to cast a retrospective glance—an allegory for existence itself, wherein the mandate resounds that we shan't be ensnared by the chains of yesteryears. Forward must be our stride, even amid the enigmatic groves of existence. To our aspirations must our focus be unswervingly affixed, a steadfast gaze unmarred by the seductive nostalgia of bygone days.

A game of elevated caliber, the verity that you have fashioned your aesthetic within an entirely novel engine with negligible compromise in fidelity bespeaks a resolute and discerning vision. This realization crystallized within me as my anticipation heightened with each room, pondering the concealed treasures it might house, and dare I hope for a restorative elixir - a health pack, perchance.

There's an error preventing downloading this in the Itch app - is anyone else getting this?

In this ludic odyssey, the alchemical pursuit of transmuting art into an apex form via a dance of derrières reigns supreme, yet juxtaposed is a most unexpected affair - a visceral tango with specters required my employing of implements designed for artistic creation turned implement of war. Though vitality often wanes - my recurrent fresh starts due to skill's elusiveness present further occasions for the embellished further release of butts and bravery.

In a retrospective traverse from the confines of the third chamber, an astounding revelation did manifest before mine very senses: that the overseer of this establishment, in a display of prodigious peculiarity, harbors within their realm a cadre of identical twins, an occurrence so remarkable that it conjured forth within me an experience akin to a seminal juncture of cinematic narrative, evoking none other than the opulent opus, "The Prestige."

It is with an incredulous consternation that I find myself utterly aghast at the audacious actions undertaken by the individual, whose identity I shan't divulge so as to preserve the sanctity of suspense, as they callously perpetrated such a grievous act upon the unfortunate soul, whose appellation too shall remain shrouded, employing a most unconventional employment of the [spoiler] that left me naught but an emotive torrent, akin to the somber wail of a lone violin in the night's desolate embrace.

Verily, my profound admiration doth swell for the manifold novelties in mechanics thou hast deigned to introduce. Alas, the subtle distinction betwixt the second and third iterations of headwear did fleetingly elude mine discerning gaze, forsooth, as the textual exposition did evanesce ere I could partake of its wisdom; yet, through tenacious manipulation, enlightenment was attained.

The manner in which thou dost incessantly conceive innovative mechanisms whilst concurrently amplifying the intricacies in a progressive fashion doth bear the unmistakable hallmark of superior design prowess. Thus, I bestow upon thee the accolade of extraordinary labor, for verily, thy efforts are nothing short of remarkable.

Thanks for making it all the way through yet another narrative, don't think I don't see you!

Fantastic! Thank you for letting me know :)