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Absolutely - a few people have suggested party game vibes and that's definitely something to lean in to.

"Dumb fun" is my new favorite way to refer to this game. Maybe the genre?

Hah, yelling numbers, haven't heard of that one yet. It's cool how everyone has their own "thing" they say.

I had a little bit of trouble getting started because I kept shooting too close to the wall, but there was that marked feeling of improvement each run, which is always key in a skill based game. Nice color palette, too!

Whoops, I won! Really pretty game.


Haha, you had to have seen this video, right?

My comment mirrors the previous one.

This premise is golden. 

The way you go on a killing spree when you take enough damage reminds me of the NES  dr jekyll and mr hyde game how you set yourself back. Good use of pros/cons trade off. But holy crap, that out of control mode was uhhh out of control.

Haha, each message about how everything was going to be okay made me feel like something definitely was about to go wrong. I could've used a little more leniency on hitting rocks so I could feel a little more experimental. 

Time is so out of control ;)

Same problem here.

I'm discovering this late, but this idea is amazing!

My hand is up

One of these jams I'll actually set a fake deadline 2-4 hours out out and use that time just for watching other people play and making fixes.
By the way, hook my game up with one of your epic write-ups if it tickles your fancy ;)

How did you know my one true joy in life is matching socks?? This game is super cute. You could have it start with just a normal background and start to add things like the chair and the rug to make the levels more difficult. Fun game!

Definitely agree with this. Seeing people play, everyone says "Wait... What happened, why did I lose?" and "Ohh, I don't need to hit all of the targets?"

Send me a PM and we can discuss a cool feature idea to add you might have :D

Increasing FPS in the slowmo, that's blowing my mind, I didn't know that was a thing. I'll look into that, great suggestion! 

Thanks for playing, you guys are super chill and amicable! Being able to watch someone play is vital to the experience, as I'm sure you know. Seeing both of you play gave me a lot of notes, especially at points where I'm breaking into cold sweats when I see you stumbling over a certain point. I will definitely try to get a slightly more polished version of this game up in the near future and I'll let y'all know :)

That's generally my worry about joining any jam that isn't Ludum Dare. "But what about the sweet Ludum Dare karma system?!"

This is really great, I love this game. Really enjoying the quick shots in succession once you've got to the planning point

Once the glue came in I was like "Ohhhhhhh!" Sticking to the walls and vertical golfing is an awesome twist on the 3d golf concept!

My favorite part is the ammo bank you get from combo-ing shots. The enemies seeming to shoot through their backs is a little rough. Overall, good work!

An absolutely adorable mini-game with adorable art to boot. Really rewards you for discovery in a satisfying way. 

The whimsical old-era art style has a great feel to it. It's an amusing game that makes you realize it's more about choice than the "right" way to do things. A great entry!

Thanks for playing on your stream! Grats on beating it. You gave me ideas how to adjust intro levels to help train better.

Why is that song stuck in my head now?! Those are fake people I'm playing against online, right? Either way I feel awesome when I find the person first.

Feel like Spiderman a ninja

Thanks! This actually started out as more of a puzzle mechanic idea where you have to line up to get the perfect shot, but then that started to sound a bit too slow, so the idea to keep redirecting your shot in real time was seeded and the rest sort of flowed from there. 

Thanks for play, CedarBishop, glad you enjoyed it! Can you tell me more what about the controls were hard to get used to as feedback for future improvements? Thanks!

This game definitely needs some game feel, but the concept is there, your only source of movement is as a side effect of your one way to defend and attack. Great work!

Fitting in Metroidvania level design within the time frame in a one level way is really brilliant, hats off to you!

Great idea to make you think strategically about how to optimize your run through each level. The star as a reward for being more efficient is a nice touch. 

This had a really good game-feel to it. Short, as you said, but ripe zone for more level ideas and wall types and obstacles and etc. Nice job in your short time period!

Almost got to 1000! Whoops, I kept trying to click on "Dash" as though it were a button at first. Really interesting sound design in this one, gives it a completely unexpected mood. 

Love the concept of the one button puts you through many different states and the one you get depends on when you let go, but don't hold it too long. Hold briefly for a utility mode. The visuals and sound are fantastic as well, really pulls you in. That tutorial though! It just went on forever and I was already forgetting what the previous screens told me! Might find a way to split it up and mix it in with the gameplay. 

Really love the concept that the better you get at doing your job the harder it gets. I did get stuck a lot staring at one cell for 20-30 seconds, however. This is a clever twist on the theme and looks great. Would be neat to see a twist to this idea that was outside of the theme a bit that had you more focused on carefully shooting your massive firepower while always having something to do.

Thanks! Yeah, I think the first thing I said when thinking about this idea was "I guarantee 50% of the games will be 'one bullet'.... let's do it anyway!"