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Space Is LimitedView game page

Puzzle Platformer where you can only occupy a space once
Submitted by barret232hxc (@RagTagBarret) — 13 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#6633.9663.966

Ranked from 146 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like it. The keyboard controls felt a little loose to me compared to the precision which is sometimes required.


Great puzzler, you managed to get so many levels out of it its very impressive. Also idk if the testicles are supposed to kill you or not but I walked right through them!


A unique mechanic which completely reshapes the standard approach to platforming. Found myself having to constantly rethink my approach because traditional platforming techniques will get me nowhere in this game. Good stuff.


Wow! Very clever and simple and with so many well designed levels. Designing and play testing them all, damn.. you didn't slept at all, are you? :D

Although the movement is quite good, I locked my self "countless times" by accident or may lack of skill. I know there is a bomb but it is actually a key element to solve some levels and so some kind of undo mechanic would be nice, even if limited by amount of usages.
I also think that the game could benefit form some exit/goal indicator. Because, i had more than a couple times the situation that i had solved the level but obstructed the path to the exit.

How ever this is a great puzzle platformer!!


Super clever! I recorded when I played and gave my comments there. Here's the video for you :) (it's still processing at the moment)


Oh crap, I just realized that when I plugged in my PS4 controller, it switched my audio output to that, so I didn't play with sound :(


this was amazing. I really love the feedback video hearing all your thoughts and your process. 


I'm glad you liked it :)


What a great idea. It's kind of like snake, meets Tetris, meets Sokobon. I like the music too, it sort of has that Intro by The XX looped for 2 hours kind of feel to it, which is about how long it's taken me to get to level 15. Excellent job of adhering to the theme of only one.


Nice idea and levels. You can be stuck pretty easily especially in narrow spaces and with only one bomb it generates a lot of restarts.


Pretty nice concept. I love the aesthetic and music fits entirely.

It's also very addictive. I'm stuck at level 10 but I will continue and finish the game (there's an impressive amount of levels for a 48h entry).

Good job! :D


Loved it! Favorite of the jam so far. Love puzzle platformers. Compelled to play all the way through.


Very fun but got very stuck on level 10 : (


I posted a playthrough video where another dev plays through the levels if you wanna see his solution. But don't feel bad I got stuck on level 10 the first time I played it as well haha. Mostly b/c I was half asleep trying things out and wasn't even sure if they were beatable at first. 


Clever game! Well done!


Absolutely amazing and clever as heck :)


Masterpiece of game design if you ask me. Simplistic to the point where it is actually damn challenging and hard while also being enjoyable and allows for multiple solutions and replayability. Phenomenal work man.

Following you as well. Definitely going to play this game more offline :)


Very original idea! I especially like the fact that most levels allow for creativity and multiple solutions. Unfortunately it's easy to lock yourself in by accident, as precise movement is really hard without being aligned to a grid. I don't think however, that you should align the character to a grid: it would make the movement feel clunky and restricted, whereas now it really is a free form jump and run. Maybe add a limited amount of undos though to mitigate the frustration of fails shortly before the exit. Speaking of exits: I would have liked if the exit position in each level is clearly marked in the start (without being active of course) so you can plan your route accordingly. Also I found the black tentacles (?) appearing from level 3 onwards a bit irritating at first: I assumed touching them would result in a fail, but realized later, that's not the case and they are just there for decoration. Consider redesigning these. Overall great puzzle game though, fits the theme well and is quite a bit more innovative than mine.

My puzzle game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)


thank you for the feedback. Especially the tentacles, I was just trying to make things look cool, but then realized the immediate reaction is that these seem harmful. 

Yeah I did do complete grid based stuff at first but it didn't feel as good, so my compromise was the bomb.

clearly defined exits would probably be a bit more fair. My only somewhat fix was that if the exit is close to blocks it does blow them up, but this doesn't always result in you having a clear path.


Amazing game. One of the best I played yet. Solid idea well implemented. Music fits nice with the amazing graphics, I love the character sprite :D. Plenty of levels designed well. Good job !


Really clever idea!

I had a lot of fun playing this, it's rare for a game to engage the mind like this!

I got myself stuck many times and I had fun all the time!

For a game jam this is easily a full rating, but it would nice to make the level restart automatically if you're stuck.

Good job!


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


Really good idea and execution. + the music and art style is soothing as f!


Very original and interesting concept in a really fun to play game. Level design is also really good.


Neat little thing and well executed. <3


Brilliant idea! this such a simple yet wonderful idea. Really nothing much to improvement needed. Its already perfect as it is! Good Job!

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