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Congrats! These are well deserved winners! Rologfos did an amazing job for making it to the top 3 all by himself. Technically, that makes him the biggest winner since he won't need to split the money.

And of course congrats to all the amazing games all of you have made!

You will need to change the viewport properties and the draw_surface_ext scale in the post-draw.  Anything that says 320,180 should be changed to the value you want like 2084,1500

Oh damn, I didn't expect them to get out of itch.

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I played it and I love that you spawn before the boss if you die. (YES I DIED)

Here are some things I think you can add/improve

  • When choosing the normal or hard mode, make it that pressing enter also works. Or make it that A key works when starting the game. 
  • Try teaching the controls in-game. If you want the game to feel professional, players shouldn't need to look at the controls in the webpage. This is easier said than done though. Over teaching can get annoying.   What you can do is either add a controls page at the start of the game or teach the controls when they need it/get the item. The controls that are not so obvious are falling down the platforms and the boots.
  • Having downward and upward shooting/whipping would be cool to add. The controls would be to hold up or down with the shooting/whipping key. :) (I just realized that holding up plus shooting is reload/power up gun so I'm not sure how you can add shooting up... maybe only the whip can whip up/down)
  • This might just be me, but I prefer the vampire to have no invincibility frames. It feels annoying to shoot the vampire and get nothing from it.
  • Since this is a platform game, try adding cayote time jumps and buffer jumps. It makes the jumping controls feel better. There wasn't much hard platforming in this game so it didn't really get in the way but would still be cool to add.
  • If you can, would be great if there is lore added to the game :)

That's all. Great job! Wish you luck in development :)

I want to apologize for my comment in the Internal Judging Review - Winners. The last thing I want to do is dissuade a game dev from making games. I'm glad you were able to make your family and friends and your friends' friends play your game. Games are meant to be played and there is nothing wrong with that :)

I looked at other games and I could say that you were not the only one who let their friends play (I could tell as the accounts that commented were just a few days old and only made that one comment)

Now I hope you didn't lie and  just make a bunch of new accounts to rate your game.  That's just wrong as you are not only fooling others, but also yourself. 

This really hurts if you're rank #21

meanwhile my highest ranking is #22 so even if yoyogames considers those in #21, they won't play my game :(

Thanks! It really was difficult coming with a good puzzle. Lots of trial and error to get it right.

I really love this game! I'm not sure what the other dude said about there having no cayote time but I am pretty sure you did add cayote time. I also noticed the jump buffer (pressing jump before landing). These are the little things that I test in all platform games I play. So far, your game was the only one with both. Nice one!

The game reminded me of megaman the most. The levels were a bit rough but nothing so bad that would ruined it. I actually didn't mind at all but having said that, there is a lot you can do to make this game even better.  I was able to defeat all three baddies and get 3 specials + 2 sword moves. I believe that is all, right?  I found the difficulty of the game to be just right for my taste. :)

Also, the bg tracks were awesome and the sfx is reminiscent of the old days. Though I think maybe lowering the sfx volume to maybe 25-50% would make things better.

I would really love to see a newer version of this!

Thanks! that means a lot. I too could say the same thing with your game. :)

Nice! Thanks for playing! The last one is really hard and I'm pretty sure most would just quit there. Congrats for persevering!

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The crystals are just there for bragging rights lol. I also placed it there cause it looks cool but there's nothing useful about it.

Also. good job for finishing the game! That last puzzle is so tricky, even I thought for a moment that it was impossible XD

O h wow, that really means a lot! Thanks!

About the scoreboard, thinking about it, it may be a bit outdated to have such but try it out and see if it works. Just remember to add features to the game that makes sense why they are there (says the dude who places random gems in his game that do practically nothing)

One of my favorites! Love a great puzzle game! Well executed and the difficulty pacing is great. After finishing the, it left me wanting more!

I'm glad you found a way to implement the lights to your game :))

The visuals are great! Love the city background. The enemy bullets kinda blend with the nice background though. I think adding a point system or grabbing extra lives from random enemies could make this game better. 

I was also hoping this game will have some cool twist to the game because right now, it's pretty much a regular shooter. The character looks so promising, I thought she could do some neon blasts or something. I looked on the comments and you mentioned about her having a sword. Really wish that was in. 

If ever you add the sword in, I would love to try it out :)

Great Atmosphere! The neon blood is a pretty nice touch.  I was able to finish the game with ease. I'm not sure what other stuff you wanted to add but I think a big boss monster would make the game more interesting. Also, I think it would be better if the character can run and jump.

Great Job!

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Everything about this game is amazing. The only tiny hiccup will be the starting seems to be a bit confusing . Eventually, I understood how the game works and it was neat. Got to finish the story mode! I found the stronger middle tier guns to be the best in terms of power and endurance.

Oh ya, the art and lighting is amazing!

I actually thought about it but somehow forgot to implement it.  Thanks for the suggestion. I would definitely add this to the post version.

Thanks  for putting a lot of time writing this comment! It really makes my day reading comments like these.  I'm so happy^2 to know you enjoyed playing :) 

Understandable my friend.  I can admit that reusing things did help a lot.  I really wanted to add more elements to the game that would make it very different from the original, but I didn't have enough time. I'm in the middle of my thesis and many other university work, which also explains my inactivity on YouTube and why I missed the GMTK 2021 Game Jam and the GMC 40 Jam.

Glad to see that you know me as the dude who made the lighting tutorial :)

I noticed there is a recurring bug for many HTML games (including mine). Sometimes the keyboard keys do not work.  I believe what triggers this is when the player clicks away from the game to maybe check out the instructions or something.  Clicking on the game does not help.

One quick solution I found is to refresh the page, though it would be annoying  if this happens halfway through the game. 

Another solution that the developers could do is increase the viewport dimensions on itch (not in GMS) so there is this excess border the player can click on to get back in the game (I don't know why this works).

I checked out my other HTML games I made in GMS 2 and this bug didn't occur so I'm guessing it's a GMS 2.3 bug maybe. 

Oh, I experienced that.  Just reload the page and make sure you don't tab out.

It's an HTML bug and I honestly don't know how to solve it.  

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I only figured it out once I zoomed out. I thought to myself, there has to be something important here.

For the suggestions, the glitch with the hedge shadows don't show up. I tried refreshing the page but no luck.

Speaking of hedges, I'm sure many have said this before how the hedge blocks the plugs. There was a time I lost the plug so I had to restart the game. If you can maybe make the hedge slightly transparent when the rabbit is behind it, make the white highlight go over everything else, and add a pick up and drop sound so the player will have an easier time knowing when they picked up the plug.

That's all I have to say. Hope that helps!

That was one roller coaster ride! I can still see the rainbow squares even as I type this. What did you do to me?  I enjoyed this game... but at what cost? I'm like moonrisen, I stopped at wave 13. I need a break from the game but I am so going to get to level 20 when my eyes feel better. 

o_O  <- Me

This is the most unique idea I have seen so far! The visuals are very cute! Love the paper animation effect! I'm surprise the wires managed to hold so far. That's some amazing physics engine right there! I just wish there was some nice music while I was plugging the lights. I like the ending. Took me a while to realize the maze spells out the GMS logo

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I was so close to beating the final boss, then he sucked out the life in me... 

Really fun to play this game! The worms scared the hell out of me! I was a wimp though and I just ran away.

As many have said, very castlevania feels for sure from the gameplay to the graphics. I could say it is more forgiving, which for me is a plus point as I actually find old retro games too difficult (I'm a noob)

Will take revenge on the vampire in my next play :)

The best concept I've seen so far! Finished till the end and I'm proud to die 128 times! The levels were simple yet challenging with increasing difficulty. I got a bit stumped with piranha plants, especially the one surrounded by flames. Took me a while to realized and when I did, it felt good!

It might be just me but when I press R, the game freezes (HTML version). Might want to check that out. Also in the last level, if you don't get the rainbow thingy (what is that?) the round won't end. I know you intended people to get the rainbow thingy but I just like breaking games :)

The graphics are simple but very well executed.  The contrast between the black and white world with the neon rainbows was a fantastic design choice!

I'm giving this full 5 stars, you deserve it!

Nice Game! I didn't have the time to play this during GMC Jam 40 but I'm glad I did now! Level design is great! I thought the game was pretty easy in the beginning. Oh was I wrong! I managed to beat the game and the victory was sweet!

I went all the way to level 19 just so I can get the neon map :) Some of the trap are pretty challenging. I'm not sure if its me but when I played the html 5 version, it freezes. The windows version works fine :) Nice game!

Does this game end? regardless, I just kept on going on and on. I think I lapped 6 time already and I still found it fun! Amazing how you made such a game in GMS 2! the fake 3D adds a charm like no other.

I played this game over and over and over again!!!  Not sure if I played well (highest score was just 308) but I enjoyed every single round!  I think the game would benefit if there was more health but other than that, a solid entry!  Or maybe you can add a power up that rains cyan block all over, something like the cyan parachute but better :) 

Also, wow, this game looks, sound and feels amazing! 

Thanks Gizmo! Also, it's great to see you again!

Thanks! That means a lot! I'll make sure to try out your game!

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

I'm sure there is a way to use ds_grids. There is a part of the code where it iterates through every object. you can replace that code with ds_grids. It might make the game faster as empty objects still increase the lag. I used objects for ease of use.

This is really a fun a game! Probably the best game I played from you so far! And your other games top notch as well so this is like the creme of the crop!

Sorry for not responding to this for a month. I don't know what's gotten to me forgetting about this itch page. I really don't know what's wrong because it works for me. I have uploaded a new version with more features, maybe you want to check that one out :)

Hello there! Sorry I took me a long while to update this page. I have just uploaded a new version that covers everything till part 5 of my tutorial. To change the strength of the light, go to the obj_light variable definitions. You can also change each light individually in the room editor. 

Most likely. Works with GMS 1.4 so I believe it will work with GMS 2.2.5