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Something wrong happened with the order of room layers. Try moving the layers around. The layer with object setup should be below the wall tiles.

It's a GMS bug

If you want, I will try to add those in as well

I may do that later when I release the second tutorial :)

your welcome!

Thanks for playing! For the bugs you have encountered, I have encountered that as well.  I think I solved the flashing problem but I'm not entirely sure.  I am not 100% certain where the flashing came from honestly. The second one happens because I did not want the bear to destroy the entire forest and leave a bunch of logs floating everywhere. So what I did was the bears only chop when as much as they need. The problem is, the bears don't pick up the resources and bring it to the house. Also, if the resources are too far from the house, they won't bring it there. I'm trying to figure out how to balance the game more. It's a really big project so I hope you don't mind it taking a while. I'm actually reworking it from scratch on Game Maker Studio 2 (this version is made in GMS1.4). The new version will have even more features  and you can add about 5-10x more bears before it lags :)

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This is honestly the most fun game among those I am given to review. congrats!

At first, I found it dumb I got a pdf file and not an actual game. But as I read it, I got glued and followed each and every instructions. For page 14, I literally took a break and did something else before coming back! this happened 3 times! Actually more than that but I gave up and took the 1 die. I can't wait 14 min... or 14 days!!!

Now let me give some feedback and it has to do something with chances. You probably know this, with one die, all chances are equal, with two dies, getting 7 has the highest probability. 3 dies is 10 and 11. 4 dies is 14. Knowing this, these pages will be the most frequently visited. pages 19 onward is hard to get by. Speaking of 19, I don't really understand the first paragraph. regardless, I feel like I should be looking at the top part of the die unless stated otherwise. 

I reached page 11 multiple times but never went to page 25 through that page. It just didn't feel right. I also went to page 11 pretty early (the probability of getting 11 is high as I mentioned)

I've played Adventure books before and the two things I wanted to do were: get to the good ending, traverse every single path. Given the probabilities of the dies, some pages are just near impossible to reach. And I wanted to reach all of them. I ended up cheating and reading pages 20, 22, 23 and 24. Yes I did manage to reach 21, that was my highest roll.

You don't know how long I've played this game. quite long really.

Your verbose game has prompt me to be very verbose as well. But to cut things straight, what I suggest is to balance the pages better so that the higher pages are easier to reach. It requires a bit of math with the probabilities. Also, for the common pages, make something happen. pages 7 does nothing. Page 14 does but that's just evil (if the player is like me who actually abides by the rules). It's a nice addition but it's a common page so chances of landing there is very high.



Nice Mechanic! I was able to go till the end but my partner blocked me off and I can't shoot the boss :( I like the ricochet idea! I used this a lot since the enemy bullets hit mine and deflects it so I needed to shoot at a different angle so it doesn't get deflected.  I found the walls to be a bit too dark compared to the flooring. Would be cool if there are different AI or if there was a bullet power-up (spread shot, rapid shot...)

Hello! I broke you game :) 

Birb ate me while I spat my last seed then this happened. NO BIRB WILL TAKE ME ALIVE!!!

Jokes asides. The game is very calm and plays heavily on chances. I'm a bit impatient and spammed my seeds and weeeeee! I go flying off the distance. legitimate run, I got 138 meters, spamming seeds, I got 859 meters.

I think what would be cool is if there are some upgrades that increase the chances. 

Also, based on probability,t he chances of going really far away is slim.  I'd say the average is about 50 meters. Now, if we increase the odds by strengthening the winds a bit the farther we go, that would increase the average distance.

Or maybe at the first try, make the odds in the players favor to entice them to play more. then hit them with bad luck. When they get hit too much by bad luck, hit them again with some good luck to make them feel happy again.

In short, my suggestion is control the randomness. Casinos do this.  It really works. You already did a good job with the aesthetics to keep the players glued. Add in a bit of controlled random magic and your all set!

Also, congrats, I think all 5 people from the post jam rated your game :)

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Hello there! So let me start with the positive points first. The animation was pretty cool looking! I don't know why but I felt like an NBA player shooting some hoops! Also, I really like the wall grabbing mechanic. It was very well implemented!

Okay, now for the stuff that I think needs improvement..

I found the game too dark. When the shadows were gone, the game felt way better. If you want to add shadows, try not to make it too dark and also I suggest adding a faint glow around the character, as if it is also a light source like the flames. 

When time slows down, the player jump height decreases. Not sure if that's intended or not. I would prefer if you could still remained the same.

Another thing, I got stuck in the level where only the mouse can enter the small hole. There was a sleeping monster but the mouse just kept on going back and forth, the monster didn't wake up.

I think it would be nice to incorporate cayote time to your platfomer. Cayote time is allowing the player to still jump after going off the ledge for a short period of time. The reason why you do this is that sometimes, the player presses the jump button too late and they are already in mid air. However, the player believes they pressed the button when they were still on the platform.

I apologize if my review sounds too negative. But honestly, I was checking the GMTK comments and all they were saying was "well done!" "congratulations", then when you check the ratings, you could tell most rated low. I'm wondering why they even bothered praising you. 

Anyways, I got too carried away. I hope this helps you! If you need some help, I am also a GMS game developer :) I have experience in making platformers with GMS.

One of things I worry about making the jumps easy is that the some players might finish the level the wrong way. It's one of the difficulties of a puzzle platformer. I'm sure there are lots ways to improve the levels which I haven't found out. Thanks for your feedback!

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I added 8 more levels post-jam :) Thanks for playing and for the review!

Thank you very much for your input! This ideas are brilliant! I actually would love to apply these ideas if I could. I'm currently rebuilding Beartopia and I am still thinking how to make players be more invested in the game. Again, thanks!

Thanks for playing my game. It was nice watching you!

Fun and hectic game! I like it better when there is no color unmatching. Not very good in tetris but the AI seems to help me on that. I'm sure im not the first to poin this out but I was more concerned about the timer than putting the right blocks.  It was still fun to play!

Finished till the end! Love puzzle games. I finely executed one! For the art style, I do have to say its a little hard on the eyes, especially the boxes. I would suggest making something more minimal as it is easier and more captivating in my opinion. But other than that, Really well implemented puzzle game. The pacing is good and the idea is fantastic!

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The ending was nice. I felt like the text in the game was deliberately made to make me forget the events that happened. It really worked. I like faster text but if that was the intention, I say keep it! 

Some pauses in the dialogue like on commas and periods could make the text dialogues more interesting. Sfx, screen shakes and maybe different sprite animations to show the mood better. Just some suggestions at the top of my head. Of course, I'm not expecting your game to have this but would be nice addition for a post jam. But I have to say, the game as it is now already swell! good job! I really enjoyed the calming music btw

The best puzzle game I have ever played in this Jam! Some levels seem a lot easier than its previous ones but there is nothing wrong with putting harder puzzles midway. Really wished there was music in the main gameplay. Really addicting. The constant movement keeps you on the edge on what to do next. This is a super unique control mechanic that fits the theme. I have to say, top 10 GMTK jam game for sure! You need more people to play your game!

Love the implementation of out of control. Love the effects, love the sprite. It's almost perfect! The only thing I could say is lower the speed increase to make it a bit easier. I noticed once its midway the bar, it almost impossible to play.  but asides from that, this is definitely one of the best implemented games out there!

I like the art style! really fits the out of control feel of the game! Difficulty is pretty okay for me. Just the way I like it!

Amazing drift power! Had a lot of fun with this one!

Amazing drift power! Had a lot of fun with this one!

Everything you said I agree, from the positive to the negative! Pretty much the most accurate comment about my game so far. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

In the post jam,  I plan to make it so  jumping with robots above will push the whole stack and if it can't it shouldn't make the jumping sound. 

Indeed, I wanted to add more levels with the automatic movement but I ran out of time. I also wanted more shooting mechanics.

Again, thanks for your comment!

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Thanks for playing! 

There was restart button using the R key and one on the top right corner of the  screen. Maybe It wasn't obvious, sorry.

Edit: Thanks for telling me about this. I forgot to add the reset button key  controls in the description 

Because I wasn't able to give you your 69th rating, I'm evil and ruined it >:)

All the different types of ammo are fun to use. I like the chicken ammo the most! It's difficult but enticing to keep on trying over and over! I hardly got any better though. Guess I suck. Let me try again :)

Good game!

Thanks for playing! I could say this is worst implemented level but I wanted to teach a the auto movement mechanic (you can do this for shooting too but i didn't make a level where that is useful). Also, I do consider changing the jumping physics so that robots can jump even when there are robots above it.

Here's how to solve it:

You have to switch controls while holding jump to perform auto-jump.

Is this how you did it? I've let streamers play my game and there were levels where they played it entirely differently from how I designed it..

I've seen you a couple of times on the discord :) The game feels of this game is amazing! It's one thing to make good presentation, its another to make the feels. Not many jam games can give the feels. Mechanics are great! Good job!

I'm going to play this game after your stream.  This is the biggest Jam game I have ever seen! I hope people actually play till the end because most Jammers usually don't take the time to play till the end. I could see this game competing against the big Indie leagues like Undertale, Celeste, Hollow knight, etc.

Cleary in my top 10! Congrats! I shall remember this game and share it with my future kids :D

Thank you so much for your comment! This made my day! Will definitely add more levels in the future for post jam development!

Surely, this could be a potential addicting mobile game like flappy bird. It's seemingly easy yet not so frustrating nature. If there was a too see the global highscore, that would be neat!!!

The game broke the presentation rating. Would give it a 10/5 stars if I could! I'm not so sure if I was playing it right but even when the sharks started getting crazy and I got sad that the my fishes are getting eaten, it felt satisfying to see them getting eaten? (I'm questioning why I said that)

Anyways, loved the game from start to finish!

This game! I have to say its almost perfect! I want to see this in the top 100! The beat  is amazing! The mechanics are freakin amazing! Definitely in my top list of Jam Games!

Definitely out of control and in a good way!  I like how there is some strategy in changing the controls by hitting the wall. I did get a bit lost sometimes because I'm just dumb in remembering the last key I pressed.  I think music to spice up the mood would've made this game better!

I liked the lighting XD dont remove :)

Yeah, I think it breaks the game, but in a nice way at least

Amazing that you did all the art within the 48 hours! The graphics was definitely on point! I think it would be better if the flamethrower was on longer and maybe there are things that you shouldn't be burning. The hay burning was genius! I think trapping the chicken would be a cool mechanic too! I see the potential in this being an addicting mobile game.

Its so delighting to make my zombie army! The zombie AI is neat! The game felt easy but I liked it easy. The Molotov guy killed half of my army though but  managed to recover from my loses

The keyboard sound is amazing. Fancy idea. The more goblins, the merrier! I realized there was not really much of a penalty of keeping the goblins on the keyboard so its accuracy over everything else. 

Nice simple game!

Nice usage of the theme too :)

I learned how to spam lighting at the beginning of the level. Is that cheating? after using the tune abilities over and over, muscle memory became a thing :) 

If there is one thing that bothered me, it is the movement. pressing up makes you move diagonally up. It doesn't feel too natural. Eventually, I got a hang of it. Then there was also the door incident which I dm you about. 

Asides from that, I enjoyed the mechanics of the game! the graphics are charming and memorable.  The rage was fun and I used it to my advantage. 

Originally, the power-ups were automatic but then there were puzzles where the power-ups get in the way, especially if you just dropped them. But I agree. Maybe I should give a cooldown so if you dropped it, you won't re-grab it again for about a second like  in minecraft

The chaos in this game is hell of fun.  The turret malfunction got in a way but I think that was what made the game challenging! Those towers that spawn remind me of the eye of Sauron :)