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glad you liked it. yes theres a bug where you get stuck in a tree. i went overkill with the forest puzzle. its pretty much post game difficulty honestly, something that only those who wanna feel glorified for finishing such hard puzzle. i think i need to think smaller next time for next game jam if ever.

thanks for the comment. really appreciate it :)

if you wanna know how it goes, check this vid i made

That shouldnt close the game. That's  a made up error

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the forest area is really tough. most people have said it is but im still looking for somebody who can. 

its a small 2MB file :) windows

thanks for your comment. I need to become better in game design as far as I know and its helpful to know where my weakness lies. im glad you got that far :)

Brilliant idea! this such a simple yet wonderful idea. Really nothing much to improvement needed. Its already perfect as it is! Good Job!

I wasn't expecting such game at all. One of the most original concepts I've seen so far. I love how things escalated quickly. The dialogues are pretty spot on and it gives lots of character. Amazing game!

Great game! Honestly, my bullet was the worse enemy. I've played many bullet games but I think your's is the best I've played so far! It's pretty difficult though but other than that, wonderful game!

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Everything is great except for one thing... POOR ANIMALS  ;u;

I felt really bad killing the animals. gave me quite some discomfort. might've been better to kill bad monsters or something (I was okay killing the rats and spiders but don't tell those creatures I said that)

But yes...  very great game!  One of the best I've played so far

Its not just about light, the file is very light lol. One of the best games I've played so far. The idea and level design is brilliant and the art too looks fantastic. Sad that there isnt any music. The spikes honestly were the bigger problems but it was more because I was too focused on the ghosts lol. I think it would be nice if you added other mechanics asides from keys like switches.

Great game! Really well made and a lot of thought placed to it.  I think it would be nice if there were pages to some of the lengthy text so it doesnt get too small too read. I like story games but if the text gets a bit too lengthy, I get a little lazy to read everything. I'm amazed how much could be done in 48 hours. Good job!

good game! Would be nice addition if you can roll as well to dodge. I find the game a bit too challenging due to the one spear mechanic but its understandable as its the theme of the game jam. The windows version really made things easier though. The sprites are amazing and the implementation is well made. If you continue working on this, consider adding sfx to spice things up :)

Very fun game! The controls are doable but not the best though I understand that you were trying to fit the theme so one mouse,no keyboard. After a while, I got a hang of it.  The game is pretty simple but addicting. overall good game :)

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Lovely game. Love the mechanic of becoming one with the world. I found the game to be just the right difficulty although I'm the type that likes difficult. I really would love to see more levels in the future!

I had so many ideas but the 48 hours werent enough. Thanks for playing :)

just so you know, theres a 1/5 chance of you spawning in the "error". maybe i shouldve made it just one or two off screen movement.

Thanks for playing and giving a good comment.

wow. thanks for the great review. always love a good critic, whether its good or bad.

about the forest, if you get unlucky, you get stuck in a spawned tree. its one of the few annoying bugs out there in my game.

the game in mind had a slower difficulty curve and more dialogues and hints. honestly, the forest idea should be a post game thing.

you can check out the rest of the game here

thanks for playing. really appreciate it

The game looks amazing! I simply love exploring the open seas. If I were to suggest, it would be nice if the player knows what kind of fish they got and different fish can be found in different areas to promote exploration. :)

This is a very well thought of game! Really love the mechanics. Once I took the time to understand how the building works, I was able to escape Earth with 2 years remaining.  I don't want to leave earth though :(. Lets hope it never happens in real life :)

It's a very intuitive idea and the graphics work well with the game. The controls are quite hard to get used to in the beginning but it gets better over time.  I still think I dont fully get the controls. The levels were crafted well.  overall good game!

The game looks pretty neat.  It was easy to match in the beginning but eventually, I had to move objects around until it matched. I didn't really understand how the cat and dog moves.  I was able to win on my third try once I kinda knew the mechanics

the error was intentional but im questioning why i did it now in the first place. if youre confused, check the video link on my comment. :)

I have experienced the same error

I reached level 9 then the automatic machine guns werent shooting properly anymore. Other than that, I'm amazed how polished this game for a Game Jam. Great work

One of the best games I've played so far! and its only 1MB! Amazing.

basically SASA on steroids

The next part, the forest, is a lot trickier.

If you get stuck, use this guide:

I got the bitten ending.  cabin->peep window->stay

the nut can be dropped near the sign with the red arrow down :)

I didnt want the game to be too obvious but that could be its down fall as well.  I'm thinking of adding a complete video tutorial some time. Thanks for playing :)

oh i get it now haha. one story. is there any good ending, cause mine was kinda bad

I wanted to try replay but It doesnt allow me even after I close the game. I want to see the other endings. :) Story is well written so far.

I managed to get a hang of the controls but i still found it pretty difficult. I'm guessing that the challenge of the game or else it will become too easy. I like the amount of detail the world has and really pushes you to explore.  Unfortunately, I havent gotten used to the controls to explore it all. I've seen the video tutorial and you make it looks so easy.  good game overall :)

The game is simple but  elegant. It is evident that a lot of balancing was placed into the game. I found the controls easy to understand though it takes a bit of practice to master. The enemies come at a good pace and it doesnt feel too easy but also not too difficult. hitting the enemies feels satisfying.

It was really satisfying reaching the end after playing the game. Simple idea yet effective. I visited areas with caution and had a pretty bad aim in the beginning but once I got used to it and found a technique, I became pretty good at it. I like the part where the two  enemies come out of the door way. I panicked and threw my light arrow at them but it missed and now its on the other side of the door :( Somehow managed to make it through the end . Good game

sorry about that. make sure youre pressing shift to run. i found moving up was easiest. 

Thanks for playing btw :)

it's American Football. try running to the edge with the nut while dodging the zombies :)

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lONEly Bear

You start as a bear, lost in the gray worlds. Trying to find other bears, you journey across the seemingly barren lands. 

Are you the only bear alive?

There is ONLY ONE way to find out.


wasd - move

shift - run

q - drop item

If you feel stuck at the forest, check out the link below:

Complete video guide: