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How do I get past the first puzzle ;__;

Others see a parody but I see a solution

*flying around for ages*

"Where is that damn third child? I swear to god when I find that little shi- wait a second..."

*fly straight up*



That soundtrack

Insane art. But the gameplay...

That slipper is way more fun to throw than it has any right to be

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Love the lore, gorgeous style, smooth controls and extremely polished. My only issue is with the level design which doesn't allow enough use of the really well implemented grappling hook. The theme also isn't really present in the gameplay.

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A fairly familiar game concept but with a style that works incredibly well for it. Really helped me to unwind and relax. Managed to reach island 11. Wanted to suggest adding a tree cutting block and saw that others suggested it too. I think it'd be cool.

Really clever levels that make great use of the mechanic. Where the theme though?

Short and simple point and click adventure game. Gorgeous art, absolutely loved the birds and their animations. The music fits perfectly with the style. Often encountered a bug where the camera wouldn't pan to the second floor. 

A satisfyingly challenging puzzle game where every move indeed counts. Awesome job guys <3

Moonwalk Simulator Thriller Edition 

I'm ready to join my waifu in the 2D world now. 

This was great. Loved that we had to come up with our own signals which significantly added to the experience. Totally wish you had more time as well, would've loved to see more. 

Yeah, for windows, 1920,x1080. Here's how it launches for me.


I feel like more large enemies would've helped, too many little ones mean waaay too many shots are being missed, and there are A LOT of the little buggers. Really dig the style though. Very polished. 

Pigeons Liberated. Slayed me.

Only managed to beat a couple of levels :(

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Short, sweet and fun. An adorable puzzle platformer with a cool mechanic. Only wish there were more levels. 


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!

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...what in the name of undertale bossfights did I just play?

Cool memory game. Gets real difficult real fast though. Would've liked to see the theme used better too. 

Pretty tough, but I had fun. Loved the sprites, they're adorable.


What a bizarre puzzle platformer. In a good way. 

I nearly quit because the first scene took soo long but I tried it again out of curiosity and I'm glad I did. There's always a way. The flappy bird level was especially cool. 

Indeed an entire adventure packaged into just one screen. Impressive.

The ultimate match up, Mexicans vs Samurais

I had to stop myself from playing so that I had time to play other people's submissions. Good times were had, the weapons felt great, holy shit a dragon. 

So my movement speed all of a sudden dropped when I fired the first bullet, is that supposed to happen? I really liked where it was going up until the giant room of murderous turrets. Was sort of hoping for a portal/half life style FPS puzzle game. Also I spent an embarassing amount of time poking at the arcade cabinet *facepalm* Cool game otherwise. 

I had an issue with the pc version launching like halfway offscreen but I managed to play a few levels. Loved how brain busting they became. Also I absolutely loved the monkey's face smushing into the wall. Audibly laughed out loud when I saw it. 

I thought it was strange that you had to click on lifeboats to open up portals. It made it deflecting bullets pretty difficult. Otherwise, felt like a total badass. "I am.. the ONLY ONE!" describes you too doesn't it?

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Super glad you enjoyed the game. We were pretty surprised to find ourselves taking the horror route too, seeing as how neither of us have made a horror game before but it was definitely a fun challenge. Totally agree with the critique, had we had more time we totally would've added those features. 

They hate that though but it's cool, they're dead anyways. 

Oh wow, I need to know how this started.

We scare because we care

Thank you! It's great to hear that people are approaching the levels strategically which is what we wanted.