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1.133 (Stray Dogs)
- 2 new passives added
- Support artillery attacks will now get canceled if they target too close to the nuke boss warhead
- Tripple Barrel Chaingun starts with less dmg multiplier if Contained Explosion is equipped
- Your Own Rules and Hyperspace Streamlining are now tier 2 (was 3)
- AM Tipped Payloads is now tier 3 (was 2)
- AM Tipped Payloads increases explosive damage by less now, but increases explosion size a bit more
- Nerfed Wireless Energy charger per sec (1 --> 0.5)
- Wireless Energy is now tier 1 (was 2)
- Fixed Crowdsourced Displacer receiving charge req increase when rolling the cyber taunt effect, making it unusable until swapped in and out with another active
- Fixed HE Cluster Launcher screwing up the weapon portion of the pause screen if equipped - Fixed some weapon properties not being applied correctly to backwards shots fires from Gun Drive
- Fixed scenario where two chests could be selected and interacted simultaneously during wave intermission
- Corrected some typos

1.134 (Stray Dogs)
- Player homing shots should no longer home in on store ships
- Increased homing lock repel force when store ships use flares
- Drone Egg ally spawns are now limited to 15 drones (+your current limit from Drone Flock if you have it equipped)
- Nerfed "frenzied" weapon prefix accuracy penalty
- Fixed floating islands not being removed when entering intermission, potentially leading to off-screen loss of drones
- Fixed some hitbox inconsistencies on Electron Laser
- Fixed Kinetic Heart regeneration being able to trigger even when player is already dead
- Fixed multi shot Flexlight Bow (from Flak Ammo) using combo dmg instead of charge damage for its flak calculation
- Fixed Random Ammo not applying dmg penalty to photon and melee attacks
- Fixed Camera getting confused when killing Contempter Frigate right during its attack jump - Fixed missing explosive damage bonus on Mass Ammo
- Fixed some typos
- Corrected some tooltips

1.135 (Stray Dogs)
- Increased Armored Suit spawns in endless mode
- Slightly buffed G-Link Ammo cursor homing effect
- K-Wave Gun damage nerfred
- Eradicator Cannon damage buffed
- Force Scattergun knockback nerfed
- Hyperspace Oddity/Your Own Rules jump shield stress chance nerfed
- Jump shield stress can no longer deal heart damage, instead leaving you at near zero shield
- Shard shield now has a (high) cap on shard count
- Phase Aggregator affects Shard Shield shot count by less now, but also impacts shot damage by a bit
- Inflicted sticky payload on enemies changes their color now
- Shots can no longer apply their sticky payload a second time after piercing an enemy
- Fixed explosive shots loosing all explosive damage after bouncing off enemies in specific cases
- Fixed some inconsistent telegraphing for when Quantum Augment affects attack rate
- Fixed a bug causing too many particles to spawn when many high damage player shots hit rock props simultaneously - Fixed high enough Nanowire stacks being able to hit store ship during wave intermission
- Fixed stim effect from Crowdsourced Displacer making you addicted to stims, without a reliable way to get more
- Fixed jets stat sheet not calculating melee strike size correctly
- Fixed active charge bar displaying as empty if active is charged by maker passive procs
- Fixed too short shot lifetime on Electron Laser beam due to premature animation end - Corrected some tooltips and typos

1.129 (Stray Dogs)

- Melee block moves can no longer be use while being interdicted
- Bombs and rockets from actives/passives are now deployed with a way longer collision timeout
- Bosses now show float text once they addapt to certain dots or debuffs
- Fixed a bug where Strays would unlock after final boss kills if the boss wave was 4-6 or higher (?)
- Fixed a mouse aim related chest tooltips exploit
- Fixed intermission stat sheet prompt not appearing if mouse aim is enabled
- Fixed something secret not unlocking correctly (?)

1.130 (Stray Dogs)
- Diying in endless no longer triggers wave completion unlocks for the current wave
- Taking heart damage should now removes player EMP effects
- Fixed a ui scale related bug causing active to be show as fully charged after returning from pause menu
- Fixed Shot Displacer cursor angle not resetting when entering intermission
- Fixed a bug causing bombs/rockets spawned by actives/passives to phase through geometry for a short while after deployment
- Fixed Skyborne tooltip not mentioning that it also decreases player invincibility time
- Fixed a problem causing VOTL enemies to phase through the ground if killed by ground collision
- Fixed a bug causing wins with MK2 jets to also fainbow flash stray jet title text
- Fixed title carriers not changing to stray variants correctly when returning to title after stray jet where selected

1.131 (Stray Dogs)
- Skyborne damage requirement no longer completely resets after each wave, instead it decays each wave by an ammount that scales with Skyborne stacks
- Skyborne tooltip is more detailed now
- Your current Skyborne regain requirement is now listed on your jet stat sheet
- Nerfed Shard Shield damage and shot count scaling
- Sniper Choppers will aim a little more carefully now before initiating their attacks
- AM Storage Balloon spawn count is now capped (very highly)
- Fixed a problem with some new weapon unlocks not being loaded correctly
- Fixed a scenario where HP altering passives would prevent War Room Shell from dying
- Fixed Technophage: True DMZ not bestowing the full charge per damage bonus on starting actives
- Fixed Technophage: True DMZ not disabling melee charge attacks correctly
- Fixed some ground enemies dropping shield replicants regardless of cap - Fixed Tactical Nuke not displaying the non-retaliation active icon after being used for the second time - Fixed a bug causing the nuke base shield generator to imidiately spawn a new shield whenever it has been taken down
- Fixed a bug causing the nuke base shield generator to spawn a new shield while dying
- Fixed run end arrows not appearing in endless (?)
- Fixed low flying Super AWACS sometimes spawning in collision range with low floating islands (?)
- Fixed a bug allowing single shot weapons to fire two projectiles when initiating fire state quickly two time while the game is under strong hitlag (?)
- Fixed title carrier hangar cover not showing the correct variant cover when returing to title after launching runs with Stray jets

1.132 (Stray Dogs)
- Added some safeguards to ensure defeating Hybrid Corvettes triggers wave advance correctly
- Fixed melee block moves being disabled for the rest of the run if player jump is interdicted once

1.124 (Stray Dogs) New Stuff:
- Reaching endless mode wave 6 now unlocks challenging "Stray" variants for the jet you are playing with - Beating the game with the Strays unlocks Technophages, challenge passives equipable via the title screen that can be used on any jet
- Added 15 new weapons
- Added 6 new passives items
- Added 1 new active item
- Added manual block mechanic as part of two new melee weapons and one passive: jump replaced by forward melee block while holding jump button, scales with jump time and melee size
- Added duplex trigger mechanic on one new scatter weapon: single barrage, fires second barrage on trigger release
- Added framework that allows 2 new weapons to periodically change their stats depending on certain non weapon-related stats
- Endless mode now has some additional unlocks tied to it, up to wave 30
- Added a couple new late game weapon prefixes
- Unlock messages now give some hints about what triggered the unlock
- Refurbished Heart UI to be a bit more readable and more consistent with the rest of the UI
- Added something secret
- Numerous fixes and balance changes, see Stray Dogs Beta logs in change_dog.txt for a detailed breakdown

1.125 (Stray Dogs) - Contained rogue self-replicating drone swarm that was flooding the loot pool
- Fixed an problem preventing new item pause descriptions from being displayed
1.126 (Stray Dogs)
- Fixed endlessly multiplying phantom copies of new bounce weapons in pause menu

1.127 (Stray Dogs)
- Fixed some shot assets not being preloaded correctly, leading to slowdown when firing on some computers
- Fixed A Ton Of Money not dropping SRM
- Fixed HE Burst Cannon not appearing in pause menu

1.128 (Stray Dogs)
- Fixed a problem preventing tutorial compleation
- Fixed some pause menu passives having too large mouse over collision

1.119 (Realspace)

- Contained Explosion is tier 4 now
- Contained Explosion: Nerfed base damage multiplier per shot on all scatter weapons (can still escalate to broken levels if stacked ;)
- Scatter weapons that gain 360° flak shells from Flak Ammo now also get vastly increased accuracy for their initial shot
- Flak Ammo attack rate penalty decreased (20%, was 25%)
- Increased rivals knock-back resistance
- Reverted store ship homing lock immunity
- Bow shot and Hardlight Slab have smaller hitboxes now
- Fixed escalation text being positioned badly if returning from pause during intermission
- Fixed too large hitbox on the deflected version of heavy kinetic shots
- Fixed bad explosion point on Auto Scatter shots
- Fixed flak submunitions not inheriting sticky property correctly
- Added some saveguard ensuring the game doesn't launch with left over dummy targets in the combat scene
- Clarified some tooltips
- Fixed some typos

Hyperspace Decorator 1.0 and how it differs from the Jam release

- Completely revamped unlock progression to ensure that starting furniture allows to alter all room properties in any direction
- Changed many furniture properties, earlier furniture is generally less expensive but also alter rooms to lesser degrees
- Revamped unlock progression
- Changed native resolution to 1280x720
- Added three new pieces of furniture
- A few pieces of furniture are now hidden and might randomly unlock during runs
- Changed UI to allow for more alien information to be displayed
- Progression now affects which species can appear, you start with humanoids and can only get the other aliens later
- Aliens are more likely to have material related quirks now
- Added a line describing the general preferences of each alien specie
- Added some additional title tutorial texts
- UI stat arrows now change size in relation to selected furniture bonuses
- The tile in front of the room doors now automatically counts as occupied from the start
- Added one additional intermediate grade to the room experience breakdown
- Lowes grade is assigned for worse room values now, but comes with a -20 penalty
- Reduced "Like Home" bonus to +20
- Normalized sound level of background track
- Made funriture tooltip text and shift end report text smaller
- Fixed Cosiness and Virtuality goal blobs not being positioned correctly
- Fixed music not looping correctly
- Fixed 2-tile furniture not occupying both tiles correctly
- Fixed a bug making most non_humanoid alien names unavailable

1.118 (Realspace)
- Added some additional possible jet and weapon properties to the intermission stat sheets
- Picking up items that lower you max health while having only 1 max heart will no longer kill you (instead leaves you at 1 heart container)
- Enemies can now be immune to missile lock, this includes most larger bosses (not their attachments), jam domes, but also store ships and enemy husks
- Player homing locks can no longer track enemies that are immune to homing lock, they will seek out the closest non-immune enemy instead
- Missile Hardpoints, Missile Manufacturer tracer shots and jump redirection will no longer work against enemies that are immune to missile lock - Last Resort Pod now fires faster in bursts of 5 with lower damage but more numerous shots
- Taking heart damage now auto charges Last Resort Pod to full
- Thanatos Turbine now only grants +200 charge to your active on heart damage and no longer increases charge count if stacked
- Lowered Hyper Shield charge requirement
- Hyper Shield gains charge faster from shield regeneration now
- Increased Hyper Shield duration (15s, was 9)
- Decreased Reverse G-Field duration (12s, was 15)
- Reverse G-Field is now tier 4 (was 3)
- Missile Hard-Points is now tier 3 (was 4)
- Gunships can no longer dodge jump if they are already dying or their boosters have been taken out
- Fixed a rare bug where the store ship would obscure shop chest prices (?)
- Fixed missing frame on Rainbow Unicorn Flamingo item anim - Fixed an possible issue where sticky shot chance might interfere with explosive damage actives
- Fixed nuke base angular shield not being displaced correctly when looping around the zone
- Improved some tooltipps
- Fixed some typos

1.116 (Realspace)

- Intermission stat sheet now displays your callsign too
- Space Teather defense sliders now continuously fire homing missiles when you remain between them too long
- Space Teather segment health increased
- Zero Friction Parts now decrease jet friction by far less
- Fixed player being able to take more heart damage even while jet is already dying
- Fixed some formating on intermission stat sheets
- Fixed some issues preventing Broken Heart from negating Love
- Fixed a bug causing enemy shield particles to be emitted at a slightly off angle when hitting enemy angular shields
- Fixed corvette jump markers not resetting their angle when marking the jump in point
- Corrected some tooltips

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1.110 (Realspace)
- Fixed a bug preventing rebinding the "next weapon" key
- Fixed a bug causing store hearts to either be classified as unknowns passive or contained in malfunctioning chests
- Adjusted chest positioning during intermission to ensure all chest content is selectable in specific circumstances
- Fixed a positioning glitch for when opening tier 1 weapon chest
- Chest content now gets larger when selected
- Fixed some issues with chest content z-layering
- Slightly increased choice chests unlock cost
- Shock Shielding now grants immunity to EMP effects, but also lowers max shield by 0.5
- Extended some tooltips
- Added some new splash screen tips

1.115 (Realspace)
New Stuff:
- Hitting the reverse thrust key/button during an intermission now displays stat sheets for your jet, your current weapon and your current active
- Added some more late game weapon prefixes

- Enemy EMP shot speed increased
- Love now only grants an empty heart container, but heals you for up to 4 half-hearts (without you being able to know how much health you received)
- Nerfed Broken Heart a bit (now +3 max shield, was 4)
- Slightly nerfed shield regeneration bonuses from a couple passives
- Random Ammo damage sway bonus increased (now +3, was 2)
- Random Ammo now also affects explosive damage sway and base damage
- Flexlight Bow damage increased
- Increased crit chance on a couple heavy melee weapons
- Rocket Pod now properly profits from Sentient Battery, gaining about 25% more shots as additional charge
- Hyperspace Streamlining now also adds a small chance to evade kinetic attacks
- Heavy Chaingun screenshake decreased

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a problem preventing nuke base shield generator from deploying its shield
- Fixed a global variable bug making all enemies agro slightly slower
- Fixed a bug screwing up passive UI positioning when returning from pause
- Fixed boss jump zone markers permanently haunting your run if you manage to kill the bosses during a jump
- Mouse aim: Fixed intermission tooltips requiring pixel perfect collision with mouse to spawn
- Fixed Compassion tooltip not mentioning that it drops health pickups
- Fixed Love tooltip not mentioning that it also increases chance of chest content being unidentifiable
- Fixed SRM Replicator not being usable during intermission (?)
- Fixed a bug granting a very tiny Impact Heart-like regeneration chance to all jets
- Fixed melee charge attacks not being correctly affected by prefix damage bonuses
- Flechette Battery and Smart Dart Battery should now be correctly affected by Flak Ammo, with their child shots inheriting sticky payloads
- Fixed a bug where non-auto weapons would not advance timers for Payload Printer and Warhead Workflow correctly
- Fixed Payload Printer and Warhead Workflow being able to deploy even when player isn't currently attacking
- Fixed a potential problem preventing wave objective gunships from spawning
- Fixed some typos

1.108 (Realspace)

- Fixed your rivals hp bar not reacting to boss taking damage (?)
- Fixed flare tooltips remaining on screen if picking up flares last during tutorial (?)
- Fixed a bug causing auto weapons to continuously fire when using the keyboard key
- Fixed no money warning using bad color for srm count text
- Fixed bad key reference in one tutorial message
- Clarified some tooltips

1.107 (Realspace)

- Message texts are now typed out instead of being fully visible from the get go
- Fixed store heart chest being able to malfunction, hiding their content
- Fixed a bug causing collected passives to be displayed off center
- Fixed a theoretical position bug that could prevent the player from moving the pause selector to the right if certain items are position leftmost during intermission
- Fixed res apply button not resetting its clicked-on state correctly, potentially causing problems with resolution and fullscreen states
- Reworked some res and fullscreen changes when returning from pause menu/relaunching after death
- Added additional saveguards to ensure the game defaults to windowed after applying resolutions
- Fixed a bug where entering pause after launching in fullscreen on auto resolution would resize the game window to default resoltion (windows only) 
- Fixed some typos

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1.106 (Realspace)
- Lowered attack cooldown penalty after finshing melee combos
- Fixed some typos
- Fixed unlock message icons not being removed correctly on player death
- Fixed a bug preventing Double Heart unlock from taking effect
- Fixed Hyperspace Streamlining being permanently locked
- Fixed a theoretical bug preventing Money Implies Poverty from unlocking

1.105 (Realspace)

- Attempting to pick up a full heart while missing only a half heart now heals and turns the full heart into a half heart

- Sniper choppers railguns and laser as well as boss beams telegraph their attacks more excessively now

- Fixed some weird weapon name word doubling due to certain prefixes  
- Fixed high jump boost stat causing Furi Dash to move your craft backwards

- Fixes Random Ammo tooltip not mentioning base damage penalty

- Fixed bad title on Mirror Cannon weapon card

- Fixed A Ton Of Money not working if part of the Fur's starting loadout

- Fixed multiple bad text ID call for corvette boss combat chatter

- Fixed a bug causing EMP Rail unlock trigger repeatedly (endlessly? :o)

- Fixed AA-Tanks using old sprites and points on Windows version

- Fixed a variable problem preventing Lost Mission Intel from taking effect

- Fixed some typos in combat chatter and loot tooltips

- Fixed another variable bug preventing player flock drones from spawning  

Version 1.102  (Realspace)
- Orbital Support: Bomb Displace damage per enemy is more random now
- Orbital Support: Bomb Displace max payload per enemy decreased
- Fullscreen box changed to toggle
- Reverted to forcing fullscreen on entering main game scene, due to some isolated bugs related to not doing that

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug causing tooltips to spawn on locked chests
- Fixed picking up Swag Hull granting a stack of Glass Configuration on top
- Fixed Artifact Stack printer granting one stack too many
- Added some safeguard to ensure fullscreen is truly deactivated on toggle

Version 1.101
- Chest quality range starts out slightly lower and scales slower with wave count
- Player coolness inpacts chest quality more now

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed game exiting and reentering fullscreen after death or after returning from pause while fullscreen is enabled (?)
- Fixed entering controll options screen showing wrong buttons/axis for some controller mappings
- Fixed some bugs related to changing from and to fullscreen if no new resolution was applied beforehand
- Fixed some problems with the fullscreen tick box animation not displaying correctly when entering the video options
- Fixed a bug preventing Fringe-Region Connections passive from unlocking

HDog Version 1.100 (Realspace)

New Stuff:
- 30 new passives added
- 11 new weapons added
- 6 new actives added
- Added AA Tank enemy as late game ground opposition
- Added customizable controller support
- Added an option for tooltips and extended item descriptions during intermission/pause
- Added color options for ship reticle and mouse cross-hair
- Chests containing weapons now look distinct from regular chests - Finding weapons with strictly bad prefixes now grants you an SRM refund
- Added a couple new high end weapon prefixes
- Store ships now have one-time-use flare pods, allowng them to counter enemy homing missiles (once)
- Zone based wave objectives can now be auto completed with a few specific actives
- Laser and photon weapons now have a separate damage multiplier (scaling less with some damage up, but gained their own items to support them)
- More damage ups now only affect certain damage types (kinetic, explosive, photon, melee); item quotes will now mention which damage types they affect
- Added tooltips to option menu
- The game now automatically renders way larger when resolutions beyond certain thresholds are selected
- Added additional resolution options
- Added UI scaling options

- Hoopoonite Injector chain jump dodge time bonus decreased - Slightly reduced store ship health
- Field Juggler Drones are more common in zone 4 now
- Scatter drones can no longer spawn in zone 4
- Zone 4 can now have the "Strafe Ground Convoy" objective
- "Survive" objective is given less often in zone 4 now
- "Destroy Mounted AA" and "Destroy Mobile AA" objectives have more varied targets in later waves
- Higher escalation levels now allow the final boss to choose more threatening attack phases earlier in the fight
- Added some sound and hitlag to successful player melee parry
- Reduced armor bonus for gold VOTL elites
- Your rivals explosive jumps detonate faster now
- Finishing a melee combo now initiates a slightly longer weapon cooldown
- "Raid SRM Storage" objective targets drop less SRM, but are more numerous now
- Heavy Railgun damage and jet weight penalty increased
- All normal grenade launchers shot lifetime reduced
- Whip multi strike charge time increased
- Whip damage sway decreased
- Machine Heart, Kinetic Heart, Lost Mission Intel and Perputual Energy Device effect chance now benefits from your current coolness
- Added custom behavior for mouse controlled items when game pad controls are enabled: - Flock Drones fly in loose formation with your jet - Turret Mount now auto-turns towards the closest enemy - Hyperspace Gravitas creates an attractor beacon in front of your jet when jumping - Shot Displacer fires shots from way in front of your jet - G-Link ammo homes to a position in front of your jets - Sector Shield auto turns towards the front of your jet
- You can now switch between mouse and key aim while on the title screen
- Title screen can now be controlled with mouse cursor
- Lowered health drop chance bonus of some items
- Nerfed Shield Coil a bit
- Cover Fire Algorithm fires way faster now
- Minimal shield regeneration is higher now
- Tier 1 fighters now generally explode into more debris on death
- Scatter Ammo shot size penalty now caps at x0.5
- Scatter Ammo fire rate penalty decreased, now also caped at x2.5
- First stack of Rubberized Ammo will now lower beam damage by 50%
- #shotBounce weapon prefixes now also lower damage of beam weapons
- Hardlight Crysalis buffed
- Slightly increased the time needed to hack store ships
- HE Ammo explosion size scales more with shot damage now

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a theoretical scenario where axillary boosters would remain enabled during dodge jumps
- Fixed Hoopoonite Injector stacks and interaction with certain items allowing the player to remain in the jump state after chaining multiple jumps - Fixed MK2 jet unlocks triggering repeatedly upon beating the game
- Fixed End-Tech Code Breaker active being able to be used on chests that are already unlocked
- Fixed a theoretical scenario where chest related actives could affect multiple chests if they are too close together
- Fixed Shard Shield activation not taking hitlag option value into account
- Fixed fighters colliding with ground not fully destroying them (leading to delayed SRM drops underground)
- Fixed a bug causing consecutive player homing shots to all home in on the target your previous homing shots had acquired first
- Fixed a Shield Replicant sound effect bug, causing it to play other pickup sounds on top
- Fixed a bug causing [redacted] to fire all its flares at once
- Fixed a few bugs causing weapons to drop with worse prefixes than intended
- Fixed Planetwide Cyper-Taunt only affecting your coolness after resetting it on the next hit
- Fixed player beams moving off origin point when gaining homing force
- Fixed bad hitbox on enemy railgun shots
- Fixed firing with turret mount equipped not actually applying recoil in the direction your are firing
- Fixed weapon UI being respawned off position when entering pause while weapon card is shown
- Fixed store ship destruction not removing the objective direction ui element correctly
- Fixed Orbital Support: Bomb Displace repeatedly unlocking
- Fixed a bug where moving away from laser sniper choppers would displace them without removing their beam (potentially leading to instant damage from opposite side of the map)
- Fixed green "hazard ops" VOTL enemy attachments not spawning with the correct color
- Fixed a bug where enemy evade actions on hit are checked before shot EMP is taken into account - Fixed irregular timing on Floatoid Cealaformer photon phase
- Fixed bad unlock text for Infrared Auto Laser
- Fixed Shield Coil not being in the loot rotation
- Fixed flock drones being unable to move again
- Fixed a variable bug causing drone count to never be considered below your current limit when attempting to convert dying enemies
- Fixed Flock drones being unable to move and reload
- Fixed missing behavior for Flock drones during credits sequence
- Fixed 4k resolutions breaking intermission store ship and chest positioning
- Fixed entering intermission scene with mouse aim enabled not hiding cursor correctly
- Fixed a bug where using Emergency Displace would deplete your shield overcharge
- Fixed shield overcharge decay not taking effect
- Fixed overcharge effects not displaying your shield
- Fixed a bug causing nuke base boss shield generator to not spawn a shield (?)
- Fixed a bug causing title button prompts to not spawn correctly
- Fixed SRM counter not remaining affected by UI scale option after picking up SRM
- Fixed SRM counter not resetting to base ui color correctly after scaling down
- Fixed large stacks of close by sticky detonation causing too excessive hitlag
- Fixed player melee attacks turning towards jet nose (not towards turret fire direction) while Turret Mount is equipped

Version 1.011

- Shot Radiation, Damage Cascade and EMP now effects Flak submunition
- Flak submunition deals more damage now, but has heavy damage reduction against massive enemies
- Flak Ammo shot speed reduction reduced
- Made some item descriptions less crytic

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a problem preventing EMP shots procs from taking effect
- Fixed effect volume option not affecting Flock Drone firing sound (?)
- Fixed heart pickups sometimes not being destroyed on zone jump (?) - Fixed visible edge on one background sun
- Fixed Eradicator Cannon being broken
- Fixed some item description typos - Fixed performing a ripjump immediately unlocking kill shot ammo

Version 1.010

- Knife damage bonus against massive increased
- Eradicator Cannon damage and shot size increased
- Some weapon tiers changed
- Missile Hardpoints targeting cone grows larger now, giving you more range to lock on
- Alien Gland now doubles your current remaining enrage time before adding it's own enrage, allowing it to synergies with other enrage sources
- Anchor active charges faster now and can store three charges
- Shield Replicant shield bonus is now capped
- Sector Shield and Vertice Shield are now rated one tier higher
- Boss shield generators are now a little larger and should stick out more
- Chest unlock costs now have (very high) caps depending on tier (matter only for endless pretty much)
- Anti-Matter Storage Balloons are now extremely resistant to crits
- Orbital Support: Weather effect time, lightening count and lightening damage increased
- Hybrid Corvette shields turn faster now
- Hybrid Corvette cycles faster through it's photon attack phases
- [redacted] has more range during its melee phase now
- Made it easier to bash down angular shields with high powered shots
- Gun Drive and Warped Warp Engine look more distinct now
- Skyborne base threshold to trigger regain is higher now, but scales down with additional skyborne stacks
- Skyborne threshold increase per successful regain is higher now and no longer scales with stacks
- Skyborne heart UI now fades out when your time to trigger regain is about to run out
- Removed misleading #pierce+ from bounce weapon prefixes

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed sound pitch change option not affecting several mid and late-game boss and enemy related sounds
- Fixed sound pitch change option not affecting some active and passive related sounds
- Fixed some scenarios where explosive weapons and Flak Ammo would not interact correctly
- Fixed Intermission not ending Orbital Support: Weather Effect
- Fixed Hyperspace Gravitas affecting player craft during credits
- Fixed [redacted]'s photon shots sometimes not spawning in the correct attack blisters
- Fixed some passive loot related unlocks triggering only after picking up another item later
- Fixed SRM counter not resetting to white after picking up SRM during intermission
- Fixed player beam impact sounds always being played at 100% volume regardless of distance to enemy
- Fixed missing pixel on one player mouse crosshair
- Fixed player Missile Hardpoints active targeting cone not disappearing when canceling targeting by jumping
- Fixed The Eye MKII starting with an invisible half heart
- Fixed Strike Configuration unlock not displaying it's text correctly
- Fixed bad [redacted] MKII unlock text
- Fixed enemies otherwise immune to damage cascade not being able to resist the effect of Containment Shutdown
- Fixed a bug causing weapon drops to not receive prefixes, defaulting to #veryAverage

- Added experimental 4k auto resolution option that scales down your game on very large screens; should stretch pixel perfect on fullscreen, while making the game easier to read
- Made loading in boss husks more economic, potentially eliminating lag spikes there
- Made the way player grenade shot gravity is handled more economic - Optimized some checks for player shots that arm themselves after firing

(1 edit)

Version 1.009
- Space elevator defence sliders will now try to counter you with specific attacks if you hang out too close to the base/top of the tether
- Reduced overall cloud density a bit
- Rival base shot speed, base speed and health decreased
- Rival with glass configuration has way less HP now
- Rival can no longer have Random Ammo as a passive
- Rival having Rail Fitted Ammo increases shot speed less
- Rival now has access Battle Pill instead of Ace Injector, granting it a one time heal and stat up instead of repeated heals
- Rival passives grant less damage bonus overall and a high damage rival build can be countered more easily with shield ups now
- Tier 2 and tier 3 fighter point value increased (leading to slightly less spawns)
- "Decimate" wave goal scales slightly faster and caps higher now
- Gunships that are going down because their engine is shot will now be treated as dying when initiating wave jumps and should grant you their SRM drop accordingly
- Increased and de-randomized the amount of additional damage AM storage Balloon can take before auto triggering their danger mark detonation
- Smart Bomb charges faster with damage now
- Final Boss is overall a little more aggressive now
- Timing required to dodge the final bosses EMP beam combo is a little more lenient now
- Final boss melee phase will always spawn at least one nano wire, even when all it's field generators are destroyed
- Hostile beams telegraph a little more clearly when they'll start dealing damage
- Rocket drones will engage you from further away now
- Flak Ammo sub-munition shot lifetime increased
- Cloud Computing grants better homing and larger damage bonus when firing through clouds

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed EMP shots sometimes disabling player weapon/active permanently for real this time
- Fixed Frag Cannon shot explosion being slightly off centre
- Fixed boost counter arrows to skip credits not registering mouse clicks
- Fixed final boss shell husk not being removed on wave jump, for real now
- Fixed intermission Go! arrow not disappearing when entering credits
- Fixed repeatedly selecting player carriers contributing to certain unlock related stats, potentially triggering unintended unlocks
- Fixed a bug preventing background cloud opacity from taking effect
- Fixed G-Link Ammo not changing player shot colour

Version 1.008


- Removed some hyperspace burn from store ships to have it obscure chests less

- Made some item quotes a little less cryptic

- Fury Dash no longer lowers your jump time

- Fury Dash regenerates more shield now

- Some enemies drop more shield replicants now

- Recon areas should no longer get placed in collision with floating island props

- Enemy homing missile explosions exercise less force one your jet now

- Sticky explosion hitlag reduced

- Sticky explosion hitlag now only triggers for close by enemies

- Maximum amount of player flock drones is now capped depending on how many flock drone stacks you have

- Party Ammo is a little easier to unlock now

- Made unlock conditions for [redacted] a tad more obvious

- Boost ignition will no longer affect camera if it is already further ahead than the boost cam position

- Jet Back Mirror paint now deflects all photon attacks currently in contact with you when it triggers (should deflect dual beam attacks this way)

- Grenade launchers damage buffed

- HE-Rail buffed

- Blade Hull affects accuracy and recoil more

- Hopoonite Injector now extends the time of your final jump for each additional chain jump you performed

- Firestormer active now has a slight dmg-charge timeout

- Stacks of Flare Factoria now lower flare drop intervals (alongside still giving you more flares to drop)

- Made the check for whether player shots are in the "collided" state slightly more economic

- Photon shots now loose any bounce they have if piercing shields and should no longer bounce of shields

- Floatoid Cealaformer and its shield have more health now

- Objective marks in the ruin zone should now contrast better with nigh vision

- Blade Hull and Glass Configuration are now rated tier III

- Waves can no longer spawned epic rated enemy types (Flak Mechs, Super AWACS, Armored Suits etc) in the first few spawn events of a wave

- Only roughly a third of hostile trash rated drones will hunt you down, the rest will slowly spread out to guard an area

- Triggering guarding drones attacks has a chance to agro them into hunting you

- Field drones will always hunt you

- Rocket drones will never hunt you

- Drones now have variable attack ranges, with every type except field drones needing to be closer in oder to fire

- Armored Suit attack range decreased

- Armored Suits need to be further away in order to repair themselves now

- You can now parry Armored Suits melee attack with your own melee

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed fullscreen tick box not displaying your current selection correctly when first entering the options menu

- Fixed SRM Storage Balloons dropping additional shield replicants each time they are hitflashed

- Fixed The Eye's carrier shield being slightly off center

- Fixed The Eye MKI starting with an additional invisible half heart

- Fixed Smart Bomb firing double shots

- Fixed Orbital Support: Bomb Displace

- Fixed final boss fight sometimes having Anti Matter Storage balloons present

- Fixed run end arrows not disappearing after advancing into endless mode

- Fixed [redacted] not disappearing after going into endless mode

- Fixed a bug that didn't allow granade launchers to profit from Flak Ammo

- Fixed Cloud Computing being able to affect shots a second time after their flak effect triggers

- Fixed Flak Ammo child shots not inheriting homing properties correctly (at all actually), leading to some nicely ridiculous behavior with G-Link Ammo

- Fixed intermission hyperspace streaks spawning on screen on some resolutions

- Fixed credits not being skipable if you initiate them after death in endless mode

- Fixed endless mode always taking place in ruins zone (?)

- Fixed Factoria Flares being able to be dropped during jumps

- Fixed End-Tech code breaker not working with mouse aim, again

- Fixed game not remembering whether you have mouse aim enabled

- Fixed wrong color on "combusting" weapon prefix text

- Fixed [redacteds] callsign not displaying correctly

Version 1.005


- Strafing is now controlled via separate keys and is enabled even if you don't use mouse aim

- Added strafe key configuration to the controls section of the pause menu

- Boosting now chancels reverse thrust and strafe and you can no longer initiate these actions while boosting

- Added new mouse crosshair variants

- Your reticle selection now affects how your mouse cursor looks when mouse aim is enabled

- Made mouse aim crosshairs larger overall

- Pressing tab now toggles mouse lock on/off if enabled

- Mouse Lock captures earlier to avoid failed capture on very erratic movement

- Made damaging explosions a little more flashy

- Choice chests no longer pretend that they are tier three

- Added custom shot sprites for 6 damage kinetics to make them more distinct from about-to-fire-photon shots

- Player jump mines deal explosive damage now and are affected by explosive dmg modifiers

- Player jump mine hitlag reduced

- Melee shot deflection hitlag reduced

- Explosion enemy hitlag reduced

- Large player flares now break up if hit by explosions (instead of straight up tanking the shot)

- Warhead Workflow cooldown decreased

- Missile Hardpoints and Rocket Pod charge a little slower now

- Rocket pod profits a little less from charge increasing passives

- Strike Configuration active charges way faster by dealing damage now and also charges slightly every second

- Reduced damage bonus against massive enemies on some melee weapons

- Added some minor visual aids to [redacted] to show you that you can [redacted]

- Added some float text for when Machine Heart procs

- Armored Suits and all enemy drones might stop pursuing you once they've taken some damaged and attack you again later

- Armored Suits can now repair themselves while out of combat

- Made it a little harder to bait Armored Suits into melee attacks

- Armored Suits now actually have some armor (and a tiny bit more health)

- Middle shots of Armored Suit bursts are now 6 damage kinetic

- Slightly buffed Armored Suit burst rate

- Tier 3 fighters use their homing missile more sporadically now

- Tier 3 fighters attack a little less relentlessly

- Mine layer attachment fire rate decreased

- Celaformer elite mine layer attachment fire rate increased

- Max antimatter balloon count scaling decreased

- Ace Fighter and Command Gunship wave kill goal scales slower now

- Piercing player shots now loose all their hitlag after piercing the first enemy

- Friendly artillery fire will now be canceled if it'll hit within the store ship hack zone

- Made ruin zone backgrounds a little less dark

Bug Fixes:

- Some minor changes to how resolution and going into fullscreen is handled

- Shortened some sound effects, potentially improving stability with pitch changes enabled

- Fixed difficulty text briefly displaying -10% after launch (?)

- Fixed another bug causing large husks to never reset their hitflash color

- Fixed player death shot particles on player jump mine always being emitted at 0°

- Fixed Floatoid Celaformer death bloom not obscuring the boss enough

- Fixed intermission not resetting enrage state correctly

- Fixed a stray event being active during pause

- Fixed collision on explosions being active longer than intended

- Fixed returning from pause resetting the cursor position, potentially triggering instant wave advance

- Fixed mouse cursor resetting position in certain circumstance when mouse aim is enabled

- Fixed pause selector not being removed once last existing chest is opened and destroyed (?)

- Fixed Warhead Workflow being somewhat impeded by using single shot weapons (charges always now, not only while actively firing)

- Fixed End-Tech Code Breaker not working with mouse aim enabled (?)

- Fixed attempting to use End-Tech Code Breaker while no chest is selected contributing to "amount of actives used" stat and related unlocks

- Fixed difficulty text not being hidden when entering credits

- Fixed some parts of the pause menu still using sounds pitch variation even if disabled

- Fixed a bug preventing Machine Heart from healing you when entering intermission

- Fixed Hyperspace Gravitas not appearing on pause screen

- Fixed pulsing photon shots not being deflected correctly

- Fixed [redacted] not moving attack tells with shots in some circumstances

- Fixed [redacted] skipping one phase

- Fixed player Flock Drones becoming intermission behavior not taking effect

- Fixed enemy homing missiles deflected with vertice shield having too little shot speed

- Fixed tier one Flock Drones using the wrong shot sprite

- Fixed some scatter weapons with #AoE prefix detonating their shots too early

- Fixed player jet weight penalty capping too late, allowing to make your jet to heavy to fly

- Fixed infinite shot lifetime on Hardlight Shuriken

- Fixed some inconsistencies for when player get EMPed

- Fixed EMP permanently disabling player weapon and active UI (?)

- Fixed EMP not hiding player weapon ui glow

Version 1.006

- Fixed strafe key bindings not taking effect

- Fixee a bug interfering with combat sound layer fade in

- Fixed nuke bass attachments not displacing correctly when looping around the level

- Fixed player artillery using the enemy explosion sprite

Version 1.001
- Most title carriers are now selectable before being unlocked, showing you their unlock conditions
- Added a little thing to the title screen showing that the options menu exists
- Minor streamlining changes to the tutorial
- Detonating the nuke boss warhead now only deals a half heart damage (and can be resisted if you have very strong shields)
- The Fang's Blade Hull now grants you immunity to damage from small debris
- Reward chests no longer appear physically in your mission area after completing a wave (needlessly confusing)
- Added an option to turn off rising sound pitch for systems on which this cause problems (disabled by default, reenable it if you didn't have any crashes before, its one of my favorite features)
- Added an option for mouse lock, preventing you from clicking outside the game window in windowed mode
- Zones can no longer drop more than two actives
- Cam gravity on regular enemy deaths no longer triggers if you are far away
- Katana J-Strike now deals accumulating damage like its normal strikes
- SRM Bomb now gives you even more bang for your buck
- Shattering your melee weapon now tripples the cooldown of your next attack
- Player Flock Drones regenerate slower now

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed one tutorial message not mentioning mouse command used for dodge jumping
- Fixed number keys spawning leftover trailer splash text
- Fixed tutorial sim player ship not launching with intended color
- Fixed ground collisions causing civilian casualties regardless of whether there are buildings on the ground
- Fixed some typos in GC mission chatter
- Fixed offscreen title carriers sometimes appearing on screen after changing resolutions in options - Fixed a problem preventing gunships from using their dodge jump
- Fixed player homing lock sound not being affected by effect volume option
- Fixed/limited a potential crash cause by lowering the range at which sound effect pitch can increase in all instances
- Fixed mouse cursor sometimes disappearing behind clouds
- Fixed tutorial ending not removing large player flares and flare crackle correctly
- Fixed a but where the nuke boss death bloom would not get removed correctly if the player goes into intermission immediately after
- Fixed a theoretical scenario where non-integer chest quality randomization would spawn chests with inaccessible content (?)
- Fixed player Flock Drones getting stuck after a while (?)

Version 1.002
- The game now gives some indication about your current difficulty value ("Escalation:" below wave counter)
- Player death sequence now displays your run stats
- Pressing escape during the death sequence now lets you skip it
- Some bosses now spawn with target markers, especially the ones spawning far away and at not so obvious locations
- Plasma weapon cascade chance increased
- Shard Shield shot piercing scales slower with shield regeneration now
- Planet-wide Cyber Taunt taunts more effectively now
- Rocket Pod active shot hitlag reduced
- Enemy railgun shots and small mines now deal area damage
- Your rival's DMZ field now recharges slower
- Your rival heals less by skyborne procs
- Improved intermission boost arrow collision to interfere less with clicking on items
- You can now longer jump while Hyper Shield is being used

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug preventing Shard Shield active from spawning shots correctly
- Fixed Floatoid Cealaformer Boss not being displaced correctly when traveling to far away from it
- Fixed a bug where obliterating all carrier engines would prevent the boss from dying upon hitting the ground
- Fixed Hyperconductor not modifying the currently stored charge of your active, leading to overcharged actives if full on pickup
- Fixed Smart Bomb active not actually charging by damage
- Fixed narrator being able to comment on locked carriers when selecting them on the title screen
- Fixed cursor reset from picking up certain items immediately triggering intermission end on some resolutions
- Fixed tutorial end not applying cloud opacity correctly
- Fixed mouse aim cursor appearing behind clouds, for real this time (?)
- Fixed enemy gunships resetting their color when completing a jump
- Fixed nuke boss red screen bug, for real this time (?)
- Fixed a bug causing Kill Shot Ammo to unlock on first kill shot proc (?)
- Fixed enemy husks never resetting their hitlag color
- Fixed some leftover mission text during the nuke boss fight
- Fixed large mine layer turrets still spawning small mines on death
- Fixed a bug causing heart pickups to continuously trigger SRM counter scale up during intermission
- Fixed photon shots deflected with H-Roll Theory not retaining their shield piercing
- Fixed new player intermission help text never appearing

Version 0.986


- Contempter frigate attachments now restore health and permanently gain additional armor whenever the frigate hardens

- Contempter frigate now spawns more mines during its mine phase and can fire them

- The Contempter frigates attack jump now causes some camera jamming, more so if you are closer to the ship

- Contempter frigate attack jump comes in faster now

- The frigates blister shots now fire at slightly random angles, covering a larger area on each burst

- The Fur and The Paw switched position in the unlock hierarchy

- Some active that are charged by damage only charge after they finished deploying

- Weapon names that appear when switching to a weapon now match the ones given on the pickup quote

- Orbital Support: Laser Show is now tier 4 (was 3)

- Smart Bomb active is now tier 3 (was 4)

- Containment shutdown cascade damage reduced

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed enemy missile marks remaining active after tutorial ends

- Fixed player remaining in "firing" state when tutorial messages trigger slowdown pause

- Fixed title screen cycle jet type chevron not being removed correctly on launching a run

- Fixed anti-matter storage balloons spawning the wrong husks

- Fixed jet color not resetting correctly when initiating wave jump immediately after taking damage

- Fixed bad collision mask on one type of floating island in the ruins zone

- Fixed several scenario in which hostile beams might not be removed after a boss died

- Fixed a problem where player EMP wearing off would permanently disable and hide player active (?)

- Fixed player heart container UI not rebooting with the correct number of hearts after player EMP wears off

- Fixed a problem where the pause screen would not show chaingun or assault rail if it is gained as the starting weapon on The Fur

- Fixed angular homing effect not being applied correctly in some instances, resulting in instantly turning beams

- Fixed victory count not saving correctly, resulting in endless mode being never correctly enabled

- Fixed player being able to initiate glitched regular wave jumps after defeating the final boss

- Fixed the game counting your first two boosts toward charging the arrows even when not being angled correctly

- Fixed some scenarios where particles emitters and particles would not get removed correctly on wave jumps

- Fixed Orbital Support: Laser continuously firing even after entering intermission

- Fixed Orbital Support: Laser being able to damage enemy shields even though it is photon based

Version 0.989

New Stuff:

- Weapons now come with of one of over 120 prefixes, some general, some type specific

- Prefix quality range is affected by current difficulty lvl and player coolness

- Prefixes are displayed on the weapon ui card left of the gun


- Chests unlock in steps of fifty as long as they have higher unlock costs than that

- The game should now create a default config file from when none is found in the saves folder

- The game now uses your passive opacity option for the header text that tells you wave goal progress

- Weapon ui card appears more snappy and stays active longer

- The game will only inform you about discord after you played a ton of runs

- The game will now remember if you triggered a discord invite and will never bother you with it again

- G-Link Ammo shot gravity reduced

- Added some sound feedback for when inflicting damage cascade with Containment Shutdown

- Lowered initial limit for armored suit encounters

- City is a little less likely to spawn armored suits early

- Drone Egg requires less charge to be used now

- Flock Drones regenerate way faster when out of combat now

- Containment Shutdown is now tier 3 (was 2)

- Survive wave goal time requirement scales slower and is caped lower no

- When picking up items, remaining chests will rearange themselves now to facilitate interacting with large amounts of chests

- When picking up items with mouse aim disabled, the cursor will now select the nearest items if available

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed wave goal header being displayed too low

- Fixed far island props on carrier fights sometimes spawning too close and destroying carrier engine

- Fixed using Battle Pill active preventing you from picking up new actives afterwards (?)

- Fixed The Fur unlock using showing the wrong jet

- Fixed smoke emitters on a few boss husks having bad attachment points

- Fixed Warhead Workflow firing double the rockets

- Fixes wave zone in the city still spawning AM storage balloons sometimes (?)

- Fixed angular shield generator attachments never spawning shields (?)

- Fixed floating islands spawning right in your face after wave jumps (?)

- Fixed a problem where flock drones might be created without their target to follow (?)

- Fixed Broken Heart unlock not checking conditions properly

- Fixed some bad positioning when weapon UI switches between anims

- Fixed switching loot select layer during intermission when navigating left sometimes not working

Version 0.991


- Melee weapons damage bonus against massive enemies no longer applies on ranged charge attacks

- Floatoid Cealaformer shield has more health now

- Firestormer active charges slower now

- "Raid Ground Convoy" objective targets drop some additional srm now

- Ground enemies spawn less clustered now

- Reverted passive opacity option applying to wave objective header for now

- Unlock requirements for alternate zone types are more lenient now

- Store prices scale higher now to better match regular prices being affected by difficulty state

- #acc-x prefixes now have stronger accuracy penalties

- SRM Replicator and Planet-wide Cyber-taunt can now be used during the intermission

- Orbitals Support: Rocket Barrage now charges a bit per wave

- Mines Field no longer charge per wave

- Firestorm needs less charge to be deployed

- [redacted] spawns further away from the player control

- Simple EMP Device nerfed

- Ship-scale EMP Device buffed

- Some prefixes now also affect weapon recoil

- Sector Shield no longer gives a penalty to your actual shield

- Sector Shield and Vertice shield no longer have a separate regeneration delay, they'll now regenerate as long as your actual shield regenerates

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed hyperspace streaks on pause screen sometimes being layered above game option widgets

- Fixed some glitched positioning of boxes on key binding options screen

- Fixed a theoretical scenario where the game would stop assigning weapon prefixes if the player is too cool

- Fixed an issue where bonus coolness from items would only take effect when taking heart damage after picking up the item

- Fixed sniper choppers not dying when crashing into ground/props

- Fixed heavy kinetic weapons inbuilt stun chance not applying

- Fixed enemy shields becoming blue when hit by emp shots even though it is technically immune to the EMP effect itself

- Fixed spending fifty on a chest triggering sometimes triggering the "no funds" text even though funds are sufficient (?)

- Fixed carrier boss death bloom not fading out correctly

- Fixed returning from pause menu creating additional pause selector frames when being in the intermission

- Fixed chest debris not moving/fading out when ending zone jumps

- Fixed a few scenarios where 45° enemy layer shields projected from generators on bosses would not get removed on boss death

- Fixed a bug where the movement AI for Sniper Choppers would break as long as no regular gunships are present

- Fixed front mine layer attachment on Super AWACS having the wrong angle

- Fixed items that affect store prices not applying their effect to already chests that are already spawned

- Fixed a recent problem preventing melee weapons from gaining flak multi strikes

Version 0.992


- Debugged Steam cloud save

- You configs are no longer cloud saved and therefore remain machine specific

- The game being updated through steam should no longer overwrite your current configs

- Reworked humanoid faces to make them fit a little better with new portrait scaling

- Simple EMP Device shot lifetime decreased

- Kinetic Turret attack tells travel further with their shots now

- Added upper border to parallax background top clouds and [redacted]

- Collisions damage of most enemies reduced

- Orbitial Support: Radiation no longer charges with most of the damage it might deal

- Jam-Tech Ammo stun chance bonus nerfed

- Increased delay on enemy death explosions

- Friendly artillery support is fired a little closer to the player position now

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed starting a game without a configs.txt glitching the title screen before reverting to default configs_default.txt

- Fixed another bit of bad offset on weapon card ui animation

- Fixed tutorial not auto-selecting low-tech carrier if you previously launched a run with another ship

- Fixed some bad portrait offset on message boxes

- Fixed game not launching tutorial correctly if no configs file was found

- Fixed engine upgrades effecting the force with which you exit the intermission (potentially leading to instant crashes)

- Fixed beams not reducing their bounce when reflecting from enemies, allowing for continuous beam bounce in some cases

- Fixed smoke puffs appearing off center on player artillery marks

- Fixed enemy shields sometimes not disappearing when shield generators are destroyed

- Fixed Heavy Gunships never spawning with shield generators


Version 0.993


- Dual Scattergun is less accurate now

- All Scatterguns damage sway reduced

- SRM Replicator charges faster and pays better now

- Shard Shield synergies more distinctively with Sector Shield now (directional shield shard shotgun!)

- Shield shards now also gain an EMP effect if Shock Shielding is equipped

- Shard Shield now has your shield go on a longer cooldown after activation

- Your Drone Flock no longer has to be in direct collision with dying enemies to convert them, getting fairly close is enough now

- Flock Drone damage and shot animation scales now

- Added cheat modes

- Enemy gunships should spawn less clustered now

- Dying now removed boss hp bars and mission objective text elements

- Homing Flechette shots turn faster towards enemies (cosmetic only)

- Stim Sixpack charges faster now

- Lowered volume for enemy stunned sound effect

- Aerial Pugalism now also increases stun time on melee weapons that always stun

- Lowered acum dmg multiplier on some scatter weapons

- Wave objective text and boss hp bar should no longer be affected by cam filters (night vision etc)

- Added missing stim addiction mechanic

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed J-Mines profiting from currently selected weapons shot bounce

- Fixed shard shield charging pretty much instantly with shield regeneration

- Fixed Tech Market Crash still not affecting previously spawned store chests

- Fixed bad attachment and collision positioning on enemy nuke engine burn

- Fixed some item graphics not being preloaded correctly

- Fixed a scenario where gunship votl engines would not be removed on parent gunship death

- Fixed stimpack not actually stimming you after dealing damage :(

Version 0.994


- Tutorial clouds no longer cause player position helper to appear

- Player position helper (when obscured by ground/clouds) draws more attention to itself now

- Added some more tips

- Kinetic turrets now have a minimal range

- Kinetic turrets burst rate decreased

- Large player flares are no longer destroyed by explosion

- Boost ignition no longer moves camera when near ground/top clouds

- Hardlight Sai now has a four hit combo with an initial forward attack allowing for easier shot deflection

- Hardlight Sai combo finisher hits a little harder

- Hardlight Sai fling attack deals a little less damage now

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed tutorial wave advance being broken

- Fixed initial ground impact particles not being spawned on player position

- Fixed tutorial railgun spawning with a prefix

- Fixed Tech Market crash still not updating prices for currently spawned store chest -.-

- Fixed returning to title from pause when tutorial is active displaying the active charge bar

- Fixed some bad intermission instruction text positioning

- Fixed entering intermission still not removing smoke particles and emitters

- Fixed a bug preventing profile from saving

Version 1.000


- Enemy attack tells are now displayed on top of any clouds or smoke

- Enrage crit chance bonus increased

- Containment Shutdown now also gives a minor bonus to boost ignition

- Containment Shutdown now goes on a very short cooldown when igniting your boost

- Cam shake on taking damage is stronger now

- Made unlocking something a little easier

- Added some additional effects to accentuate player taking heart damage

- Boost ignition now lowers current Containment Shutdown cooldown instead of resetting it to really low

- The Fur now starts with a prefix on its weapon

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a few UI assets not being preloaded correctly

- Fixed tutorial dummy targets teleporting around on death

- Fixed title screen hyper streaks not animating correctly on launch

- Fixed tutorial removing enemy missile marks too late

- Fixed a few seconds of the player having tutorial ghost weapons equipped after tutorial ends

- Fixed top turret attack tells sometimes not moving with shots

- Fixed flak ammo shot color being applied to charged melee

- Fixed enemy explosive shots not triggering splash sound on water collisions (?)

- Fixed a bug causing stacked hitlag to break further hitlag activations

Version 0.985  
New Stuff: 

- Added some tips displayed while the game is initializing for a second time or beyond during a play session
- For testing purposes, you can enable an FPS counter in the config file. Not sure if it really works though. (?) 


- Time required to complete hacking/recon objectives is lower now and scales with zone count instead of difficulty lvl

- Player EMP weapon shot speed increased - Enemy scatter turrets have less shot lifetime and higher shot speed now

- Enemy VOTL crafts maneuver more economically now

- VOTL and drone enemies avoid props more economically now

- Smoke emitters from destroyed/crashed hostiles have variable capacity now

- Flak Ammo no longer affect weapons with really low base damage

- Heavy gunship health reduced

- Enemy drone spawns are more limited in zone 3, but scale up in zone 4 and endless mode

- Optimized the way husk graphics are loaded (should eliminate lag spikes on destroying common enemies like gunships)

- Cloud repositioning is handled more economically now

- SRM Bomb active now gives you way more bang for your buck 

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Orbital Support: Laser Show not firing correctly

- Fixed an error causing Firestormer active to fire zero shots

- Fixed Drone Egg active not displaying its icon

- Fixed shield plate orbitals not detecting collisions correctly  
- Fixed Smart Flechette using the wrong casing

- Fixed Smart Flechette shots not turning towards targets correctly

- Fixed bad positioning on a couple of unlock icon

- Fixed some unlocks triggering by simply selecting various ships on the title screen

- Fixed likelihood of encountering some bosses being affected by zone probability of zones that haven't been unlocked yet

- Fixed space tether defense sliders playing fire sound for every heavy turret that's firing (?)

- Fixed space tether boss spaming you with messages upon death

- Fixed super AWACS spawning on collision course with ground props

- Fixed final boss hp bar not being removed before entering credits for the first time

- Fixed switching weapons mid-burst breaking offense state alltogether (?)

- Fixed "allround ace" elites using the wrong starting color - Fixed some errors in the credits

- Fixed title message lying about the discord hotkey

- Fixed some particles not being preloaded correctly

- Fixed elites not reverting to their elite color after debuffs/dots wear off

- Fixed radiation damage float text using the wrong shade of green  

Version 0.96  
New Stuff:

- Beating the game with a jet now unlocks a mk2 loadout for that particular jet

- 16 new actives added - 4 new passives added - 2 new weapons added

- After defeating the final boss a second time the game now gives you a choice between ending a run and continuing into endless play

- Added credits sequence; displayed when ending a run (or dying during endless mode)

- Reworked the tutorial so that it gets going quicker and better reflects the actual gameplay

- The game now shows you your unlock percentage on the title screen and marks jets you've beaten the game with

- The game now tracks a score and a couple other run stats, score is displayed on the credits and in the pause screen

- Replaced GDevs whack particle system with normal objects as particles, hopefully with better performance 


- Tuned transition into ground/ceiling camera mode to be less jarring/noticeable

- Reworked combat chatter portraits to be less memory intensive

- Some active items can now be used during the intermission (ace injector etc)

- All "maker" passives now have synergies with their corresponding actives

- Made the way actives are handled more economic

- Missile Hard-points now gain additional extra charges from Sentient Battery

- Flares active gains more charge per wave now

- Emergency Displace now immediately creates a first beacon after starting a wave

- Vertice shield can now catch photon shots

- Containment Shutdown will now inflict additional damage cascade as long as you are burning enemies with your engine fire

- Containment Shutdown now inflicts double the damage cascade to enemies if you ignite your boost right into their face

- Flock Drones have additional burst count when Drone Flock is equipped

- Scatter Ammo now lowers hitlag of individual shots, leading to less slowdown if all shots hit

- Scatter Ammo fire rate penalty is a little lower now

- Sentient Combat AI is now better on its own

- Money Implies Poverty now impacts small SRM drops way less (rounds)

- The Greater Good will now be lost if you cause too many civilian casualties

- Skyborne initial damage dealt requirement is higher now

- Every Weapon Attachment now changes your reticle

- Glass Configuration now increases recoil

- Nerfed ultraviolet lasers and laser chainguns a bit

- Made unlocking [redacted] less random

- Shuffled some unlock conditions around (your previous unlocks will carry over regardless, you won't get notified when matching the new conditions)

- Added missing nemesis unlock for The Fur

- Wave counter now shows you if you are in endless mode

- Endless mode now has you jump to new zone types at every jump and spawns enemies from all zones

- Endless mode now lowers heart drop chance, lowers chest quality and increases enemy elite chance

- Endless mode no longer drops chests as regular wave rewards (random chest drops can still happen and in fact are slightly more likely to occure) 

- Added more distinct shot visuals for high kinetic damage shots fired by enemies

- Space elevator defense sliders now fire heavy (6 dmg) shots from their turret batteries

- Your rival using DMZ field now also EMPs you if you are too close

- Pause description now grows into place and stops growing if it becomes too big to fit the description window

- Message box no longer has a right border, so text can't be larger than the box any more :D :O

- Important combat chatter now draws more attention to itself

- The game uses overall less particles now (should improve performance a bit) - Made enemy debris collision detection more economic

- Collidable enemy debris draws more attention to itself

- Made the way debris gravity is handled more economic

- Shield fragments now count as particles and won't appear if particles are turned off

- Tuned player post death movement to be more erratic; added smoke trail

- Smaller enemy husks will now blow up if you shoot them enough, allowing to reach targets blocked by them

- When entering the title screen the game now selects the last jet you launched a run with

- Store hearts are a little more expensive now

- SRM storage raid wave objective scales slower now - Armored Suits are a little more vicious again

- Missile mark respell on jumps now actually moves missile marks away from your jet instead of moving them in a random direction

- Space elevator boss spawns further away from your jump in point now

- Optimized various collision event

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where the hyperspace streak wouldn't attach correctly to the player jet during tutorial intermission jump

- Fixed several instances of zone 2 enemy assets not being preloaded correctly

- Fixed photon shots deflected with melee not counting as photon

- Fixed deflect photon and EMP shots not inheriting those properties if deflected with Vertice Shield

- Fixed shots spawned by passives and actives not being penalized by having Scatter Ammo shot multiplier 

- Fixed most actives not being affected by Impact Converter Plug

- Fixed redundant "Active Ready" text appearing when using multi-charge actives but not depleting the last charge

- Fixed Ace Injector removing all pickups from the current wave o_O

- Fixed indestructible boss attachments being affected by debuffs in some niche cases

- Fixed Emergency Displace active never creating any beacons

- Fixed star objects not being correctly destroyed while staying in the intermission

- Fixed zone unlocks never taking effect (ooops... :o)

- Fixed Galactic Supply Lines setting your boost turn rate to 0.1

- Fixed store price multiplier from items never taking effect

- Fixed some spelling errors in various combat chatter

- Fixed The Fur MK1 being able to fire a nondescript ghost weapon before getting its random starting gear

- Fixed player health not being displayed correctly when launching health modified jets

- Fixed jump completion resetting mouse cursor position if G-Link Ammo is equipped

- Fixed heavy gunships not being repositioned when moving away from them

- Fixed movement force accumulating in tutorial dummy targets while tutorial is slowed for messages

- Fixed Kinetic Burstcannon not displaying its pickup quote on the pause screen

- Fixed Floatoid (or any?) boss music not looping - Fixed pickup up SRM Bomb not working (?)

- Fixed AP Ammo and Double Heart unlock getting mixed up, leading to repeated Double Heart unlocks

- Fixed husk of [redacted] traveling to later waves

- Fixed various aspects of SRM Bomb active being broken

- Fixed a problem where the pause selector would stop moving to selected items on the pause screen

- Fixed chest attachments not following chests correctly when ending intermission jumps

- Fixed some unlock messages using the wrong icon

 - Fixed Tech Market Crash unlock counting destroyed stored ships as successful store waves

- Fixed active activation unlocks being cheesable by simply using rapid deploy actives like rocket pod

- Fixed some bad layering on active UI box

- Fixed a problem where defeating the nuke boss would fail to trigger wave advance (?)

- Fixed flak danger marks not being removed when launching into intermission

- Fixed photon shots being unable to bounce (?)

- Fixed floating islands sometimes spawning directly on hack objective zones

- Fixed a bug where radiation damage would play a hit sound for every single enemy affected

- Fixed some issues with activating and deactivating the tutorial while on the title screen  

Yeah I'd really like an undo too. Not sure how far this should go in terms of reverting planets to their uncolonized state, but something to undo the last move at least would be a nice quality of life tweak. Being able to delete individual slipways or space structures would also be nice, but again I'm not sure if not being able to do that is part of the intended difficulty.

The happiness resource produced by collapsing gas giants also looks really similar to the research resource produced by labs. Didn't realize that they are different things at first.

Seriously how did you do that? I played like 50 runs and the best I ever got was two stars on reasonable. :o

HDog Ace Access Build 0.951 (Full Spectrum)

New Stuff:

- X new player jet added. The default is now the new hybrid craft, still starting with random gear. All others have a fixed loadout

- Many Items, Jets and alternate zone types now require unlocking before being available

- Title Screen now lets you select the different jets (after you have unlocked them); each one launches from its own carrier unit

- 12 New passives added

- 1 previously unavailable active added

- Extended persistent unlock save file, added unlock framework

- Added unlock messages and autosave icon

- Chest now have a small chance of their content being unidentifiable until pickup (higher on malfunctioning chests and with certain items)

- Stores now always have a health pickup for sale

- Player death is a little more flashy now

- Music: Final version of the title theme and final boss theme added; one final late game track added  


- The title screen now shows you which gear the currently selected jet has (it'l also show up on the pause screen)

- Added text to title screen telling you which jet you have selected

- Jets now have names apart from their callsign and technical designation

- Added dummy items visualizing that The Fur starts with random gear

- Launching from the title screen now requires executing the usual 3-tap boost

- Added small tell for when player jump goes off cooldown

- Added a framework for actives charging while your shield regenerates 

- Remastered original low-tech jet sprite

- Advanced Kinetics and Jump Mine shot graphic reworked

- Wave objectives that require you to eliminate certain enemies now have a text header showing your progress

- SRM storage balloon drops now scale -

Shard Shield charges less per second now, but charges fast whenever your shield regenerates

- Contained Explosion, Your Own Rules and Every Weapon Attachment make you more cool now

- Glass Configuration damage bonus increased, shield and collision damage penalty lowered

- Glass Configuration and Shield Heart sprites reworked to set them better apart

- Shield Heart is now Broken Heart and gained a secret synergy

- Love now also confuses your item perception a bit :)

- Skyborne regain damage threshold now increases way more after a successful regain, but additional Skyborn stacks will lead to less increase

- Gun Drive now gives your jump shots less damage bonus per stack, but each copy of the items has you fire an additional shot 

- Hyperspace Streamlining now has you retain your jump boost force for longer

- Money Equals Poverty reduces your srm pickups by less, but now also increases store prices a bit

- Shield strain from unclean jumps is lower now

- Player coolness now featured more into chance of choice chests spawning

- Store chests now randomize their base price based on zone count instead of difficulty lvl (preventing stores from being very cheap if spawned early)

- Made gradient background generation less memory intensive

- Hardlight Sai now has a ranged charge attack

- Taking damage now triggers all acum damage stored in enemies and resets your dmg dealt cache

- "Destroy Mobile AA" objective now scales up way slower

- Flak Ammo shots will now inherit acum damage state from their parent shot

- Flak Ammo now works on melee, producing multi-strike attacks

- Scatter Ammo now works on melee, producing dual-wield attacks

- Scatter Ammo now lowers attack rate instead of damage

- Reverse thrust and strafing now resets cam y gravity

- Ending intermission with mouse controls now only requires one click

- Super AWACS, all jam domes and heavy gunships have less health now

- Hostile scatter drone shot lifetime reduced

- Armoured suit burst rate increased 

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed global wave advance combat chatter using the wrong text

- Fixed SRM Bomb active not showing up in any loot lists

- Fixed some background suns not being correctly centered on the title screen star

- Fixed player coolness accidentally lowering choice chest chance

- Fixed a problem causing first intermission select action to bug out if no regular chests are present

- Fixed a bug causing ui select sound to play when attempting to select right even though no items are selectable there

- Fixed laser chainguns not being displayed correctly on pause screen

- Fixed flock drone target helper not being hidden

- Fixed flock drones not falling into formation correctly during intermission

- Fixed heart pickups not being destroyed on zone jumps

- Fixed Skyborne heart ui breaking when picking up items that lower health max below current health 

- Fixed boost skimming the ground leading to some glitchy jet behavior

- Fixed intermission camera glitching out when triggering advance while player jet is ground tunneling/in the clouds

- Fixed particles and dust fountains spawning even while environment is faded out during intermission launch

- Fixed a problem where gunships would disappear into the ground without being destroyed, potentially denying objective kills

- Fixed mouse cursor moving off screen when enabling mouse aim

- Fixed active item icon not being re-centered after activation

- Fixed some burst activation glitches on slow burst fire weapons

- Fixed a problem where a denied Super AWACS spawn would prevent later spawns, event for objectives

-Fixed Floatoid bombers being completely unaware of sky islands, leading to a lot of crashing

- Fixed purple smoke emitters not being removed on wave advance (?)

- Fixed first wave of a zone not inheriting new zone states correctly

- Fixed most ai controlled enemies not using their custom portrait for combat chatter  

Yeah I'm still iterating on the camera. The UI stuff is taken care off. 0.95 will be up in a few days. For more feedback you can also join us on discord now by the way:

HDog Ace Access Build 0.901 (Vis Light)

New Stuff:

- Chest quality / loot tiers: Chests now come in four quality levels, each filled with their own respective loot pool
- Difficulty level, wave count and player coolness now affect chest quality range and therefore loot quality
- Choice Chests: have a chance to replace non-store chests; allowing you to choose between three different items of the same loot tier (not available for actives right now)- Store Chests: Cost more but show you which item you'll get
- Malfunctioning chests: Marked by sparks; somewhat random unlock cost; holo flicker might reveal their content; might sekfdestruct when opened; sometimes drop from destroyed store ships- Added store wave type in which you hack, defend and unlock your current zone's store ship
- After being unlocked, the zone store ship comes alongside during the intermission between waves, allowing you to interact with it's store chests - Chest price is now affected by additional chest properties (loot tier, whether it is a choice chest or a store chest)
- Added button navigation to intermission - Jumping to a new zone now destroys the current store ship as well as any chests and health picups that are following you  
- Added some effects to visualize the zone jump effect - 6 new weapons added (late game kinetic, flechette and laser variants)  

- The game now generates loot lists on startup (instead of handling loot draws through hundreds of hidden objects, should improve performance a bit)
- The intermission now adapts to whether mouse aim is enabled (if enabled: mouse controls; if not: button controls) 
- You can now toggle mouse aim/button control during the intermission (toggle mouse aim key)
- Selecting chest content during wave intermission now highlights the item
- Your random starting gear can't exceed certain loot tiers now (weapon: only tier 1, passive: up to tier 2, active: up to tier
- You can no longer interact with chests during combat (experimental? I don't think this is super important. It gets convoluted with choice chests and only lets you access non-store chests so...)
- Chest are disposed of more flashy when emptied now
- Zones are now guaranteed to spawn at least one weapon chest before the zone boss (as wave reward or store offer)
- All zones are now 5-6 waves long (including boss wave and store wave)
- During the intermission scene, chest cost text now changes color if you can't afford fully opening a chest/buying a store chest
- Added additional feedback for when player is trying to open chest they can't afford
- Added some sound feedback for when selecting things during the intermission and on the pause screen
- Added custom explosion for chest interactions and AoE player weapons
- Added some bloom to most cosmetic explosions, impacts and to the top clouds - Improved z-layering on cosmetic explosions
- Player being interdicted now periodically plays the master caution warning sound; player attempting to jump while interdicted also plays the sound
- Ace Injector now only heals a half heart, but gained a hidden synergy with a certain passive
- Ace Injector and Tactical Nuke now have larger max charges and profit less from "charge with damage/crits/time" bonuses
- Tactical Nuke requires one more wave to fully charge now
- Kinetic Heart and Nuclear Reactive Armor now also grant a health up
- Gladiator Turbine active charge per damage bonus reduced
- Contained Explosions acum damage multiplier is slighly less broken on multy shot weapons
- Trigger Wire fire rate bonus increased
- Increased piercing on all Railguns
- Light Railgun is less accurate now
- All infrared lasers gained a small chance to cause damage cascades  
- Heavy Kinetic and Heavy Chaingun gained a small stun chance
- Flechettes no longer have a base crit chance
- Heavy EMP Device is less accurate now
- Area Denial Device has way less boost accuracy now
- Heavy Chaingun fires slightly faster now
- Hammer combo strikes have a larger hitbox now
- Hammer combo strike collision is active for one more frame now
- Changed grenade launcher sprites to differentiate them more from other weapon families
- Added custom shots and muzzle flashes for some older weapons
- Tier II and III Fighters nerfed: less shots per burst, shot lifetime reduced, need to be closer to attack
- Tier II fighters fire 3 damage shots with some speed dampening now
- Tier III fighters fire fire ony 2 shots per burst now
- Tier II fighters have higher enemy value now, causing the game to spawn less of them overall
- Large enemy mines deal less damage now
-Enemy scatter turrets fire less shots now
- Super AWACS Jam Dome attack rate and jam amount reduced
- Shield Scram Domes now deplete your shields way slower (they mostly serve to halt your shield regeneration now)
- Naval Cruiser and Low-Altitude Carrier now have elite attachments with more health
- Naval Cruiser Shield-Scram Dome range reduced
- Naval Cruiser can now spawn more than two Gunships; taking out it's domes will reduce the spawn cooldown
- Turret Mount grants a higher damage bonus but also reduced top speed now  
- Early convoy wave start out with more targets
- Prop AA waves start out with less targets
- AM Storage Balloons no longer gain armor if they are a wave target
- Downwards cam trailing when falling now stops when the player collides with the ground
- The camera now takes screen hight into account for considering when to switch into floor/ceiling mode
- Floor/ceiling camera mode leveling now adapts to screen hight - Hostile Flak Mechs will now target all possible player targets (flares, flock drones, store ship)
- Sniper Choppers and Super AWACS can no longer spawn in packs
- Early zones spawn less Super AWACS simultaneously
- Destroy Super AWACS/Elite Armored Suit objectives have lower min target count now
- Hack objectives take longer to complete now
- Reduced health and armor of ground-mounted flak turrets if they are wave targets
- Reduced "Survive" objective max time and level scaling
- Reduced "Eliminate ACE Fighters" objective max target count and level scaling
- Elites across the board have lower health bonuses now
- Increased delay on "loaded" Ace Fighter death explosion - Gunships can no longer jump after their votl engine has been destroyed  
Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Infrared Scatter Laser beam collision being on too large initial timeout
- Fixed weapons with guaranteed EMP or Stun also granting the effect to all other weapons after selecting them
- Fixed a bug causing player shots to enable their collision later than intended
- Fixed some player shot's lifetime being lower than intended
- Fixed Flak Ammo still not working with some weapons
- Fixed player beams being affected, and therefore screwed up by, shot lifetime modifier
- Fixed player beams not being affected correctly by Rubberized Ammo 
- Fixed player muz flash not being moved on beam bounce
- Fixed player laser beam origin sometimes not being obscured by player muz flash
- Fixed a bug causing zone backgrounds to briefly flash in when launching into the intermission
- Fixed objective props appearing in front of floor background
- Fixed some leftover debug code causing "Anti-matter Storage Raid" waves to always feature the maximum possible target count - Fixed some issues that might be causing wave start spawn gaps in zone 1 waves
- Fixed a missing variable that might contribute to spawn gaps in early zones  
- Fixed player dealing collision damage not spawning float text - Fixed "Decimate Forces" objective text being being larger than the screen width on some resolution
- Fixed "Destroy Mounted AA" objective always having a high amount of targets
- Fixed several instances in which the game could roll objective target counts below 1
- Fixed an image mode bug preventing some far clouds from being displayed
- Fixed pressing interact key during intermission muting warning sounds
- Fixed one wave objective splash text not displaying correctly
- Fixed enemy death mines missing some mine properties
- Fixed a bug where swag plated VOTL elites would get double the elite bonuses
- Fixed a theoretical scenario where too large fire rate bonuses would break player attacking altogether
- Fixed Rush Oil Flurry triggering enrage visuals and sound twice when it activates
- Fixed dropping bombs with Scatter Ammo equipped not giving individual bombs different movement
- Fixed Missile Turrets still receiving collisions even when their parent gunship is jumping
- Fixed Orbital Support: Artillery active icon occasionally wiggling too hard - Fixed some props not being faded out when going into intermission
- Fixed a problem allowing for limitless AWACS spawns after the first objective target AWACS has been spawned
- Fixed gunships still performing prop avoidance maneuvers even when EMPed or without votl engine
- Fixed Super AWACS flares being spawned at too low scale  
- Fixed chance of spawning double SRM storage balloons being higher than intended  

Rogue Signal Unicorn 1.11
- Added intro loop as a minimal tutorial
- Tuned level progression a bit
- Made beat timing window slightly more lenient
- Added bloom to explosion effect
- Fixed fullscreen not taking effect

If I ever revisit this I'll make sure to add some more visual aids. Like right now there is no way to tell when a beat has passed and the health bar pulsing isn't super obvious. Also I just had another go at COTN to compare and the interaction time window seems way more forgiving there. RSU might actually be harder as far as timing is concerned, I did almost no testing on other people so far and I know the whole thing in and out by now, so I have now idea how difficult it really is. :D

Agreed, needs a tutorial or a better start sequence to teach you the beat. In the meantime: See that signal bar that has you health in it? It pulses every time the soundtack hits a beat, after that you have a small window to do any action. So as long you sync your inputs with that beat pulse you should be ok, the line and dots aren't that important except for points where the beat cuts out. Some more tips: 

- Doing no action on a beat causes less damage than missing a beat. Often its better to just let a few beats pass in order to get into the groove again.

- After chaining 6 successful actions you'll start gaining health back each time you chain another 4 action (increased bonus after very long combos). The first couple successful block against Attack Barriers also heal you. Missing a beat, doing no action after a beat or getting hit by Attack Barriers will kill your combo.

- You can defend or attack in place in order to keep your current combo, but only moving forward, striking enemies and successful blocks will increase it.

- Attack Barriers will strike one the next beat after targeting you. Your default "defend" firewall only lasts for two beats, so you either have  to defend during the beat your are targeted on or the next one in order to successfully block. Your firewall can last longer with certain power ups. Attack Barriers will only start targeting you when jumping to the node in front of them.

- Your attack will only strike at the next node, but power ups can increase the damage you deal per strike. 

- Running into Firwalls/Attack barriers will always do a lot of damage. You'll always want to bash them down before moving.

Really well designed for a prototype, I'd definately go further with this. Lack of sound effects hold it back quite a bit. Even just bfxr placeholders would be better than nothing. (

HDog Ace Access Build 0.851 (Radio)
- Fixed background resetting to torch red after first wave advance
- Fixed global enemy count limits sometimes preventing mission targets from spawning
- Fixed a problem preventing first ace fighter mission target from spawning
- Fixed mission goals targets spawned on wave launch reducing the waves enemy value pool
- Added a safeguard preventing difficulty_lvl to be lower than 0, which can mess up enemy spawns
- Added a safeguard preventing a theoretical scenario where the wave value pool would initiate bellow zero on wave start
- Fixed a theoretical scenario where game slowdown might prevent the enemy spawn event from triggering
- Wave initiations now resets enemy count values, prevent a theoretical scenario where launching a wave quickly would have previous counts carry over and prevent spawns
- Added a failsafe that will allow you to advance to another wave after not completing a wave objective within four minutes (except boss waves)
- Slightly increased initial enemy spawns on some wave types
- Inspect and Hack waves objectives take longer to complete now
- Getting the "Raid SRM Storage" objective now prevents subsequent waves in this zone from giving you additional SRM Storage Balloon
- Fixed ground and air props sometimes spawning during tutorial
- Fixed one sfx during tutorial not being affected by current effect volume
- Added small chance of zones not having any foreground props
- Fixed mouse aiming still breaking wave advance angle requirements during tutorial
- Fixed bounty hunter database breaking convoy waves
- Boss Interceptors health and collision damage reduced
- EMPing the Nuke Boss shield generator now causes it to drop its shield
- Fixed a bug casing the Fungal Forest to spawn double the amount of gunships
- vs_shield and vs_massive damage multipliers are now applied before enemy armor is subtracted (leading to more damage when using melee vs massive/emp vs shields)
- Fixed objective background props not getting removed on wave advance
- Small mines can now be properly deflected
- Fixed abnormally short shot lifetime on eradicator cannon
- Fixed Flares active not spawning fully charged

HDog Ace Access Build 0.850 (Radio)
New Stuff:
- Added many new wave objectives (recon mission, target elimination, ground raids ...)
- Added objective direction ui, pointing you towards certain goals
- Enemies can now become elites; elites can gain various stat boosts including immunities and additional attacks, but they also drop more srm on death
- Objective targets and boss attachments are almost always elites, but they can also spawn randomly
- 9 new weapons added, most making use of new and old status effects
- New shot effect: Photon - accelerate after being fired, pierces shields
- New shot effect/proc: Jam/Disorient - short stuns that interrupt enemy cooldowns
- New shot effect: Pull - some melee weapons can now be used to pull enemies towards your (move resistance still applies)

- Changed the way in which wave goals are presented, using a new background splash-text framework
- Cut overlaid splash text when launching a run
- UI text now adjusts color to contrast better with some zone backgrounds
- UI events like taking damage, picking up srm, active charge or charging wave advance now draw more attention to themselves
- Added sound cue for when player boosts are charging up a wave advance
- Made the UI a bit more unified as far as colors are concerned
- Actives and weapons now wiggle in anticipation while charged
- Added some UI boot-up animations when launching a run
- Player being EMPed now causes custom UI glitching and triggers UI reboot once it wears of
- The effects of the player being EMPed/Interdicted are telegraphed more clearly now (additional "master caution" text on player jet, weapons and actives hidden)
- Player can no longer switch weapons while EMPed (weapon UI needs to fully reboot for it to be re-enabled)
- Added some tiny explosions for when player is on last half heart
- Targeting reticles now change size when boosting, reflecting your current weapon's boost accuracy
- Added rising pitch to srm pickup sound
- Melee weapon icon now have some arrows indicating that weapons force direction (push/pull)
- Melee weapons now have specific time windows for going through combos (allows for slower combos and fast weapons with stricter combo timing)
- Deflecting enemy EMP shots now gives them the usual EMP proc color
- Your shot size modifier now also affects muzzle flash size and shell casing size :)
- Added more recoiling to some weapon ui animations
- Corrected color palette on some explosions
- Bountyhunter Database target mark visuals changed to differentiate it more from wave target marks
- (!) <-- Danger marks no longer get removed when spawning in collision with collidable props
- Changed most enemy shot collision masks to more economic shapes
- Reworked AWACS husks to something using the alive units actual pixel scaling
- Concussive Ammo and Aerial Pugalism now give all ranged/melee weapons disorientation chance
- Bat, Mace and Hammer now disorient enemies
- Enemies can now be immune to disorientation/jamming
- Emergency Displace active now restores your shield to full when used
- Friendly flak artillery is more effective now (more damage per shot, larger shots)
- Hacked Support Satellite passive now waits with artillery strikes until you get near enemies
- Space Melon Jam now also respells hostile homing missile targeting marks
- Space Melon Jam effect duration reduced
- Interdiction status effect now prevents you from advancing to to another area
- Flares active can now hold up to three charges, but gains less charge from wave advance
- Flares active no longer randomizes its launch angles per run (always 30° forward now, backwards angle will be used or other flare items)
- Tac Nuke active now irradiates enemies and also causes strong damage cascade
- Heavy Kinetic weapon deals more damage but fires slower now
- Melee charge attacks now get a bonus to piercing, screenshake and hitlag
- Hammer charge attack deals less damage now but will connect multiple times with enemies
- Changed the way Alien Gland works to be more transparent (instead of converting current charge into enrage time it now has fixed charges that add time to your enrage state)
- "Master Caution" ui elements attach more rigidly to player jet
- [Redacted] is now immune to most status effects
- [Redacted] has less density now, allowing for more easy use of melee against it
- Added custom husks for SRM/AM Balloons
- Cloud cover collisions now work like ground collisions and can no longer drop your shield to zero (which would result in heart damage)
- Lowered the damage required to trigger Skyborne health regain (damage required also increases less per successful regain)

Bug Fixes:
- Added some safeguards ensuring that combat and explore tracks are played in sync correctly (?)
- Fixed nuclear deterrence not applying to some enemies correctly
- Fixed some attachments not attaching correctly on Super-AWACS enemy
- Fixed a bug causing burst fire weapons to profit more from passive proc chances
- Fixed color of modified enemies resetting to their default color instead of the mod color when debuffs wear off
- Fixed strafe and reverse thrust engine fires not being hidden on dodge jumps
- Fixed mouse aiming allowing to trigger wave advance even when boosting at incorrect angles
- Fixed a problem where the game would not calculate initial break/strafe top speed correctly
- Fixed reverse thrust allowing to go over top speed when used simultaneously with strafing at certain angles
- Fixed some rare scenarios where getting hit by EMP shots might actually reduce your current weapon cooldown/interdiction time
- Fixed heart ui not removing your last half heart on player death
- Fixed a problem causing some animations to terminate before their last frame has been displayed for the correct amount of time
- Fixed bad collision mask on hammer strikes
- Fixed charge attacks not profiting from some weapon/passive properties
- Fixed Radiation Shielding using the wrong color for float text and irradiating enemies
- Fixed mines spawned on enemy death not being affected by gracity

Hi Post Mortem Pixel crew

Couldn't find any way to contact you, so I just made a thread, hope thats ok. Let me start with saying that you have a really sweet game going here, well designed, unique gamplay, great ammount of content. It comes together really well. You should polish this a bit more and put it on steam already. :)

Some bugs/feedback:

- I had some pretty noticible performace hickups, playing on a decent PC. Given the percieved complexity of the game this is probably due to a lack of optimization. Like the game froze for a few noticable milliseconds during actions, like when loading effects.

- After the last turn I can still give move orders and collect additional scrap this way. Probably not intended.

- Sometimes the path I'll take on a move order isn't really clear, or rather in some situations I'm not sure which tiles I'll actually collect from/collide with. I'd highlight any tiles the player goes through will palnning a move order or do a proper tile-to-tile pathing arrow like in Advanced Wars.

- For me some background elements like wreckage and planets stand out too much and lead to some visual confusion. In some cases I wasn't sure whats on the tile layer and whats background. Could be averted by turning down contrast and brightness on those background elements.

- Would be nice if player attacks and enemy attacks are more clearly telegraphed, as in showing which tiles they'll hit (for enemy shots at least while hovering over them). You can get used to the range of the balista for example, but the game could also just tell me how far the shot will reach.

- Similar: I might have missed something but are storm emp strikes seem not be telegraphed at all.

- Not sure if obfuscating enemy health is nesessarry if the game is tacticall and about making educated decissions.

- Game strips down item tooltips after purchasing them. Ingame tooltips should still show stuff like recoil when hovering over weapons, I couldn't remember whether the weapon I purchase had recoild but there was no way to check that without trying ingame.

(1 edit)

Ha ok I see what you did there, angel of movement check is too lenient. I'm considering bringing full top speed back for the initial boost, so you have more flexibility by tap boosting. Also right now, strafing does not generate "lift" the same way boosting does (effectively lowering gravity he longer you boost), so strafing upwards barely counteracts the standard gravity. I'll look into changing that.

Ok I reproduced the random crashes under 0.801 on windows, but I ran one hour game sessions on 0.802+ without problems. Do the crashes still occur for you?

(1 edit)

HDog Ace Access Build 0.805 (Gamma Ray)

- War Room Shell spawns further away from the player now
- Fixed danger mark explosion having too high force in some cases
- Fixed war room background husk not being removed on wave advance
- Lowered damage bonus against massive on some unwieldy melee weapons (still op with shot displacer)
- Epic classified enemies should spawn earlier now
- AWACS and Sniper Choppers get spawn with higher tier attachments earlier now
- Lowered some enemies heart drop chance a bit
- Endgame enemies srm drops increased  
- Fixed bad background scaling when jumping to command system zone
- Fixed photon juggler drones having too high initial shot speed
- Skyborne regain nor longer triggers through any kill (including enemy collision deaths), it requires to deal an a certain amount of damage now
- Skyborne now increases the damage it needs to trigger each time you perform a successful regain (resets between waves)
- Fixed Syborne not reducing your invincibility time after taking damage
- Fixed Gun Drive applying your shot multiplier to melee strikes
- Gun drive now actually takes your combo into account when jumping with melee weapons equipped (can be used to skip combo timing)
- Fixed a bug where your rival would be surprisingly incompetent and kill itself by constantly colliding with its own uncontained engine burn
- Fixed some instances of impact sounds not using the correct object to calculate their distance to player and therefore volume