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1.203 (End-Tech)

New Content

-27 new passives added

-8 new weapons added

-3 new actives added

-Added as unlocks for: MK1 jets endless wave 6, jet-phage wins, challenge-phage mastery (wins across 6+ jets), zero casualties run, flawless run

-Added a couple new weapon prefixes that make use of recently added weapon stats

-Added unlock menu ("Data Cloud") to the pause screen, showing tooltips and descriptions for unlocked items and silhouettes and unlock conditions for locked items

-Added a new hitsparks that trigger on all kinds of impacts (affected by enemy armor, shot procs and weapon type, replaces old shield particle system)


-Coolness impact on loot quality is 50% random now

-Chest spawns above tier 1 now add a small amount of downgrade chance to that chest tier (+1%/+4%/+10%; up to 20%/40%/60%)
-Ranged and melee attack rate are different stats now and some items affect them separately
-Passive choice chests can no longer contain the same item multiple times (?)

-Shot proc chance minimums are capped now, counteracting situations where massive amounts of fire rate or shot count would eliminate proc chances altogether
-Vastly increased the threshold at which bosses become immune to damage cascade

-[redacted] armor increased

-Carrier engine crit exposure nerfed and health increased

-Drone enemies now have small amounts of armor

-Nerfed shuriken and bow shot collision timeout

-Added damage charge timeout to: Bomb Bay, Rocket Rack, Rocket Pod

-Kinetic Burst Cannon burst count and fire rate increased
-Advanced Kinetics damage increased

-Kinetic Repeater base damage increased, fire rate decreased

-Phase Flak damage increased

-Electron lazer fire rate nerfed

-Halberd fire rate and damage buffed

-Experimental Coilage max shield gain and gain rate nerfed

-Broken Heart now breaks two hearts

-Perfect Prism is now tier 3 (was 2)

-Replacement Body is now tier 3 (was 4)

-Determination Core is now tier 4 (was 3)

-Simple EMP Device is now tier 2 (was 3)

-Radiation Shielding now affects nanowire

-Top speed and boost ignition are now capped at 1000%

-Flock drones now take 6 damage per second when colliding with floor or props (instead of instantly dying)

-Special Ammo now also grants a bonus to sticky payloads, photon armor piercing and EMP weapon crit chance

-Hardlight Crysalis has an additional effect now

-Phase weapons can now be fired during jumps

-Hyper Shields/Hyper Hardening invincibility now deflects all attacks, including photon. Icons have changed to _reflect_ that.

-Bullet repel effects (like from Reverse-G Field) now culminate in a radial deflect when they end

-H-Roll Barrier duration nerfed

-Hyper Shields and Hyper Hardening duration nerfed

-Hyper Shields and Reverse-G Field charge requirements changed

Quality of Life

-Added a new, larger reticle for maximum traceability on mouse aim

-Jet stat sheet now takes more factors into account for when it shows acceleration

-Shots with guaranteed emp, photon shield pierce or sticky effects no longer overwrite damage number float text, but float text still changes color to visualize the guaranteed proc taking effect.

-If non-multiplied accumulating damage exceeds the remaining health of a hostile you now get OVERKILL! text

-Slowed melee attack rate no longer decreases combo window
-Speedrun mode no longer allows boss elites to spawn unless boss elite chance is increased by other items

-A couple old-school weapons have their paintjob changed to better reflect their power level

Bug Fixes

-Removed a potential cause of large amounts of residual forces in flock drones after leaving an intermission

-Reworked weapon anims to have them sync better with changing fire rates

-Fixed SRM Decay Rail not reducing it's damage correctly when it increases in shot count
-Fixed explosions missing some effects if not spawned from shot->enemy collisions

-Fixed a scenario where player armor piercing bonuses would be applied multiple times to player attacks

-Fixed some inconsistencies for when player shield damage text is displayed when taking damage from explosions

-Fixed melee weapons continuously shattering if particles are disabled in options

-Fixed turn rate caps not being applied on Zero Friction parts

-Fixed Sentient Battery only granting its increased bonus charge to low-req actives if they are acquired after the battery

-Fixed a late game technophage not showing victories on title screen

-Fixed slow melee attack rates locking player out of performing melee combos

-Fixed credits music track persisting for game relaunch

-Fixed a few instances of locked items being added to the loot pool if specific other items are unlocked

-Fixed Hyper Hot Combat Chip still affecting time in intermission and credits

-Fixed double entries for accuracy on jet stat sheet

-Fixed hatch displacer accuracy bonus overflow due to lacking cap

-Fixed revealed items in regular locked chests not showing their tooltip when using mouse item

-Fixed rage squadron acting too chill
-Fixed double entries for accuracy on jet stat sheet

-Added a minor timeout to active activation in an attempt to fix a rare crash

-Fixed a problem prevent weapons that deal both explosive and direct damage from using accumulating damage modifiers
-Fixed hatch displacer accuracy bonus overflow due to lacking cap

-Fixed a tiny chance of active drops exceeding the per-zone limit

-Fixed SRM Replicator tooltip breaking if it is put into a chest while in the used state

1.204 (End-Tech)

-Fixed a problem causing technophages to show as locked in data cloud, regardless of unlock state

-Multi-phage runs no longer disable phage victory/mastery unlocks

-Instead, a few specific Technophages that are classified as "run changer" now disable phage victory/mastery unlocks for challenge phages

-Fixed Stygian Material not showing up in pause screen

1.204b (End-Tech)

-Fixed a problem where beams not directly fired from player would be treated like projectiles for impact generation, leading to a visual glitch

-Added notification after carrier launch when playing with run changer Technophages

1.204c (End-Tech)

-Fixed player bombs not getting balistic gravity assigned

-Fixed run-changer phages partially enabling god mode

-Force Gun now fires full auto

It's here!

Hardlight Crysalis now has this effect. Good call!

From the dark inner shore area where you created your seeds you need to make your way to the right. There is a pod there where you can sleep to advance the day, you'll awake in  your cabin which exits to your farm on the right. There you can plant your seeds, but you'll need to plow a red whaleskin tilee first by selecting your tool with (2), then holding (LMouse) on a nearby tile. Happy seeding, the next update will prioritize creating a better new player experience to make this all more clear. The game is still very unintuitive in many regards, sry.

Pst, there is a hole on the ground on your farm, between you cabin and the way to the mall. You can get your first sword there, but no killy the shopkeeps, kill desease cells instead.

Not yet, but looks like I can finally make it happen in 1.2 (WIP): 

You can go into the for_streaming.txt file and set force_res to 1, that will use whatever x/y you put into the other fields as res. However the game might just not work well with dual monitors. Turning one screen off or playing in forced res with fullscreen off could be a workaround.

(1 edit)

You can buy more seed code at the mall to the east of your farm.

Hyperspace Dogfights 1.179 (No Masters)

-Flak Ammo and Scatter Ammo now also increase shot sway by a flat amount (affects weapons with otherwise close to perfect accuracy)
-Shuriken piercing and damage vs massive reduced
-Shuriken now profit from additional melee bonuses (pierce bonus and damage multiplier)
-Melee attacks spawned from flak effects no longer trigger melee shatter
-Forces from melee shatter no longer contribute to redout
-Adjusted volume on Overdrive Coil ignition sound
-Jet technophage unlocks now trigger directly on victory (as opposed to returning to title screen) -Jet specific gear now unlocks on endless wave six for all MK2 jets and strays
-Fixed left over unlock triggers for jet-phages on endless wave six
-Fixed Shard Suspension not interacting correctly with accumulating damage melee strikes -Fixed Orbital Support: Laser Show not being able to reach ground targets
-Fixed EMP effects permanently disabling enemy shield generator attachments (?)
-Fixed shot force increasing weapon prefixes not applying correctly to weapons with negative force
-Fixed sfx from high damage explosion not obeying action sfx timeouts
-Fixed a problem preventing SRM Decay Rail from scaling
-Fixed Greater Good using wrong threshold to calculate when it is lost
-Fixed Contempter Frigate attack blisters remaining disabled after attack jump if all boss attachments have been destroyed
-Fixed a problem preventing interceptor squadron from attacking if they get too enraged through multiple bonuses
-Fixed missing unlock condition on Hardened Barrier unlock message (400% overcharge)
-Fixed a couple unlock messages showing the wrong item
-Fixed decimate % counter getting confused by too hight decimate targets
-Fixed G-Link Ammo not enabling guidance reticle correctly when using controller -Fixed bad cropping on some background stars

-Sector names now change color to better contrast with current zone
-Zone 4 is less bright now
-Fixed some irregularities with installation health
-Fixed 4 techs being unavailable (previously defaulting to Resonance Pulse)
-Fixed derelicts spawning too close to hazard zone instant kill distance
-Fixed loot chests being able to spawn inside installation 1

You have different inventories, Num3 is for seeds and seed code (use the one with #base to start). There is a bird in the mod place gives you code to start with, but you can buy more at the mall. Sry this will all get tutorialized better in the future.

Hyperspace Dogfights Version 1.178b (No Masters)

-SRM Decay rail no longer scales linearly and now has diminishing returns
-Flexlight Bow shield delay increased
-Reduced Drone Flock fire rate penalty (15%, was 20%)
-Successfully using Blood Sacrifice now counts as taking one tick of damage and triggers on-damage effects (one time)
-Jet-Black Mirror Paint now also makes you deflect all photon attacks for 1 second after it activates
-Jet-Black Mirror Paint is tier 3 now (was 2)
-Piercing comes with stronger damage reduction on subsequent hits now (35%, was 10%)
-Piercing damage reduction no longer applies to melee
-Dmg vs Massive multiplier no longer applies to thrown melee
-Starfire weapon prefix now grants higher damage bonus if the affected weapon already uses photon attacks
-Rocket Drone attack rate buffed
-Rocket Drone now try to go on a suicide run after they have been killed
-Photon Juggler Drones now eject one last barrage of photon shots when they die
-Cealaformer beam attack now scissors inwards
-Cealaformer photon shot attack is now aimed more towards the player and can cover deadzones to the sides
-Photon Cealaformer (elite) beam attack now covers a larger cone faster but fires less beams (6, was 8)
-Bosses with missile phases now generally switch to other attacks faster if they have few vls attachments or none remaining
-Rival melee passives now affects how fast it goes into CQB mode
-Rival Mass Ammo shot speed penalty reduced
-War Room now destroys and respawns all it's shield units during defense phase
-War Room Shell emp range decreased (should no longer fire when you are already entering tunnels)
-War Room beam pulse turns speed while firing decreased
-Drone spawns on war room elite variant are now capped
-[redacted] is less capable of avoiding collisions now
-A certain speed related technophage now also enables redout
-Iron Dog now increases boss elite chance by 100% and also increases overall enemy spawns by 100% (within caps)
-Lowered Iron Dog regular enemy elite chance (20%, was 50%) and wave heart drop chance penalty (10%, was 25%)
-Decimate wave goal is now shown as completion percentage instead of actual enemy kill values
-Boss death DMZ effect no longer affects anti-matter storage balloons
-Boss flawless unlocks no longer requires bosses to be previously defeated -Non explosive enemy shots no longer spawn rock particles
-Low damage player shots no longer spawn rock particles
-Added float text for melee shatter

Bug Fixes/Optimization
-Optimized how flock drones convert enemies
-Optimized how flock drones and other allies check for shot collisions
-Damage from Blood Sacrifice and Stim-Sixpack no longer resets coolness and no longer counts against flawless
-Vertice shield now needs to regenerate all damage it takes instead of resetting to 0hp on final hit
(previously it would reactivate immediately if shields are off cooldown)
-Changed speedrun clock text position to avoid clipping with changing intermission text
-Added safeguards to prevent a potential crash related to shard shield shot count calculation
-Fixed large amounts of deflection on a single player shot/melee block causing excessive redout
-Fixed shots deflected by H-Roll Barrier causing excessive hitlag (?) -Fixed casualty count not rounding on jet stat sheet
-Fixed a problem causing enemy beams to not extend correctly while player is in jump state
-Fixed some enemy caps not increasing correctly in speedrun mode
-Fixed a problem preventing unlock sound from playing if a shot impact is currently in progress
-Fixed a problem where a discontinued cheat would still trigger cheat mode save lock
-Fixed bounty hunter database failing to activate when eliminating speedboat targets -Fixed bad unlock icon on Photon Splitgun
-Fixed Fragmentation weapon prefix not overwriting fixed scatter patterns correctly
-Fixed two stray gear unlocks triggering repeatedly
-Fixed bad attach pos for angular attack tells on specific frames of armored suit (?)
-Fixed some typos

1.178b (No Masters)
-Guided Ammo now only affects shots fired from player craft (excluding certain active shots and deflects)
-Fixed a scenario where Sector/Vertice Shield would go offline for very long if it take excessive damage (now resets to current shield delay)
-Ultraviolet Chainlaser fire rate increased -SRM decay rail now has a small jet weight penalty
-Increased Iron Dog enemy elite chance to 30%
-Fixed Iron Dog only increasing initial wave spawns

(1 edit)

The dumbness was all on my end I assure you (+ instead of =). I agree that the mechanic is neat, maybe I'll turn that into an item at some point.

I actually ment it, posting a roadmap soon. <3 <3 <3

Haha ok on it, just give me another year.

Ok with 1.167c I included that line in the launch script. Thanks for the detailed report and suggestions.

Hi redmie

Thanks for your effort, I included and in version 1.176b again but I have no idea if that works since I'm only testing on Ubuntu 16.04. Running the script just gives me

Illegal number of parameters

1.176 (No Masters)
-Changed tooltips to better reflect how escalation reduction actually works
-Fixed sector shield not blocking explosive shots correctly, again (?)
-Fixed a problem causing sector shield to have infinite health
-Fixed a problem causing sector shield to not be disabled correctly by emp shots

Talk to the birds.

I assume this was refering to the Linux executable which the engine confusingly lables as ExeLinux. I assume chrome can run linux stuff? There is a script to execute (Hyperspace Harvest) that modifies the executable,  can you try runing that instead?

Oops, having that work as intended seems to hinge on whether you have your tool drawn with (2). I'll fix that in the next patch, thanks for reporting!

(1 edit)

What is your operating system?

1.175 (No Masters)

-Fixed a scenario where focused camera mode would show you things you're not supposed to see
-Fixed a problem where entering zone 4 would mess with wave count
-Fixed boss rush mode spawning final boss in wrong zone, potentially causing an elusive crash scenario
-Attempted to fix a so far unreproducible problem where player would become stuck after defeating naval crusiser in boss rush mode -Tooltips and jet stat sheet now describe collision damage dealt as damage per second (collisions trigger two time per second)
-Some other damage effects now also show their effect as per second

Ok I just did another push, can you check whether that unpacks? Also added a link to that missing file in the script.

Hm not sure, might be a permission problem. I uploaded another build just now, can you try that? Also maybe try running the Hyperspace Harvest script in the game folder instead of the exe thing. I remember people having the same issue with my other game and over there this did the trick. For reference:

Yeah I just reproduced it, seems to be specific to that dialog. There is an exit option by the way, but only once your UI gets enabled (escape on inventory tab 8).

(1 edit)

Hyperspace Dogfights 1.174 (No Masters)
-Fixed sector shield not blocking explosive shots correctly
-Fixed Akimbo prefix causing burst weapons to fire only to one side
-Fixed too low burst count on Kinetic Burst Cannon
-Fixed armored suit gun attack tell sometimes not being removed correctly if suit changes state
-Fixed lies in SRM Replicator tooltip (passively scales with damage upgrades, not escalation)
-Fixed intermission tooltips sometimes not appearing with mouse aim enabled
-Player beams and photon shots now pass silently through shields
-Bonus SRM wave completion reward now drops more and scales with zone count
-Bonus SRM wave completion reward is less frequent now and drop chance scales less with coolness (now 10%+cool x4, was 15%+cool x8)
-Rival can now adapt to EMP effects
-Kill shots now also deal x2 damage, making the effect a bit less useless against bosses
-Optimized the way pickups magnetize to player
-Corrected some typos

Thanks for reporting, I'll get to that right away. 

(2 edits)

1.169 (No Masters)
- Fixed a problem causing player to becoming locked in steering state
- Fixed escalation starting too high
- Optimized a way the game tracks elapsed time since last frame

1.171 (No Masters)
- Small nerf to gamma laser damage (both to photon and explosive)
- Fixed several slow striking melee weapons not interacting with flak effects correctly
- Fixed enemy sector shields not growing to target size correctly
- Fixed Hyper Hot Combat Processing not updating ui text color immediately
- Fixed clouds not resetting to dark when canceling Cloud Hate activation in ruins zone
- Fixed bad offset on Fur MK 2 strafe engine ignition sprite
- Fixed bad gun mount on final boss elite variant
- Fixed [redacted] not showing up in pause screen correctly
- Fixed some typos

1.172 (No Masters)
- Fixed axis sign not saving correctly when binding steer right on controller
- Fixed player armor piercing not affecting Gun Drive backwards shots
- Drone Corvette elite variant now has a cap for how many drones it can have active simultaneously
- Stim Sixpack now also passively increases wave heart drop chance while it is equipped
- Fixed some typos

Using them with a 50% opacity paintbrush tool set to dissolve gives you these not-quite-noise pixel patterns, I then manually smudged those to get to proper glitch stuff. I don't think that is the intended way to use them but it at least got me the results I wanted. Hope that helps.

I'm glad that worked for now. Thanks for the detailed report, I'll look into resolving this on my end for the next patch.

(1 edit)

Thanks for reporting, I'll look into this. Can you check your .config and see what's in the <pad_... and <pad_axis_... entries? Does that show the entries you defined?

Ok I think I got this resolved with 1.169.

1.169 (No Masters)
- Fixed a problem causing player to becoming locked in steering state
- Fixed escalation starting too high
- Optimized a way the game tracks elapsed time since last frame

(1 edit)

I'm looking into this. Was that on Windows or Linux?

1.168 (No Masters)
- Hatch Displacer downwards aim cone is wider now (40° --> 90°) and increases with stacks up to a maximum of 140°
- Hatch Displacer now gives you full aim control if you aim within the cone
- Turret Mount no longer overwrites Hatch Displacer, but takes affect within the displacer cone and also increases it up to a maximum of 180°
- Hatch Displacer attack cone now also scales with accuracy granting passives (current angle is shown on jet stat sheet now)
- Nerfed Hardlight Sai damage (5,3,3,6 +3? --> 3,3,3,5 +2?) and attack rate (1.5-->1.7)
- Buffed HA Burstcannon attack rate (0.8-->0.7) and explosive damage (4 +2? --> 6 +2?)
- Plasma weapon shot speed increased
- Tech Cruiser boss now alternates between jammers off + guns and jammers on + missiles
- Tech Cruiser jammer range decreased
- Tech Cruiser health increased
- Hight Altitude Carrier armor increased
- Space Tether EMP blister attack rate nerfed
- UI scale now applies to text and icon size on pause screen
- Adjusted how UI scale affects tooltip text size  
- Fixed Technophage: True DMZ not preventing jump shots from gun drive
- Fixed missing armor on fast mover boss husks
- Fixed Technophage: Iron Dog not showing up on pause screen
- Fixed Bounty Hunter Database not spawning targets correctly
- Fixed Vertice Shield not being able to catch photon shots
- Fixed bad offset on tutorial floor
- Fixed a potential issue causing player weapons to permanently jam of they jump out of tutorial while having initiated a railgun burst
- Fixed some typos

Out of curriosty: How did you make the sounds? Or what was the source for those?

Thanks for reporting, I'll look into this. Any chance you can send me the files you set up? I can't reproduce the problem on my end so I can't really check if that lib works for everyone or not.