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Yes, just coppy over the contents of the saves and fallback folders from your itch install over to the new steam install and you should be good.

To clarify:  Half of the vfx are by me, but not originally made for the jam. The other part is from packs and had to be adapted to the artstyle. Everything else was made during the jam, but I wasn't sure whether all this counts as the "majority of assets".

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1.222 (End-Tech)

- Heatsink Launcher now starts with 3 max charges.
- Hardlight Harpoon is now tier 2.
- Hardlight Harpoon no longer uses charge if it does not find a target.
- Some effect from Crowd-sourced Displacer are now capped.
- Changed Quantum Augment float text colors to better contrast with all possible intermission backgrounds.
- Added fallback behavior for player missile marks if no homing targets remain.
- Added fallback to ensure that a late game boss dies correctly.
- Fixed [redacted] being extremely astonished by your ability to parry melee.
- Fixed chest malfunctions never taking full effect on opening.
- Fixed some beams not being able to profit fully from high shot bounce stat (?)
- Fixed Active Amp being assigned to multiple loot pool tiers.
- Fixed scenarios in which jets could take damage from atmospheric entry when launching a new run (?)
- Fixed nearest threat indicator pointing towards non-threatening objects.
- Fixed underground ceiling shot collision not taking effect.
- Fixed fury shield dash applying regular dash counterforce.
- Fixed Sticky Ammo using wrong pause description.
- Fixed Heatsink Launcher breaking a late game challenge mode.
- Fixed Hardlight Harpoon sometimes turning into a permanent zero damage nanowire.
- Fixed Hardlight Harpoon being able to target attachments that have already been ripped.
- Fixed Hight Altitude Carrier launch force being applied to other fighter enemies.


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I don't do the music myself and I rely on soundpacks as the basis for the SFX, everything else is by me. So there is no larger team, no.


Do you have some specific communities in mind?

This is a bug I'm still investigating. Likely this is connected to the game not fully preventing you from going into pause directly after an unlock triggered. You can recover your profile if you go into your fallback folder, copy the latest prof_save_crypt_fallback (the one that has been changed most recently before the loss) into the saves older. Rename it to prof_save_crypt and the game should accept it as your current profile.

Hi Antifect, thanks for taking the time to put this together, I'll take it into account if I make another patch. Some of this isn't possible due to the way the game was set up early on. The pause menu can't sufficiently communicate with the main game etc but I'll see what I can do regarding the bugs.

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0.9 (post jam)
- Added Linux version
- Added loader animations
- Added sound and visual feedback as well as minor engine shutdown for missing a grab 
- Dice now get slung if you release them while boosting, causing them to inherit some of your momentum
- Slung dice that hit a slot will get slotted 
- Annihilation event takes longer and shows remaining time now, giving more room for a close comeback
- Game now displays your best previous run as part of the title screen
- Made dice slots a little more distinct from actual dice
- Universal dice slot is now animated
- Tidied up slot positioning on most objects
- Cargo ship jump sequence is faster now
- Added some pointers towards load zones after charging the printer
- Fixed soundtrack not re-initializing correctly when on low dice count 
- Fixed z-layer issues with numbered dice slots created later in a run, obscuring dice stored within them
- Fixed cargo ship being able to jump in the very same moment that another ship leaves
- Fixed some typos
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1.218 (End-Tech)

- Fixed a Mil-grade Cornucopia not unlocking correctly, again (?)

- Fixed player gaining more charge from damage than intended

- Fixed some enemy wrecks still granting charge when damaged

- Fixed boss rush mode still enabling endless under certain conditions (?)

- Taking heart damage should no longer interfere with accumulating damage

- Fixed some typos

You can delete configs.txt in your game folder to reset that.

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1.215b (End-Tech)
- Fixed a bad interaction between kill shot procs and night vision zone
- Added a safeguard to counteract situations in which the space tether would not randomize an attack phase correctly
- Space tether defense sliders are now immune to most status effects

1.216 (End-Tech)
- Drone Flock now adds a marker on your ship to make it stand out more from your flock
- Lowered damage flock drones take from prop/ground collisions (12/s-->4/s)
- Fixed player sometimes being able to take ground/ceiling collision damage during jumps
- Fixed player position helper appearing too early when colliding with command system zone ceiling
- Fixed some typos

1.215 (End-Tech)

- Flexlight Bow charge damage buffed (6-->9)

- Adjusted text colors for Quantum Augment effect to be better contrast with various possible backgrounds

- Added a safeguard that makes combat chatter display a default [unintelligible] if it fails to load a chatter entry
- Slightly optimized the way loot id is checked when picking up items

- Lowered count requirements for death/games played unlocks

- Space tether kinetic barrage wave count reduced (4-->3)

- Space tether rocket phase now starts with higher fire rate but slows down over time

- Space tether emp phasees: attack rate nerfed

- Space tether segments are now valid homing targets (but are still immune to missile redirects)

- Fixed situations in which opposing side space tether would not randomize it's attack phase correctly (?)

- Fixed stray pixels on a shore rock sprite

- Fixed a Mil-grade Cornucopia not unlocking correctly (?)

- Fixed Shield Overcharger requiring 10 times more max shield to unlock than advertised

- Fixed some item related unlocks requiring another item to be picked up in order to trigger

- Fixed uranium armor self damage resetting coolness

- Fixed missing description for Mirror Sphere active

- Fixed a missing entry on wave advance chatter

- Fixed boss rush not disabling endless mode correctly on specific run conditions

- Fixed some typos

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Thanks, I'm now working on a full commercial release for the game that will indeed have a stronger stealth focus, to be released near the end of the year.

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Have you switched input method to controller? If it still doesn't detect you inputs try the detect gamepad option.

Ok, how about now? (1.214b)

Oops, that again. Should be resolved now (?).

1.214 (End-Tech)
- Fixed sector shield not recharging correctly when player main shield is already charged 

- Fixed first burst after weapon switch only firing a single shot

- Fixed melee weapons not initializing first combo correctly when switching to them

- Fixed some typos

1.212 (End-Tech)

- 6 new passives added (mostly unlocked by reaching certain global completion percentage)

- 3 new actives added

- Missile Maker is now tier 3 (was 4)

- Reduced explosive displacer dmg vs shield (25%-->10%, affects self damage)

- Added some safeguards to ensure that entering intermission does not prevent dying store shops from dropping their SRM

- Stimpack now applies enrage immediately on use, eliminating situations when active auto-skip on jump would prevent the full effect

- Boss Rush now disables endless mode

- Blade Hull collision damage taken reduction now affects ground and prop collisions

- Fixed Blade Hull never actually reducing collision damage taken from enemy collisions :o

- Fixed flak effects using current player muz flash anim instead of the one used by their shot - Attempted to fix an unclear case of item IDs not getting written into gear_get.txt when taking chest content

- Fixed some typos

Hi Dax, thanks for the input. This has come up a couple times, I'll look into addressing it with the next patch.

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Yes the game has basic controller support.


Thanks, good stuff.

1.209 (End-Tech)

-Fixed most explosive weapons not actually counting towards unlocks that check explosive weapon count
-Fixed Buster Ammo pickup glitch (?)
-Fixed bug causing title carriers to not move correctly offscreen on very large resolutions (?)  

1.210 (End-Tech)
-Fixed a bad attachment point for break engine burn on the Eye MKII
-Fixed Phase Proxy Cluster launcher showing as a different weapon on pause screen
-Fixed another problem causing SRM Decay Rail to unlock repeatedly
-Fixed a potential problem forcing VSync

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1.206c (End-Tech)
-Piercing shields with beams no longer triggers pierce damage reduction
-Fixed missing shield max cap on Emission Mask
-Fixed a recent problem causing [redacted] to permanently disable shield regeneration after attempting to fire a weapon
-Fixed a bug causing Jump Blades to charge during intermissions  

1.206d (End-Tech)
-Fixed Mirror Paint and Ablation Layers not restoring during intermission


1.208 (End-Tech)
-Flak shot sub-munitions can now inherit kill shot
-Certain status effects (Cascade, EMP, Kill Shot) will now only be passed on to a single flak shot sub-munition
-Added "Charge" section label in datacloud
-Fixed Cover Fire Algorithm removing overcharge effects
-Fixed Crowdsourced Displacer hyperdeath effect resetting current coolness
-Fixed Shot Displacer cursor not interacting correctly with fire-direction altering passives
-Fixed active item charge values not displaying as integers
-Fixed some weapons that are described as scatter not actually counting towards unlocks that require scatter weapons
-Fixed first intermission hiding escalation UI on the first 10 runs of a new profile
-Fixed deflect power on stat sheet showing the multiplier instead of actual %

1.209 (End-Tech)
-Fixed most explosive weapons not actually counting towards unlocks that check explosive weapon count
-Fixed Buster Ammo pickup glitch
-Fixed bug causing title carriers to not move correctly offscreen on very large resolutions

Thanks for reporting, will get resolved.

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Red Tether Redux is here! 

Red Tether Redux Version 0.6 
New Stuff
- Destroyed enemies now leave debris and ordnance behind, which you can then sling into other targets
- You can now use tethers to rip attachments from ships, disarming and damaging enemies in the process
- Added custom rip behavior for tethers on attachments (yanks at attachments and ships periodically instead of continuous pull)
- Firing tethers into a single ship now deals minor hull stress damage over time, but also makes tethers quickly expire
- Added enemy PDC attachment (mounted auto-cannon with limited targeting arc that will deal serious damage to you if you get to close)
- You can now stabilize your ship in place (s by default), great for braving those shock waves
- Reeling while stabilized pulls objects towards you, with more power than regular tether connections
- You can also rip attachments faster this way
- Certain lighter objects now get pulled towards you when swinging
- Added player health system as a second line of defense when your shields fail
- Added upgrade systems with collectible containers that alter your ship and tether stats
- Added 3 variants of Serf class cargo vessel:
Heavy Freighter - Comes with cargo containers that you can rip off and use against other ships
AM Hauler - Deals AoE damage when destroyed and carries antimatter containers with a similar effect
Tech Transport - Has multiple upgrades attached, but will self-destruct if it looses control of one
- Added Warrior class primary fleet asset as a new late game enemy
- Reworked tutorial to be less text heavy
- Reworked title screen and made tutorial optional
- Runs now continue up till wave 18 and each wave has 3 variants now
- Added lock-on system that shows object data, aids with targeting small objects and allows to tether missiles in mid-air
- Added pull force direction indicator that gets displayed while swinging
- Added a distortion system that makes UI elements glitch out and red-yellow shift under certain circumstance
- Added hit-flash system
- Added a whole bunch of new vfx/sfx
- Implemented basic dynamic mixing for background music
- Added a config.txt file that allows customizing controls and some game options (check readme for details)

Balancing and general changes
- You now turn faster while reeling in
- Tethers now expire after some time
- Tethers now gain some force as they contract
- Low threat objects now deal less collision damage to the player
- Crash damage ticks no longer destroy tethers
- Enemies dying and contraction to near zero now destroys tethers
- Improved how tethers animate in relation to player/input states
- Differentiated some sound queues
- Improved anti-matter explosion anim
- Adjusted object outlines so that they exclude parts of objects that have no harpoon collision
- Rocket pods are now attachments
- Rocket fire gets more accurate the closer you are to its origin
- Rockets now slightly home in on while approaching
- Slinger class rocket ships now has two rocket pods that it can fire independently
- Spearliz class light cruiser now fields two PDCs

- Multiple tether between the same targets now correctly add up their pull force
- Enemies now deal their intended crash damage to thing they are in contact with (instead of a fixed rate for all crashes)
- Wave text should now type out correctly when starting a new wave
- I ton of stuff I've forgotten to log

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#96 (eciN) of 5810!

Thanks to everyone who voted, you are the best!

Redux version is on the  way, but it'll still take a few days.

Thanks for all your kind words! Post-jam version is making progress.

I found the art tickbox a bit limited. I made all the art myself, but lots of it was made for other projects way back. I still had to adjust everything to fit the palette and artstyle during the jam, that took a ton of time. So I ticked that yes, but if there where boxes for "all art by myself", "used preexisting assets" and "used own art made beforehand" I would have ticked all three. 

I tried camera angling with player a couple times on other things and I find that way harder to aim with, since you need to adjust not only to cam movement but also angle. On my main release I added a mouse aim option where your jet rotates towards the mouse, but that wouldn't really fit here either since you need to be able to free aim. But it's definitely not ideal as it is here. Giving additional indicators for where your ship is facing might be an option. I don't really want take away your engines since that would limit the level design a whole lot and would still lead to a lot of dead end scenarios unless new systems are added to compensate. I think being stranded because of a wrong move would be punishing in a real frustrating way. Ultimately the goal was to make you feel powerful when tethered and somewhat helpless but not totally screwed when not.

In relation to that, making the game play faster is is definitely something I want to address, mostly with more area denial enemies in later waves to force you even more into quick movement. There will also be a lock on system that lets you tether things more easy while on the move. But yeah, the game has to start slower to allow you to adjust. In a full game I would add difficulty options that allow you to start more intense runs from the get go once you feel like you got the hang of it.

I also absolutely agree on the tutorial, I put that there in the last 20 minutes and it could definitely be improved.

Post jam WIP stuff.

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Thx, glad you got something out of it! Redux version is in the works, it will feature all that you asked for and more. Will take a week or two though.

Yo the visual style and colors are just *cheffkiss*!

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Thanks, so little time for actually play testing, seems like I some minor adjustments would have gone a long way.

For that background style you need to get yourself a dust brush set/space nebula brush set/space cloud brush set from somewhere like deviant art (check that the pack is really free to use). Oil spill brushes are also great but I didn't use those here. Now you just paint these brushes down in Photoshop/Gimp and you should get some nice, premade, fairly transparent dust/nebula/oil clouds with a plausible texture/composition and since these are brush sets you'll get at least 20 of them. Thats good, you need those for variance.

Something like this:

I usually make them all white so I can easily recolor them in-engine. Which basically means I assign them colors from the palette I'm using. Then you plop them down in semi regular/semi random intervals in the background, randomizing their x,y scale, angle, sprite mirroring etc. If you are worried that you are using too many objects just use fewer, bigger ones. In RT I reposition them if the player moves to far away so they basically continue forever (I also randomize them, so if you where to return to a far off point it would likely have changed, major continuity error, don't tell anyone.) But you can do much  more with them. Like changing the background and their color on the fly, or have them move and parallax if you got a system for that. For an example with slightly more elaborate usage you can check out my last jam game: Peace.

Thanks for reporting, I'll look into that.

1.206b (End-Tech)
-Fixed a problem preventing wave randomization in bossrush mode
-Fixed Foamed Cockpit not updating player health ui
-Fixed a scenario where multiple stacks of Adaptive Envelop would not increase shield up to the max threshold
-Dogtags stacks now also increases the damage bonuses you get for each escalation increase

1.205 (End-Tech)
-Store ships now drop leveled amounts of SRM on death
-AA tank shields turn a bit slower now
-AA tank objective target count max and scaling decreased
-AA tank objective generates targets with more distance between them now
-Kinetic heart scales slower now  

-End-Tech scanner can now also be used to reveal ??? items
-Fixed bad chest content ID for Orbital H-Weapon  

-Fixed beams fired from gun drive displaying projectile shot impacts (?)
-Fixed double entry for accuracy on jet stat sheet
-Fixed Projected Lenses pause entry
-Fixed enemy melee strikes continuously colliding with sec-shield/orbital plate if not also connecting with the player
-Fixed kinetic heart not updating health UI correctly
-Fixed a few scatter weapon prefixes not interacting correctly with fixed spread weapons


1.206 (End-Tech)
-Technophage related unlocks in the data cloud are now hidden until their phage is unlocked
-Technophage related unlock conditions in the data cloud now mention which phage they correspond to
-Adaptive Envelop now works based on damage taken from enemy shots and explosions (collision damage and player explosions do not count)
-Adaptive Envelop shield gain threshold decreased (900%, was 1200%)
-Adaptive Envelop stacks now also increase the shield gain from adaption
-Killshot hitlag no longer triggers while you are in a jump
-Improved sound handling for player homing missiles
-Added cap for shield regeneration delay
-Blue carrier elite variant now launches fighters immediately and has increased ad spawn rate and health  

-Fixed Processing Power: Weapons not affecting melee attack rate
-Fixed Hyper Shields active not granting photon deflection for its duration
-Fixed Blood Sacrifice still being able to deal lethal damage  

-Fixed missing pause description for love
-Fixed lies in some data cloud unlock conditions
-Fixed bad collision handling on Hardlight Phalanx Set (?)
-Fixed a problem causing wave randomization functios to trigger mutliple times when exiting intermission

1.203 (End-Tech)

New Content

-27 new passives added

-8 new weapons added

-3 new actives added

-Added as unlocks for: MK1 jets endless wave 6, jet-phage wins, challenge-phage mastery (wins across 6+ jets), zero casualties run, flawless run

-Added a couple new weapon prefixes that make use of recently added weapon stats

-Added unlock menu ("Data Cloud") to the pause screen, showing tooltips and descriptions for unlocked items and silhouettes and unlock conditions for locked items

-Added a new hitsparks that trigger on all kinds of impacts (affected by enemy armor, shot procs and weapon type, replaces old shield particle system)


-Coolness impact on loot quality is 50% random now

-Chest spawns above tier 1 now add a small amount of downgrade chance to that chest tier (+1%/+4%/+10%; up to 20%/40%/60%)
-Ranged and melee attack rate are different stats now and some items affect them separately
-Passive choice chests can no longer contain the same item multiple times (?)

-Shot proc chance minimums are capped now, counteracting situations where massive amounts of fire rate or shot count would eliminate proc chances altogether
-Vastly increased the threshold at which bosses become immune to damage cascade

-[redacted] armor increased

-Carrier engine crit exposure nerfed and health increased

-Drone enemies now have small amounts of armor

-Nerfed shuriken and bow shot collision timeout

-Added damage charge timeout to: Bomb Bay, Rocket Rack, Rocket Pod

-Kinetic Burst Cannon burst count and fire rate increased
-Advanced Kinetics damage increased

-Kinetic Repeater base damage increased, fire rate decreased

-Phase Flak damage increased

-Electron lazer fire rate nerfed

-Halberd fire rate and damage buffed

-Experimental Coilage max shield gain and gain rate nerfed

-Broken Heart now breaks two hearts

-Perfect Prism is now tier 3 (was 2)

-Replacement Body is now tier 3 (was 4)

-Determination Core is now tier 4 (was 3)

-Simple EMP Device is now tier 2 (was 3)

-Radiation Shielding now affects nanowire

-Top speed and boost ignition are now capped at 1000%

-Flock drones now take 6 damage per second when colliding with floor or props (instead of instantly dying)

-Special Ammo now also grants a bonus to sticky payloads, photon armor piercing and EMP weapon crit chance

-Hardlight Crysalis has an additional effect now

-Phase weapons can now be fired during jumps

-Hyper Shields/Hyper Hardening invincibility now deflects all attacks, including photon. Icons have changed to _reflect_ that.

-Bullet repel effects (like from Reverse-G Field) now culminate in a radial deflect when they end

-H-Roll Barrier duration nerfed

-Hyper Shields and Hyper Hardening duration nerfed

-Hyper Shields and Reverse-G Field charge requirements changed

Quality of Life

-Added a new, larger reticle for maximum traceability on mouse aim

-Jet stat sheet now takes more factors into account for when it shows acceleration

-Shots with guaranteed emp, photon shield pierce or sticky effects no longer overwrite damage number float text, but float text still changes color to visualize the guaranteed proc taking effect.

-If non-multiplied accumulating damage exceeds the remaining health of a hostile you now get OVERKILL! text

-Slowed melee attack rate no longer decreases combo window
-Speedrun mode no longer allows boss elites to spawn unless boss elite chance is increased by other items

-A couple old-school weapons have their paintjob changed to better reflect their power level

Bug Fixes

-Removed a potential cause of large amounts of residual forces in flock drones after leaving an intermission

-Reworked weapon anims to have them sync better with changing fire rates

-Fixed SRM Decay Rail not reducing it's damage correctly when it increases in shot count
-Fixed explosions missing some effects if not spawned from shot->enemy collisions

-Fixed a scenario where player armor piercing bonuses would be applied multiple times to player attacks

-Fixed some inconsistencies for when player shield damage text is displayed when taking damage from explosions

-Fixed melee weapons continuously shattering if particles are disabled in options

-Fixed turn rate caps not being applied on Zero Friction parts

-Fixed Sentient Battery only granting its increased bonus charge to low-req actives if they are acquired after the battery

-Fixed a late game technophage not showing victories on title screen

-Fixed slow melee attack rates locking player out of performing melee combos

-Fixed credits music track persisting for game relaunch

-Fixed a few instances of locked items being added to the loot pool if specific other items are unlocked

-Fixed Hyper Hot Combat Chip still affecting time in intermission and credits

-Fixed double entries for accuracy on jet stat sheet

-Fixed hatch displacer accuracy bonus overflow due to lacking cap

-Fixed revealed items in regular locked chests not showing their tooltip when using mouse item

-Fixed rage squadron acting too chill
-Fixed double entries for accuracy on jet stat sheet

-Added a minor timeout to active activation in an attempt to fix a rare crash

-Fixed a problem prevent weapons that deal both explosive and direct damage from using accumulating damage modifiers
-Fixed hatch displacer accuracy bonus overflow due to lacking cap

-Fixed a tiny chance of active drops exceeding the per-zone limit

-Fixed SRM Replicator tooltip breaking if it is put into a chest while in the used state

1.204 (End-Tech)

-Fixed a problem causing technophages to show as locked in data cloud, regardless of unlock state

-Multi-phage runs no longer disable phage victory/mastery unlocks

-Instead, a few specific Technophages that are classified as "run changer" now disable phage victory/mastery unlocks for challenge phages

-Fixed Stygian Material not showing up in pause screen

1.204b (End-Tech)

-Fixed a problem where beams not directly fired from player would be treated like projectiles for impact generation, leading to a visual glitch

-Added notification after carrier launch when playing with run changer Technophages

1.204c (End-Tech)

-Fixed player bombs not getting balistic gravity assigned

-Fixed run-changer phages partially enabling god mode

-Force Gun now fires full auto