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Thank you!:)

Thanks for the nice words and also for the feedback! Yeah, I’m still expereimenting with the difficulty and the enemy generation and how the buffs should drop, your feedback on that is really useful!

I think that’s beacuse the boss timer runs out. I shoudl make that clearer then. Or change that feature, I’m not sure yet.

Thanks! It will be back sooner or later and even more customization options.


I like the core idea, building a very long laser web to as a defense. I think it has potential for new, more restricted levels, in this current state it was too easy but still fun.

Liked the core idea and some levels were fun but the presence of the enemies felt frustrating to me. They didn’t add any intersting challenge, I had to do the puzzle again after I touched one of them once.

I appriciate everything with dynamic soundtrack but the game was too hard and my projectals do not go to the point where the crosshair is so it’s hard to hit even a standin enemy.

So hard to stop playing this! Really juicy and intense.:D Nice music and sound, the scoops are cute as hell, and the gameplay is fast but not frustrating. Nice work!

Grsat puzzle game with nice aesthetics and awesome music!

Pretty fun! Controls were hard at first but I could use to it. Liked the combo weapon idea.

This was fun! Liked how the little ducks lined up after you and how I had to deal with the different obstacles. The art was simple but cute, the dynamic music was a nice touch too! Once I found a duckling out in the void but other than that I haven’t encountered any issues. Nice work!

Liked the concept and that I can’t constantly shhot the zombies but sometimes have to kite them around to make the generator free. It was still crazy hard for me. I also get why the music is like that and appriciate the idea but I muted it after a while, it was too much.

I like this variation, you need to plan ahead more and pay attention differently. The AI is nice too. And I haven’t tried the online multiplayer but that’s impressive too!

It took me a while to realize that the UFO does not collide with a lot of things. Also the falling UFO felt so strange. I liked the theme, the art of the UFO and the music.

Nice aesthetic and sounds. I couldn’t find the jump key first, P is a really unusual place for that.

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Really really unique and creative puzzle mechanic, I love it. The levels were great and challenging and I think the mechanic has potential for a lot more.

One thing though, it was strange that the moving block was slower than my mouse which made the positioning a bit awkward.

Nice work!

Unique and cool idea. I liked that you had to figure out each level. But some levels were too difficult and unpredictable and I couldn’t go on.

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This would be my favourite so far, if the walljump didn’t feel like a lottery. The setting is hilarious (the intro comic made me laugh out loud), the gameplay is fast and the time wapr mechanic with the modifyable block were really refreshing and exciting. With so few levels it wasn’t even frustrating to backtracking so much. But the walljump made me stop playing at some point because I just wasn’t able to do it consistently and died a lot to that. Still loved it, great job!

Art style and music were fine. The controls are hard and first I didn’t understand that the barrels are collectibles, I tried to avoid them by instinct.

Nice and simple art style, but the sound of the crushers were annoying. Gameplay was okay but the controls were awkward especially at some jumping sections.

I really enjoyed playing this one! Reminded me of some 90s platformer shooters. The characters were funny, enemies too and the whole action had a great dynamic vibe, it felt alive! One thing though, I didn’t really understand whether there are any reason not to listen to Mike. I alway listened to him and the constant healing made the game quite easy.

Great art style and atmosphere! Gameplay was a bit hard because it was hard to tell where were the actual edges of the hitboxes.

Hey, I’m at the university again! Just kidding, fun game with nice excecution. Nice fitting music and I always appriciate when we can hear the sound of the signal a bit. Nice work!

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I had to look at the comments to figure it out, what is happening. After understanding it, it was way more enjoyable. I feel like if the new car had a different color than the others it would have been much easier to understand. I wished there were an option to reset just the level I failed and not the whole game. I like the music changes between levels, gave it a more dynamic feel.

Incredible puzzle design, loved every bit of it! Maybe 7 was a bit too easy after you figured out 6 (which was really nice), but overall loved the unique and mindbending aspect of it. Nice work!

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Loved the simple management challenge and the art style which was lovely! Great work!

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The art style is lovely and loved to see the smokes of the destruction I caused after beating the level. Really satisfying. Gameplay was quite simple but it was fine and sometimes challenging. Although since the thermometer UI was continous, it was harder to learn how much health does each plant give you so sometimes it felt more like trial-and-error rather than clever routing. Overall I liked it, nice work!

Thank you, glad to hear you had such a great experience with it!

Thank you!:)

Thank you!

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I quite liked the merge/split mechanic and loved tha character animations too. I felt the game was too straightforward, not much puzzle, just finding the right doors.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the clarification. It makes sense of course. The confusion came from the game page which said “defeat enemies by crashing against them, OR consume some of your life-force for an explosive area attack “ which sounded to me like only the area attack consumes the HP.

First, I like the potion level as health indicator, it is even animated, lovely! I liked the sacrafice-type area attack too. But I maybe misunderstood something, but does the dash attack lower your health too? Or was I just slow and the enemy hit me? It felt strange. Also the health regeneration on time proposes a gameplay where the player just hides for a long time.

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First, I loved the aesthetic of the game, it looked awesome, music was fine and the voicelines were a nice addition. I also liked the unique gameplay in terms of the multipurpose gun and how the HP works.

Second, I’m still not sure I understand the gameplay completely. Am I forced to teleport on the dog to unlink? How come I can sometimes aim and sometimes I can not? Also, the Controls menu forgets to mention that you can sprint. The crosshair was also strange to me, because it didn’t really help with the bowtie because of the trajectory and the actual gun wasn’t really precise.

Overall, nice work!:)

Relatable game.:) Gameplay was quite smooth consedering all the physics obejcts moving around, it was nice. Sometimes I saw an E prompt outside the level.

The art style is lovely. The gameplay mechanics were okay but the block generation felt too random. I mean sometimes I was overwhelmed by blocks and I had to put them behind Bob but sometimes there were so few, I couldn’t do anything to keep Bob up.

I loved this, really elegant and awesome puzzle game! When I figured out how can you make a certain UI element smaller, I was impressed. The levels were challenging enough for a gamejam game and the art style was nice and clean as well. Great job!

The game looks spectecular and it was a nice experience to reach the top. Loved the little animations and sounds as well. Gameplay-wise it could have done more and the controls felt awkward sometimes but overall great job!

Nice graphics and audio! Unique core gamplay. Controls were hard for me, I couldn’t really hit anything on purpose.