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Working on it but there are some problems with the current state of it. Hopefully I can release it soon but unfortunately I don’t have that much free time for it these weeks. But it’s still planned.

Thanks for the feedback:)

I hope so. Didn’t really have time to work on it lately. I’ll release it as soon as it’s tested:)

We’ll see!:) thank you!

Well, the short answer is that it’s a pain in the ass.:) But basically they are all UI elements generated from the upcoming loops. The background is generated based on the length and the dots are positioned based on the drum informations in the loop. Then a script moves them in a direction and disables them when tey are not needed anymore. Hope this is sufficient but feel free to ask more.

What seems to be the problem? The button in the download section not working? The game is only available for Windows for now though.

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The song is not mine. If you mean the synth bass loop, check here.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! Stay tuned for future plans :)

Haha, thank you!:)

Thank you! That’s the plan:)

Thank you!

That bug will be fixed in the upcoming post-jam version.

Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback! I’ll put it on the list:)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! I have ideas and plans for a bigger game so stay tuned:)

Thank you very much, I’m glad you had fun with it.

The beat grid makes me think a lot, because, yeah, you’re too busy surviving to watch it on the bottom, but I don’t want to make the center to be too busy either. I think I’ll leave it this way for the upcoming post-jam version but for later releases this will be one of my main concerns.

If everything goes well, the post-jam version will be available on Mac and Linux too.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I’m planning on releasing a post-jam version soon with a few more levels. Thanks for playing! :)

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Hilarious, really liked it! Although there was a lot of deaths which happened off-screen or because the camera moved and the laser moved with it, straight into a poor co-worker. :(

Oh man, I wanted to enjoy this game so much, but there are some tehcnical issues which are.. well… not cool.:(

I love the idea, the story, the protagonist is hilarious! Trying to come up with a cool sentence to the beat is cool. Nice graphics and music! I would love it!

But.. Sometimes I can not talk to anybody. Sometimes I get the “You win” screen for no reason. For me the UI of the words look differently like on the screenshot. For me the words have very little space between them. Sometimes the words are in not sync with the beat.

Again, I love the idea, and when it works, it’s really cool!

The atmosphere is cool. I had a big issue with the gameplay though: the hitboxes felt very weird and there was no feedback for any damage or anything. Sometimes I touched a hazard but nothing happened, sometimes I dies for no visible reason and just teleported to an other point of the room.

I didn’t feel that the limited copy-paste actions did anything. If you don’t figure it out in time, you just have to start over which is more frustrating than challenging. But the levels were easy so I didn’t die anyway. Loved the art and the sound thoug, great!

The art is beautiful! Music was cool too. I couldn’t get far though, the controls felt wonky. the jump felt strange, it went unexpectedly high but not too far horizontally.

Unique idea, I really liked it!

That cube is unsolvabe. :( After I touched the lamp, I couldn’t place it anywhere to not be in my way, it was a little annoying. The presentation is nice!

Oh, cool, an other rhythmic shoot-to-move!:) Like the beats and the weapons, and could be fun. But I have one big issue which is the instakill. I touch anything and I have to start from the beginning of the whole game, that’s just too punishing.

I liked the idea, naturally, since mine was pretty similar. The bar with the incoming notes was clear and was able to pay attention to both that and the dancefloor. I think, maybe your version could benefit from the enemy spawns not being randomized because it was really disappointing when the lasers went finally crazy, but the dancefloor was empty. Without reading the description, I didn’t realize that I actually have to kill the DJ and didn’t realize any shields going down so maybe it could be more eye catching. Also, after a while the notes/shoots were out of sync with the music for some reason.

Including a level editor is really impressive!

I was really sad that the curling stones can not slide under the tables.

Did I just play a game about a sneezing flamingo in a porcelain shop? It was funny, the model is cute. My big issue is the camera, I think it’s too much zoomed in and because of the fixed angle there were several places where I cnouldn’t see anything so the destruction was big regardless I sneezed or not.

Graphics, sounds and music really make this game! Gameplay is enjoyable too but the slots at first are soo limited and jumping and running are basically mandatory so there is a lot of backtracking while collecting the power units.

Finally a game with checkpoints! Also nice presentation, loved the colors. The gameplay wasn’t too challenging though and the controls felt sometimes unresponsive. I was able to get stuck on a hook target.

So simple and elegant! The controls just feel sooo natural. Levels were challenging. Physics felt a bit stragne when touching a wall, it felt like the stick stops for a few frames. Don’t know if intetnional bit felt strange. But again, good job, I hope to see more of this.

The idea and the writing is so hillarious! Each level was pretty good, nice puzzle game.

Funny! A few things though:

  • The fact that Bob can jump even in mid-air makes this too unpredictible in my opinion.
  • The objects I’m holding can go crazy at screen transition.
  • Very punishing, with this kind-of “random” gameplay Bob should get more lifes or checkpoints.
  • With Bob’s speed sometimes it’s hard to react, like the saw which just pops up suddenly at the end of the first screen. I think the speed is fine though, it’s the camera that’s zoomed in too much.

Again, I still had fun with it.

Too real, just too real..

Loved it!:)

The atmosphere is great and the osntar is scary. Maybe too easy to avoid when it is in the same room with you. Also, does the hiding mechanic work? It still went straight to me and grabbed me.

I have rabbits, not a cat, but still, this is really similar to what my last weekend looked like. Also I’m terrible at typing so it was hard. Nice graphics and music!

Nice concept, nice levels, cool artstyle and music. But… Why do I die on the first hit? Why can’t I jump without falling down? Why RMB instead of LMB? I liked it overall but these were the questions in my head while I was playing.

Interesting and unique approach. It was too punishing though, especially when I lost control during a jump and just fell to my death because of some random event which I can not do anything about.