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I love the concept of creating your own command patterns with the beeps. Really fun and I'd love to see more puzzles with this in the future. 

I was surprised the character didn't react to "no" after "go" and I missed that because it's hard to get used to the character's running and falling speed.

Liking the concept especially how you can deal with multiple threats when their areas overlap. The controls weren'T perfect, sometimes my hero just stopped at one point then after moving the mouse a little they could continue flying, and also the cursos is really hard to see sometimes.

Nice idea and levels. You can be stuck pretty easily especially in narrow spaces and with only one bomb it generates a lot of restarts.

The one second limit give some excitement to it, liked the idea. 

The indicator of the end of the first second was ot clear enough though and sometimes the bullet came straight back to me even though it hit the wall in an angle.

Pretty nice twist on the original game, especially with more boards.

Couldn't try all of the characters (for now) but it's really impressing how you managed to build one level which is challenging for all of them. Nice job.

Cool idead, nice levels. Controls are a bit annyoing but otehr than that great job

Really funny and it also keeps the player on their toes with the different questions. 

I'm not really fond of memory-based games but I love how limit which colors you can see with the level desing. So overall pretty nice idea and great levels.

You are really great at making the player feel the way you want them to feel.

Design-wise it's simple and cool. I liked how the moleculs were still very different at later levels but just more fo them so it wasn't annoying. It was really realxing aspecially with the sounds, loved them as well.

I didn't know I have to remove the gravity from the previous selected object and ther was no feedback for that so the controls were sometimes confusing. Other than that I like the idea and the levels.

Interesting theme. There is no inidcation whether a choice has a permanent effect or not so it was bit confusing

Came for the aesthetics, stayed for the mechanics. 

Cool and simple idea, the move designing mechanic has depth and really fun. The button directions were evident for me but I can see that it can be confusing for others. 

I'd love to see a more polished version of this in the future.

I like the idea, nice, simple and fresh mechanic. Showing my drawing at the end is a nice touch.

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Cool mechanic and puzzles. The aiming was a bit off which was a bit annoying because you have to do the whole level again after a missed shot. I also love the name of the game, just perfect.

Liking the design. Maybe a bit easy with this freedom of movement. The visuals and the audio was also nice.

Why does taking out the card feel sooo hard? Cool idea and I like the different systems of the submarine. I felt like there should be something that urges you to take risks and try to go faster since now you can just go really really slow.

The jumpy movement makes it hard to follow the smoothly moving obstacles and also sometimes you have to wait too much. But other than that, cool simple mehcanics.

Oh, I love "3 heroes with unique abilites cooperating with each other" kind of games! Great level design, the mechanics have depth and fits to the theme. Awesome!

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Thank you! Yeah, the missing tutorial is a recurring issue with me, maybe I learned the lesson for good this time.:)

Cool game! The thethers are awesome, and were you in cool tricky situations. Maybe hiding the cursor is an unnecessarry layer of difficulty but other than that great controls and challenge.

I never want to touch any other programming language than Polynomials anymore..

Amazign idea, hard learning curve

At first it felt too random, then I realized that is the damage is depending on the mood and the responce. Then it became a lovely little puzzle to figure out the best response. Nice concept.

The control is genius, has great potential for interestin scenarios, the levels are fun and challenging, teach you the basics just right to keep you in flow. Awesome design, I'm open for a full sequel :)

Blending in instead of sneaking was pretty cool

Why can the opponents turn right?

I don't think I understand how this fits the theme. Other than that it could be cool, attacking and the towers giving buffs is nice idea in itself. It just need some tweaking because right now you just have to shield and speed up your army and you win easily.

The idea seems cool that you need to make desicions about defending yourself this round and have fewer options later or vice versa. But I would suggest that the waves grow at a slower rate because the game is so hard that none of the strategies seem to work and the desire for strategic thinking is gone. Also the battle itself wasn't really clear to me (how many HP does the enemy ship have? Do they shoot randomly? Are we fighting simultaniusly?) Otherwise pretty nice.

Great twist on the text adventure concept, and the excecution is nice too. You teach the player just right so there was some "Aha!" moments in the last rooms. Nice concept made well.

Lovely. There was some small mechanics that use the shooting well. But the regular jumping sections were not the mos exciting, you still jsut had to press space but if messed up somehow, instead of giving it another quick try, you had to wait for the boy to turn around. The art is cool!

Thank you :)

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Thanks :) Yeah I admit a tutorial would definitely help

For challenge, I tried to do it without killing the birds, 5 was my best score that way. :D Liked the look and the animations.

The controls and speed were fine, but this scrolling technique is kind of.. annoying, especially during jump. This scrolling also generates some "leap of faith" scenarios which sometimes turns out to be the right thing to do, but most of the time you just die miserably. This guessing game could even be okay, but starting the screen over and over agian just to find the spot to fall down is a bit too much punishing to my taste.

Music, sound, the character animation and the overall feel was cool!

The space station looks cool! Movement is weird but floating around the station is nice concept.

Thanks for the feedback! 

My original plan was to give you more hints about the personality than simply giving reactions, but had to cut those features due to deadline. Glad you liked the theme!