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Amazing, great to see games from the jam actually being worked on and released! I'll check it out tonight!

Sorry it took so long to get to it! Save the best for last they say haha. Really fun mechanics and the game feels solid. The feedback was great and the Dynamics are introduced very well to the player! 

Great job I loved this one <3

Great serious game, it gets you engaged with simple gamplaly and delivers a strong message at the end. Great work you guys are doing.

Here you are!
Rating yours rn!

This is like warioware but if all games were going at once! Great job, please check out mine!

Lets gooo!

Here you go!

That was an experience <3 freaking loved it amazing job!

This is a really great one. Sooo juicy and just feels amazing. So much personality and unique qualities! Amazing job!


Great feedback for the player, the design is on point! The game feel was really good. Great job!


Will definitely check it out, do you have a twitter? 

Done please check out mine!

Done, did you make it in game maker? it would help if you added sounds and more feedback, I did not know how to grapple for a long time and the save points forced me to figure it out.


Good use of camerashake. The jump does not feel super good tho I understand you are a dwarf but still the jump is very stubby and makes for tedious platforming .

Done! Please check out mine :D

Really nice design and gameplay. Given enough time I bet you guys could have done a lot more levels and mechancis! Great job on the design :D

Just played it, I had a hard time with it but the concept is really good and with some improvements in lighting and design it will definitely be an amazing game!

It was hard for me to find my way around the castle, lot of the areas were poorly lit and I did not know where to go or what to do for the most part. The art and animations are really good but thats not what the jam is about.



Very well excited,  I played another mores code game but this one was way better. It was gamified and I really liked the art even tho it does not matter!

Really fun game,  it looks  really solid and with some variation in enemy type it will be really goo!

Already rated!


Really cool mechanic. The game feels juicy af but the controls were inconsistent at times. I had a great time with this one!


This one was really nice. Ik the jam is not about art but it looked super good too!

I loved this one, It was really fun playing with friends and there was lots of confusion as to where to move.


Nice concept but it needs refinement. Pretty hard for a game jam game, I'm supervised you took on the challenge!

Done! I only got till 9 I think xD

Small things like the obstacles flying away when I bump into them etc add a lot to game feel good job.


I reached a lot of points! The increase points per click upgrade was broken for me tho. The game with the best reward schedules for the jam


The camera movement was quite stiff. The objective of the game was not made clear either, I was unable to finish it :_:.  some more feedback and better level design to teach the player important things and this will be a good game.