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Puzzler FPS where you can curve the bullet
Submitted by Johnny Dalvi (@JohnnyDalvi) — 2 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Very well done! The player feedback was solid and I thought the smiley was a cute touch!
I'd love to see this pushed further! :D


thank you very much for playing it. I indeed might develop it further


Really nice, the sound was good, the smiley face  was awesome. Controls were surprisingly easy to use. Now do a VR version where you need to spin your arm like in wanted :) Really fun game Good job.


Great feedback for the player, the design is on point! The game feel was really good. Great job!


I would like to see this as a full game!


Thanks for playing it :D
It might indeed turn out into a full game


Ok that was actually really fun, kinda lost myself in the game there.

Definitely make this a proper game, in VR if possible.


I'm glad you liked it!
That's indeed a possibility, haven't thought about it but VR does seems like a good option

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

This one was a blast! (pun absolutely intended)


I'm glad  you liked it! xD
playing yours right now too


A really well presented game, that felt really satisfying to play. As other comments have said the mouse sensitivity (particularly playing on a track pad!) was very high, but that can be tweaked. In terms of design, perhaps limiting the amount you can use the slow motion would increase the challenge. Overall, a really well implemented mechanic, that I could definitely imagine appearing in an FPS at some point.


Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I had some problems with the sensivity setting, it seems that there are some issues with the built-in unity function. I`ll have to fix that and add an slider in the pause menu too. I`ll also limit the amout of slow motion, that`s exactly what I was discussing yesterday with a couple of friends, I'm glad that testers are also relating the same issues :D

Thanks for the awesome feedback!


Great idea with a great execution. Each level presents a new idea so it never gets boring. The only suggestion I have is to add an option to control the mouse sensitivity. Nicely done.


Thanks for playing my game! I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah, the sensivity slider is on my ToDo list, I probably should have prioritize it over something else, I guess. Unity has some mouse delta inconsistency


cool concept!! always thought how wanted can be turned into a game.. 

Rated and best wishes for the jam...


Thanks for playing my game Ankrai!


5/5 !

Very impressive game! Camera move and bullet controll! Like it!


thanks for playing and for the feedback! I'll play yours too once I get home, later today.


God Dam Level 10 , Nice Game man 


I'm glad you liked it! :D how long it took to finish all the levels, if you don't mind me asking?


around 25~30 minutes , wasn't hard really (except lv.10 ) but it was satisfying that I wasted time while being the "last bullet bender" :P


the reset of a level have some problems as them camera moves further away each time.

But i really feel like in that movie Wanted, with some more levels and some more features it could be really cool :D

Developer (1 edit)

thanks for the feedback, I never really noticed the camera thing on reset, I'm glad you pointed it out. Indeed, it was inspired in the Wanted movie. xD


Solid Idea, and a good general build of concepts, however some levels are really tight. Everything seems to work fairly well and looks solid. One thing to note is that the transition from hitting a yellow bounce pad is a bit jarring. Overall pretty good


Thanks for your feedback, yeah. I totally agree, I need to work more on the level design to soften the difficulty curve. I'll fix the transition for the ricochette mechanic, thanks for pointing out.