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Haha merci ! 

Tu peux tester la version complète, j'ai fixé le bug :p

Really interesting idea but i agree with tricky fat cat, changing the emerald position would be nice to give some replayability. Something else that could help would be to make ammunitions limited, right now the game is quite easy if you spam while walking next to a wall. Having to manage your ammunitions, or maybe have a greater cooldown or maybe even scaring could have less and less effect on people would improve that

Damn the creepy mood is real, really cool audio and graphics !

My main complaint would be that the game don't incentivize you to increase your score enough, and the simpliest way to survive long is to build a wall fungi (they look like cookies btw, but that's fine, i love cookies.) which blocks bugs indefinitely. But killing bugs is the most important part of the ecosystem, as they produce the flies the spiders eats and turns into mini spiders, they also produce the fungi to distract flies. This means if you don't kill bugs but just block them, the spiders won't do anything and just wait for flies, but there won't be any flies, which means no mini spider and infinite lasting fungi, bringing the game to a pause, nothing happens to you while you have a fungi wall, and it's not super fun. Now the solution could be as simple as to not build such a wall in the first place, but that's where the issue is : you have to. Without it you get attacked by bugs, so you have to kill them, but if you leave the bodies without any fungi you're going to die with the resulting flies, so you have to break their bodies, which makes fungi, turning into a wall very quickly. 

You can as a player let a few bodies turn into flies, that's where the game is the most fun, but this is a very risky action as it canreally easily get out of control - it is the point of the game afterall - but as the only reward for doing so is score points. The score only is a number to track how well you did, but not the actual goal of the game (to me at least, the game wants you to manage the ecosystem, not have a high score), and even if it is, gaining points isn't fun nor interesting on it's own, while the gameplay is.

If keeping the score is something you want, then the game should give the player more reasons to break his defensive fungi wall and let chaos be. Otherwise i think creating a state where the palyer can survive infinitely without doing anything shouldn't be possible, there are several ways this could be done :

  • make the fungi disappear on its own
  • don't make it block for eternity the bugs : they could destroy it or simply move slowly inside it
  • make it really simple to destroy by the player, right now it is as much a barrier against the bugs and flies that it is to the player, having to destroy a huge wall by hand is tiresome and hard to do by accident, while if it was fragile you could accidentaly create a breach in the wall
  • change how to produce fungi, maybe a rarer crawler than the basic bug could make it appear when he dies so you don't spawn so many.
  • change how to produce flies, the main reason i turned every bugs into fungi, was because i didn't wanted flies, they are very deadly, attacking you but also feeding spiders and destroying your defenses, the only alternative to producing flies is to make fungi, you can't even allow yourself to make flies without first making fungi as they will most definitely kill you

Related to the fungi wall thing, bugs where piling up against it and after some time they started to make a lot of noise, this could be improved, limiting the number of simultaneous sounds that can be played usually helps a lot. Also gameplay-wise, i knew there was a huge ton of bugs behind my wall, which even less made me want to create a breach, as overlapping bugs can be very deadly since when you kill one, the body produced won't block the rest, meaning if there are enough of them you can not beat them all before they reach you.

Last thing : the player can only shoot again once the bullet touched something, it could give an interesting self balancing difficulty by making killing things far away more difficult since if you have the time to kill them while they're still far it means you are doing good, but it had another effect for me : i would barely kill any bugs while they're far and instead wait to spam them super fast once they get close, it makes destroying their bodies and the fungi much easier too. I think simply having a cooldown would be better.

There are really moments where she just does not let you control for a day, you weren't lying when you wrote she isn't in control of her life :P Really cool aesthetics and nice music ! It took me some time to find all activites, in particular the games and smartphone. Won on my second attempt, with only a few hours left. It became a bit easier once i had found you don't have to wait for her eyes to open but can force her to give you a chance to choose by pressing space or clicking on something while she walks, even if she already decided to do something.

Thanks a lot for those very kind words ! The advantage of making a crazy game focused on story is that small bugs and unbalanced elements aren't a big deal, as the most important is the story, which made the development and level design much easier ; having a plan for the game is also less important, both of those facts gave me time to make some kind of story and narration. 

I won't let this bug crush me down and continue to make games !

Very glad you enjoyed the game !

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(please respect this, it's serious, thx)

now this is clarified (if it wasn't already) : i've figured what wasn't working, fixed it and uploaded a complete version !

I kept trying hard but never got over 70% myself, plus most of the time letting the game be would keep my score higher than what i could do. You can turn good cookie-monkey thought cells (to me they are cookies) back to boring controllable cells when you click on them or was i just drunk of monkey magic juice ?

Fun and unique game, i never wished so much for someone to loose his mind. It took me some time to figure out how to make monkey cells union great again, but i like once a certain monkey threshold reached the rest really got turn easily and most of it on it own.

Thank you :D the whole reason the game became so violent is because i didn't knew how to finish the tutorial so i made the person explode, using a particle system decently named "Bloodsplosion", the next step obviously was to spawn zombie puppy eater donuts :P I will post another version with bug fixed once i manage to fix, i'd like other people than me to experience the story (because there is a story (it was created in the last 2-3 hours of the jam but still))

Hahaha, thanks, confusing players was the goal, just as like i was confused while trying to make a game without a plan :P Glad you enjoyed it :D

Almost all hits i would take would be when the controls just got jumbled and i have to find what key does what as it would really mess with my brain and confuse me so much xD Simple yet nice to play, cool music and art.

I feel like the game speed should increase with how much ship you destroyed rather than only with time - not because of the original space invaders - but because the game is very easy if you can manage to destroy the ship early on, while if you take too much time and still have lots of ships alive it becomes impossible to survive.

First thing i tried was to infect everybody, the game told me i was awesome :D although i did failed shopping despite being literally 2 meters aways from the last item. I did not understood why leave the option to go with or without a mask, could the whole game secretely be an analogy of something in the real world with the goal to show how much a mask can make a difference ? 

Really good mood with both beatiful art and music. There are cases where seeing the birds is a bit hard like said below.

I feel like the gameplay is really too simple, reversing controls surprised me the first time but got used to it after that, a better fit to the theme would be found i think.

The low flying birds were quite rare, so i spent almost the whole game holding crouch, only switching key when the background changed which made the game even easier xD

For some reason the parallax was really not fluid, fullscreen or not doesn't seem to affect it nor restarting the browser.

Also sometimes you would get birds going at different speeds at the same time, which can make certain jumps impossible.

Cute game, some more explanation on why you run would be nice

Excellent visuals and audio ! The game feels really good !

The bullet casings flying away are nice but i think they are too visible, i would oftenly mistake a bullet for a casing and vice-versa which made doging difficult in some cases. I found destroying bullets really hard and overall could not get good enough at planning the perfect route despite the markings while shootint at every incoming bullet and guard but still avoid civilians to simply fly through most combat. The civilians were a bit hard to distinguish from guards sometimes, fortunately enough you didn't placed lots of them. Ah also, why is the gold green ? xD

To me the game was really more of a "spot the enemy, go back to a safe zone to fly while preparing the correct aim, stop flying and move back to where i can shoot the guard, if possible off-screen" than an action shooter. I still enjoyed it quite a lot but i'm pretty sure i did not get the experience wanted. I tried to replay the game after finishing it, i was better and could in some occasion fly, bounce and shoot like in the gifs, but i would only really do that at the beginning of the levels. The reason being that defense is way to hard for me to pull off while flying through a danger zone, so it made playing like super risky and most of the time i would die.

Also, since you shoot faster than the guards, and considering the precision needed to destroy bullets, it is actually way easier to aim while hiding then align yourself with a guard and stop moving, wait until your bullets reach the guard and repeat. Trying to move a bit to avoid bullets will most likely make you miss a bullet and get shot, which is also true when flying around, as soon as you're getting shot at by multiple guards at the same time - or also in tight spaces - you're very likely to randomly fly into a bullet.

I had some issues with collisions, corridors of only 1 tile wide made movement and combat hard, using the jetpack inside would almost always result in a weird collision sending you in an undesired direction, making the player's collision box smaller could help but i think not making tight areas would be better, they don't let the player use the cool and satisfying fly and shoot mechanic and actually encourage waiting for the bullets to reach the guards while not moving. The gold bars were sometimes super hard to pick up, or instead get picked from far away. Also sometimes the doors would close before i reached them, they add a nice mechanic but when you get locked up near the end and have to restart it gets very frustrating :x

I still did finished twice the game with all bonus bar though, but if i hadn't played the game safely and pre-aimed most kills i would have never got them all.

Ah one more note : the ability to shoot off-screen guards is really powerful, they don't shoot at you and you can kill them safely, but in some cases this is needed and it shouldn't be, like in the last level on the left side's vertical corridor, not killing the guards prior to seeing them makes it super hard to react in time if you're flying toward them.

Finally : i think your game would benefit hugely from showing a map of the level, not only it fits the heist theme really well, but it would make planning your route so much easier and enjoyable

[Wall of text over] I had a great time playing despite having *some* thins to say, great job !

That last level 😰it felt great to finish it though ^^

The game is really not kind with the player's collision box, add to the the precision needed in some levels it can be quite hard. I liked the Portal context. Apart from the spring sometimes not triggering or not behaving correctly if you had downard speed, i liked the different mechanics. 

I think you could have used more the theme. Maybe not having that many different more classical traps but more puzzle focused on managing your crouch state. Right now each time you need to crouch you can do so in that very same place, this kinda makes the feature more aesthetic than actually useful gameplay-wise, although it does have impat on the collision box and the spring force, it still feels like it wouldn't change much the game if that crouch thing wasn't here.

The menu is fun :P The lasers synchronised with the music is nice, even if unintentional. Overall it was a hard but cool experience.

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Nice mechanics, the fact you let the player choose which control to disable is cool, completing the puzzle feels satisfying. Cute piano theme too :P Nice game

Edit: it definitely lacks a respawn with same control settings option though

That was a one of a kind out of control experience :P The audio is really nice, sets the right mood. The amount of things to read was a bit overwhelming considering the ship's failure happens quickly (or at least that's what i call the black screen). I liked the story telling, Good job :D

Thanks :D The difficulty is meant to encourage players to buy loads of clones to create more chaos but it's done in a weird way. Despite the controls being a bit difficult you can actually complete the level without doing anything, so even if it's too difficult you can't really fail, so i thought it was alright to leave it like that

Thanks ! Yeah i should have tested to make builds more oftenly, the reason why the gameplay is a bit random is because is getting out of control, although this is only really visible by completing the story, which makes me even more disappointed in delivering the game in this state.

A fun little experience, although it's sad the unremarkable robe smells bad :C

Apart from the fact that when you shoot you have to release the screen then press again to move, it works well.

Nice story :D

Very simple and effective game, and great ending ! An interesting twist of an overused genre, halfway between a cookie clicker and a visual novel. 

Like others a longer experience would be nice, but overall i quite liked it, good job !

Interesting mechanic, and interesting theme usage. I really feel that with the proper tutorial and some well made levels it could be a great puzzle game !

When you move towards a wall you already touch it blocks you, but it's the only bug i found.

Really loved the sounds ! xD

I had some difficulties understanding the controls, but once i did i played for quite some time ! (i reached about 250 deaths when i stopped)

Even though the generation sometimes make the level completely impossible, it usually works quite well. I love the new mechanics the further you go in the game.

The controls are a bit hard but at some point you get used to it.

Also, what the heck happened on the menus ? xD

Overall really well made ! I wish to see a more complete and polished version of this, it is quite fun to play. Really made me think of a mix between Ultimate Horse Chicken and INK, well done !

Thanks a lot !

Originally you weren't supposed to be able to deactivate it, but as it was so difficult to play i added the toggle. However i think with proper feedback it should be playable, i'll keep it in the postjam version.

I'm currently working on that postjam version, adding more models, weapons, sounds, etc !

Thanks again

Thank you !

I planned to have a story, BuzzMan stole GrandMa's robe and you must get it back, but i barely got the time to make a simple drawing to tell the story.

Thanks for the models, they're the main reason why i didn't got the time to finish the rest, spent about a quarter of the jam on them ^^

I will continue to update the game as i still work on it, if you're interested in more crazy gun fight come back in some days ! ;)

Thanks a lot ! There's indeed a plot but i didn't had the time to impelment it, i had planned an animation at the start to explain that effectively buzzman stole the grandma's robe, and you must kill his flying hamster army then fight him to get your robe back, but i barely got the time in the last 5 minutes to add a quick drawing with the story, it stays on the screen for only 2 seconds though so very hard to read and see xD

Yeah there should be more explanation on what's going on with the nyan cats but at least it works decently ^^

I plan on adding more sound effects, and making them 3D because right now they're not (no distance attenuation and no panning), didn't took the time to throw a rock or metal music in it, but definitely will !

I will continue to work on it until it feels finished, adding models to everything, more weapons, more enemies, etc

I'm not sure i understood the treasure room riddle, i think i kinda did, though i found how to reach the end of the level, but for the next step i had to try like 4 times before the first door would actually let me through.

Anyway i reached the end of the story, which was cool ;)

The music loop is a bit short like some people said but it is sufficient i believe, it gives a good atmosphere to the game. The SFX could use some more work but they sure are of decent quality.

The graphics are really polished, good job !

If I were to give some advice i would say to work on the level design primarly, especially since the playable area is not what you see, i kinda played all the levels walking against everything i could.

Also the hitbox of the player against spikes is kinda huge, maybe consider reducing its size.

Overall you did a great job, congrats !

Thanks for the feedback !

I will check ;)

Yeah you can upload new things during the jam, until the submission period is over ;)

My only complaint would be that ingredients disappear when going too far outside the screen even when you have them on your sandwich.

I will just paste that here and let that speak for how i appreciated the game

The map is gigantic ! It was a bit easy to find the boat though, like a boat it is on a coast just have to run around the island, when most of the risk is inside the land, but i would really see some other mechanics, almost some kind or survival like this, feels great, the aesthetics is awesome, the osunds deserve some work, but overall it's a great game, good job !

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(Just realised the length of the answer, welp, reading ahead)

Thanks ! Made the music and sounds during the 48 hours, as well as all other assets in fact. Didn't had any sound effects on the menu so i just thought making that weir "uni" sound repeating over and over, also it would make the player wants to play as listening to it for too long starts to be uncomfortable xD

- Well holding the button charges the bar, if the bar reaches 50%, then you have to get at least 50% score in the minigame, if you get less you will lose. It is sort of a bet on how well you will succeed. But yeah only the blue one i won't always do full bar length too.

- It's kind of the same issue in fact, the design was supposed to make the minigames hard, and the goal wasn't to finish them, in fact, getting 100% in them should have been really hard. Though balancing the minigame was kind hard as 3 of them were made in the last 10 hours. The blue one was the first one and that's kinda why the difficulty is a bit more intersting on it, the other ones i barely had time to test.

- Yeah i noticed that too, when i was brainstorming i didn't thought of Mario Party at all, but later in development i thought about it too. And i agree about having more minigames, though the first idea i got was making everything timed, the game was supposed to be to go as fast as you can (though it wouldn't give more point to go fast in several parts), but as there was no UI i choose to limit time only in minigames. With the time constraint in the rest of the game i find doing the same game less repetitive, but yeah would definitely do more if i am to continue this.

- The other two being mostly just brainless spam clicking it makes sense, tried to make them funny to counter that but yeah might want to try to find versions with a bit more thinking involved.

- Those are indeed bugs, the balls AFAIK were working ok, but it doesn't surprise me as i had to stop working on the rumor minigame to go to cats, but they also came with their bugs, the initial goal with cats was to make a whole bunch of it, though i didn't had time to fix overlapping cats unfortunately, was supposed to have way more cats but the best i could do was just reduce the number of cats so that it would limit the amount of overlaping ones. Could have jsut prevent the audio from playing on collision when on the ground but overlapping is also generating points so this way the player avoid "cheating" the minigame because it's just so annoying xD

- I spent all my time working on minigames and some other things and yeah some tutorial is really missing, and quite a lot of feedback on what you're doing too. For the minigames yeah it could be good to let player try out the minigame before actually playing it, but as i kinda want to keep the aspect of being pressed by time, and keep the minigame quite short, i see it more like on the main menu you could try all the minigames without time constraints.

- Might be indeed, though as there's nothing else than the minigames, it only reset your score, and that's kinda where i want to go with the holding button for more points, it's to make the player bet, if he charges very little he won't gain much, if he charges a lot and fail to complete the minigame then it's not like the player didn't had chance and the game choosed to impose such a hard time, the player himself would choose his difficulty. That's why i'm kinda ok with losing being harsh.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, did my best to do as much as i could, though i did watched movies during the 48h so i guess i could have done more but gotta rest sometimes ^^

figured for the cup under though the jump above i can't even go past half the spike pit so i thought i was doing something wrong, and yeah you really don't have that much time before you gotta pickup the mug again

I feel like it only misses some mechanic to make it a bit more game, it is super hard not to murder all your friends while you were trying to heal one, but it's an intersting mechanic, if understanding how to move, make friends and all was easy enough, it wasn't really clear what i had to do and that the acutal challenge was trying not to kill my friends, which is too bad cause it's fun to cause self destruction.

Maybe you could trying using a grid for the character movement, as it would make everything more about strategy than trying to block people on the edge of a block or having issue because they pushed each other into the walls (happened a few times that i got someone stuck inside one)

Also, the end shouldn't be hidden as there's no time limit, threats other than yourself or treasures lying around, exploration isn't really attractive, before i found there was a place to end, i thought that i had to try and recruit everyone, and that it would only end when all the people alive are my friends.

Took the bet to play without reading any instructions, after i few tries i found out how to enter a bot, after that the difficulty wasn't too high, completed the whole thing in my first try, but it was really great and intense, it is quite polished and rushing to an enemy, trying to make a shot worth it is a great feeling.

I'm not sure i really understood how the health worked, do i have a different healthbar per robot ?

The only thing i found was a bit underdesigned was the levels, when you play you're really moving in all the directions, you're getting in robots, which have their own orientation then you spawn back in bullet where you shot, it is really easy to lose orientation, and several levels i didn't knew where the next part was, so i went back a little before understanding where i was, so maybe some kind of map or objective compass or something could help a bit with that.

Also i'm almost sure the buttons spawned an enemy but again i didn't really understood what happened, try doing like in the portal games, where the buttons have either a symbol or a visual "cable" type of thing to connect them to whatever they do.

Anyway, had a lot of fun and the gameplay feels great, very good job !

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I didn't understood how i was supposed to finish the third screen so i don't know what i missed, could you help me out ? i don't really wanna rate until i've played a bit more since there really was only the introduction then got stuck

It is possible but really hard and it could be more satisfying, charging could make the bullet lose less velocity on impact, so that the enemies don't have to be super close

I don't know if i was the only one to have this issue but the image was kind of stuttering, when moving it was even more weird, like i had the previous frame right before each new frame, it made it a little harder to follow the movement.

Otherwise i like the idea of charging, though i didn't really saw the point here, as charging only throw it a little further and faster, it won't help you kill more enemies that are aligned (which is a shame because it would feel great) plus the further the bullet goes the slower you can shoot so the game actually makes playing close to enemies better.

Though it is quite intense to dive in a swarm and try to avoid everything, i beleive charging should help you make your bullet pierce through enemies, or it could make it bounce off objects. Some slowmo when close to a lot of bullets/enemies could be cool too.

The controls felt pretty great, would have loved a bit bigger level, doing some parkour while trying to dodge hoping for your bullet to catch up would feel amazing.

Lastly i would recommend to do something to be able to differentiate the projectiles, like some color or else to know which follows you and which don't.

So it seems others were able to go look for weapons, i wonder how since i was moving so slow i could at the furthest get to see a bow before diying, rolling did nothing but an animation, spamming the enemy with bare fist would in some condition, kind of block the attacks ? as long as i wasn't moving nor that i stopped spamming i wouldn't get killed.

Now the graphics are really cool, though you should keep in mind that this is a game jam about game design, hence judging gameplay way more than musics, sound effects (which by the way kill the audio when i spam), or visual style (except if any of those are part of the gameplay of course).

Problem here for me is that i can't even try any weapons as reaching them is impossible, i can't run away from the monster as he runs way faster than me, can't hit it though he would kill with great ease. Tested on both chrome and firefox, both were the same i just couldn't move more than 6 tiles before ending up dead. Got only one thing to do : keep dying (maybe that's the plot twist and nobody saw it coming).

Also after several restart the character wouldn't respawn and the game was blocked