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Yes, I do.  I`ll use your email instead then

Nice, looking forward to see your projects. What's the best way to reach you Rob? I've sent you a discord PM but I'm not sure how often do you use discord.

I'm fine too. Thanks, yeah, it was quite a hardcore weekend xD.

I'm sure they have noticed. The crew should value more the people that most contribute to their community, one of the main reasons why I recommend these courses is the community itself, there has been more than a year since the last time that I've actually taken one of their courses and I'm still active in the Discord channel.

So, what is your plan regarding gamedev from now on?

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Hey Rob, how are you?
Thank you very much for playing our game and for the feedback, it was very valuable as always!

Yeah, we're considering to add the zoom to the camera, we actually implemented it although we weren't too satisfied about it and we thought that would be better to wait a bit. We also definitely need to improve the raycasting on the tree, now it just checks for it on the grid (which you can enable/disable by right-clicking).

The game now is more like an arcade, there is no actually a winning condition, just "how many winters can you survive?" due to the Ludum Dare time constraint, me and Zesix did it in 3 days; Although we do consider, if we end up turning it into a full game, to add a level system (perhaps something like bad north), and more variety of enemies/treants and even new mechanics, such as upgrades, spells etc.

Btw, how's everything on the forum? I've been active on the Discord channel instead nowadays.

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Hey, thanks for playing my game!

Yes, I did it while I was going through that section, but it was the first version of the laser defender section. It took me three months if I'm not mistaken and I had no previous experience with unity. It's totally worth implementing our own mechanics and delving a bit on our own, I learned a lot in the process.

Conceito interessante. Gostei bastante das músicas!

Hey, Thanks for playing our game :)

thanks for playing our game 

It's an easter egg xD
At least it made you laugh :D

Thanks for the valuable feedback.

I agree, since I'm using the default physics, it retain the speed of the previous movement, which makes it slowly moves outwards, I need to try a few things to see if I can fix it while still moving using the physics instead of moving using the transform

Thanks for the awesome feedback and for taking the time to play it Rev, I'm happy to know that it was able to create the feel that I wanted it to have :D

The physics doesn't help sometimes, I still need to do some tweaking in order to get it right. Any further detail about aspects that I could improve upon regarding the physics? 

Thanks :D

thanks for playing it, it's good that it is running on Mac now.

Happy to know that you enjoyed it. I do think that I need to add music and more sound effects, eventually I will do that.

Thanks for the feedback :D

just made this change as you guys suggested, thanks again :)

Hey, I've updated a Mac version, but I don't own a Mac to try it, would you mind trying it and letting me know if it actually works?

Thanks for noting josyide, I`ll fix it tomorrow evening and update it here, I don`t have access to the PC with the project now =/

Hey GrassWhooper :D

Thank you for playing my entry, it means a lot!
I'm really glad you liked the graphics on this, it was the main reason why I've choosen to build for PC instead of WebGL (I wanted to make use of the lightning system and post-processing), so it's good to know that people appreciated the visual.

You're right regarding the cube rotating on it's own sometimes, thanks for remembering me of that, I've forgotten to add it to my ToDo lists, this was one of those things that I didn't wanted to sink my time in since I had to finish a few other aspects, I'll make sure to fix it for the next version (if I actually continue developing it).

shh.. No one needs to know that it is unrealistic!! LOL just kidding
I need to make it even more unrealisit by making it rotate around the totem more even while airborn, I think it should help to improve the controls a bit.

Thanks for the feedback buddy!

Thanks for the valuable feedback!

I`m glad you liked the visuals and that you had fun playing it. I agree that the jump should be on KeyDown instead, I made it on keyup because I wanted it to be able to have variable jump height, I`ll try another approach to be able to have both (I`ll try to add force after it jumps if the player keep holding the jump button).

Thanks for your support Gary!!
I'm really glad you liked it! I totally agree regarding the controls, I had some problems trying to use physics while making it rotate around the totem instead of moving linearly, I will create a more robust system to handle it better, the jump kicking the player towards the edge is more realistic, but I think that it's not worth keeping realistic physics if it will make the controls sluggish, I'll make sure to address it while fixing the controls.

Thanks for the valuable feedback my friend. 

Obrigado amigo!