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Submitted by FTWRahul — 2 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#12973.2113.211

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Didn't have much time to play the game, but it seems solid


Great work on this! It's quite clever! 


Tricky to learn but once I got the hang of the mechanic it was a neat little puzzle game. It's an interesting idea to play with.


very clever puzzle game, congrats!


This is a very enjoyable game.


Nice puzzle game! Good job!


Multiple ways to complete some of the levels. Interesting take on the theme. Good job!


Took me a while to figure enemy's AI, but I was able to beat it. Very captivating and rewarding, nice job!


I'm a fan of stealth and puzzle games so this was a cool one, a very neat concept!

I'm not sure if the enemy is meant to just come to a total stop after having caught a clone, there was a level or two I felt like I cheesed through because I just shot a clone and was able to walk right in front of the enemy without consequence after the enemy caught it. I also wish there was some time to actually observe the enemy patrol pattern for some levels, for instance the one that you have as the main gif on display on this page. Especially since this game seems to want to be a puzzler thing, I'd feel like I need to be able to observe the enemy pattern (moving out, spinning, and then returning to the original position) safely so that I'd have the information I'd need to figure out the correct series of actions.  Still I like the idea and I think the two brief tutorial levels were actually pretty effective, well done. 


Finished the game.
Like the stealth game idea.
The enemy's AI looks like kind of buggy and unstable, but I think you can fix it afterwards if you want to. Maybe add some visiable indication to help player to figure out what state the enemy in or how far can they see will be better.
I'm not sure that I am using the right way to clear the level or not. But the levels make me feels that this would be a better game if I can use more than one clone. Maybe the only one concept didn't very fit to this game. Though I think you can handle that too afterwards if you want.
Overall, it's a nice little stealth game.

PS: There is a little game in my phone named "Sneak Ops". Maybe you will be interested in it^_^


that was fun. I really had to stretch my brain muscles for this one. Simple but creative gameplay mechanics. Definitely see the Potench in this one

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Finished the game! It is interesting concept, and I like how the levels are very different and you have to utilize your clone differently. And the tutorial are great too.


Never thought I would see a stealth-based puzzle game in a game jam but here we are! Great job on the game!


I really like the create a clone idea and the ability to swap  them. I also liked how the game's mechanics were introduced. Good job!


Really liked the puzzle design. If you had more time I bet you could make some great new puzzles with unique interactions!


Hey there, thought this was a great stealth puzzler. I did a video where I play through your game at the start here:


Thank you so much for making the video, It was really critical feedback. The level where its the same solution as the last one is my only issue with the design, I did not have anyone playtest the game so it was my bad. You were very critical in your playthrough and it was nice to hear stuff that will definitely  improve the experience. Vision cones or line of sight indicators are probably up at the top. I'll definitely  check out your game, it looked quite interesting! Cheers!


That was very interesting, I think you should continue development of this.

The core concept is solid, just needs a bit more depth in level design, mechanics and maybe narrative but its not entirely necessary for this type of puzzle game. 


The idea is really interesting, the game was really challenging too. It needs a little bit more polishing because enemies detect you from weird places. Great job!


I liked this game a lot! I'm a big fan of the Hitman games, and this gave me some Hitman GO vibes with trying to sneak round the backs of enemies. I think this game could really benefit from some line-of-sight cones, to show what each enemy can see. Kept getting caught out by enemies that would see me from across the entire level, and didn't realise that their range was that high until they caught me.

I had a lot of fun with this!

- Joe
(if you have the time to check out our game, we'd really appreciate that)


A pretty original and interesting puzzle, but the tutorial isn't good enough, as it doesn't teach a player about clone movement and enemies. Also, sometimes some levels are too hard for a start. Anyway, brilliant idea.

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