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Yeah nice! The gravity is not based on delta time, don’t know how I missed that.

Since vsync is on, for people who have a 60hz monitor, game will run at 60fps and gravity will be applied around 60 times per second. But I guess either you have a higher refresh rate monitor or somehow your game run higher than 60fps, which caused the gravity being applied to the character way more that it should be.

I think I might have found the issue, I have uploaded an additional file "Speed it (Fix for jumping issue on Mac)".
Can you try that and let me know if the issue still exists? Thanks :)

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I looked into the code and I can't find anything thing that can cause jump to go smaller. I tried older version of Love2d (ver10.2) and it works fine. Linux also has no issue on jumping. Seems like an issue on Mac only, and unfortunately I do not have a Mac to test it :(

But feel free to look into the source code and see if you can find the issue. The section that controls the jump is in between line 361 and line 380 in PlayState.lua. It is a tiny section of code.

Edit: Released a possible fix! :)

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Thank you for reporting the bug! Can you compare your jump to the jump in the gif below and let me know how much smaller your jump is (50% smaller, 25% smaller)? Thanks

I have seen people suggesting to create a separate project/page for the post jam version so people won't accidentally download the post jam version. Then maybe, after the jam is over, you can merge them back into one.

Great job! I love how you incorporate the theme into this game by making new elements with friction! Had fun trying to figure out how to make and use the rune properly.

I found a tiny bug: once you finished the story mode, you can't enter the endless mode.

I tried changing it to Q,Z,P,M in the main.lua and it worked.

Not bad! I like how you added some combo into the combat system. The different variation of enemy is quite interesting too.
I think you can make the slashing more satisfying by adding some animation and sound when the enemy got slashed, currently the enemy just stand there.

I was able to finish all of the levels, very challenging! The graphics was superb and I really like the music as well. Can you share what software was used to make the music? 

Nice! Not sure if people will discover that shortcut but you did it! I am still not sure if I should have included the shortcut because it allows player to skip the most difficult part of the level. And yes, the collision can be improved (which will be done in a future update).

Thank you! I will definitely fix the collision and some of the trap difficulty after the game jam is over.

Very relaxing, I could listen to the ice skating sound all day! I think a good addition would be adding some Point of Interest (building, landscape etc.) around the map for the player to discover.

Not bad! If there are 4 players, you might wanna split the buttons further away instead of packing them into QWER four in a row. 

Haha, I really the sound in this game, especially the random noise made by the bread/butter. The conversation on the side is a neat addition too. Nice job!

I think adding a score on the top left/right would be a good idea!

I really like visual, especially the particle effect! Great job on the sound too, the music is very catchy.
Just like the other user, my mouse sometimes stop responding and the AI would occasionally stop moving as well. Not sure if it is intended, but those square tile are currently render on top on the bumper cars. 

Haha, thanks! This game was even harder initially because the first version does not have any checkpoint. I wasn't able to complete it, so I had to add some checkpoints.

Oh nice! Definitely gonna watch that. And I really need to start playing Celeste as well, been on my backlog for quite some time now haha.

I like the small details in this game. Circle appearing randomly on the main menu, most stuff are made of circle like the font, score, projectile etc. Circle that comes out of the enemy made the projectile seems more impactful as well.

If I am correct, the currently only spawn more circle on later wave (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). I think a good idea is adding more variation of circle? i.e. Circle that will split into two smaller circle after player shoot at them etc... This achieves two purposes: 1) Player will be more interested to keep player to see what is on the later stage, 2) Player might have to prioritize what to shoot to have a better change of staying alive.

Good job overall!

Absolutely, those are some really great points! Currently, most stages only has one solution, it ended up being a "rinse and repeat until you find the right solution" type of game.  Once you know the trick it becomes really easy, I think this also essentially eliminate the "skill"  element in my game that many great platformer has.

The fact that I know all the solutions to clear the  stages has made me underestimated how hard the game is. That is definitely something I need to keep in mind next time while developing.

I think I can improve this by making levels with multiple solutions and perhaps adding some shortcuts that only can be done via manipulation of Speeding Up (for people who wanted the challenge and hopefully player will feel satisfied as well when they find a shortcut by themself). I also need to find ways to make it more obvious when to speed up/slow down, but that is something really hard to balance IMO. If it is too obvious, it will reduce the difficulty, and if it is not obvious, it can becomes very frustrating. Lot of things to consider, making a platformer is so much harder than I anticipated.

Thank you for your thought-provoking feedback! 

Completed all the level, I love how I can slow the time down and manipulate the direction of the arrow. The part where player has to shoot all the target with one arrow is pretty cool too. There are some interesting level design where the player can clear a level with different methods and it is up to them to decide which is easier, so that is good.

I also like the sound effect a lot, pulling the bow and shooting the arrow sounds very satisfying!

Maybe some sort of indication can be added to let player know that they can slow the time down by holding right click? I didn't know that at first and I was trying to manipulate the wind before shooting, haha. But maybe this is just me being a bit slow and didn't figure out sooner.

Fun game, great job!

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Great idea! So maybe like a traffic light will work too? red while the spike is exposed, green when it is hidden in the ground and yellow when it is about to deployed.

Edit: Oh well, just realized that kinda break the monochrome style. Timer will work too, but I felt like the area with a lot of spikes/hazard will have a ton of timer, making the screen looks kinda hectic? Will have to try it out and see if it looks good.

Yup, I will release some update post-jam to address this :)

Yes, the difficulty need to be changed, 100% agree on that.

The hit box is slightly bigger than the sprite art (due to the empty space on the sprite), I will have to go back and make a custom smaller hitbox for the hazard. I am also thinking of changing the hitbox of the player to be slightly smaller so that the game is more forgiving.

Thank you for the feedback!

Don't have a friend to play this with, but I definitely can see this game being fun when it get chaotic. I would love to see more stages being added with different layout which might also encourage different play style. For example, if there is a bridge separating two lands, player might be scared to cross the bridge because it is sloppy and they might fall to death. 

It is a nice game overall, keep up the good work! :)

I completed the game. Really enjoy the movement in this game, the dash and jump mechanic is very well made! The graphic is simple but effective (it shows whether player has double jump and has all the information on the screen etc...). The progression is there as well, starting from easy to hard so player can learn the game first.. 

The only thing I don't like is how the camera move in and out when the player is moving, especially noticeable when you move and stop frequently. But this might just be personal preference.  

Thanks for the great feedback! I appreciate it a lot!  :)
And I agree with you that the first stage is way too hard, that stage was initially used by me to test the collision, movement, tile etc. I was gonna move that stage to further back but I didn't do it due to the time constraint.

Interestingly, the first version of the spike was actually embedded in the ground, but it looks kinda ugly since all I did was to render the spike on top of the tile. I might actually go back and revert the change due to your feedback. 

Thanks once again!