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that should be a gamedev/gamejam video/article/talk always make sure to pour out some juice on your game early on

Thanks for playing. Yeah maybe the power ups take too long to stack. The most visual one is the drones because you get an additional drone every time. Yeah in game jams I usually just get the mechanics in so juice is always on the back burner. Like I only got the enemy movement and combat in during the last hour and didn't have any time to test it lol. We are planning on working on the game post jam so we can work on adding the player feedback and make the scaling better.

Right now every 10 rooms you clear you get a new character and the difficulty rank goes up one making enemies have more health and do more attack and items in the shop cost more. But it needs work to keep the game feeling challenging but also make you feel powerful. I think the risk of rain games do a good job with that.

Thanks for the feedback. I Think you're the first person that mentioned the power ups didn't really leave you feeling like they were making a difference so that's a great piece of feedback

awesome I'll have to check it out. I'm still blown away that anyone made a game from scratch without a game engine. I use a little bit of Java at my day job. Well it's called groovy but it's java based I believe. 

I"m guessing my pc can't handle the game it seemed very laggy but I got the basic concept. I liked how you had different abilities based on the die. I felt like jumping even with the super jump was still really hard. I couldn't beat the first level sadly. That's really cool you made the game without an engine

The controls were a little hard at first I was flinging the dice too far. I dunno why but I kept thinking that with touch controls on mobile it would feel just right flinging the dice. I like how you have a variety of attacks and the radius can be very tiny or large. The acid pools are the best. I also enjoyed the dice character minions. Overall really fun game. 

definitely is fun hitting the dice full blast and seeing how far it goes. It's like other golf games I always stink at putting haha, so I would say it's an accurate representation of the game. I also loved that the golf course was just one big open world. I had fun speeding to the next hole to crash into the dice

smooth controls and satisfying sfx. The only issue is that it's hard to know what your next roll is going to be. I saw some other games that had a 4-way indicator to show you what your rolls will be. but I still had fun and really enjoyed the animation for destroying a dice

oh yeah glowing would fit the theme

I played a game similar to this but they didn't have the dice indicator to show you what your dice would be when you move. This indicator helps so much. It makes you feel more in control and aware of what you're doing. I had fun solving the puzzles. Also, the sfx was very satisfying. Great game!

this game was fun once I understood how to play. I think the looking up and down part is realistic in terms of how this would work once you get the hang of it. I didn't realize you can pull down more than one ticket until I watched the youtube video. My main complaint is how dark the game is. It's very hard to read everything. I understand it was the theme/mood of the game but maybe at least the cards and dice could have stood out better

so at first, I was like wow you die very quickly. But I guess it's the randomness of the dice. Then I got a run where I encountered a powerup and it was a game changer. Also, the music gets way more intense and feels great like you're just destroying all these asteroids and kicking butt. I really enjoyed it when I was picking up power-ups and lasting longer versus dying really quick, I think that's when the game really starts to shine. 6 seconds feels like it's too short to get you into that state of flow where the game feels really good. I hope everyone got to experience the game with powerups and the music getting all intense and awesome! I had a lot of fun with this one. 

I like the melding of two different games. You collect your resources to help you with completing your ultimate goal of beating the old man. I also liked how you made the players weapon basically be an instant shot where the enemies had projectiles so you felt like this powerful gunslinger and the slight slowing of time when you make a hit was a nice effect. Also the way you represented the players bullets and the reload animation was really cool

I dunno if this is b/c I beat the old man but I got like 9 million coins haha so basically I could play him as many times as I wanted.  I had a lot of fun playing.

I really liked this one. I ran into a bug where somehow the game brought me back to the menu but the fight seemed like it was going on in the background. Either way I had an ultimate purple dice setup where I was really powerful. I even one shoted a guy with a roll of the 20. I wanted to keep taking guys out and get more powerful. It's probably good the game bugged on me b/c I would of kept playing way longer and lose track of time haha. I also liked how the different ways you can rig the dice actually changes so it keeps it unique. Overall really fun game

I was not expecting full gibs for the combat haha. Who knew those dice were so meaty. It took me a little bit to understand how the combat worked. I like how you need to think about movement but also how that effects what type of combat you can engage in. So it gives the game a good bit of strategy. There was one level however where I started out as the assassin and I could just sit there and take everyone out without moving. The final level 6 in the WebGL version challenged me. I had a lot of fun.

I had fun playing, At first I didn't know how to spin the slot machine, might help for me to read the page haha. The hardest enemies are the ones that came from the bottom. Enemies from the side you had more time to think about it, but then again the game is called casino panic so you gotta think quick. I liked the different abilities of the slot machine, especially when I got these bigger bullets that was really cool.

really enjoyed the music and the visuals and gameplay were very clean and smooth. The only thing I would of really liked was an indicator to help you realize which side of the dice would be rolled to. I have seen a few other games that showed a 4-way indicator that basically looks like a d-pad with the center being the top of the die and then it shows what will roll if you go left , right, up, or down.  But regardless it's a very solid game and I liked the puzzle aspect of it. 

Thanks for playing. I appreciate all the comments and feedback even if they are a lot of the same things. Because that just makes it even more apparent of what the game really needs and we want to continue working on the game. Plus I feel like it's good to just get your thoughts out in the comments right after playing when it's freshest in your mind. Juice is always one of those things that I feel like I neglect during game jams, but you're the first person to suggest a screen shake,  I think that would be actually good in addition to a flash or hit animation. And a screen shake in this game wouldn't be too jarring since it's just one screen without any camera movement.  

Thank you for playing. The gameplay mechanics somehow were all designed up front on the first day of the jam I just got to thinking of an idea that would utilize the theme. And for the most part that's exactly what we did. I think the part that helped was a six-sided dice gives you a good amount of variation but it also limited us as well.  The limitation of a 6 sided dice kept the game feasible for the jam.  I know a lot of game jams I got way too big in scope and had to cut features left and right to get the game submitted, but this time we were able to basically get the majority of things completed.

thank you so much for playing. Yeah, player feedback is super important and sadly we didn't get it in this time around. The health thing is a bug that was a ctrl+z error, oops. I immediately noticed that one after submission. Bummer about that bug was that I fixed it in time before the new extended deadline which I didn't know about, otherwise I would have updated the build. We plan to do some post-jam updates adressing some of the issues stated in the comments.  It's been a really great jam, seeing all the amazing games and getting all the great feedback

thank you for playing. I would love to play it. I'm making a list of games to play since I've been working. So I will definitely play yours.

thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback. That's the great thing about doing game jams is getting the feedback. It only helps us all be better game developers and hone our skills.  Especially when you hear it multiple times you know ok this is the right direction to go in.

thank you for playing.

Never in my life would I think rolling dice could be so intense. The story grabbed me more than I thought a game jam game could. You really nailed down the mood of the game. Somehow you gave life to that Big red dice even though it had no animations I could feel its feelings based on the sound of the game.

It's impressive to say that a game with only dice and a clock gave me the feels. Good Job!

Thank you for playing. Yeah those are all valid points and a lot of it came down to running out of time and other things just didn't get enough testing or balancing to figure out. I think the bug about the multiple bullets no damage is actually a feature but there is no feedback sadly. When you get hit you are invincible for a period of time. With some feedback and maybe more control over your shots. I was thinking the game should control like the binding of Isaac but thought maybe that was too complicated for the jam without a tutorial, so you could move left but still shoot right and so on. Basically so you can control movement and shooting separately . I think that would give you a lot better control but still keep things simple

I really like the game so I want to update it post-jam voitng. thanks again for all the feedback

yeah, the game could have used a tutorial for sure.

Here is the gameplay loop. I basically came up with all this first in a document before starting the game. I wasn't sure if it was going to work or be fun but I thought the limitation of a six sided Dice would keep the scope feasable for the jam

  • Starting Room
    • a D6 rolls and you get 1 of 6 characters that all have a special passive ability
      • 1. The Elf = passive skill: Extra Speed ( 1.5 x faster )
        2. The Dwarf  = passive skill: Extra Health ( +1 health )
        3. The Barbarian = passive skill: Extra Damage ( do +1 damage )
        4. The Minotaur = passive skill: Extra Defense ( take -1 damage )
        5. The WeaponMaster = passive skill:  2 weapon dice to choose from 
        6. The Dryad = passive skill:1 less enemy in the room
  • You hava choice of 1-4 random doors that are from a D6 roll
    •  6 different Rooms
      • 1. Green Enemy Door level 1 - spawns 2-3 enemies
        GreenEnemy Door level 2 - spawns 3-6 enemies
        3. Green Enemy Door level 3 - spawns 4-8 enemies
        4. Blue Shop Door - has a choice of 3 of the 6 power-ups you can buy
        5. Red Health Door - has a health dice to replenish health ( Sadly this is bugged right now so the health doesn't save 😔)
        6. Purple Enemy Door Elite - spawns 4-8 enemies that have higher health but give more currency for buying power-ups
  • Enemie Rooms   ( Green & Purple Doors )
    • 6 different weapons ( a D6 rolls and you choose a weapon then the enemies spawn )
      • 1. Single shot max range
        2. Double shot max range
        3. Shotgun with short range
        4. Quad shot with max range
        5. Piercing shot goes through walls and enemies
        6. Bomb
  • Shop  Rooms ( Blue )
    • Choice of 3 different powerups out of the 6 total from a D6 roll
      • Power ups cost money. Killing Enemies gives you money
        1. Faster fire rate
          1. For bombs this would be an extra bomb
          2. For charge shot it’s faster charge
        2. Dead Enemies turn into bombs 
          1. stacks by doing more damage if you already have this upgrade 
        3. +1 defense ( enemy attacks always do at least 1 damage )
        4. +1 attack
        5. +1 health
        6. Attack drone ( stacks by having additional drone )
  • Health Rooms ( Red )
    • These have a health dice which is a D6 roll to give you health from 1-6 ( + difficulty rank 
  • the difficulty rank increases every 10 rooms and after clearning 
    • Then you are back at the starting room and get to choose a new character again. This can repeat until you die. so you try to see how far you can make it

thank you so much. yes right now the game has somewhat of an invincible moment after getting hit but no feedback. We want to do a post jam update b/c we even are having fun playing it and think it can be better with some bug fixes, tweaks, player feedback, and possibly more content and polish

thank you for playing and that's very encouraging. We actually like the game and wanna work on it more and implement some of the feedback we have gotten 

so glad I saw this on twitter. thanks for the fun game. At first I didn't realize you still get points even if it's not for the recipe, which I really enjoyed that aspect b/c you always feel like what you're doing is giving you points. 

The only struggle is when you clear a recipe and have a lot of ingredients on the level. Maybe clearing them when you complete a recipe would help with that issue, but either way it's really fun and I love seeing veggies in games since I'm making a game with veggies

Thank you for playing. Megaman is actually one of my fav games from the nes days

Sometimes there are games in jams that you play for a few minutes and then you're done and never return. But wow this game has captivated my attention. I plan to do an entire let's play youtube series showing off all the tips and tricks there are to this game. I can't believe it but I've been playing for a day straight and haven't got around to playing any other games. I mean do any other games even compare? Probably not. 

Glad you had fun playing the game

glad you enjoyed the game. We had a ton of fun making it

thanks for playing. I need to check out everyone's games. So many cool games came out of this jam

Thanks for playing, That would have definitely helped. I planned to do something like that but you know time restraints. I definitely want to update the game to have that after voting.

Thank you for playing. I need to check out everyone's games. Just been busy with my day job and life.  Your game sounds cool, kind of like a tower defense style game. I enjoy tower defense games and currently am working on a hybrid action platformer tower defense game myself. Also, the space theme looks cool. 

thank you for playing. Yeah those bugs are unfortunate, especially the health one, sadly it was a ctrl+z mistake and I realized it shortly after uploading, but then didn't realize there had been an extended deadline, or else I would have been able to do that, I only noticed the negative money one recently. But hey that's what happens sometimes with game jams.

thank you for playing. Yeah those are pretty important things that with the time crunch didn't make it. Hopefully I can update it to feel better with those improvements

thank you. I really wanted to get those in. I didn't realize the deadline was extended or I might of been able to but then if I introduced more bugs it would of been worse.

I plan to update after voting is over. 

thank you for the feedback. I chuckled reading your comment. The interesting thing about this game was that I barely got to actually play it as intended so very little balancing was done. I was surprised at how well it all fit together in light of not really having a chance to balance it, but as you stated it definitely needs some fine tuning. I really do wanna fix a few of these issues you mentioned after voting is over

yeah, I wanted to get in that feedback, I did have it for the enemies but not the player haha. I updated the game page to tell you what the doors mean. there basically 6 types of doors that lead you into  6 types of rooms. If I had more time I would have some kind of tutorial to teach you what the different doors mean.