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goodness this brought back so many memories. I really love the art style. It's even cuter than the original imo. Everything felt great. This is an amazing job. I wonder if a new mr driller game will come out on switch if one hasn't already?

heads up. there is no link to view the ludum dare submission page. I think you just need to add the ludum dare 46 tag

great video! Glad you enjoyed it so much. that was a fun watch

thank you. I'll have to experiment with that

is there a way to load a room and have it show in the GUI layer? I'm not super knowledgeable of how the GUI stuff works. but my pause menu is in the gui layer. and I was hoping to add something fun using a different room that would be visible during my pause menu. I might be trying to do something out of scope but wanted to see if you had any ideas

oh wow that sounds like an awesome thing. I'll have to check it out.

glad you were able to have fun even with the frustrations 

now this is a solid game. Tons of polish and I love the music and the adorable charm of the game. I didn't beat it yet because I gotta get some sleep b/c I was up too late playing this game haha.

Seriously this could be a full blown game. Reminds me Gato Roboto

I have never been so engaged in something like this. I know this is only my 4th game jam, but the sense of community and the bonding I had with other developers within this community especially the discord, has been the greatest reward of all.

I am kinda old , 35 years old to be exact. And this gamejam has honestly been one of the best times of my life. I am a very shy introvert and often don't really hang out with many people in real life. But for a short period of time I got to hang out and engage and converse with a group of individuals who all love games and love making games. Many whom this was their first time making a game or participating in a game jam.

I even got to meet someone from another discord totally unrelated and we collaborated together and they did the music for my game. This was their first game jam and that was just really amazing to me.

I got to witness fanart being made for games, and just such dedication that wasn't owed to anyone but was done out of kindness. I just really felt like I could relate with people and bond. I seriously loved every moment of it. 

I got to watch people on stream give me feedback live. I had another dev do an entire playthrough video giving me really good feedback. I had tons of amazing feedback in the comments for things that I totally would of never known without such feedback. 

I would stay up late in the evening to spend more time with everyone, to be involved. I really have't felt this kind of feeling in so long, and I am even getting teary eyed this moment writing this post. 

Thank you everyone so much for all the fun times, all the amazing games, all the support and encouragement to help one another improve. 
I know not everyone is happy but if it means anything,  know that you really made an impact on me and I will cherish this moment forever.

I Love you all very much

I didn't encounter a single game that was 1 star on any category but I only played 56 games. I did encounter like maybe 3-4 games out of that 56 that I thought were 2 star in some ratings. To me 1 star is like absolutely failed, were you even trying. There were maybe like 3-4 games I thought were top notch 5's all around, and then the rest varied mostly around the 3 -4 mark. 

that was challenging. But it was fun when you got control of the robots and did the slow mo shot. I feel it was a bit too fast paced. Maybe if you had more health or something. But overall liked the concept and rolling around as a bullet is fun.

that was fun. I really had to stretch my brain muscles for this one. Simple but creative gameplay mechanics. Definitely see the Potench in this one

would love to have you play mine. I'm playing yours right now

this was pretty fun. Only a few levels short and sweet. I was hoping to see some more challenging levels. It actually reminded me of this game called Daggerhood that has pretty much the same exact mechanic. Pretty impressive for a 48 hour jam game. 

really simple yet challenging mechanic. Also you added a bit of scariness with the monsters. I loved tricking them into the spikes. 

that was pretty cool. the puzzles increased at a pretty nice rate. I didn't beat it all the way b/c I'm about to pass out and go to bed haha. probably not the best time to play a puzzle game. but overall it was pretty fun and challenging

the controls took a bit to get used to, but I didn't play anything like this in the jam so far. You definitely got something original here. I feel like this is a game that is easy to play but hard to master. I didn't beat all the levels but I did at least beat the first level 

a very humorous stealth game. Actually quite ambitious for a 48 hour jam. While the controls and animations were kinda wonky, it fit with the charm of the characters. I made it to like the 3rd or 4th level it was this huge mansion but it was so hard haha. I had fun though

short and sweet experience. This feels like it has a lot of Potench for a full game. You could really expand on this mechanic. Loved figuring out the order of doing things. Some levels felt like maybe there was more than one way. I'm not 100% sure if that is true, but I couldn't stop playing till I beat them all

at first I didn't get the game, I keep saying that for all these jam games haha. but once you get it, it's actually fun. I expanded the size to make things easier. I made it to the finish woohoo

now this was a really unique puzzler. I didn't beat it but got through the first 3-4 levels. Pulling off trick shots was pretty fun. I dunno if the later levels had it, but it would be fun to incorporate hazards like explosions and such. I loved the glass windows as well. 

this was probably the funniest game I played so far. I loved how each room was a puzzle that you had to figure out. and I failed the last part twice haha, I thought it was a trick, but then I figured it out. 

I can't really think of much I'd change for this game. I think it was the perfect mix for a jam game. 

the concept was really cool. I would love to see this idea fully realized somehow in like a 3rd person game. I got a little bit confused with some of what was going on and kind of just won by trial and error. But it kept me engaged and and even made me feel a little tense, so it's pretty cool you were able to achieve that in a 48 hour jam. 

this is going to sound weird, but I rate this game very well even thought I suck at it haha. But it has such a cool design, it adheres to the theme, and it's sure as heck is original. I don't have the patience for it haha, but I really appreciated the aesthetic and the theme. and I'm assuming it's actually real legit morse code , so the game is teaching something 

this might not be intentional but loved how the green ninja's looked somewhat like ninja turtles. The controls were pretty fluid. The strike seemed like it was very intense which was pretty cool. I dunno if there ever any different enemies, since I only made it to wave 2 and died pretty quick. but overall pretty solid jam game

I really failed at this one and thought I was controlling the enemies. and I was like now this is unique. I move the enemies and make them not shoot the circle . I later realized I was the circle in the middle haha. 

would be cool to see more stuff with this concept and neat ways to utilize. 

My main feedback for this demo if I were to change one thing. I would of made the bullets a different color than the player so it was easier to tell them apart since all the bullets are a circle shape

so this is the second game I played with just one engine but it was totally different in comparison. I love how you start out flying straight and then the engine blows up. The sounds effects and screenshake were great. It's a fun high score chaser. I didn't get that high of a score but I managed to get 1600

good job on not starting out with a ton of enemies. I played a few games similar to this and you start out and it's just too overwhelming. This had a nice gradual pace and you even had health to make it a little bit more fair. I liked the different weapons. I couldn't get the controller working via chrome on windows 10, but mouse and keyboard worked great. 

so this game actually reminded me a lot of my game but in a totally different type of implementation. I struggled all the way to the end. I had lot of fun trying to figure out how to pass each level. The controls take a little while to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it can be very fun. Really cool game here

I did a similar thing with game jam games in the past. it's super easy to forget doing one

this was amazing. I really love the feedback video hearing all your thoughts and your process. 

the concept is interesting that one arrow type can only hurt a specific enemy. I felt like my arrows barely launched though so it was a bit difficult. I did enjoy the art and sound effects. 

I know this is only a jam game, but one idea to ease players into things easier might of to have had a level with just 1 enemy type to kind of ease you into it and teach you the mechanics of the game. 

now this is what I call a puzzle game. This was really fun and the concept once I got it was really straight forward. Funny enough I am an automation engineer at my  day job so a game about automation caught my eye. This is top quality stuff right here. I can see myself playing an entire game with this concept. I wanted more

wow the 4th level I thin it was , was just too hard for me, but I had fun being a cute cat and blowing up ghosts. I will admit it's a little hard to play via the browser version b/c my mouse ended up off to my other monitor at times

this one was pretty challenging. Thank goodness the color switch gems regenerate. At first I didn't know they did that and I was like oh wow this is going to be super tricky. It's still tricky but overall it was fun. thanks for including arrow keys for movement

I'm not sure if you can actually beat the game. But that was pretty cool especially when the arrow starts going around the world and charges up. had fun playing this one

so this was way more charming than I thought it would be. I loved how you even did different variations of the voice saying ONE to make it less repetitive. The bushes had 1's, the trees had 1's your gun was a 1 that shot 1's and even the grass was 1,s . I probably missed some of the 1s. It was a very cute and fun little game. I'm not sure if you can actually win or it's just see if you can survive for a minute. 

sadly I didn't have someone else to play multiplayer with. but I loved the concept that the dodgeball has to be thrown b/c it's a hot potato and also that the dodgeball could actually take you out so you had to be careful of that. I can see how this would be really fun to play multiplayer even though I really only got to test out the mechanics of the game. Super adorable characters and fun music. I can see a game like this being on the switch where everyone grabs a joycon and has a blast

wow so I'm seeing a trend with my playing of games. I need to fully read the instructions. When I saw one button I thought literally one button so I was trying to play the game simply with slashes and I was like man this is impossible. Then I saw the wasd for movement.

The game really reminds me of a game I loved called mr shifty. But you put a really cool twist with just one button to dash and the bleeding out and such. 

I really was determined to beat this game b/c it was so much fun. I defeated all the enemies including the big guy you're chasing but then nothing happened except I bled out and died. I'm guessing there was no win screen. Either way it was really fun to play. 

it took me a little bit to understand how to play but once I did it was a really solid brain puzzle. Especially when you have to use the cross method and such. I think I made it to the 5th or 6th level and my brain was melting haha. But it was a really cool concept and fun to play with. When I figured out the puzzles I definitely had the AHAH moment where I felt like some kind of genius similar to when I play baba is you.