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Bretton Stagwood

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I'm disappointed I only saw your game after the voting period! I think it's incredibly clever and deserves way more credit than it was shown by the scores! Phenomenal work! I look forward to seeing what you do next! <3

Great work everyone! This was a blast! 
I hope you're all proud of what you made regardless of the score!
I everyone in my team is happy with what we made! <3

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Tower Defense Genre Twist

Typing Game Genre Twist

Twin Stick Shooter Genre Twist

Thanks so much! We'll be releasing an updated build in a week or so! 
It addresses the lighting and a bunch of other things! :D

I got stuck trying to beat level 3 and couldn't get back in time to rate it! D: Great work!


Cute game, it was VERY difficult though. I'd love to see better level design but keep to the same mechanics and exploration!

I really love these genre twist games! I thought about trying to make a one tower TD game, but this was really well executed! Full score from me! <3

Outstanding execution on this idea! The controls were a bit floaty, but otherwise, very good! I like how it felt like I could keep my crystals momentum. :D

I wish I had someone else to play this with! Looks really great though! A nice multiplayer approach to the one bullet concept!

Happily! Keep up the great work!

Great game feel and such! I feel we've seen a lot of one-shot style games though! <3 

Really lovely art, sound, and overall feel! <3 Great work on this one!

Fun roguelike! It was challenging but it was fitting for the retro vibes!

Really atmospheric and creepy! Great work on this! I failed, but I think this is a very cool concept in theory!

I like the visuals! Well done, but I've seen a good few 'Only one shot' style games!

I couldn't get it up and running :(

Thanks for all the shares guys! I think I got them all with 45 Minutes to spare! Keep them coming and I'll play all the way up to the end!

I was hoping to see more games like this this jam! Really excellent work and the sprites were on point as well! <3

Great work on this! It's quite clever! 

Very well done! The player feedback was solid and I thought the smiley was a cute touch!
I'd love to see this pushed further! :D

Well I hope you keep working on it! <3

To echo the comments you've already gotten, I think there's some really great opportunities for puzzles here! Fun concept and great work! :D

Difficulty curve is quite sharp, but still a very impressive and well done jam game! I hope you continue to polish this!

Great work! We debated making a game like this! I'm glad to see it pulled off quite well :D Good fun!

Very clever! Great work on this! it was tricky to learn without a tutorial, but I know how jams go! 

Definitely! Yours was very polished! I hope you check our game in the next week or so! We'll release a big update! <3

Well you did a really great job <3

Cool callback and great execution. 
There have been a lot of one inventory slot games though. 
You did execute it very well though!

Phenomenal concept and execution on this one. I really appreciate having a more serious tone to this.

More content! Great work! <3 I didn't know what I was getting into when I first downloaded the game! 

Great concept and level design! I'd love to see you push the game juice on this! :D

This is a clever twist on the one bullet idea! Great work! I really thought you made something fun and arcadey with this! <3

A bit hard to figure out right away, but great work!

A really neat concept in a very concise and well done game! Great work! 
Nice to see a game with some narrative as well!

Really excellent concept here! I'd love to see how much further you could push things! ^_^

Great concept, simple to understand, but the difficulty curve couldn't keep up with my power! :P Keep up the great work guys! I'll follow so I can keep track of what you get up to next!

It was a bit easy but overall a fun concept ^_^

What a fun and clever idea! I really like the controlled chaos of it all! <3 
I'll follow you! I look forward to seeing what else you create!

Hey! It was really cool seeing a twist on a genre! Platformer with only one hand is easy enough, but a first person platformer, now THAT's a design challenge! Great work on this one!