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Roguelike where all your stats are the same number.
Submitted by Rogue One, Cesar R. Albertos, DuckBeard, pabloskidev, Jodacam (@jodacam) — 10 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#7503.8773.877

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Fun roguelike! It was challenging but it was fitting for the retro vibes!


Interesting concept, I like the pixel art~
Boss was hard to deal with though perhaps the spear isn't the best thing to fight an elephant with ^^;


Cool little rogue-like. I have to give up at the boss. Kinda mean if you die in 1 hit. 


Interesting take on the theme, i cant believe you guys were able to make that many levels & i love the art style,good job.


What delightful sprites :) I really like the aesthetic, and the roguelike experience certainly is solid. Well executed idea, and a good idea at that!


The artwork makes me think about Undertale, so kudos on that. 

Not usually a fan of rogue-likes but this would has me. Not sure why, maybe the art style gets me interested. 

Some minor fixes and you could have a great game on your hands here. 


Nice rogue game!

The art is charming and the idea of combining all stats into only one is really interesting.

Your boss is a bit hard to master and depends on a lot of the stats the player collected. It's easier with the gun for example.

I think you can go deeper with that concept: doors that require currency to skip a part of the level for example. You can play a lot with your players by letting them the possibility to gain time by taking risks with that currency system.

Good job by the way! :)


Your game really, really impressed me! The graphics are charming, the gameplay is nice, the music and sound effects are fitting! And your main mechanic "all our stats are the same number" adds a little bit of strategy on top of everything. I also like how you lets us know what rooms will be next, and the weapon variety is apreciated too!

Great job you did! I'm wondering if you will continue to work on this and improve it?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is a really cool idea! I think it would benefit from giving the player a bit more visual feedback though. 

It took me a couple of plays to realise exactly how the value affected the attacking. Perhaps if every time you took an action that cost/gained value that number appeared on screen (above the players head maybe?) then it might be easier to make the connection between taking an action, and using/gaining value.

Did the value affect your damage output? Or just the amount of times you could attack? I wasn't 100% clear on that.

Also, your game name - I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE (and I approve :D)

- Joe

(if you have time to give our game a go, we'd really appreciate that too ^_^ )


Yeah, I agree, we'd like to make some changes and improvements in the future as well as expand the game, and your feedback is awesome, I love the idea of having the value appearing every time it changes or at least enough to make it clear, thank you for the idea <3

We'll also try to better explain how the value affects different aspects of the game, although right now we're still figuring out how to do that in an organic way.


Thanks for you feedback, it's really appreciate!

Yeah, more visual clues would be great for the game, as better descriptions of the UI and how the curses scales.

As you ask, yes the attack scales with the values too, but as the value change a lot, between 40 and 300 usually, the scale of your attack is on a logaritmic way, hahahah. we need to ajust a bit more these functions.


Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hi there! Love the idea! Very original! You took away the central think from and rpg/rogue-like and merged into one. Well done! I loved the particle effects and music! Great job with this game. I can see great potential for a full project :)

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


Thanks! :D

Sure! I will give it a try :) 


Nice idea, I like it! Yes, the hits could use a bit more impact and the stats are not that clear right now, but I like the theme and see potential :)

Can you also rate my game?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)


I will give it a try be  sure :D


Really cool idea, and the game itself is also pretty fun. Could be further developed into something really interesting.


Thanks :D


This is looking really cool! I think the concept does not shine through enough though. I could not really tell things changing when my health dropped down really low compared to having a lot of it. The movement is not grid-based, which is cool but makes me wish I could go diagonally. Judging hitboxes is really hard, I think they could be adjusted, because most of the time I could not tell what attacks would hit me or my enemies.

But all in all, I liked the game! I think you should continue working on it, it really does have the potensh.


Thanks for the feedback ^^.

We will rework movement to allow 360º, redo all the collisions, add more feedback when you hit and are hitted and hopefully add more content.


Cool game!

I felt like there was a grid where movements but I'm not sure, either way being where you wanted to be to shoot was a bit hard to do.


I definitely killed myself at least once by buying something I couldn't afford. There's a lot of content in this for only having 48 hours! Nicely done. I would have liked to see a little more variation in the music, but other than that, it plays quite well. Boss fights are something I've been wanting to put in a game jam game since I started doing these. Again, great entry!

Sword: 157 value.
Killing yourself by trying to buy it: priceless.

Something I liked a lot if that the game forces you to be accurate, so you don't waste value by missing attacks. Really dig the concept, I'd love to see it expanded upon. Maybe it needs a little bit more balancing, but it's understandable for a game jam.
Check our game!


Very good concept. I had lots of fun with it.
Only feedback is that the wrench felt a bit tough to hit things with sometimes. 
You got tons done in the time span. Great job!


Thanks for you feedback ^^


Swinging that wrench is pretty fun


Good game, reminded me of my youth.


Really fun roguelike with a lot of polish! I would love to see this as a full game!


Thank you <3

We had a lot of fun doing this and we're planning on maybe doing some updates after the jam ^^

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