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Sorry about taking so long to rate back, this was a good game.  Serious SH 4 vibes at time.

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My bad dude, I confused yours and the next/previous game.  Yours was the spaceship one with the Atari vibes.  Was a good game too.  I must have downloaded in the wrong order.

Was fun, thanks for the link.

Enjoyed that.  Fun and simple.  Good stuff.

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Well done, one of my fave games of the jam and its so simple.  You are the first person I gave 5* for theme and originality because what you did was such a unique take on "only one".  You just put me in a good mood too before going to bed.

My fave game of the jam theme wise, you knocked that out of the park.   Best way I could have spent a minute today.  One of my highest rated so far despite its simplicity.

Good game.  Serious NES vibes, loved it.

This was quite clever and fun, took a lot of planning, good stuff.

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No worries my friend, I've got about 7 or so rates back from 16 but its all good.  More I get to play, the more I learn.  Unique game with tricky mechanics you've got going on.  Good stuff, quite enjoyable once I figured it out..

Took a few attempts to get it to play but it was really interesting when it did. I think using a different button instead of space might help with that issue.  Really interesting take on one button controller.  Good stuff.

Fun game, quite tricky and well designed.

My number of ratings never went up dude, maybe the rating didn't save.  Played yours anyway buddy one of the best one bullet/arrow games and one of my highest ratings of the jam.

Lots of potential here.  Scores well for theme and design, lots of 1 bullet/arrow games but this is one of the more unique so 4 for originality too.  To sum up, looks good, sounds good, plays good.

I had fun with this.  Not the best of these one bullet shooters I've come across but fun nonetheless, upgrades were a nice touch.

Nice idea time goes by a bit fast on story mode though very hard to keep up.  Good game though, plays very well.

Yup UE has shocking default mechanics.  I left it in because it added to the difficulty for now.

added to the list my dude.

Added, will play by this evening.

Thanks very much, i have  few ideas on how to expand like inverting controls and camera stuff so hopefully I can hit on something unique.

Will check out your game asap

Good point, I can now say that was intentional and not a hack.

"You should defo be proud of the intro, it's great!

It is very hard though, I managed to get to cloud #3. Is that a record? Nice work!"

My daughter did the entire intro and shes 11.  VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy are my fave platformers and they are super hard so I nailed what I was going for. Given the difficulty complaints perhaps too well.

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My main menu and game over screens are just pictures slapped on top of the game level. If you press jump on the main menu it even plays the sound effect.  I had my 11 year old daughter voice Zeus Super hard Terry Cavanagh inspired platformer.

All caught up, anyone else interested drop me a line and ill play and rate.  Please return the favor if possible.

Really unique and interesting visually and gameplay wise.  Story too actually.  Good stuff well done.

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Enjoyed this, also great to see someone be creative with MV.  Good stuff.

Will add levels load a bit slow for me and the tutorial on inputs ending 

when button is released should be much sooner.  I died twice before I understood I could hold the button across multiple tiles.

Thanks for playing dude.  It will get an arty makeover once the voting on the jam is over for sure.

I toyed with the idea of removing moving back all together but we intended to make more puzzly bits to try and trick the player into going the wrong direction etc..

I should have explained better at the start that the player can't turn back.

Thanks very much.

Thanks for playing dude.  Yeah its intentionally super hard, the plan was like long versions of super meat boy.  Now I have more time I'll fix the intro to not repeat every time.

Thanks buddy, once the jam is over I'll work on a more suitable art style.

No exit is an excellent game.

Thanks for playing, one person said they got a distance of 400 but they played it for 2 hours solid.  The key is not too pick up too much speed I find, if you try and do it as fast as possible you'll overjump alot.  Again, Thanks a million for playing. Much appreciated. - Will return the favor later tonight or after work tomorrow. - Would really appreciate it dude, I'll get to yours tonight hopefully, if not early tomorrow. - If you can spare the time my friend, would be hugely appreciated - If you have time I'd really appreciate it.

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An interesting game. Potential here for a fun 2 player/family game.

This is fun.  Nice graphics alot accomplished in 48 hours.

Died alone, good game my friend.   As said already the VA is a little low.  

This is a good game but I found the space bar/jumping a little unresponsive at times.  Will love to play again when its smoother.  Really enjoyed this one, love me a good platformer.