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Lethal Power Outage
Submitted by Jannik Boysen (@jannik_boysen), SchwahnDev (@SchwahnDev), ZombieFerret (@zombie_ferret) — 1 hour, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3354.2754.275

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Thank you everyone for your great feedback! While we are soon tweaking some of the gameplay, for now we've added a Mac build in case you could not play on a windows machine!

We are honstly overwhelmed by your reactions to our game, thank you all so much!


That was fun. I like the idea that actual spaceships are powered like that. The music was amazing. I also definitely panicked more than once. Nice submission!

If you have time please play and rate my game:


Nice idea !

Very cool visuals and sound !

I would like it to be faster though, more tense !

Anyway, good job !


Such a cool game, I love the blend of 3D and 2D elements. The music is really fitting too. Great job!


The graphics are gorgeous. Really good and original idea.



Really great take on the theme. The music and wormhole graphics really set it off. I liked how the positions got switched up during it to keep you on your toes. Nice work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Awesome game! The concept of controlling only one action at a time is focused and well executed. The control scheme kind of reminds me of Regular Human Basketball, which reminds me that this idea could work well as a multiplayer game.


Luckily I had not to move this much to avoid the asteroids, so I kept healing the ship. Good idea!

Looks to me like a panic room. Except it's not protecting you at all, hihi.

Good job! :)


Impressive game! The machanic is really polish and it's fun! I really like hos you combined 2D and 3D styles.

Nice work!


Love the presentation and think this is a genius way of combining 2D and 3D visuals. I think it fits theme nicely as well. One room and one power cell that can only be used at one terminal at a time. It probably wouldn't hurt to bump up the difficulty a notch though.

Impressive work nonetheless! (15★)


Really cool idea and also really polished!



A great mix of 3D and 2D to give both a clear feedback, a sense of space, and an immersion into the situation, combined with an interesting mix between an asteroid dodging game, a platformer, and an overwhelming "I need to do everything right now or die" feeling.

Really good contender to one of the top spot of the jam.


Thank you so much! <3


Wow! The look, the tone, you've done an amazing job on this game! I'm blown away by the appearance and feel. Unfortunately the difficulty is missing. I ended up just standing at the healing station and not steering and was able to win.  Apart from that, I like the mechanic of having to move to the different spots to control the ship and I think that having those spots change position really added a lot to the game. Beautiful work! I'm sure if you had more time to work on this you'd be able to flesh out the difficulty and it'd be pretty much a perfect game. Btw, I love the effect you've used for the warping / flying through space. Once again, amazing work!


Thank you for the kind words! <3

Yeah the game is on the easy side, I was a bit scared to make it harder to not scare people off, but I think I will update the difficulty post-jam!


The game was really good, but way too easy. After completing my first run, I did a second, where I always stood at the healing station, no steering. Not only did that work, I exited with 3 health, which is still a lot of hits that I could've eaten up. So naturally, my next run was standing around doing nothing, and I made it 2:30 through the 3 minute timer, without doing anything. I will repeat though, the game was awesome, and super intuitive. Looked great, and I loved the details, with the broken batteries littering the floor. Nice stuff!


Yeah I agree, I should have ramped up the difficulty way higher, I tend to make my games too easy '(^-^) Thank you! <3


That was very cool!! It's a very original idea!

I started the game thinking the cool background would be part of a tutorial or something similar, and then when I jumped into action and realized I was controlling a spaceship, I was instantly frantic about not crashing against an asteroid! Hahaha I had so much fun playing this. The only thing that confused me was that I kept hearing the charge sound and seeing that there was a jolt of electricity coming out of my battery even when the spaceship controls switched platforms and the platform I was standing on had no control at all. I thought I had been repairing my hull all that time and then realized I was just standing there being silly while the spaceship was headed to its imminent doom xD


Woah it was very challenging! Beat on the first try but I got heavy hits on the second minute. Very fun overall.

I think the idea is very clever, but I can't quite get what the "one" thing is here. Is it the 1 playable character?


It's the one power cell that is left on the ship!


Reminds me of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Really cool design, the actions randomly switching places was a nice touch.


Honestly, you're game deserves more attention! It's VERY original idea that is very well executed. The fact that the battery pods change position  when you are getting used to them is (of course infuriating) but also fits perfectly with the game! The effects were amazing too. Great job with this game!


Very original and great game! I loved playing it! First saw on Marks stream and decided to play it myself!


Very original idea! I couldnt quite tell where the hitbox of the spacecraft ended, but other than that this is a great result. Awesome style as well!

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