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Eine super coole Idee, ich finde es immer schwer ein Brettspiel bei einem GameJam zu testen, aber ich habe dir trotzdem schon mal ein Rating da gelassen, nachdem ich die Anleitung gelesen habe. Du/Ihr habt euch da ganz schön gedanken gemacht. Etwas dass ich noch cool gefunden hätte, wäre wenn der Golfkurs zufällig von den Spielern gelegt werden würdem Anstatt vorgegeben zu sein. Alles in Allem ein super Solides Ergebnis für den Jam.

PS: Vielleicht wäre es cool bei einem Brettspiel eine Version für den Tabletop-Simulator bereit zu stellen, damit man das nicht selber ausdrucken muss ;)

Sehr cooles Konzept mit einer schönen Umsetzung. Die Steuerung könnte noch etwas feinschliff vertragen. Aber die Grafik fasziniert mich am meisten! 3D in so nem pixel-style habe ich selten gesehen! Respekt!

Ein schönes kleines Spiel mit einer netten Mechanik. Leider ist man meißtens Tod wenn man in eine Sackgasse läuft. Aber es macht schon echt Spaß, besonders wenn man eine Bombe über 3 Ecken trifft!

Ein super interessantes Spielprinzip. Ziemlich schwer, aber durchaus unterhaltsam und zudem sehr Hübsch! Gute Arbeit!

Ein sehr gelungenes Ergebnis zum Jam und definitiv eins von den Spielen die man Stundenlang ohne Pause spielen kann. Mit ein bisschen mehr Polish und ein paar mehr Objekten die über dem Styx schweben könnte das ein echt tolles Browsergame sein!

Eine lustige Interpretation des Themas und durch die Physik auch echt spaßig. zudem eine packende und sehr gelungen vertonte Story!

Eine sehr tolle Idee und super umgesetzt. Musste bei einigen Rätseln tatsächlich ein paar mal probieren. Ein Level-Select Screen wäre noch cool gewesen, habe bei Level 9 einmal auf Menü geclickt und musste dann alles nochmal spielen. Aber alles in allem sehr gelungen!

Ein sehr interessanter Ansatz und definiv die coolste Story des Jams! An den Screenshots kann man sehr gut sehen wie sich das Spiel entwickelt hat. Ich hätte mir noch 1-2 mehr Level gewünscht, aber an sich sehr cool!

Ein solider Entry zum Jam, ich habe es leider nicht sehr weit geschafft, da die Zombies genau so schnell sind wie man selber und wenn man mehrere gleichzeitig trifft ist es so gut wie gelaufen. Vielleicht bin ich in der Zombie Apokalypse einfach aufgeschmissen :D

Aber es scheint als gibt es noch viel im Spiel was ich nicht gefunden habe!

Wie zu erwarten ein sehr gelungerner Entry. Leider etwas einfach vom Gameplay her, aber visuell, akustisch und sonst auch spielerisch sehr eindrucksvoll!

Ein sehr interessantes Spielprinzip. Ich glaube es wäre besser gewesen wenn man auf jedem Feld nur einmal das Rätsel hätte machen können. Aber die Rätsel sind interessant gewählt und passen zum Rest des Spiels!

Die Spannendste und explosivste Präsentation meines Lebens! Absolut genial!

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Nen sehr cooles Ergebnis für den Jam und grafisch hervorragend! Leider ein bisschen Monoton, und ich habe 10 Minuten lang Kultisten abgeschossen bis ich gemerkt habe dass man nur ins Jenseits kommt wenn man stirbt. Auf jeden Fall ein sehr cooler Ansatz und ich hoffe ihr macht mehr draus!

Echt nicht schlecht für dein erstes Spiel in 48 Stunden. Nächstes  mal klappt das mit dem Sound auch noch ;)

Freue mich schon auf das wass du nächstes mal machst :D

Check the discord! So many talented people are on there!

A really cool and interesting idea. It feels almost like you are playing a weird version of tetris. I really enjoyed it, I only wish there was more to it after a while. But a really good idea and well implemented as well!

It took me 20 minutes but I got through it! I am a sucker for puzzle games so this was really fun! I am happy you showed the morse code after some time, and the last puzzle was really clever and sweet. The only thing I could not figure out is how the tic tac toe puzzle is supposed to work. Luckily the room was not too big and I got through by just trying it.

Certainly not a game I expected to see in this jam, but this has an incredible level of polish for a gamejam game. A really well done game!

This game looks incredible and I really hope you change the controls after the jam. I really wished I had a third hand for most of the puzzles! Such a cool game with interesting puzzles. It was sometimes hard to see what is a wall and what is just background.

A really interesting puzzle game with great atmosphere. Unfortunately the key bindings caused my browser to scroll whenever I moved down or up, so alternate controls would be nice. A really cool game altogether.

A quite interesting balancing game. But as others mentioned it would have been nice for the characters to have more weight to them. The sound effects are fun and so is the gameplay! Good job!

An interesting game that furthermore confirms my suspicions that cats are evil. The atmosphere is really well done!

I loved the soundscape, I with there was some indicator of where you had to go, but otherwise this was a fun little game.

I really like that idea actually. I might add it in a post jam update! I am happy that you enjoyed the game!

Such a cool Concept! I quickly figured out that it is easiest to place the square in a corner of the start room and explore the whole dungeon first. And then take your powered up square through the dungeon. One downside is, that the combat seems a bit too hard, a bit of knockback and hit feedback would have helped a lot! But a really cool and fun game!

I think that you really grasped the feeling of getting older. I think a lot of younger players might not get what this is about. But the memories you picked out sometimes really hit home. Such a cool entry, I only wish there was more of a consequence to who you pick. Like a little story for how the conversation goes, or what it entrails. But maybe that was not your intention with the game, so yeah. I had a great time playing!

A really well written story that could exist on its own. But in addition to the game it makes a well rounded experience. If you were to polish up the graphics, add some music to set the mood, this could be a really cool game! I could definitely see this on mobile.

What a great game with an overall positive message! A really cool entry to the jam and a well rounded and polished game!

A really deep take on the topic. I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with loss and I am happy that this has helped you. It obviously is more of an experience than a game, but  I feel that's okay.

It is an interesting idea and I wish you would have had more time to flesh it out. I hope you will take the time and make an actual game out of it. Maybe having people run off when they get scared and you have to try to keep everyone happy and the battery running until you are out of the tunnel.

I honestly can not figure out how the filter is supposed to work, but other than that I had a great time! The sound effects and the music are just perfect! A really great game!

A really nice take on Papers Please! Didn't realize how well it fit the topic. I wish there was a bit of dialogue for every person passing by to give you some emotional attachment to the traveler. It would also be cool to have people who don't have enough money to pay the appropriate tax, so you can decide to let them pass on a lower rate out of compassion.

Glad to hear you liked it. Let me know how 2 player mode goes :D

Very well written and I like how you made it so some mythology is true, e.g. the ferryman existing, and how some human beliefs are actually untrue. A very enjoyable time, I only wish there would have been some visuals to accompany the story.

What a fantastic little game! The mechanics work so well and the game is gorgeous! Really well done guys!

An interesting game mechanic with a lot of potential, but as soon as the enemies get strong enough to not be killed by the full metre dash it gets too hard. A cool game though!

What a fun Idea! The mechanic works surprisingly well and is also really fun. What a great example of a dual purpose mechanic! You should be really proud of youself for making this!

A really fun idea, and I just realized that you can cheat by looking at the screenshot. I also encountered a little bug where my food would not go down. But I think with a little bit of polish this could be a really cool game!

A cool interpretation of the theme I can't put my finger on whether the level is set or generated every time. It feels different. A cool game, and I love the dolphins in the soundtrack!

Hey, I only just got around to watching your video! You gave some super insightful criticism which I really appreciate. Thank you so much for taking the time to play the game, and even make a video about it!