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This was awesome, super creative, a lot of work went into not only voice acting, but also adding subtitles, character design, planning the whole thing out and even the shilouettes of the characters matching? Super well done!

EDIT: The story was also really fun!

A neat idea, but I agree with the fact that some tutorial might help, just a little step by step guide on the game page could already go a long way. If you have some time maybe add that. I could not figure out what rewards I had give and which ones not, it all felt a bit chaotic, the quest giving step was quite clear on the other hand. All in all this is pretty impressive for a jam game, I love the art especially. Well done!

Making 3 games instead of 1 is quite the commitment. While all 3 of them are fun and creative I wonder if focusing on one would have ended up a bit cooler than quick 3 minigames. The tower game was by far the hardest, maybe giving a few more blocks to fail would have been nice. The racing game has some very loud sounds but otherwise was fun and easy to understand. The apple catching game was probably the most boring one, since I did not really feel an increase in difficulty here. All in all this is a pretty solid entry to the jam, well done!

A really nice idea, but I think the hitboxes could use a little tweaking, when I tried to jump on the heroes head my creatures would die, but if I just stand on one of the branches the hero jumps into me and dies. Other than that this is a pretty solid entry!

A fun take on the theme and pretty impressive for 8 hours only! I wonder how you could expand on the concept, maybe using earned points to build stationary defense or add traffic or something to make it harder for the frogs to pass.

Anyways I scored 7400, don't know if that's good or not :D

Really cool take on the theme, I am wondering how much you could actually expand on this, adding crate drops, etc. The presentation is really well done too!

Awesome thing you're doing, maybe this fits the vibe:

Done! Super fun!

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Hey, I have been doing some research and it seems that some unity libraries do not support 32bit Linux systems since like 2019. Therefor Unity Games don't support those systems anymore since then.

Nothing I can do here, sorry.

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I am sorry, what do you mean exactly?

EDIT: I just saw that you probably meant that the Linux version wasn't working for you. Do you know if there is anything I can do to maybe make it work on more Versions of Linux? (Assuming that it does work for other people, since I have multiple downloads already and you are the first one to complain)

Love the way this turned out. Too bad progress doesn't get saved on server side. I hope I can join the fun during Dans stream!

My finger must have slipped while typing it out :D

Just a hint: hmthe maze has no circles, so if you were to stick to one wall you will eventually reach the end ;)

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As I am the first one to post, I assume I am the current world record holder with 237.28s!

A really nice little game! Super fun and super chill!

A fun little game, and the mechanic with the 3 different powers is really interesting, I wish there were some more enemies, and maybe even permanent buff to the character, but it is a jam game afterall. I also think there is a bug with the timer not resetting after you die, so my 3 min something is actually like 5 different runs all added together. Either way, this is a solid jam game! Well done!

A cool concept, I don't quite understand the scoring. If I just type through without looking for coffein I got to 4 pages and got a score of 4, but when I go looking for the coffein and I got to 3 pages I got 8 points... Either way I had fun and the game looks and feels great. Well done!

Really cool that you made an actual gameboy game! The game itself is simple but good, I only wish that cola would not spawn on the same spot as the milk. Other than that this is a nice complete package. Well done!

Super fun idea, that actually drove me nuts on the 3rd level. I wish there was some funny royalty free music playing and a bunch of just sheep sounds to add to the whole chaos. Maybe even add some animals that are not sheep, or a wolf in disguise or something. Either way this was super fun and actually has a lot of potential.

Well done!

A fun little endless runner, but for me the game becomes unplayable past a score of 50, it is just a bit too fast then :D Also I find it a bit punishing that you can have moments when there is a pill in each column at the same height, so you literally can't avoid any of them. Other than that the game was fun. Well done.

Such a cool little twist on the board game. Really well implemented too. The only complaint I have is that you had to land exactly on the bed tile when you fall asleep, this cost me 500 points and ruined my perfect run :D Either way, well done!

What a super fun and incredibly stressful game. My only complaint is that I was not able to select and copy the text I wrote in the end to send it to my friends. Really well done and a super cool mechanic regarding the spelling mistakes. My favourite misspell was this one: "gamer waschen fisch noch"

Well done!

A fun idea with a cool artstyle. I fell asleep, but still got the 1.0 that's how it should always work. I would have to agree with the fact that the game could use a bit more feedback on what you are actually doing and when you are doing something (like picking up a book, studying, etc.) But this is a nice start. Well done!

I like the idea, it is a shame you did not have more time, I would have really liked to see where this can go. Some kind of maze game where you have to take the right trains to get to where you want while also being timed with the falling asleep mechanic could be really fun. Nicely done!

A fun little game with really cool graphics and sound. I have to agree that a keyboard action button would have made more sense too. Either way, this was really fun. Well done!

Such a cool puzzle game that is surprisingly hard to wrap your head around. Every new element you introduced feels so right. This was super cool, well done!

A game that I probably played for a little too long, partially because it is quite hard. I like the way it controls and the story has a really interesting take on the topic. The alien sounds were a bit irritating I would have preferred some 8bit goodness. Either way really impressive with all the different upgrades to unlock, etc. Well done!

A cute litte game that reminded me of one of those handhelds that you used to get from places like mcDonalds and stuff. The button mashing got pretty intense towards the end. The graphics and music set the mood perfectly. Really well done!

Very cute little game, again like everyone else I have to say that the size of the level and the 22 second timer don't work too well together. I once made it to the ghosts, but the way back was impossible to manage. I also have no idea how to unlock the bombs or hookshot which you mention on the game page... Either way, the gameplay is fun and if it wasn't for the timer I would have definetly tried to finish this! Nicely done!

A cute little game, that could have been really fun with some more time during the jam. What's there is good, the general gameplay loop works, the music is fitting, some sort of highscore would have been nice. Either way, not bad for just half a day!

This was super cool! The writing is really good, and even though there are only a few options each time the amount of paths feels really flushed out. I super enjoyed your writing too. Really well done!

I like the atmosphere you created with just the pictures, If there was some wind howling, some fire crackling and some melancholic music this would be almost perfect already. I think I would switch the bars going up over time with a more point based system, and each action you take adds or subtracts points. Either was this was really cool, and the idea to use AI generated art for a gamejam prototype is really neat.

Well done!

I can't believe you actually got to make a full on advertisement for Fritz Cola! :D No seriously, this is a fun little twin stick shooter with some cool upgrade ideas. I wish there was an indicator on the sides to see from where enemies are going to spawn in, because I always took damage from an enemy coming from the side where I could not see them. Either way I got 8000 points exactly and I am happy about it! Well done!

What a fun little collection of games, the font was a little hard to read at times, especially the word "tea". I wonder if that phone number is actually real... Either way, really well done!

A fun idea, that could use a few more options and a little more polish. I found it quite hard to know when to use an option (honestly I couldn't beat the game and I tried multiple times). After 5 o'clock I also lost when I was just tired, and it didn't even go to sleepy.

As I said a fun idea that could use some polish. Not bad for a jam game though!

Amazing as always! The message in the end was a nice touch. Really well done!

A really cool idea, with some awesome graphics, I only played with one headphone so I don't know if the sound is actually spacial oriented, but I would assume it is. Really well done!

I don't know what to tell you, you have got to keep trying. It can be that sometimes you have to click multiple times due to a bug i am investigating, but i can assure you that the game is fully playable :)

The game is working, try clicking the words with left and right mouse button ;)

My morning every day, but it seems more like a "We have to stay asleep" than a "We have to stay awake" game :D Either way a funny little game with some nice graphics. A little sound would have helped to sell the whole thing. Nice job!

This was awesome, the mechanics worked really well, even though the tutorials took a moment to understand. I wish the final room would have had a ball for me to play around with a little more and see how I could break the mechanics. There is obviously a bit to polish here and there, but I believe you have the basics of a super interesting platformer here. Well done!