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I wanted to thank my brother for sharing this game with a bunch of his friends! As far as I've noticed, it brought a lot of new people to my game because I got a lot of downloads and votes after the post! Thank you very much!!!

Very original and great game! I loved playing it! First saw on Marks stream and decided to play it myself!

Let’s see..

The trailer:

Love the game! Sound effects could get some improvement, but the game and gameplay itself is super great!

Great game! Love the visuals and the design is awesome! Love it!

Love the game! Very fun and everything seems so fluid! Motion, colors, Love it!

It was pretty fun! I like the simple visuals!

Really liked the game! It should become a mobile game! I scored 50 points and It was so fun!

Really loved the game! The idea is super cool and I think if you added more visuals, you could make this into a proper "mobile" style game!

Game "Just In Time" is made completely by a 14 year old.

 You are lost in mountain and need to escape from it. Unless you are on heater, you die in 4 seconds. Don't get distracted by music. Beat of music and clock is the same, but they are independent from each other. Basically this game is mixed RogueLike with Rhythm platformer.

Art style of this game is inspired by Celeste. Fully drawn by me.

Ludum Dare link:$73562

Download Link: