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1 Enemy, 1 pilot, 1000 ships
Submitted by kaosklown, Nanord — 2 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#4394.1674.167

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A game where you fight entrophy, i very much like it, you really get into playing the swarm and each decision has its cost.

The enemies are well thought out, the small turrets makes the clock tick so that stalling is not an option, the shield prevents rushing and the cannons are the bane of inattentive players. The nature of the game means that Lancheste's law is more prevalent than in any other, kill many enemies at the start and the run is a piece of cake, mess up the beggining and time will erase your fleet; a fix could be regeneration from both sides, gaining ships with time and turrets growing on unnocupied places, making the player adapt on the fly, avoid focusing one side and making the end-game challenging as well.

The controls could be faster, the slowness of the cursor means that sometimes you have to waste a lot of time just getting where you need to be and others getting your ships killed because you wont ever be able to get there. But speed aside the game is fair, you need to make calculated decisions of when and where to shoot, there is no way to brute force your way to a win.

Theme, is any RTS a good thematic entry for this jam? After all they always have a Only one commander, you have Only one boss to fight but it never feels like it, the focus is always on the swarm not the cursor, the focus is on the specific enemies, not on the boss as a whole. So it technicallly fits the theme but not in spirit.

Originality, this game is truly original, the mechanics, the controls and the fantasy it delivers is not only unique but excellent.

I loved this game, i dont think is the most fitting for the jam but nonetheless is a great entry. Please make a tutorial to get confortable at first, create more content (levels, enemies,etc) and launch this game, a mobile version would sell for sure.


What a comment ^^ !

You truly got our intention with that game !


The concept is very cool and I like the artstyle. 


I like this concept. I wasn't very good at controlling the swarm but that's definitely my fault. This is a cool idea with great execution. Good work!

If you have some time please play and rate my game:


That's a very juicy and balanced game, I love it! 


very cool swarm control, I would have likes to have the white dot be the mouse cursor would have been more responsive in trying to dodge lasers


It would be nice if the player could cancel a command. But appart from that this game was fun. great job!

(1 edit) (+1)

J'aime beaucoup ce jeu, je trouve qu'il correspond bien au thème, qu'il est créatif et aussi qu'il top à jouer ! Merci, je vais bien m'amuser :)

PS. j'aimerais bien voir un jour la version plus aboutie et plus esthétique.


incredible game, a sputnik that appears suddenly on my screen and causes a rise of adrenal
congratulation guys


Really fun game. It's really satisfying when you manage to hit a big attack, and I can see myself playing it again later.

The shields, though, could be improved: they recharge pretty fast, so you can't wait too long to attack, but if you don't wait long enough your Attack command will not reach many ships. I understand the risk/reward here (and the need to make EMPs relevant), but it doesn't feel quite balanced yet. Also, they could have a little timer showing when they will activate again.

Another suggestion is a Cancel command, so you can cancel (obviously) a misclicked/wrong order. Then again, properly choosing orders is part of the challenge.


Thanks !

The game clearly needs some work still ^^. 

I agree, the cancel order button you suggested is really missing and make for really frustrating moments. Like when you face a shield and charge an attack instead of an EMP... And end up either attacking the shield or having to slowly move away from the shield to release the attack.


Feels so powerful to order hundreds of ship to start fire. I so now get why space emperors tend to be on the evil side. ;)


Really enjoyed this game, would love to see an expanded version. 5*


Ok. I love boids. I love boids controls. Original idea. Sweet gameplay. Just great mate.

5 STARS x3. That's it.

As French people don't say: "Merci. De rien. Au revoir messieurs dames."


Merci, ça fait plaisir un comm comme ça ^^ !


5 stars in everything!

MAN this was good.  Brings me way back to playing stuff like Gun Metal and having to take apart huge giant flying ships, destroying its cannons and shields to get your way to the core.

Or even destroying military bases in Mechwarrior games, having to take out turret control towers and key buildings!


more of this please, seriously.

Maybe moving the almighty dot with the mouse? Randomly generated bases? Bigger ones (of course) or regenerating ones?

Please do give alternate controls though, couse the keyboard ones were quite weird indeed, maybe something more streamlined like ZXC could do the trick!

also, maybe scalating the Core's life with the amount of terrain left? So there is not much "already won, but just have to take out the core" scenarios. Or maybe add one of the superturrets to the core, so its kinda final boss-y.

Anyways, gonna keep this one downloaded in my pc. One of my favorite games so far!!!! Huge props!!


Thanks  !!!

MechWarrior 2 was my childhood on DOS ^^, so this is very appreciated.

Good suggestions for the core, this would give the game a better rythm and more intensity overall !

Plus the idea of Boss-inside-a-boss is just badass ^^. This could even be the way to progress from one level to another : when you destroy the core, the camera zooms on it and reveals the core as another Boss to destroy. Adding phases to the whole thing !

We'll add this to the list of features we unforntunately didn't have time to include  yet ^^.


I agree on the mouse controls! :)

Maybe adding life to the boss in exchange of boids? (I'm in love with boids ; then boids-oriented suggestion)


Very fun short game! I like the idea of sending commands to a large amount of ships. Good job.


Fun short game, really enjoyed being able to rally the ships and all that. Good sound design, good game design, overall really nice.


I like this game :D

Took a few tries to fully understand the mechanics a first. 

I also love the swarm-like movements.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words, it was our first game jam, exhausting but we loved every minute of it !