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That's a very juicy and balanced game, I love it! 

I wrote at the game page that you could make more powerful but less probable punches, that's it. Didn't get at first that it's good to show it to a player in game, at least as a text. So, you could always make the strongest punches but it's faster to punch few times not so strong but 100% sure. I understand that I didn't mention an absolutely not obvious information. Thanks for the comment.

That's a good one, interesting interpretation of "only one", that nuance make that platformer really hard and interesting to control.

That's a good realisation of "only one" and Morse! I liked that nice atmosphere and sound design. I thought that we would have some rare obstacles to evade, so player needed to move more often, not only for coins or good shooting position. Also, at the max level upper gun had minimum delay, when lower gun didn't change its shooting speed. Is it a bug or do we upgrade only the upper gun?

I want to see a full version of that game, that has a lot of Potench.

I were immersed by this game. Good introduction screen, but it was too fast for me that explanation on the screen was 2 seconds and game began to play. So, I handled it after the second try :D I was happy that there weren't any bounces with random direction. I think you need to show players where is allowed to place walls and where is not. A little help from UI won't disturb the main feel of the game. Speeding up is also made good.

Interesting game with mechanic that makes the conflict between spamming walls and placing it as less as possible. It forces to make your own strategy, good game.

Thanks for your feedback! I guess, I should use the center of the screen to show valueable information for players (and more understandable instructions, of course). I definitely will change it, thanks again!

That's a wonderful puzzle game. This style reminds me some cozy mobile games with abstract characters. Also, at the level, where I need to push 3 characters to the exit above 2 boxes, I pushed red one and noone else, so, then I couldn't control red character each of next tries, restarts didn't help at all. Only reopening the game. But that just a bug that I've wanted to tell you. High five! Want it in my phone :D

Notice me, sparring partner!

I think you could hide mouse cursor and move it to center when it is still to prevent this problem. Player would think he has a big space for mouse movement.

That's a wonderful game, I think I saw gifs in gmtk discord channel. Swipe controls with mouse could make some problems if mouse is close to screen borders, but all the rest are great!

There is no executable. Upload executable, not project

Good game, it would be more playable if there was less enemies or faster shooting.

Awesome game, I played it with my friend, that's so fun, simple and nice looking, we played it much longer than other games! Also, jousting appears not so often as other mini-games.

Why is this project folder and no executable files? People without Unity can't open it.

Good design, but why is health doesn't change? It's cool that mages go away from player, visuals and sounds are pretty good, full adherence to the Theme, I liked it.

We planned to make three rounds for the fight but deadline was coming :D Thanks for your opinion, we will improve the game. Adding slightly different mechanics for fighting styles would be really good!

Thanks for playing! I imagined the healthbar like its value is not health but a desire to win. I thought about bloodborne where you can return some health with dealing damage when you get hurt. I liked it and wanted to make similar aspect of HP.