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These dizzy amoebas don't seem to know where they're going...
Submitted by Joey G — 9 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 55 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
The controls are randomized periodically. As the game progresses, the basic WASD controls are all rebound to random keys across the keyboard.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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this is very fun! caught me really off guard when i noticed the changed binding (i didn't read anything). i'll be curious to see where you could take this after the jam!


I like this idea a lot, wish I had someone to try two player with because I can see it getting super tangled. I felt like the letter switches could have come a bit quicker to ramp the difficulty but that's personal preference. Nicely done!


this game was a really creative wacky Idea that I loved a lot! it was really interesting how hard it got so fast which I appreciate with endless games in game jams! awesome job! super interesting way of using the theme overall a really good game!


Really nice! I thought I was familiar with my keyboard, but I'm not :D


Cool idea, and surprisingly addicting :)


Awesome game! The art style and music and sound effects all fit together with the theme quite nicely. For an even more punishing challenge, I played the 2 player version alone a la Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and it was mayhem


This is a really nice game with good polish and nice art, the keyboard mechanic makes an otherwise trivial game a fun, challenging experience!

Awesome job!


Twister on the keyboard! Simple, but fun.

Well done for participating!


Super interesting use of theme. Very hard but fun.  I feel like this would be more fun if I had played two player. It would kind of be like twister. I like the art a lot. Good job.


I actually had a ton of fun with this! I love the really interesting keyboard twister that this makes you play. And I think you did a phenomenal job of having restraint when it comes to changing the control scheme, you really give enough time to let the new scheme sink in so you can start to feel semi-comfortable before it changes again. Truly, awesome job!


Interesting concept and gameplay! Well done!


The premise is fine, especially in a coop, where you have to fight for the whole keyboard. However I believe it would be better if the gameplay was way slower and more puzzl-y/minigame-y rather than arcade, since you're probably able to move after one or two changes, but 3+ is next to impossible ;)


The game is clear to understand, but quite tedious. Music and graphics fit so far. I didn't get very far, but I'm afraid it's easy to get a knot in your fingers.


My brain is fried after playing this game! Great concept though and well made!


Interesting take on the Roll of the Dice theme!

What I liked?

- The randomized inputs concept was quite interesting and fun

- The art style is really colorful, I like it!

Overall nice job!


I really loved gameplay and background particles!

good job!


I should admit that the idea is really original! It was easy unless i was forced to press W to move right and H to move up :D that almost broke my brain!

That's a clever game - nice job!


Super fun until you break your fingers. The game looks very cute and bubbly but is secretly quite evil! On the one hand i think its quite wacky and charming that you gotta reach over your whole keyboard, on the other hand it’s really hard to keep up. Maybe you could learn to be proficient in it, but I think i would lose the fun before i manage.

It’s awesome to play 2-3 Rounds of it and try to see how far you come, but after that the concept gets a bit stale. But it doesn’t have to be more than that, it’s still a game jam and wacky games are awesome!

Overall, well done!


Really fun and interesting concept! The presentation and gameplay were both amazing. Great job!


Really great game! The gameplay was fun and you have to use coordination to progress, the visuals were pretty nice, and the little indicator of what key would change before it turns to another one was a nice and useful touch. Well done!

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