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After over a year in development, Fleet Scrapper has finally reached a place where our team is happy to say that it is complete. Thank you for everyone who has supported us in the development of this passion project!

If you wish to support us and own the game yourself, please head to our steam or links to purchase the game.

Thank you again for your continued support. We could never have done it without your encouragement!

Hey everybody!

David also known as Perfectfitz here.  I wanted to share something today I've been working on. I think it'll add quite a bit to the Title Screen  having it more animated.

Sometimes, people just sit there and want to listen to the amazing music and I wanted to have it be prettier as well.

We're currently still working on the finishing touches of Chapter 1. The Hidden Levels are almost implemented and the Dialog is currently being integrated into the game. I'm working on finishing up some more of the UI polishing that I've been procrastinating with, since it gets extremely repetitive and boring compared to making new things :D

Anyways, here's how the new Title Screen will look. Any suggestions are appreciated and remember the Fleet Scrapper portion will still have the glare running across it. I'm strongly considering adding twinkling stars too, but then I dread I'd have to animate the planet itself. Yikes.

Talk to you and catch you up soon,


Hey everybody!

David also known as Perfectfitz here.  We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and even if you don't have time to play our game today, make sure you spend it with your family.

A lot of the UI has been updated. I'm still working on updating it INSIDE the levels where the top left info HUD type thing will be updated to match the new style. The same will happen with the escape menu. 

I know I was talking about it a bit, but I spent a lot of time finishing up the Dialog for Chapter 1 (it is completely complete now :D) and I also have the first world for Chapter 2 written out. I'm very excited to show the game from another perspective. Some might consider them the bad guys, but what's really good or bad contextually right?

Anyways, I was able to capture Tefra at the right time. Apparently, she decided to take a little time away from picking on Brutt to play a little dress up in celebration of Easter. Cavedens and I have been discussing adding events to holidays that would mostly consist of a little dialog, one or two levels, and most likely a special ship only for those that have the game during the event. It's something we are in serious discussion about and hope to figure it out for you guys soon. 

Oh and we've been working on Hidden Levels (generally with new mechanics/affects) and ships as rewards...wink wink. Without further ado she wants to tell you Happy Easter herself.



Hey everybody!

David also known as Perfectfitz here. I just wanted to share what I've been focusing on the past few days. It's been a fairly tedious process going through and trying to update the nameplates and UI for the main part of the game.

I've went through and edited or completely revamped about 100 of the nameplates from the Title Screen button, Exit game button, to each of the level buttons. I think it looks ten times better, but as always I would love to hear your feedback. Also, we have added an enlarging effect and sounds when you hover over any of the buttons. It just gives it a better feel.

In other news, I've completed the dialog for Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2. I have a rough sketch of what the map will look like and what to expect from the Interstellar Authority's point of view (spoiler alert :D). Anyways, just wanted to touch base and let you know we're still working hard daily to bring the best product available to you. Talk to and catch you up later.



Hello lovers of all that is Creatorship Games!

My name is Clint, aka Cavedens. I am co-partner of CG with my brother David, aka Perfectfitz. Fleet Scrapper is the current project we are working on which is an up an coming indie game. It’s a retro, science fiction, racer/exploration game with RPG elements. I am the lead programmer and creative director of the project.

David and I used to design games with pen and paper constantly when we were younger. We decided to step it up a notch! I have been into game development for a long time but have not finished anything as big as the project we are working on now as a team. It has been my goal to be an indie game developer for a long time so I decided “I’m going to complete a project and make something happen”. And that is how Creatorship Games was formed. I brought my brother in as the lead artist because I believe he is an extremely talented artist and had much to offer! So I focus on the programming so he can have the freedom to create the feel of the game.

So that is where we are today. Chapter 1 of Fleet Scrapper almost completed and Chapter 2 is in the works! Make sure you check back often to get updates on the project. Also feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions we can answer. Thanks for your interest! Look forward to sharing our creation with the world!

- Cavedens

Hello Everybody!

I'm David or Perfectfitz with Creatorship Games. So, originally we were just going to put the Demo up on (which we also have available on our website and over at GameJolt).


Good news. We're going to be uploading our pre-alpha version (or alpha at this point perhaps :D) so that we can get a better idea of what people think we should change, loves, needs, concerns, and everything in between. So, now you will be able to download more or less Chapter 1 of the Fleet Scrapper. We are currently in the process of tweaking things, UI changes, and bug fixes for the most part. Most of the content is finished of Chapter 1.

So, in addition to the wonderful treat of being able to sample the actual game I'm going to give a sneak peek at an upcoming character from Chapter 2! I've dabbled in working on characters and concepts for the next chapter for a few weeks now. But, I spent yesterday on stream...shameless plug working on multiple expressions and 2 poses for the new character. I'll go ahead and attach the PNGs for IAN.

Feel free to download and give feedback on either the demo or the pre-alpha alpha alpha alpha version. Talk to you and catch you up soon!

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm David or Perfectfitz, 1 of 2 people working on Fleet Scrapper. I am currently responsible for most of the art, animation, and creative content for the game. This is our first full fledged game together at Creatorship Games and we're working hard daily to get the product where we want it to be.

I'm going to try to consistently give a sort of Dev Blog here to keep everyone updated on what we're working on in the real game. We will be putting up Chapter 1 here in the next few weeks once we're done tweaking and finalizing some unfinished business. The Demo will give a decent view of what our goal is for the game in the meantime.

Today (3-21-18) I get the wonderful task of redoing most of our UI. I've decided to try to spice up what we currently have as placeholders and to be honest it's pretty repetitive and boring. BUT, it'll end up looking much better and I can already see major changes. I'm always more interested in drawing new ships and characters than I am editing pixels on fonts :D

Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community and say if you have any feedback feel more than welcome to post it here. I will personally be reading any comments or feedback and will try as hard as possible to work it into the process of our game. Thanks again and I'll catch you up later!