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Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback.

No, you won't get stuck if you get an element that heals the enemy. You see, the effect subsides when you attack, then in the current version, you can just beat the air ot other enemies to get rid of the unnecessary effect. In the future, we plan to allow the player to instantly reset the current element.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing.

In addition to the environment, we had to draw a lot more, we simply did not have time to make the environment more lively and interesting.

Thank you!


Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing and thanks for the feedback!
Yes, we are going to tweak the enemies more in the future and add new effects to the dice.

Thanks for playing!

You should have read the game page or the tutorial from the game menu to understand the impact of the dice.

Hi, sorry for the little debate that arose earlier. I couldn't stand the influx of criticism, I was wrong. I apologize.

You have a great game, well done for participating! 5 stars from me.

Despite the standing opponents game is FUN, I had a great time trying to beat my record.

The animation of the attack and the subsequent slow motion is very strange, it feels off for some reason.

A very original idea, it is clear that you have made an effort to stand out. It was nice to play.

R do not reload lvl, instead it's move to next lvl. The dice have too much horizontal velocity. SFX are strangely combined.

You also made a game around the elements on the dice, cool! : D It is unclear what happens to the character when she walks.

I like to make decisions for others, although I almost always turn out to be wrong : D Is the dice theme not developed?

Cool zelda-like game. Moving around with the dice mechanics in empty rooms is a bit tedious. And AI spoils the fun a little, but the game is good, you did a great job.

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback!

In fact, the damage increases as much as four times compared to a normal attack. You can kill a deck of cards (a green enemy) with a single hit, for example. And yes, there was a flying text in the plans to give feedback to the player about the damage, but we didn't have time.

We were well aware during development that dash in some form is simply necessary for maneuverability, but we also did not have time to make it.

I think you're right, the initial wave of enemies is really too complicated and not much different from the others, and it feels like you're fighting the same wave. We will fix this in the future.

I agree, the gameplay flow is repetitive, we essentially gave the player an arena with enemies in which he can try different dice, there are thirteen of them in total.

Thanks again for the whole article! We will return to all comments when we finalize the game.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, we will definitely work on this in the future.

Yes, we have plans to draw a new colored spear for each element. Thanks for the feedback and for playing.

Thanks! The animation of the attack swing turned out to be too long for the players, we will fix it in the future.

Thank you!

Someone saw my SOS.

A simple and fast game, did not have time to get bored. The strategy becomes clear very quickly, you choose the lowest costs and choose the resource that is most lacking as a reward. Passed on the second attempt.

Well done for participating!

Yes, we will definitely add more maneuverability in the air to the game after the jam.

Thanks for the detailed feedback and thank you for playing!

The player gets HP for each kill and recovers completely after passing the wave.

Thank you so much for playing! Well done for participating!

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It is impossible to move during an attack, it is true, but I think there should be a punishment for incorrectly chosen timing. And projectiles can be repelled by hitting them.

Thank you so much for playing! Appreciate it!

To catch twitching, you should slightly tap A or D. How to fix it? You need to round the current angle of the cube to an angle that is divisible by 90 without remainder. "angle MOD 90" or something like this.

Wow, thanks a lot for the feedback and ideas, we will definitely remember them and consider them when we finish the game. I think it will be even more interesting if, before throwing a dice with an incomplete charge, a dice with faces is thrown: [-2\-2\-2\-1\-1\ success], then there will be a chance to roll the dice without a charge AND without getting punished.

You can watch our vid about the development process and the course of our decision-making.

Once again, thank you so much for playing and commenting!

Sooooo cute game. I fell in love with the character dice.

Waiting for the right cubes is a bit boring and it was cool to mix colors to get the right recipe, for example.

Great respect. Well done for participating!

Very high quality and funny. I think it will be better if the battles take place faster.

Good job, guys!

Twister on the keyboard! Simple, but fun.

Well done for participating!

It is very satisfying to look at the correct chain of explosions. The setting is a little out of my taste, but I rated it objectively, without relying on personal tastes.

Great job!

A good "papers, please" - like game. Making difficult decisions is surprisingly addictive.

Well done for participating!

Nice graphics, but I didn't catch the strategy. It's like you can just throw all the coins in a row and you still win.

Well done for participating! Good job!

Nice puzzle! Love the lowpoly aesthetic here. The progression of the levels is very correct, it amicably leads the player to difficult levels. Well done for participation!

It's nice to hear that playing is fun, this is the most important thing for us. Thank you for playing!

We have plans to finish the game. Thanks!

We are flattered by this comparison. Thanks for playing!

Wow! We also developed the theme of the elements in our dice, cool!

When the opponent is hanging in the air, it looks a little clamped, you need a sine animation. Well, it would be cool if the cube automatically rolled to the edge, otherwise it twitches if it stands on the edge.

In general, good job!


You have a beautiful game.

Checkpoints must be on the same enemy. I got a lot of fun from the game, it reminded me of patapon. The animation and sounds are gorgeous. Great job. I don't understand why the game has so few ratings.

Thank you for playing!

wow, so many people took part in the development, what role did each of the developers have?