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The final version of the game is available now, with a Pause menu which contains an option to tweak mouse sensibility.

Great work on the atmosphere, it felt creepy and unease!

I would have liked a little music in order to give more to the ambiance.

The concept with Lilith was interesting, except that first I didn't understand that I needed to drop objects in the big vase, but after understanding that it was fluid.

It controlled rather well, it was just a bit too slow for my taste in terms of walk speed, but apart that it was good.

Overall great job!

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! 

I have already a version of the game with the fix of music & sensitivity, there are also more SFX feedback in it. But, like your team, I will wait the end of rating period in order to update the game.

Btw, I'm really glad that you liked the art style!

Thanks for the screenshot! What is your configuration?

I think that it might be specific to the hardware (This is the first occurence that I saw).

Thank you for your feedback! Soon after the end of the Jam, I might do an update in order to add this option.

Great surprise as concept, it is simple but efficient!

Btw well done for doing a game with a library instead of an engine, it is impressive!

Overall good job!

Thank you for your detailed feedback! I'm happy that you liked the art style!

For your issue, I had planned to include sensitivity settings, but unfortunately I ran out of time. Btw, the sensitivity was it, too fast or too slow for you?

Clever usage of the theme! I liked a lot the puzzle mechanic with the robot, it was so neat and fun!

The visual style is great, as well for the sound design!

Overall very good work!

No problem! It might be specific to the equipment, which is quite hard to fix properly unfortunately.

However, it reminded me a bug, that I had a long time ago, where the values from camera movement input weren't properly reset after stopping using it. I shared to you this information just in case, it might help you.

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! 

I'm glad that you loved the visual style! Moreover, there is a way to unlock the door, but I can't say more in case other players read my comment haha

Duly noted for the options menu, originally I planned to do it but I ran out of time.

I noticed these steps in order to get this bug:

1. In First Person phase, move the mouse slightly

2. Then stop the movement with the mouse

3. Notice that the view moves itself on the right

5/5 on my side

Moreover, I noted that the bug stopped if I moved again the mouse but faster on the left, then stopped the movement -> The bug disappeared.

Interesting concept, even if I have to admit that I felt a lot of frustration haha

I like the art style, it reminded me of retro mobile games.

The main idea is really cool and original! However, I wanted to finish it, but because of the bug where the view tends to move itself on the right, I didn't want to try more in order to finish it (even if I like a lot the game). Apart from that it is a nice game!

The drift mechanic works really well! And the musics are quite nice!

However, I felt that it missed several SFX, like the shoots from the turrets, and car sounds, it would have helped for the immersion.

Apart from that, it is a nice game!

The game feels well crafted! I like a lot the art style! 

The gameplay is pretty interesting, the thing that I like the most is its fast paced rhythm.

Honestly, you did a great job here!

The concept is cool, and the visuals are quite nice! 

However, I have to admit that I had difficult to control the Forklift, but I guess with training that I would be accustomed to it.

The sound design is great too!

Overall great job!

I couldn't do the third levels with all the red spikes, but it was quite fun to play!

The only things that I didn't like:

- The music which was too loud, and too speed for my taste

- The character felt a bit too heavy, especially when jumping

Overall good work!

Thank you!

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I liked the duality of visuals when switching between black and white! 

As cameronac said, the controls are a bit hard to master.

Overall good job!

Thank you for the information! I didn't check the settings menu in game, because I saw on Main menu that there was only the audio volume.

In real life, I love escape rooms, so I liked a lot your game! The idea of the film is really great, and well produced!

Honestly, it is pretty clean, the only issue I had is that sometimes the mouse sensibility was a bit crazy, apart from that you did a wonderful job with this game!

Really fun game! I liked a lot the fact that upgrades change the way of playing, before getting the E-Brake, I needed to anticipate my stopping, then when getting speed up + E-Brake, it was more an action game, I was under the impression to play a QTE in order to stop at the right time.

So it gave a re-new in gameplay loop, which is a good idea!

Btw, I got a bug, after getting the E-Brake then getting full stars on my bus, I was stuck on place.

The concept is cool with the ghosts of yourself which help to progress!

However the timing is quite hard for specific sections, I was unable to do the one where you need to shoot the platform. 

Apart from that, the theme is well applied! The visuals are good too!

On my side, I don't have any issues with Mouse and Gamepad, so can you please tell me your settings ? (Mouse or Gamepad?) Do you have good performances?

The concept of  controlling four characters at the same time is pretty neat, and fits well the theme! Moreover, I found the graphics pretty nice!

However, I have two issues with the game:

- I had a bug against the last big creature, I couldn't hit it no matter what I did, I even tried to go above it by using the spell of the magician. (Btw I found also another bug, if I try to jump below the bridge made by the magician, and at the same time I'm close to the ground, I hit the bridge with my head => The character gets stuck in jump animation, and can't jump anymore after that)

- The SFX of feedback hit from the monsters was a bit too annoying for my taste.

Overall good job!

Thank you for your feedback!

Interesting game, which makes sense with the theme! 

However, it is too bad that there is no sound at all.

Overall, gg for your work!

Thank you for your feedback!

Interesting entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points

- QTE is well done, which allows to keep the player motivated

- Cool SFXs which follow well what happens on screen


* Negative points

- I'm not a fan of the graphic style

- The running animation seems a bit weird

=> Overall gg for your work!

Cool entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points

- Dynamic shoot'em up gameplay

- Good pixel art style on the planes

- Interesting concept


* Negative points

- The sound is a bit loud, and the main theme is quite annoying

- The main airplane can go off-screen

=> Overall gg for your work!

Nice entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points

- The graphic art direction is really good and coherent

- It reminds a lot of "Into the Breach", in terms of sound design & grid placement/movement, which is a good thing


* Negative points

- Missing some animations feedback when beating an enemy

- I would love a bit more strategy

=> Overall nice job!

Not bad at all for a first game jam entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points

- The pixel art is pretty nice

- The universe used is quite rare in video games which is a good thing to see


* Negative points

- The music is pretty annoying

- No feedback sounds

- The movement system is a birt weird, it seems that the character moves by "square", so at the beginning I thought that I was stuck, but I understood that I need to hit the input movement each time for moving

=> Overall gg for your work!

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Fun entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points

- The concept is very interesting, it reminds me of Worms or Lemmings, because of the "sacrifice" feature which allows to progress/win like in these games

- The graphics are pretty simple, but simple and lively

- Good sound feedback


* Negative points

- The skull is a bit slow, which made fail some jumps because I anticipated too quickly

=> Overall great work!

Interesting entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points
- Great art style, simple but efficient + I like the color scheme

- The concept is quite fun

- Nice global sound design


* Negative points
- The movements of the character are imprecise, indeed, it goes too fast on side movements

- The colliders are not precise too, in fact in 3rd level (I think), I got hit by the pikes, whereas I was well behind them, so it seems that the collider was too big for this element

=> Overall good job!

Very nice entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points
- Nice art direction

- Interesting concept of fusion x Shoot'em up

- Good sound design, for music and SFXs

- Controls are pretty handy


* Negative points
- Sometimes I couldn't shoot, but I guess that I was empty, but there was no indicator of the current bullets available

=> Overall very good work!

Thank you! I'm happy that you had fun!

Nice entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points
- The concept is neat, even I'm not a big fan of RTS games

- The characters felt responsive, when I gave an order to them

- Some VFX are pretty cool


* Negative points
- I'm not a fan of the art style

- It is too bad that there is no sound in your game

=> Overall good job!

Thank you for your feedback! Duly noted for the controls.

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Fun coop platformer entry! Here are my complete feedback:

* Positive points
- Nice concept, it is necessary to think wisely before moving, especially if we want to grab the red coins

- The gameplay is quite precise and responsive, which is a very good thing for a platformer game

- The music is quite cool!


* Negative points
- The graphics are a bit too simple

- Some sound feedback would have been nice

Overall nice work!

Thank you for your detailed comment! Duly noted for the keyboard, indeed, it is better with a controller, but I think that it could be improved with the keyboard. Moreover, thanks for spotting this bug!