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I really loved the art in this one. Maybe a bit to simple in the gameplay department but still I have some fun with it ;)

Cool idea, to create 2 in 1, though I definitely liked the first one more. It was pretty fun, but maybe a bit boring at some times, more ships would make it so much better.

Great job though!

Has fantastic speedrun potential.

The movement is smooth and satisfying, I just wish it would rotate a bit faster.

Also - great concept, but definitely needs setting. The stick could be a pencil or a pen (with crunchy clicky sound on impact) or something similar.

And here I hoped that nobody will notice. You're absolutely correct. The camera has bounds, but the artificial position is moving. Nice eye for bugs and of course thanks for the feedback and kind words :)

The idea is unique and very cool.

The only thing I'd add right now is ability to restart current level instead of having to do everyting from the scratch all over again.

Good job, though!

Nice idea, pretty tough though.

I don't see where's the theme in that exactly, but I had some fun with nontheless ;)

Well, basically what you said in your devlog: really cool and nice looking game with no gameplay :)
It has potential though and I really wish there was more to it.

Neat little idea, though jumping felt a bit too floaty and levels very pretty unforgiving to top it all. But despite the difficulty and some controls problems, I had fun playing it :)

Very fun idea, I like the silly setting a lot ;)

Yet, I think that the plant growth is a little bit too much out of control ;)

And it's really missing audio, it'll be great with some moody music in the background.

Cool concept, but as I see it, there's two ways of playing it:

1. tap left, when it's safe to remove them from the queue

2. probably die when falling down due to randomness of the input

Don't get me wrong! The idea behind this game is really fine and has some potential, but it needs some reasons to move in other directions than up and right. Maybe top-down would be more suitable? I don't know...

Simple, yet fun. I agree with comments about hitting wall and losing points.

Very cool idea. I like the fact, that standing on the ctrl heals you, but you definitely don't want to do that. Simple yet clever. The gameplay felt ok, but the visuals were fantastic, nice job!

Interesting twist, though I think that hitboxes should be a bit more forgiving.

Fun concept and nice visuals and audio.

Though it's rather a one-shot game. It gets tedious after a while, especially the second (and probably next) time around.

That definitely feels like going back home drunk... uhm... so says my friend.

Anyways, the gameplay has potential, but is really hard and the constant spinning is getting tiring after a while. Clever idea though!

Very confusing at first, I had no idea, why my resources are constantly going down, while adding more citizens to that specific group. The policies system is super cool, but when you try to pick another policy from the menu it adds grey overlay with alpha channel to whole screen and it doesn't go away after the policy menu is closed making the game unplayable after such combination :(

I had fun, the dark and grim setting is very interesting and I kind of enjoyed the minimalistic background graphics with changing days and nights.

Cool idea for a puzzle game. Also, nice visuals and audio.

I struggled a bit at the beginning, but once I grasped the concept it was really fun to play :)

That was certainly unique. I like the concept, audio and visuals are also fine.

As for gameplay - starting again after dying seems a bit too harsh for me.

A mix between beautiful visuals and soothing sounds and allaround moody vibes with hard and quite unforgiving gameplay. Way too tough for me, but I enjoyed few first levels :)

Your game has some similarities to mine, so obviously I liked it very much :)
I like that there are different characters, I enjoyed the frantic gameplay, though trying to aim at certain object was definitely hard (especially with such high speeds).

Good job!

Some cool ideas there and I definitely had fun, but in my opinion, the gameplay could be faster. Claiming territory (especially after everyone is dead already) could be much quicker. It's nice that you made your own music, but the loop is slightly off, you can definitely notice when it ends and starts again.

Good job, nevertheless!

I can't believe you made me play a game of closing windows for a couple of minutes :D
And I had a blast. Great music and audio (very fitting), silly challenges, great prompts from this clipper dude and each one is short enough so that the joke doesn't become annoying. Nice job!

Very fun and engaging concept. Cool visuals.

I happened to glitch the ball in some walls a couple of times though ;)

Fun idea, though the control loss sometimes was really hard to predict. Also the camera was tricky at some points where I had to trust that there would be a platform, where I land :D

All-in-all I had fun. Nice job!

Then I think you did the right thing. In such case it's always better to ship unintuitive controls rather than broken ones ;)

Great narrative!

I really dig the art, unfortunately less the gameplay. It was really tough to land some hits without taking some, with took away some fun, but I'm glad you introduced fast respawns - makes the game quicker and crunchier ;)

Very cool idea, gets gradually harder in a way that is challenging yet still doable.

Awesome music and sound effect. Nice.

That out of control spinning part was kind of frustrating, since it was really hard to move around precisely. Could definitely use some music to fill the background.

But other than that - simple and fun platformer/infinite runner.

Also - the game description on the game page is funny :)

Small and funny. I enjoyed it. Tough there's a lot in this game, and it all lacks something. Platforming feels a bit too floaty, pong was way too slow to be fun, shoot to move was a clever joke, but that's it.

The presentation is fine and I really liked the music. And it was genuinely funny at some points ;)

Fast, silly and pretty well done.

Nice job. Also mandatory comment about fantastic face animations :D

Great concept, detailed and polished. Fantastic art and I really like the natural tutorial that occurs in across the levels - good job.

Cool little concept! I love the unique underwater setting very much.

Controls felt a bit weird to me. I mean, why can't I simply pick specific text messages with space or enter?

Really cool aesthetics and atmosphere. Shooting felt good (especially with that crunchy sound) but it lacks some feedback, when enemy is hit,

Also, I think that the theme is a bit of a stretch here,

Nevertheless, it was a quick and fun experience :)

The game has a cool concept and is quite fun, but I would definitely fix the floaty controls a bit and also make the transformation faster (or compensate with slower enemy bullets)

Small and simple, but quite enjoyable.

Very simple concept but well executed. Nice sounds and visuals.

Pretty cool idea, though definitely a bit too hard for me to fully enjoy.
I like the visuals, but music felt a bit out of place :)

Cool concept, very polished and elegant.

A bit too simple levels, but I enjoyed it, since it's supposed to be quick jam game.

Nice job with the game, I had fun playing it.

I'll repeat what others said - bullets need to be more visible. Other than that - maybe some westerny music in the background?

Fun concept, well executed.

There are only a couple of levels, but I think that is sufficient for a quick experience on a game jam, so good job with that!