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Presentation side is great (aside from missing sounds/music - you probably didn't have enough time).

The gameplay is fine, though I happened to fall down and needed to restart the game in order to continue ;)

Clean and pleasing art and solid gameplay. This would be a great mobile game. I also liked the relaxing music on top of it all!

I would like it, if the game was able to determine, whether there are no valid moves left (informed the player and then prompt to reset), but that's just a small detail.

Well done.

I liked the puzzles, very clever. However I didn't enjoy the controls, felt a bit off (maybe too slow?) and I know that there's not much platforming here, but the jump was very floaty and had to be pretty precise in order to hop on a higher platform.

Also I believe I completed one of the first puzzles by just having two characters standing on buttons with just one or two pixels left (so barely and it felt like I cheated but I just rolled with it ;))

Anyways, the game was super fun to play, nice job!

Cute and charming aesthetics, simple and relaxing gameplay. Pleasing and cool ;)

Too bad the order of "mingles" (?) is the same every time.

Cool idea, the gameplay is fun (has some of the "Commando" games vibes to it ;))

It would be nice if ants could be selected with boxes rather than ctrl+click. Should play a bit smoother. Also the different type of ants are rather similar to each other, sometimes hard to spot the right ones.

The idea has potential and it's pretty nice, but at the same time it's a bit hard to control (especially the "pulling" part).

The concept is fine and it plays quite fine, but those patterns to summon demons should definitely be there in the game somewhere instead of the instructions, since it's impossible to play without looking at them/remembering all.

The art is quite nice and I really enjoyed the music too ;)

Nicely done.

Great idea, smooth and crips gameplay and really nice difficulty curve.

Very aesthetically pleasing (however I'm not a fun of the music used) with very fun gameplay. I liked that you can actually minimize the windows, and order them around.
There's a lot of useless information meant to distract player making the game harder which was a good choice in my opinion.

Nice job.

Very cool idea, though it's very hard to get a grasp on, controls-wise.

Also I like the visuals and I know, that it's intentionally dark, but it seemed too dark for me at times.

Nevertheless, good job :)

Thanks for taking the time to play and write your thoughts. That means a lot to me.

Yeah, those are really great QoL improvements. I even had at one point an indicator when the car is being detached but it was bugged, so I decided to get rid of it.  And dropping down through platform definitely should be a thing (especially since those are one-way collision platforms, so it basically screams to the player that they should be able to drop down :))

Thank you for the feedback!

I had to get my phone for this one :D

Fun idea, very satisfying controls, nice background music, pleasing visuals.

I'd wish it to be longer/harder, but I understand that it's the cost we have to pay for it being a 48h game ;)

I was determined to finish the whole game and it was definitely worth it. Fantastic concept, fantastically executed. Very clever (and tough) puzzles. 

I really liked the way you introduced only a handful of different things (regular block, "charged" blocks, turrets, non-moveable blocks, spikes and a button) and did crazy things with those.

Also, there was some cool little details (like two missing pieces of floor in the last level) that were making levels a little bit harder and more interesting.

Great idea, great execution, great art and music. Really great stuff.

The presentation with little animations is great, the levels are nice, it's always clear where to go next. I got stuck once or twice and had to reset, but other than that it played nicely.

Super fun in coop, a bit less when one player has to do both characters (especially, when it so easily to fall of each other's heads ;))

Nice job!

Thank you very much for the kind words and feedback, much appreciated!

Fantastic idea, with absolutely great execution. Really clever (and tough) puzzles. Also the art and sound (and music!) are great.

I hope you're happy about your game, because it really stands out. I have a weird feeling I'll be seeing this in the game jam winners video ;)

Cool and unique idea with stunning art. The gameplay is super simple, but at the same time I believe that was the point - to make a pretty, relaxing and short game. And you basically nailed that.

Simple yet fun. Maybe even too simple. However the game is very polished and pretty as heck, so that really makes it up for it!

Really fun and has great speedrun potential. The only thing that I didn't like was the movement of the enemies. It wasn't random, but in some levels it definitely felt like. Some more straightforward paths or some indication as to where the enemy is going (by facing them in that direction maybe?) should help the player.

Nevertheless it's a great game with visuals and music and sounds all tying together nicely.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Yeah, I must admit, that with such floaty(-ish jump) it's hard to shoot. That's definitely something I should've thought of. Thanks for your feedback :)

Thank you for taking the time to play this little mess of mine ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. What you suggested should definitely help :)

Simple, yet so brilliantly executed idea. I really enjoyed the progressive harder levels, with the early ones showing what's the game is about and the laters (especially the last one) testing player's abilities. Great stuff really.

What I also liked a lot was using the grid system, so there's no finicky pixel-perfect jumps or movements required like in some similar jam games.

Fantastic game, well done guys!

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Yeah, finally some jam game with coop, nice!

The game's fine and the concept of flipping through the different maps is unique and very well done.

The potential is there, however there is some weird jank to the controls (a bit too floaty I guess) and also with collisions to walls.

I also wish that there was a better way to change between the characters (for example with a button rather than mouse).

However you did a lot of levels in such short time and that stands for something ;)

Beautiful art and a cool concept! Nicely done.

Great idea, really clever, at first it gave some Minit vibes :)
Very cool and relaxing.

Interesting idea. I don't want to repeat what others said in the comments about the parasites and hurting mechanics. What bothered me was the fact that often enemies spawned immediately rushing at me without any warning or notification giving me very little time to act accordingly.

The controls were great, basically created to be played with a controller ;)

Yeah, I know what you mean. Those red flashes were the least I could do and this was already last hour fix. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Yeah, without the graphics, horses, quests, dialogues, deep characters, traveling, more quests and funny ragdoll physics. Otherwise I think you nailed it :D

Very clever idea, not too easy, not too hard. The drawings were pretty funny :D

Cool (heh, get it?) idea with nice visuals. I'm really glad you decided to put larger collision boxes on the icebergs (larger that they appear to be), really makes the experience smooth and enjoyable.

Absolutely stunning artwork (both for the characters and backgrounds), lovely stuff.

As for the gameplay - the controls felt a bit awkward and I believe you could've made early levels a little bit shorter and easier to help the player assimilate with the mechanics.

Overall, fantastic work :)

Short and sweet. Maybe a little boring sometimes due to the fact, that there's not much to do. But in the end I enjoyed it as it is - a short, relaxing experience with some story underneath :)

The idea is neat, however it was really tough to shoot somebody (and nearly impossible to do that without taking hits), because enemies move really fast (and also shoot very fast).

That was an interesting read to be honest. In two ways - firstly - I believe that such information you provided would be great as a form of "tips" given to players struggling with particular level, that would help a lot, especially for players that don't click immediately with the radial movement of the puzzle.
Secondly, which is kinda obvious, if you think about that - not all games will be fun for everybody. I wholeheartedly believe that what you created is an objectively good game. Just not like any other logic puzzles, that why some people might be put off by it. 

Thanks and I hope you're happy with what you created ;)

Stunning artwork!

The controls felt a bit junky though (being slow and a little awkward, especially the jump).

Also, very cool topic.