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The idea is fine, but having 50% chance of losing money means that somehow you'd just fail because of bad luck, no matter what choices you were making :)

It looks very nice and plays smoothly, though!

Stunning visuals, and very juicy sounds. And the music is a banger as well ;)

The gameplay is fine, nothing too complicated, but it's not trivial either. I think that some of the dices could vanish after some time, so the table is less cluttered, but that's just nitpicking.

I completely disagree with some of the comments stating that it's stretching the theme. Not every game needs to be about an actual "dice" to fit the theme, the submissions are flooded with those anyways.

Nice job!

Fun and funny story, cute graphics and really nice gameplay, well done. It's cool that there are multiple pathways to the end goal and I absolute love that you made a character out of every d6 rather that just making those d6, d4, d8, and so on.

Nice job!

The idea is very unique and it has a lot of potential. The only thing I'd focus more on, is making levels that are shaped more like the letter 'U' so that is less likely for a dice to fly away ;)

Like a dice tower, a dice tumbling down hitting stuff along the way.

Great job, nevertheless!

Cool idea with very nice graphics and sounds. It was quite fun to fiddle with the fields and also keeping in mind all those additional things that needed to be kept at certain values.

Great job :)

What a fantastic entry. I though I'd give it a try and then got to level 73. It plays so smoothly and so fast (which is great, because if the player is doing so little between the fights, let everything happen fast - spins, shop, attacks, next).

Great stuff.

I went in blindly, without reading the description and thought to myself that this game's really cool, and then 3 elements joined into one and I was like "wha? that's awesome!". 

So yeah, very solid entry, I had a blast.

As a bit of critique I have to mention mixing pixel-art characters with not-so-much-pixel-art everything else, but that's just nitpicking. Oh, and once I hit level 60 or so, I bought out everything I could, so the game was just clicking spin and watching numbers go down ;)

The visuals and audio/music are fantastic, this is an excellent art direction, well done. The gameplay is fun and has a lot of potential, but wears off a bit after a while. Nevertheless it's a fantastic entry, great job!

The idea is absolutely great, and the fact that you have to make your own notes is awesome and gives player some agency. The music was fine, though maybe a bit repetitive after a while and sometimes sounded a bit too cheerful for a game about a murder :D

Gameplay wise - I couldn't shake off the feeling that the dice mechanic/interrogation was really tacked on. There wasn't any decision to be made (just roll and hope for high results that you then assign for those 3 things) and it felt really boring since it would pop out every time a new location is discovered (and there are a lots of those). I'd really wish there was a way to enjoy the story and the detective work without that "minigame".

But overall I had fun and in the end it's the story that was the main dish :)

Very fun gameplay, allowing for some clever strategies, with just the right amount of luck and the "dice-pool-building" mechanic works great here. 

Well done!

A game about a frog that wanted a raise, but instead was touching himself in front of his boss while criticizing his tie and menacingly looking at a water cooler.

Very funny writing ("You remind me of my wife" killed me :D), though I'll admit that I had much more fun making as stupid and as offensive combinations as possible ("Please don't touch anything" followed by me frantically re-rolling dice to get "touch") instead of actually trying to win :D

Great stuff, I read one of your comments and having this gameplay but with different scenes/scenarios and even more bonkers combinations would be awesome.

A cool idea, there are a bunch of different similar games this jam, but this one is unique in the narrative and overall goal. However it's hard to determine what word (or part of word) will be rolled into, other than by trial and error. An undo button would work wonders here, since it's very easy to get stuck (with dice up against a wall or NPC).

The art style with its colors is definitely a selling point for your game, nicely done.

Rolling those dices around was fun, though it was super hard to stick the specific dice value (other than pure luck I guess) ;)

I like the narrative and the gameplay loop is super fun and engaging, however it felt a bit too random at times. I know, it's all about randomness, but some cards (like +1, -1) don't do much in terms of increasing the odds. Also those "No effect" cards, I don't get those, I don't know what is the purpose. Apart from being cruel to get (especially, when you have to add a card to your deck and you're presented with an option of 3 No effect cards, which, not gonna lie, had me laugh at just how unfair that was :D).


I absolutely loved that dice attack animation and pattern, super fun to fight against and dodge. The rest of the enemies were a bit bland, but only in comparison, so that's on you :P

The re-rolling of some modifiers to the gameplay is a fun idea but I'd wish those timers were quicker. Like give me a new one every 10-15 seconds. Or even remove the "cooldown" phase between those and just give me one after the other!

There are a bunch of cool ideas here, but sadly most of it is overshadowed by floaty jumps, slow acceleration (makes it hard to aim jumps) and too much inertia.

Oh, and I really liked the idea of second chance when dead and teleporter gun (when rolled into) felt fun to use as well :)

Very cool art direction, really liked it.

It was cool that those minigame levels were getting progressively harder (if only a bit), so that you're not stuck in a loop of doing the same things over and over again.

That said, I still think it needs more variety, but I know that might've been impossible due to jam time limitations. Still, very solid game :)

Stunning art and great noir atmosphere. However regarding gameplay - until I was told to roll I thought I'm gonna be stuck with the knife that had way too realistic range ;) Then it got better, but there's little to no feedback when hitting enemies and it takes away from the experience.

Nevertheless, I gave it a try and had fun!

Also, that player animation is super juicy!

Dice golf, really neat concept. I wish the "powerups" for shots were a bit more unique. The one with too much power and jump were super fun to use, while scattershot was there just to mess around with the player ;)

However I still enjoyed playing your game, it was a lot of fun!

Starts slow but it gets super frantic very fast! Nice looking graphics and meaty "card" sounds.

Sometimes you're stuck with no 4's and you desperately need like 7 of them :D But still it's fun to juggle all of those cards and dice.


Fine concept, very satisfying to just sling around bouncing of enemies and walls!

The idea is fine and randomizing turrets has a lot of potential, but I think it's too easy (maybe due to the fact, that enemies come out one at a time in huge intervals), so at the wave 10 or 11 all I need was 3 heavy-hitting slow-shooting turrets at the very begging taking care of everything :)
But I believe that after some tuning it could be a very good game ;)

Very cool puzzle with some hilarious sounds :)

I liked the inclusion of spikes and the fact that you could cover them with more than one side, which makes sense, since 4 on a die is a subset of 6. I had a small bug in the level that introduced the purple rotating platform - nothing happened when I reached the end of the level. Nevertheless, I had fun!

Very cool idea, quite unique :)

It bugs sometimes (preventing the player from clicking), and speaking of which - the game really needs some sort of highlight/indication of currently selected dice, would help a lot.

Other than that I had fun, nice job!

Yeah, like others mentioned - needs tutorial, a slow ease-in into the intricacies of the puzzle. Though it looks and sounds nice and the gameplay is unique on its own :)

What a fun and unique game! Very cool use of the theme, and throwing that dice into groups of enemies was super satisfying. The "real" game starts when you get more dice, but nevertheless I had so much fun from the first second.

Great job!

A fine idea, but it sometimes hard to grasp what's going on and there are scenarios that are impossible to do with given moves.

Also I believe it's a bit too harsh to kill player after one mistake ;)

Cute aesthetics!

The gameplay was fun, a very solid twin stick shooter with a twist. Nicely done!

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Crisp gameplay and a very cool idea for a game. I especially loved the dual purpose design of dices/blocks and the fact that you can stop them from spinning to get a better outcome.


You nailed the "Portal" vibe very well with the aesthetics and overall feel. Also, Nick's voice narration was absolutely hilarious :D

It's an incredible amount of rooms/puzzles you managed to do in such short amount of time, which means you don't have to sleep at all or have 30h days, either of which is cheating ;)

The one bit of criticism I have is audio mixing: in my opinion music is way too quite while some sounds (like getting new power) way too loud.


Charming art and very smooth gameplay. The puzzles were cool, not too easy, not too hard. Sadly it ended when I was having most fun, but it's still very impressive for a jam game. Nicely done!

Oh boy. The intro had me dying with it's phenomenally cheesy voice-acting and absurd plot :D

Then I saw the walking animation and had to make another laugh break. Beautiful stuff. The gameplay is really cool too I liked the dice-rolling / deck-building combo, however most of the cards were usually empty which is fine, I guess, it's a jam game after all ;)

Great stuff, very unique in terms of gameplay and definitely in terms of art. Cheers!

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The concept itself is fine and can be extended in many different interesting ways. And should be, since right now it's way too easy to win by just flooding hero with as much traps and monsters as you can. There isn't much room for the strategy: you create a snake-like path and put as much enemies as you can. Or am I missing something?

Anyways, I enjoyed playing your game and it was much more satisfying to be an evil dungeon lord killing the hero than i would be the other way around ]:->

This is such a cool and satisfying movement mechanic... when it works. Don't get me wrong, I had fun and the level design allow for some cool moves (especially with 3's and 4's) but I think I'd enjoy it more if it wasn't for the "randomness". I know, that this was the point and it's the theme of the jam, but I think you've got a cool game underneath that is being held back by the semi-random movement. I know, that the move depends on the side on which the player landed previously, but you still need some luck (like you mentioned in the wall jump section ;)).

Very relaxing and chill experience. It's not much in terms of gameplay but it's clear that it was the intent. Not every game should be about shooting, exploding, camera shake and arbitrary points ;)

Well done!

Cool aesthetics and some chill music make for an awesome vibe.

Gameplay is fine, although a bit simplistic. The physics sometimes get in a way a bit too much, but at the same time it's part of this game's charm :)

That was a fantastic puzzle! I loved every level, especially last three: all of them are a variation of the same level but with a twist and then another ("Baba is You" does something similar and probably more sokobans as well)! The art was minimalistic but pretty and the color palette works great here..

I'd love to see more levels in the future. This game is one of my favourites from this jam, for sure.

I liked the visuals, especially eating animation (and that crunchy sound - great stuff).

The game concept is nice, however I have some issue with it. Each time a body is eaten there could be a random effect that would be either +1 or -1 to one of the stats, right?. I don't know how probable it is to get each result, but looking at the ui I assume it's 50-50. Then theoretically when I eat 1000 bodies and each time get "max health" stat I would statistically get +500 and -500 max health. So statistically those effects from eating bodies don't do much (in general).

Ok, I'm done boring everyone with math now :D

The game's fine and I can't stress enough, how that arrow helps out finding enemies, thank you for adding that!

Cool push-your-luck mechanic, though it's a little bit heart-breaking when you lost your best dude (or the one you just bought :D) due to 1, but that's the game.

The lack of agency that others mentioned bother me a little, but I had some fun nevertheless. It would be fine to be able to move your guys or decide which ones would get powerups :)

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This looks like a perfect mobile game! Super easy to learn, fast to play, satisfying and addictive as heck!

You can easily score 7000+ by stacking x6's in a clever way which was suuuper satisfying to do.

And a clean UI and crunchy sounds on top of all this, great job!