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Thanks - I’m glad you liked it!


For the record the “tips” are just the side-effects that apply when score by reaching the pink circles. I think you mean the rotating “fire” squares that come out the back of your bike as one of the many side-effects!

Glad you managed to enjoy it somewhat though :D

Interesting idea really well realised :)


I had fun with this cheeky platformer :D

Thanks :)

That was a fun time; I also initially missed that you could use the number keys to use the items, but I worked it out eventually and made it to my buttered chicken :D

Thanks :)

Cool mechanic with some smooth presentation :)

I totally missed how to get it started with the arrows - but luckily I saw you explaining that in the comments so I managed to get in and have fun :D

Thanks :D I’m glad you had fun with it, and that the spinning didn’t drive you too crazy :D

Wow - thanks :D

Glad you had fun with the side-effects! I’m pretty naff at surviving ?sdrawkcab too- especially when the world is spinning!

Happy the controls didn’t mess you up too much. I think it might be the combination of phsyics-based movement and compass-based movement; maybe it would have been better if it had controlled more like a bike (left/right to steer).

I don’t think I’ve had as much fun dying from mixing buttered chicken with medication over-and-over again.

Really cleverly presented game :D

Thanks - I’m glad you had some fun with it :D

Cute puzzler with amazing presentation there :D

Thanks :)

Cheers :D

Cute presentation and a fun mechanic :)

It was fun seeing what effect would happen next!

Hah- thanks :D

I had fun going round a few times on this :D Nice presentation and fun stories.

Heh- bit of a cheeky take on the theme/object :D

I wasn’t any good at getting the timings right (maybe a count-down indicator?) but I still had fun :D

Nice puzzler with some great presentation :D

Nice little puzzler. I did run into a few bugs (accidentally throwing things through the walls and getting frozen by the potion?!), but it’s a quick jam and I got through them and had fun so :D

Super fun writing and very cute presentation :D

I do wish I could speed up the text, though; maybe I just read fast!

Nice story really well presented :D It would have been nice to be given a bit more scope to explore, but I had fun on my trip :D

Really clever mechanic there; made for a great puzzler.

That was a lot of fun!

It would have been nice to have had even more power ups (possibly power downs? :P), but I thought it was well polished already.

Pretty interesting mechanic there! I did have trouble ever successfully lining up a slip to take out other enemies, but I had a lot of fun trying so!

Great idea with a solid implementation :)

I do agree that a bit more feedback would help, I didn’t often notice my health being chipped down. But it’s a short jam and well polished, so!

Hah- that made me chuckle :D

Thanks - I’m glad you managed to have some fun with it!

Thanks :)

I didn’t pull it off as well as I hoped, but glad you got it :D

Cool idea with some neat presentation :)

I did hit a few bugs - and took me a while to notice the [1] to set the cross-hair control; but it was a real ambitious project for a game jam!

Thanks - that’s a good idea!

Yeah- it took me too long to think of a concept so I really ran out of time to do some much needed tweaking to make the gameplay accessible.

Cute platformer - and once I’ve got used to the controls it had a pretty nice difficulty :)

I did like that all the platforms were linked to the music track, but the track was a bit long to become all that familiar with so it did make it hard to know when the purples were going to go/come back!

Amazingly presented bullet hell there :)

Hah- awesome arcade fun :)

It is a bit slow to get started - which is great for the first run, but a bit annoying once you’ve crashed a few cars already and are just waiting for the easy ones to go past again.

I like the concept and I think the presentation is pretty cute.

Although I found that it was super sensitive to where the control points were on the timeline, which made it really fiddly. Maybe if the controls snapped to the timeline it’d be a bit easier to setup?

One of the best uses of the limitation I’ve seen so far.

Fun puzzle mechanic and really great presentation :D

Nice to see another pico-8 game, although it has the feel of a bitsy game, especially with the story approach!

I had a chilled time riding the train and checking out the mine :)