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When I get some time I plan to. Although I’m not really sure how; I might experiment with making the width smaller to it’s easier to make lines (although it increases the chance of getting squished!).

Thanks :D

I’m glad you added a guide; gave me a chance to check my (often wrong) answers.

But the (side?) demon dialog was great, so I was motivated to keep on going :)

Hah- cute :) The animations have a lot of character!

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Nice take with a surprising amount of depth (which I initially missed because I carelessly skipped the help page!).

Cute take :)

Be interesting to see where it branches out to multiple endings :)

Heh- that was a lot of fun to play, and the presentation is really satisfying :)

Some awesome writing there - and really smooth presentation :)

Absolutely gorgeous art, and really tight controls :)

It might have been more forgiving if dying was a bit faster - but maybe I just died too many times :)

Hahaha- joyful :D

Haha- joyful destruction :D

Looks amazing, plays really satisfyingly :D

Nice game with a cool look - really liked where you took the mechanic.

Awesome looking game with a really cool mechanic :)

I found it brutally hard, but it was so enjoyable I kept at it :)

This game has an awesome feel to it - some much character :)

If you take it further, I’d love for the dad to share little tidbits with us so we can get to know him as a character :)

Haha- thanks - maybe it does ;)

Cool idea, really well executed :D

That was a lot of fun- it’s amazing what you managed to achieve in a pico-8 cartridge!

Thanks - I’m glad you liked it!

I know what you mean, it definitely turned out more difficult than I had expected. My high score is only 7, so :P

Thank you for playing ^_^

Thanks :D Hah- yeah, if I could have made it dynamic like the Ape Out soundtrack, it would have been ace :D

Nice- really slick presentation and easy to grasp (hard to master) mechanic :D

It does let you get away with holding keys that aren’t part of the four you’re being judged for. But then, I wonder if it would be too hard if you fixed this ‘bug’, so :D

Haha- thanks- good to hear someone else liked the drumming :D

Haha- amazing mechanic really well presented :D

Great use of hints to encourage the player to start doing some of the more ‘outside-the-box’ thinking required to complete this.

I only wish there was more!

Cute puzzler that was pretty well done.

Minor gripe: I think it might be a bit more ‘discoverable’ to swap the control columns around, so that the player can work from left-to-right setting up the level. I had to read the instructions to work out what to do because I just expected the ‘play’ button to automatically run, before noticing the macro buttons.

But I had a lot of fun once I knew what I was doing :)

Nice and well balanced frenetic fun there :D

I thought the mechanic was really well done.

Nice mechanic well presented :)

I think I’d have liked a bit more variance; but then, 48 hours is never very long.

Solid mechanic, really well explored and presented with a lot of polish :D

Minor gripe - I wish ‘f’ and ‘r’ weren’t positioned next to each other, I had a couple of accidental restarts!

Thanks :D

Thanks :)

Yeah- there actually is some friction, but I didn’t have enough time to really iterate the physics to get it more balanced. Someone else suggested the ability to pin an anchor in place, which I think would solve this too.

Ah well.

Thanks :)

Yeah- there was a lot of trial and error in the level design; I had set out to make 10 levels, but - you know - 48 hours :P

Thanks :)

Yes - I made a last minute tweak to level six that accidentally made it much harder than intended [regrets]. Glad you made it through it though!

Pretty charming - who doesn’t like penguins?!

Fun mechanic that was really well presented :)

Minor gripe: I did find it a bit annoying that if you started making a slime while there was a slime in-flight it was be destroyed when the first one hit.

Haha- I was grinning like an idiot throughout the whole of this game.

The mechanic is simple, but the execution is just so charming that it’s a joy to play.

Great presentation and a fun core mechanic :D

I had a lot of fun with this!

Gorgeous looking game, with a (possibly too) ambitious scope - I definitely want to see the rest :)

The platforming mechanics were developing in an interesting way. The dash controls were incredible finerky and there’s a few bugs; but I had a lot of fun exploring what’s there :D

Frenetic fun that was well presented :)

I think it would be a bit more accessible if only matching colours joined; as I regularly ended up with heterogeneous blobs where I accidentally knocked two different colours together.

Short but well realised :D I really loved the puzzle-box element of this game; I thought it tied in well with the mechanic.

I think you could have done a bit more to have signposted what was interactable in the diorama (I see now there’s a gif of the magnet going through boxes; but I missed that when just downloading it :P), but 48 hours is never enough time to do everything.

Cool concept, and I like the presentation.

The difficulty is brutal, given how much skill is involved in managing the two character’s interaction. I really like the ice/slip aspect of it, however, so I think maybe just adding checkpoints would go a long way to making it more approachable.

Thanks :D