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Thanks :)

I’m glad you had fun - and hopefully didn’t end up too stressed!

18 is also a pretty awesome score - I don’t think I’ve got much over 12.

Thanks - the next car prompt is a great idea :)

You must have been soo unlucky on the first go; there’s actually a 50/50 chance that the car matches the one you need until you make it to five points (although I could well have programmed that wrong- 3 hours doesn’t leave much time for debugging :D).

Kudos from another car parker.

I couldn’t even remotely keep up with the incoming queue, but it was so satisfying skidding around like a maniac that it really didn’t matter :D

Cheers :D Glad you had fun with it!


I know what you mean about WASD (especially in combo with the mouse) - seems to be a limitation of the engine I’m using; maybe there’s a workaround though :D

Nice mechanic with great presentation there :)

It did take me awhile to get a sense of what things did, but I had fun exploring so :D

Thanks :D

Yeah- music always falls on the wayside with these short jams :(

Thanks - glad you liked it.

And yeah, the only reason the car doesn’t highlight is I just didn’t have the time :D

The level design is a bit more intentional though; I wanted to make every move a compromise to keep the player on their toes.

Super satisfying mechanic there with really slick presentation :)

Thanks - glad you had fun with it :D

Great mechanic with cute presentation :)

Got into a nice flow playing for a bit; the combined move+send was a really nice touch.

Thanks :D

Nice mechanic well presented :D

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Cheers :D

Super cute - with a solid mechanic.

Definitely found the picker to be a bit finicky; but the scoring system was forgiving enough to keep things fun.

Thanks :D

Yeah- music is always the first thing to suffer when I hit the time limit :/

Hah- I loved the chaos of it all :D

Thanks - glad you had fun with it :D

Very original concept - but manic difficult!

Hah- absolutely awesome :D

(also, my dog is called oliver, so bonus points for that.)

Lots of fun there :)

I think having the time cumulate or something would help give it a difficulty curve - and I really missed being able to move diagonally.

Hah- that was deceptively simple - and then I got greedy :(

Nice game really well polished :)

I think the difficulty could have ramped up a bit faster, but apart from that it was a lot of fun :D

Nice to see someone else came up with a similar concept to me :D

Looks great; and more than playable for a few hours of effort!

Nice platformer there :D Definitely a challenge, but it the controls felt solid so it didn’t feel unfair.

I was a bit confused to start with, but had fun when I got going :)

Nice touch with the leaderboard (not that I was good enough to get on it!)

I was doing so well until a sneak bomb fell in front of me just as I hit shoot :)

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Nice concept with great presentation :)

After my first round on easy mode I gave hard mode a try and I swear I didn’t see a single match. Maybe a bit of pseudo-randomness would help there in any later iterations.

Had a fun time throwing those boxes :D

Thanks :D

Interesting mechanic, with some simple but sweet presentation :)

Cheers :D

Thanks- glad you liked it!

Really interesting concept, with good presentation.

Great concept with nice clean presentation :)

The wall of text at the start was a bit intimidating; but it’s hard to make a tutorial in such a short jam so I get it :D

Thanks :D

Solid mechanic, well presented :D

I think some checkpoints would be nice - going all the way back was a bit punishing!

Cheers :D

Nice concept - although I was really bad at it! :D

Thanks - glad you found a bit of a challenge in the hard mode!