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Rhythm based train puzzle game
Submitted by FmladGames — 3 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#14.5424.542

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members

Software used
Blender, Unity

Use of the limitation
Every beat is a chance for your train to move, mix up what beats your train go on to get all of them to the end goal.

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This is suuuuper interesting and I totally love it. Works super fine and definitively a quite unique one out there.


I really like this game! It's great! The only issue I had is that I realized I could beat at least the latter half of the levels without adjusting any of the BPMs from the start and still get 3 stars. Other than that though great game and great job! 


What an impressive jam game!

The art and visual polish (menu, animation) are really good! As other stated, it's more a trial and error puzzle game, but that's fine by me, I don't like thinking to much ahead and trying is fun.

The menu button is awfully close to the "show path" button, I misclicked on a late level and lost all my progression, I was sad haha.

Really good job on this one, it's nice ✨


One of the best uses of the limitation I’ve seen so far.

Fun puzzle mechanic and really great presentation :D

Submitted (1 edit)

First of all, I love the aesthetic of the whole game. Simply perfect.

The level design with all the new elements that get added over time is nice and makes it really easy to understand.

I just didn't find the gameplay to be as fun as I thought it would be. It's hard to imagine how the trains will move, and it didn't reward me with that "oh, I'm smart for solving it" feeling.

I still loved your entry!


Great puzzle game visually and conceptually, I think the only problem is it's very hard to predict what will happen when you press Start, so I ended up trying different values until I had it instead of thinking ahead, which is not great for puzzle design. Maybe the grid is not obvious enough right now. But as a whole, very solid game and top-notch presentation!


Really polished game! with some adjust and more levels I think it can be put on steam directly!

I really want to play more of it but I accidentally hit menu and when I get back it restart from level 1 :(  And it seems there is no pause/retry button when the train is moving? I was trying to stop the running trains and that's when I hit the menu lol.

But overall a great game! beautiful art and chill music and perfect sound design!


I feel like the default values gave me a 3 star win most of the time, is there a 1/2/3 star ranking? I just assume that was what it was.  if so maybe the rank thresholds need to some tweaking to incentivize making faster setups.  The game looks great though and I do like the idea of puzzles made of train tracks with timing/speed.  One thing I'd love to see would be a way to select which level to play.

Best game yet. I love a puzzle. Made me think several times. Great work dude!


I can't get past like the 5th level but overall this is amazing. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT

Check out my live review at !


OMG YOUR TIME T___T i just hot fixed something and it broke... NOOO T_T


The game looks fantastic, really fun to play and the idea with the rhythm fits perfect really good job. I have made a similar game if you want to give it a try. 


Great game, really liked the visual design. As others have already meantioned the puzzles where hard to understand before you started them as you didnt know where the trains were going. The last level was also extra confusing because of the switching tracks which I  first understood after a few tries. I beat this level defenitly only with luck.
But otherwise its a very nice idea and the trains are cute.


Really good one but it's actualy really hard to solve some puzzle on purpose.


Very cute visuals, good sound design, good implementation of theme.  The only issue for me was unclear pathing.  I've end up solving most levels by accident on 1-2 try, without any planning, because you cant understand where train is going.  simple color coding  of end point or train's path would help, i believe. but maybe there was a reason you didn't do it. Overall game is a pleasant experience!


Very polished! Interesting that a lot of entries were similar traffic managers this jam. Has a very satisfying feel overall, nicely done!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really awesome for the limited time limit, a lot of detail and polish, with fun puzzle mechanics. It was a bit confusing to see where the trains were going to go on the tracks sometimes though, and the puzzles sometimes felt a bit boring or maybe more annoying to solve after a few levels. Otherwise, really great!


Valid points of view. The boring puzzles could be down to my experience with building puzzles and needing more practice. Thank you playing though! :)


Realy great idea and visuals. 

It's a little difficult to see where the trains are moving and intersecting but i guess that could just be part of the challenge.

I think the puzzles need some work because I think I solved all of the ones after you can't see what's happening anymore by just setting the speed to max.

All in all I think this is a great concept and execution.


The simplicity of some levels was intentional, as the challenge was meant to come from the unpredictability of the train movements. Redesigning the game to reduce confusion may require significant changes.

The later levels demand more precision and multitasking, and the intention was to blend speed and timing elements. Of course, maximum speed yields faster completion times.

Thank you for playing my game.


Loved it. Great job!


Great work! Quiet an interesting concept, and quiet difficult when you start gettingto the levels where the tracks rotate.

It is really good, have you worked on this before the jam?... (just out of curiosity)

The only thing i would have liked to see, would be the level i was on. e.g. 5/55 so atleast i know where im upto :) 

But all in all great work!


Hey thanks for playing, I had hoped I had more time to include the rotating tracks but it was created in the last hour before I submitted, I think it would be of been good to experiment more with that mechanic.

There are only 8 levels in total so quite short. I started the jam 6 hours after it initially started and worked all the way through 10 hours a day on it. If anyone would like to check the files, all files were created in the submition period :) I generally get asked that question a lot since I wont pretty fast and crunch.


lol no I don't need proof! Was just curious based on the high quality. 

Just curiosity 😆  great work.