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Great concept, i lova puzzle games. Just some background music or sound effects would already improve the game greatly. Hope you have enough time next time!

Very nice game. You incorporated the limitation very well. The visuals are also amazing.  Some background music  would have been nice. And it would also be very cool to change the colors while you cant see the spikes, I just feel like i wasted a lot of time standing around for the spike to come back out so I can change to color.
But other than that it was good.

Its amazing how much you can do with such a small 3x3 grid. The game was very fun and fit the limitation perfectly. My rythm sucks so I dont know if this is true, but i feel like the dots didnt always fit to the beat and i was relying more on my eyes than the beat.

Great art style, everything looked amazing. The soundtrack was also very nice. I wasnt a huge fan of some of the monsters sound effects, but thats all i can complain about for audio.
It would have been nice if there was a bit more than just a boss fight.
As others have mentioned i also dont see how the limitations was used.

Great game, developed it myself. 5/7 perfect score :)

Great game, really liked the visual design. As others have already meantioned the puzzles where hard to understand before you started them as you didnt know where the trains were going. The last level was also extra confusing because of the switching tracks which I  first understood after a few tries. I beat this level defenitly only with luck.
But otherwise its a very nice idea and the trains are cute.