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Submitted by Spargit Studio — 3 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#123.9093.909

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Spargit, T-Bone

Software used
Godot Engine, Aseprite

Use of the limitation
The game is a platformer where the traps are tied to a specific rhythm.

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Works fine and is a nice idea. My only point is, that this game is super frustrating from the first level on. 


Rage induced XD Very frustrating but for good reasons (mostly). Pro : I love the fact that you can change the color of the traps, it makes the player feel like the designer in a way. Cons : the controls are very hard to master, maybe adding a very short hovering effect on the jump would make it less frustrating.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Wonderful concept! i enjoyed the mechanics so much and visuals were clean! my only issues were I wish the traps still had a bit of color even when turned off so i could see what they were when turned off without thinking about it. Also the traps activating and deactivating had too much overlap so i found myself landing after the light had changed but still dying because the trap was not gone yet even though the light was correct.


Very hard for my brain, but everything about this game is great


Thank you!


Very nice game. You incorporated the limitation very well. The visuals are also amazing.  Some background music  would have been nice. And it would also be very cool to change the colors while you cant see the spikes, I just feel like i wasted a lot of time standing around for the spike to come back out so I can change to color.
But other than that it was good.


Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Background music was on the to-do list but I put it off because I didn't want it to distract from the rhythm of the level. You can actually change the colours while the spikes are down, it's just a little harder to see them. 


I really like the mechanic! but yeah, as previously was mentioned - hitboxes might be a bit more forgiving, and introduction smoother


Hey we made a somewhat similar game :)
Some feedback:

The hitboxes should maybe be a little more forgiving to allow some margin of error, maybe a slight delay between turning off one color and turning the other one on. Like while the spike animates to come out of the ground it should not have a hitbox yet, and when its animating to go into the ground it should already no longer have a hitbox.

If you make the rythm faster it should be easier to guess the next change. The longer it is, the more wrong we humans get when guessing durations.

I like that you can change the color of the traps to essentially build your own level/solution!


Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Yeah, I had the realisation of the hitbox windows being too tight a little too late. That's a good note about the rhythm, though. One of the later levels has a shorter interval and it's definitely easier to get into the rhythm there.

I'll make sure to check out your game, I'm interested to see the similarities :)


Was good! The first level is a little too challenging for me, but I get the gist of it. 


Thank you! Even I struggled a bit on the first level when testing, but I, unfortunately, didn't leave much time for changes.