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Lets see what the limitation is this time. Dont worry you can do this! 👍

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hi daniel, please export your game to an executable file (.exe) because noone can play your game using this gamemaker file (.gm81)

if you cant see the file extension visit this page:

also, if you have a discord account you should join the minijam discord server :D

I know thats totally off topic but... I really LOVE your Game Off 2018 Logo (+ animation) :D

(I also like the graphics btw)

Nice game! It's funny that you made a bitsy game without bitsy :)

you can also head over to our crowdforge page:

thanks :) i will add some features to this game, pickups are a good idea

PS: thanks for following

:D thanks!

In a game jam your not meant to be original, just make a game. So, sorry that it reminds you on snake. Also, when i make the game faster, it gets even harder, and for all of that features you talked about there wasnt time for implementing them because I am a beginner in unity and just wanted to participate for practice with the new engine.

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Also randomness is a good way making a game harder.

I thought of adding shooting enemies that move around the player.

PS: thanks for following :)

Thanks :)

I wanted to make it harder by decreasing the fire rate, but I can reduce it to 6 seconds.

thanks :)

Powerups are a good idea, I think I will add that.

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yea its highly recommended to use crowdforge

this game is awesome! keep up the good work

AMAZING! Really good job!

Most people are on the discord server so I will put a link to this post on the server

haretro this game is awesome! all your games are! and your page too! great job, man! (p.s: thanks for joining PixelWeekendJam#2)


Nice (◕ω◕)

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(sorry for reply here after ~100 days but i couldnt contact you in any other way)

rxi your games are awesome!! keep up the good work :) could you make multiple input options for those who like to move the player with wasd because its nearly impossible to acces the action keys with the right hand when the left hand uses wasd


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maybe you have to wait a bit more if your computer isnt the newest? I dont know this bug

thanks, maybe I'll make it a bit slower

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blaze wrote it's not allowed to use alpha channel

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Cool! But I'm not sure if I should join, because I decided to make a break for ....... I dont know ;) But maybe I will join your jam a bit later. Good luck!  :)

Thanks for your support :)

Maybe you can host your own jam. Would this be cool?

Pixel Weekend Jam #3 was the last one. You can see the winners on the jam-site.

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Im so sorry about this, somethin hasnt worked u will have time one more day, sorry hope you guys understand

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Im so sorry about this, somethin hasnt worked u will have time one more day, sorry hope you guys understand

Amazing work!

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Hi! I'm not looking for teammates anymore. Maybe I should have posted it in here ;) You could try to create a new topic in the community. Good luck!

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Hi matey!

Importing .yyz files is not supported in the trial version of GM:S 2. Please next time try to upload .yyp or even better and prefered .exe (or a .zip with your .exe in it), that more people can play your game.

haha, thanks ;)

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. . . . . you mixed up the words ;)

Hi! Could you please write ´´ Pixel Weekend Jam #1´´ because it´s not for 2018 and there is a second one already. Thanks :)

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Hi matey! You should really add keyboard Input for those who haven't got a controller.