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you have to ask the captain for help after the pirate says you cant go through

glad to hear this from an artist ;)

thanks :D

you should consider adding a .exe to run your game because people will have to download love2d first before they can play your game

i will probably make it open source soon

(see gbstudios discord)

Late submit link:

i sent you a link with discord

I used gb studio

Thanks :)

Thank you :D

I made the game for a game jam so i didnt have enough time to add more fighting and make it longer

You can also use alt or z, i cant change the input buttons because thats a limitation of the game engine

thanks :D

just press j

thank you so much! :D

Ps: i actually recorded the birds myself :D

i realized that i cn just drag all clouds to the bottom when they spawn. maybe make the island bigger and add a few more people. really liked the art :D

the art is from 0x72's pixeldudesmaker

bug: if i press space to play again it shows the start menu but if i hit play then i get back to the game-over screen. there i have to press space again and so on. i had to reload the page to play again


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yup Agreed_Fraudulence is right, and if you dont finish in time you can DM @Host on our discord server for a late submission link

thanks :D

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No one has ever played this game so...

I will tell you what you have to do:

1) Export your project to windows

2) go to the build directory, create a new .zip file (or .rar if you want, doesnt matter), then copy all of the files into the zip or rar file

3) upload the .zip or .rar file to

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hi! you have to use the clouds in front of the gate to get up to the cloud temple, where you will find a key to open the gate

thanks i will consider improving this

yea there is no need to add jumping to the game, it was just a suggestion

I. Absolutely. Love. This. Game.

ps: i found a bug, if there are no blocks left you cant restart the level :(   (level 12)

The controls feel really weird, but anyways its a nice game

I really like the art style and the assembling effects! On the other side, the movement and attacking is pretty slow and just dont feel good maybe add jumping and make him hit faster and longer, also you cant really see where the collider for hitting enemies is, because the sword isnt moving at all

all in all: i like your game and i think you can easily add or improve attacking and probably also movement

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Your downloadable is not working, you accidentally used the webgl build, you have to export to windows, then make a rar file and put everything in there

ok i turned the volume of my speakers up to 100% and in your games options i set it to 100, then I was able to hear it (maybe make it a bit louder lol)

love it, good job :D

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even with the speed potion you are too slow XD

Nice game i liked it

Couldnt hear the sound and music tho.. 🤔

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not working, we need the lok_data directory to play it, make a zip file and put everything in there

thanks :)

Lets see what the limitation is this time. Dont worry you can do this! 👍

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hi daniel, please export your game to an executable file (.exe) because noone can play your game using this gamemaker file (.gm81)

if you cant see the file extension visit this page:

also, if you have a discord account you should join the minijam discord server :D

I know thats totally off topic but... I really LOVE your Game Off 2018 Logo (+ animation) :D

(I also like the graphics btw)

Nice game! It's funny that you made a bitsy game without bitsy :)