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Scratch is allowed.

As far as I know, there is no way to do that. I could be wrong, maybe ask someone on the GB-Studio Discord server, it might have been added in a new update. Haven't really been following the GB-Studio development.

Alright, all good now 👍. Thanks for removing it.

Hello grunkgrunk! I have noticed that you use my logo on some of your projects, but you did not ask for permission to use it. This logo is my intellectual property and you are not allowed to use it for your projects. I therefore request you to remove my logo from all of your projects, websites, pages and any other media. Please keep in mind that you generally can't just copy anyone's art and claim it as your own. Thank you for your consideration.

I dont have a twitter, are you on the GB Studio discord server? We could find each other there.

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Hi xerofdv! Really interesting, would for sure like to learn more details! How may I contact you?

I know this is a bit late, but yes, you are allowed to change the look of the project page.

You can give lower stars if you think the limitation was badly implemented, and more stars if you think it was implemented creatively.

Take a look at Scene: Store Current On Stack and Scene: Restore Previous From Stack

You are allowed to update, as long as you keep the original jam build available for download too.

Yes, you can use code from your older projects and from asset packs that you own / legally are allowed to use.

Oh, well I am not the creator of GB Studio, Chris Maltby is. Maybe ask on the discord server.

Could you explain what you mean by that?

Hello! I am not currently planning on updating this project for 2.0, maybe some time in the future.

As to your request, I have a similar project for Zelda-Like combat, where you would just need to implement health and attack damage, here.

P.s I did not make GB Studio, it was made by Chris Maltby.

Thats not a problem


You can update your game, as long as the original version is also still available

No, it is exactly the other way around: You must follow the limitation but the theme is inspirational / optional.

You can also submit an unfinished game if you still like to share it, or if you need a little bit extra time you can request a late submission link.

You can update your game, as long as the original version is also still available

Have you posted this in the respective comment sections of these games? Might help to get that fixed faster.

Nice! Thanks for playing!

Thank you :p


Thanks :)

Ty :)

Tysm :D

Alright, but please keep your posts in English.

Nice to hear you liked it! Please play in fullscreen mode, webgl messes up the aspect ratio when played otherwise, which causes the edges to get cut off.

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Yes you can restart by pressing R, this is mentioned in game as well, did you miss it?

Edit: I played your game and I really like it as well :D

Glad you liked it! The spinning is actually intentional, it just seemed a bit boring if the box flew through the air without rotating.

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This link only works for FRIGLE. Also, please keep the chat in english. If you want to late submit as well, please give me a link to your game.

Here is your link:

This game is really challenging, well done!


The limitation is free for interpretation, just make a game where some kind of card mechanics are present.