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Hi, idk about the one hit kills, you are gonna have to do some debugging. Feel free to post a link to your game's itch page when you finish it!

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I would say thats a simple and fun game. Music was really enjoyable and fitting. For the graphics you should try and make the scaling consistent in order to not produce different pixel sizes.

My highscore is 72.

I played 2 full rounds and 3 failed attempts. Which already means I spent like 30 minutes on your game so needless to say that it was quite enjoyable. Although I do have some suggestions to make:

First off: It is really difficult to tell where the cursor is since everything is black and white and there are so many particles and stuff going on.

Also it would be good to have some kind of information about weapon stats.

And lastly, I would have liked an optional "endless" mode after 10 minutes. It took about 9 minutes to finally gain crowd control, would be interesting to see how much more powerful you could become and maybe even afk the enemies using a whole lot of scythes.

Interesting concept! Tbh I would have prefered to be able to move left and right on my own though, to compensate would maybe make the flies move faster.

Nice and chill background music, satisfying bounce sounds and nice art. Reminds me of animal crossing a bit.

That was just a wholesome, peaceful and fun experience! A suggestion I have is maybe make the lily pads be selectable for movement without rotating them, maybe right click to rotate and left click to select.

Ps: Not sure about the music, afaik its from TikTok, but you should probably credit the author(s)

I really like the art for this game. Simple but effective.

Ah alright, that makes a lot of sense! It's really hard to tell whats happening, some animations would really help! If you didnt have time for that a how to play section would have been good alternatively.

There is so much potential for very satisfying player controls here!

I would recommend tinkering with the grappling mechanic more! Most importantly making it reach farther, but you could also try allowing multiple grapples before touching the ground again. I noticed when grappling the floor in front of the player you can build up massive momentum, that could be used for some cool level designs!

Also I wish the jump inputs would be more forgiving, it happened quite often that I pressed a little bit too late so the frog made just the small hop instead of big jump.

Btw I assume this is not intentional but you can slowly climb walls be repeatedly walljumping, you move like 1/10 th of a pixel upwards every time.

I really like this concept and the art is great as well! It was a little tricky to control tho because the preview didnt quite match the actual jump trajectory.

I really liked your level design, it worked great with the jump mechanic!

To be honest I did not really understand how to play the game properly, might need some hints. Why do I make three choices? Why does the opponent only ever have one choice but three slots?

Very interesting concept, overall a fun game!

Of all games played so far this is the one I enjoyed the most, well done!

Definitely the cutest graphics of all entries!

Little tip for you: in the image file import settings you can turn of the filter to make your pixel art look crisp.

That was really fun! Somehow it was really fast paced but at the same time really controlable, dodging the enemies was really satisfying! Also really sweet cover art!

Nice tower defense game! Just sadly not really playable because the flies moved soooo slowly, could be a bug actually? Maybe its dependent on framerate or something by accident?

I enjoyed that, graphics look really nice too! The only thing that bothered me is that the frog moves sooo slowly, it takes so long to wait for it to move to the end! Also maybe a way to scout out the map before programming would be nice.

The art is really cute! Gameplay wise I would recommend some powerups or something to spice it up a bit.

I agree with what Digitaldude555 commented, making eating the flies restore health would help a lot, at first I didnt even know what I was supposed to be doing.

Very challenging! Maybe it would help if the whole tongue was able to stick to flies, not just the tip?

Thats a very interesting way to do battle mechanics.

Btw, some bugs I found: Somehow I ended up inside the other frog without dying. Also if you stand on the edge and move against it it counts as a move and the other frog moves as well, even though the player didnt change position.

Really cute art! I felt like the hunger bar runs out a little too quickly, or I am just bad at the game lol

Great concept! May I suggest a progress bar for the jump strength? I never really knew how long to hold down the key to reach max jump length.

You get a "save yourself" lily pad every 10 seconds, to eat flies just move the frog close to them.

I might actually consider making an Android port for this, I will let you know if I do :P

There is a variable for each of the four attacks, 1dmg, 2dmg etc.. Then when attacking there is a damage variable that gets set to one of those and there is a random chance to double it on a critical hit.

Scratch is allowed.

As far as I know, there is no way to do that. I could be wrong, maybe ask someone on the GB-Studio Discord server, it might have been added in a new update. Haven't really been following the GB-Studio development.

Alright, all good now 👍. Thanks for removing it.

Hello grunkgrunk! I have noticed that you use my logo on some of your projects, but you did not ask for permission to use it. This logo is my intellectual property and you are not allowed to use it for your projects. I therefore request you to remove my logo from all of your projects, websites, pages and any other media. Please keep in mind that you generally can't just copy anyone's art and claim it as your own. Thank you for your consideration.

I dont have a twitter, are you on the GB Studio discord server? We could find each other there.

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Hi xerofdv! Really interesting, would for sure like to learn more details! How may I contact you?

I know this is a bit late, but yes, you are allowed to change the look of the project page.

You can give lower stars if you think the limitation was badly implemented, and more stars if you think it was implemented creatively.

Take a look at Scene: Store Current On Stack and Scene: Restore Previous From Stack

You are allowed to update, as long as you keep the original jam build available for download too.

Yes, you can use code from your older projects and from asset packs that you own / legally are allowed to use.

Oh, well I am not the creator of GB Studio, Chris Maltby is. Maybe ask on the discord server.