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you can work as a team of any size you want

no, thats ludum dare discord, mini jam discord is here

Didn't expect a late reply haha! Glad to hear you found all secret coins!

Btw, there is a secret in the first room to unlock a secondary difficulty :>

1. No there is no discord server (yet?) because I didnt think it would be necessary for a small jam like this. If you want to team up you can use this forum to find team members and make your own discord for the team if you want. If this jam series gets bigger I will consider making a discord server in the future.

2. There will be a "submit project" button after the jam has started. When submitting a game, itch will create a thread for it automatically. The rating will also be in that thread. The threads can then be found in the "entries" tab. Check out some other already finished jams to see what that looks like.

That's really really cute! Love the idea to find other players messages!

You could try LootLocker leaderboards. They have easy Unity integration.

Nice game! I like the graphics! The shooting feels satisfying, nice particle and sound effects. Upgrades seem somewhat balanced too.

Some bugs/issues I found:
- The web version was not scaled up properly, it only showed a small little area at the bottom left
- The double bullets upgrade doesnt stack with accuracy upgrade
- If you have maxed out reload speed you cant die at the end:

The jam was generated by AI. It's not about using AI generated content for the game. If you still wanna do that though, go ahead!

You know what, that sounds great actually!

I have been thinking of adding more stuff to the game, especially procedural generation. As it stands now, its basically just the same small game with the same hardcoded level as it was 2018, but with nicer graphics.

I have checked out some of your music and you make some great tunes man! Msg me on discord Manuel_#2867 if you wanna discuss details!

Nice! You are the first person to 100% the game as it seems :)

Spamming does more damage than waiting to the beat tbh. Needs a bit of balancing. I also got stuck in the music menu.

That has some nice potential to be a good rythm game, but currently its quite hard to play because it doesn't feel natural or synced to the beat of the song. Kind of just unpredictable.

Nice puzzle game. Some sounds/music would be nice. Also if you click to fast it doesnt recognize inputs, little annoying to wait until the ball has finished animating to the next tile, try buffering future moves in a list.

Very creative idea, I like it!

Very unique use of the limitation! Its quite laggy for me.

Very cool concept! Sometimes the enemies didnt respawn correctly.

A little buggy, as other have already pointed out. Very basic gameplay, the rythm is not very satisfying tbh.

I was not able to make the robot move, and looking at the other comments it really looks like you have to improve the movement timeline system. Sadly unplayable currently.

I think the arrow boxes are bugged, the blue arrow doesnt interact with them for some reason.

Little timmy game

Can you give me a hint on how to progress? Interacting with the phone doesnt do anything.

Suggestion: You are already using unity 2D shadows, so why not make the flashlight use an actual 2D cone light, would look a lot better and would also interact with walls.

Try searching for fake walls :)

Hey thanks for playing, for keyboard I recommend doing left hand ESDF to move and right hand up arrow to jump. Maybe that helps.

Did you accidentally do it the wrong way round? It only lets me walk when its quiet in the room. Shouldn't the game mechanic be that the footsteps are covered up by the machine sound?

Ended up just spamming the movement buttons because the timing on the beats is very tight and it felt like a lot of time my inputs were just eaten lol

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I wanna give you another go for a higher rating, any tips on when I should move exactly?

Crunching on time, we all know it lol, all good!

Nice art, but the base game is a little boring. I read you added modding support to add your own songs which is cool but for a game jam game thats mostly gonna be played in browser its not something people will try out unfortunately.

ohh thanks for pointing that out, i just misplaced that one tile my bad

actually didnt notice that keyboard input was a thing lol

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Dude I love this one! The music/rythm aspect is perfect! It's a fair bullet hell game, I died once in the final phase and beat it on the second try. Graphics are nice too, very NES-like. Had a lot of fun! My first 5-star all across the board!

Here are some suggestions:

  • checkpoints could be nice after each phase
  • faster movement would make you feel a little bit more in control, maybe even just slightly
  • always follow mouse instead of hold click, because there isnt ever a reason to not hold click
  • stop bullets when dialogue appears

good looking environment, but i couldnt really get it going. how do you do anything else if you have to constantly use attack so you dont die? how do you recharge your shield, the ball doesnt lower into the pedestal. what do you do with the signal detector?

It feels quite hard, but it really isn't once you find out that you only lose if you dont touch the circle at all for 3 seconds so thats quite easy to do. I don't know what the point of filling up the rainbow signal bar is. Also, bug i noticed sometimes the music and background animation stop for a few seconds while the game still keeps going.

wait, where can you get inside the lava? that's not intentional

This is way to hard for me, the same exact mechanics but with vertical movement instead of horizontal as well as moving the wave bar closer to the other two so its always in view would make this a lot easier without even changing the gameplay, just UI/UX is very akward.

How do you die? Doesnt seem like you can do anything other than infinitely fall down.

I liked that, very unique! Felt like the melodies were a little unpredictable at times. Also you should put a note somewhere that you move and aim wherever your mouse cursor is, took me some time to figure that out.

This one is a lot of fun! Well done!

Very polished! Interesting that a lot of entries were similar traffic managers this jam. Has a very satisfying feel overall, nicely done!

Nice concept.