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In the "backgrounds" folder, you can change them there.

You have to use it as a start project and build your game around it. GB-Studio doesn't support copying code to other projects.

If you followed the documentation pdf file, and you got it working, everything should be fine. The documentation shows all the code-blocks which are added.


You can upload a newer version, you do not have to keep the original.

Fully transparent does not count to the color limit. If you have colors with an alpha value, make sure that if the translucent color when it is over another color does not create too many new colors. Lets say you have a red with an alpha of 150 and a blue with an alpha of 255, if the red gets displayed on top of the blue then it will make a new colorIf you then add a translucent green for example you will already have 8 colors in total (including white)

Yes, those who submitted can rate games after the submission period is over.

Quick sidenote: Updates after the submission period of the jam are allowed. You can playtest and fix bugs after you submitted.

Very well done! Good job

How can I kill the bees?

Game is stuck on "You lose" screen when loading for me 🤔

You can request a late submit link from a staff member on our discord if you need more time

Yes thats allowed.

Really well done! Love the concept!

looks cool! let me know if you finish a game with that!

The only way it would work is to make a background for every pokemon combination and switching to the right scene every time, this would probably be way to complicated.

There is currently no way to copy actors from a game to another one, this will probably be added to gb studio in the future. You have to start with this project and build your game around it.

I thought about that but it isnt really possible with give gb studio limitations, but i think it will be added to gb studio in the future

please change the controls to wasd lol

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You know that if you open one of the default sprites which come with gb studio, aseprite automatically creates this palette for you lol ;)

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Yes, you can use premade assets

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I am really happy that you like it :D

I had the same problem with my Turn Based Battle System too, after checking for health = 0 I just checked if it is above 230 or some high number because the gameboy cant use negative numbers. Be sure to not set your enemies health to something higher than 230 though. Also make sure that, if the enemy has 1 hp left, the damage is not higher than 25 ( 1 - 25 = 231, if more than 25 the enemy will not be killed but gain a huge amount of health)

Edit: After reading this post I thought I have written it a bit unclear hope you understand me lol

You would need to make a health variable for every enemy, then instead of hiding the enemy when hitting it you just subtract 1 from the enemies health variable. if the value equals 0 then hide it

Enemies can't attack back at the moment. Some kind of attacking will probably added in the future.

I updated the documentation maybe this helps you

You can change the code so it animates the sword differently, did not test it though

The only thing you have to do is to copy the sword script to your sword actor. If you can't get it to work you can ping me on gb studios discord and you could send me your project so i can try to fix it if you like.

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Thank you! :D (most of the bugs you found are limitations of gb studio xd) Glad you liked it. (Edit: I am not entirely sure but think you played this one:

thank you :D


you have to ask the captain for help after the pirate says you cant go through

glad to hear this from an artist ;)

thanks :D

you should consider adding a .exe to run your game because people will have to download love2d first before they can play your game

i will probably make it open source soon

(see gbstudios discord)

Late submit link:

I used gb studio

Thanks :)

Thank you :D

I made the game for a game jam so i didnt have enough time to add more fighting and make it longer