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thank you for the feedback! The power goes up as you pick up more items. I could have definitely made that more clear with a progress bar and a bit of text. 

thank you! I agree the timer is a bit short. After viewing others gameplay I realized i should have made it a kittle linger. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! I have been thinking about the possibility of expanding by making story/levels similar to Katamari or Donut County

that would be a great feature. Thank you for the feedback!

Sir Fallen
Your name in the credits if you can beat the demo!

(make sure you are logged into steam on your computer as I use steam leaderboards to track names)

Sir Fallen

Want to be in the credits?
Download the demo here on itch or on my steam page. If you beat it and get placed in the leaderboards, I will add you to the final games credits.

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A game about a Knight, a Dog, Climbing and Rage Quitting.

Play here for FREE!!
Feedback very welcomed!

Are A.I. created assets or assistance allowed?

I second this. I love this idea and would love to customize it to my needs/ contribute

Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed!

Thank you so much for the feedback! the wall jump is definitely something i want to revisit, so thank you for the feedback there!
It is a shame about the web build. I didnt realize, but godot 4.2 web exports dont support glow so unfortunately ill need to wait for an update to the engine.
Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you! Yeah I am starting to realize that the mechanics might be a bit too much for a jam as they are pretty complicated. (inspired by ghost runner) I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I am glad you enjoyed!

Yeah that is fair. The leaderboard system is a bit complex for a jam, I used Silentwolf api and went large scale because of the features it offers but not necessary for a jam. and yeah my whole idea of specticle was the neon glow and particles with high speed which i did not know html doesnt support until the last day. Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it and will take it into consideration in the future

Nice job! the animations are great and I like the puzzles!

The visuals are good and it is a pretty funny concept. Hard mode is definitely difficult! Good job

Fun arcade style game. i have always loved car games like this and this one felt good! I would hope to see levels or maybe upgrades in round 2. Great job!

Nice entry! I appreciate the boss fight at the end! most games in this style are never ending so it felt really good to beat it. it was well done!

Nice job! the 20 sugar for only a fraction of energy felt a little unfair, but i like the theme and game loop! great job!

difficulty really ramps up but i gotta say after a few tries you can get really good. My biggest complaint is that learning which buttons are which instrument while i am also trying to play felt frustrating. I wish there was a couple of seconds to catch my bearings first. other than that one minor nitpick i think it was great! great job!!

Nice job. I liked the concept and gameplay. I think the rounds were a bit too easy and could have been shorter but the gameplay was great! Great game!

Really great job! I have been wanting to learn 3d in Godot for the last year so I am really impressed how much you were able to get done and in such a polished way! I used controller and it felt really clean. Great job!

Holy cow this is frustrating to play, I keep trying to get better and I want to quit, but the ease of repeatability makes it easy to say "okay, last one" over and over. The audio is perfect (thank you for volume control) the visuals are appealing. Great jam game!

nice use of 2 buttons! the visuals were well done and it felt polished!

Great job! I really like the aesthetic and visuals. It could use some volume control in round 2, but i dont really have anything bad to say. You did a great job. I love the story so far and I am looking forward to chapter 2

Amazing job! This is a great entry! I played like 10+ games before the game crashed when I squished a combo that was 80% of the screen XD Great job!! also the music is a bop I could listen to that all day

Thank you for the feedback! The mechanics are pretty complex and alot is going on. Im still trying to figure out how to balance the learning curve, thank you for your kind words!!

Thank you so much!! I really struggled with the controls because of the learning curve I knew some people would be turned off, I am going work on making a better tutorial. Im so glad you enjoyed and thank you for the feedback!

Thank you so much! the sheep is pretty difficult to get to! Thanks for playing and your feedback!

it depends and we dont really know. last year round 2 was either same game or new game. its up to the host and we wont know until they post! I hope you can because its an amazing idea!

nice entry! my biggest feedback would be to maybe start with some points to avoid instant failing. once in got the beat down it was fine but it was hard to understand the timing when i wasnt even able to play long enough to understand the timing. That being said, once i got the timing down i really enjoyed playing along to the beat! and the art is super clean!

Great job! I loved the leaderboards! the platforming could use some small tweeking. like coyote time and landing on edge. Overall great job! and whoever set those top times is crazy fast!!! also the art is amazing I absolutly loved the player character art

Amazing entry!! I am really looking forward to you continuing this in round 2! I really loved it!

Great job! I liked the balance of the game and rouge lite elements. The art is beautiful and the music adds to the fast pace nature. Great Jam Entry!

Nice game. i liked the twist which i did not see coming! the game felt cohesive and music was fitting! great job

My arm hurts i was mashing so fast XD but im #1!!! Great idea and environment!

Wow really great job! I tried so hard and was very satisfied when i was finally able to get peaceful! 

beautiful graphics! i love idle farm games so it would be awesome to see this idea completed! I really enjoyed the scene and atmosphere! I know you didnt get everything done in time but what you do have is well polished! great job!

Wow i am very impressed by this entry! i really wish you had more time to work on it but it makes sense you had 2 other jams going on. all the combos were impressive! great entry!