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I haven't tried to without the secret lvls. but my time in 100% is 10:57

Awesome game! I played through it twice. first time was about 15 minutes and i missed the bottle so i played through again to get all secret levels and better time. super fun!! please consider making more levels or a sequel! either way ill be following your future work. Keep it up!

Great Game! Felt clean and original. It gave me Oregon Trail meets Space vibes, but alot more fun. I played through all 3 levels in about 30 minutes. I would love to see more levels one day when the team has time, or dare I ask... a custom lvl creator. I read your interview on IndieGameOfTheWeek so I understand you are working on a different game at the moment. Looking forward to your future Projects!

Friday Week 24 is the day that I finally won! Super fun! Challenging at the beginning and then it gets easier once you can get most categories above 70. Great Job!

Great Job, very fun! Hard mode was a good edition!

Thank you! I will look balancing them more to give more precise control after the rating period.

thank you for the feedback. I was running out of time and I forget to get a death sound in so yes that will be something I add after the rating period. 

I also found that the pickles not registering is a bug so I am not too sure why it happens yet but thank you for bringing it to my attention.

thank you for the feedback. Could you elaborate more on why you felt the controls were difficult?

thanks for the feedback. I will definitely play your game. Could you explain why you didn't like the controls?

Great game. a lot of fun! 

The only bug i found was in selling 5 it would take 10 away but only pay me for 1.

other than that it was awesome!

it took me about 4 trys but i finally won. great job! I liked the concept alot

A few times i would hit the enemy with my eye and it wouldn't kill them, but i still really enjoyed this alot. it would be a fun concept for a full length game

I liked it a lot. really fun. great job!

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Yours is much more complicated and this is my fourth 3 hour jam vs your first 3 hour jam so I would say that has alot to do with it. I also created my own general code that I used since it's allowed. (Player controller and such) so that helps a lot in getting straight to the unique code.

But thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for the feedback. We plan on adding incentive for killing the enemies in the future. Thank you for playing!

really liked this! level design was very well done from starting out slow and introducing mechanics to having concepts be a part of the level to having the first platforming area have a safety platform in case you miss since you haven't experienced the physics yet. Well done!

Really enjoyed this! great job. I loved the animation. the puzzles could have been harder, but it felt like a good pace if the game was going to keep going and you had more time to make more levels.

Wow thank you! that means alot to draw the comparison. We plan to keep working on it. Hopefully when it is done it can be as good as something like a old school pokemon! Thank you for the feedback!

yes the story was definitely cut short for scope and the world size is a bit too big! thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! We definitely need to rework the map size. some parts i felt were decent and others are way to spaced out

Thank you! we wanted to make a key mapper but unfortunately it was cut for time, but it will most likely be added in the final version

Thank you for the feedback! We plan on finishing the game and we are definitely going to balance the combat. Let me know if you find anymore of the toilets!

Thank you so much! We put alot of time into it so I really appreciate you noticing.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

We plan to keep working on it to fix the bugs, balance the combat and polish the levels.

Thank you again for the feedback!

 Super hard, but very polished. I wish there was a way to clear the potion summon circle things. like maybe the coins can be used to power up a clean mode and it makes me able to manually get rid of the circles instead of them dispersing after time. I liked it though!

thanks. i wish i would have managed my time a bit better but i left myself no time for sound. definitely will try to manage better in the future. thanks again for checking it out and for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback. It definitely needs more balancing. the issue i was having with speed is i was trying to replicate paddle controls from the Atari, but the mouse wheel sensitivity isn't a good substitute. if i turned the movement up it was jumping too far. i would like to completely redo the movement to use acceleration to increment how fast you move for how long you are scrolling. Thanks again!

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Nice! I made It to the moon! I liked the art and the feeling of impending doom as i was chased into space

Nice Game! I really liked the idea of switching controls for the boss. would make a fun longer game with multiple boss levels

Good Job. I liked this game alot. it reminded me of when i used to play rampage on the gamecube.

Really fun. I wish there were more levels.

Nice Job! simple, but polished and fun.

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Very interesting. I really enjoyed the mechanics! Would like to see more combos. maybe up up left and things like that!. Great Job!!

the paddles kinda glitch out at the top and bottom, but good job otherwise!

Thanks for Playing! And yes i spent way too long on trying to get enemies to spawn!

I really liked the retro graphics. The enemy bullets were way too fast to try and read, but I liked the Arcade gameplay and would like to see it improved upon. Great Job!

What was that?

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Easy 00:51:14

Hard 1:56:27

Really good! I wish it was longer. after the final level I was left wanting more since you changed up the formula.