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Wow! Thank you so much for all your feedback! I really appreciate it so much! Thank you for taking so much time to write a review! I am going to work hard to improve everything and I hope I can make the game easier to understand and more fun because of that! Thank you again!!!

Oh my thank you i meant to fix that. 

Yes the high reputation quests will populate if you have high level parties. there are quests worth over 100 rep

Thank you for your feeback, i will look into balancing. And hopefully i can turn it into mobile game

downloading now!

Wow great game! I loved it so much and I loved being able to make the art. very unique style and funny. the puzzles were fair and i think it was honestly the perfect length for a jam. 

Wow great game! I loved it so much and I loved being able to make the art. very unique style and funny. the puzzles were fair and i think it was honestly the perfect length for a jam. 

Yes my friend called it! He said it reminded him of bioshock! Amazing job!

And also the manifestos were my favorite part

Amazing! Another banger, I expect nothing less from the dev of horse girl adventure 1993! I got 3 endings and I am truly bunny! Looking forward to future projects!

Very worth downloading and playing! Funny story and very self aware! 

Thank you so much!! I 100% plan on it. I usually don’t keep working on jam games but this one feels so special to me and I have so many ideas for expansion and improvements. Thank you so much for the feedback!!

Very cool graphics and sounds. I could not seem to get the lmb to work though. I wish I could have played a bit longer. great entry for the jam in such a small amount of time graphically. 

Thank you! I agree it could be spaced out more. I think if i keep working on it I will have you add on to the tavern as upgrades which brings added complexity or have levels. I am so happy to see your concept was similar, but our results were very different! Thank you again for your feedback and im glad you were able to play!

I loved it! I really enjoyed the mechanics opening up as the game progressed. it felt really good and I loved the art so much! What a great game! If I could add one thing (if you choose to keep working on it) item rewards for the quest could appear on future quest requirements. Anyway I loved it, it felt well balanced.

Im so glad you enjoyed. I wanted it to feel like you were in a dnd world. I agree it is soo much to learn at once. I think this game would benefit greatly from having more levels (taverns) that slowly introduced mechanics. Thank you for your feedback. 

Thank you so much! im glad you thought so! Animations would be a great idea though!! even if its just a little bobbing up and down, youve inspired me. Im gonna add that

thank you! Im glad you enjoyed!!

Thank you so much!! I am so glad you enjoyed! To be honest I haven’t beaten hard mode yet but my friend did so I know one day I can too 😂

interesting concept. The jumping was a little difficult at first and i actually soft locked myself a few times, good entry!

Wow this game drives me crazy in an amazing way. I love the telegraphing and spastic way i am trying to get the ai to make the right choice. Amazing job!! Such a great game!

Nice job! I love these types of games and I have been wanting to learn how to make them. Great job!!

Nice job! The visuals were so good!! I think you could definitely expand on this if you had more time!!

Thank you so much!! I wanted it to feel like when I was a kid and I would draw heroes and live in my imagination!

Really nice! The fisherman get really strong by the end! great job I loved the graphics too!

Great job! I really liked the mechanic! and also winning! XD

Nice twist. Peaceful life of a slime. The animation was also great!

Nice game! I loved the added complexity of switching aliens. Great Job!!

I loved the art and sound design! Great job!

Nice job! Personally not a fan of rage games, but honestly this is the best one I have ever played. I really liked the mechanics and the originality you brought to it. I couldnt get past the waterfall part with the falling platforms before I had to quit. Great job. Loved the music and art too.

I think I beat it. There was way more than 10 waves, but i almost dies right before I hit level 11. Fun game. Great job for a 3 day jam game. I liked the environment and the Art alot!

YES!! Thats my favorite part too. You can combo so much and flying around feels so cool once you get good at it. 

Thank you so much! Im glad you enjoyed! thank you for the feedback!

I played this one alot. Admittedly I almost gave up when i couldnt find out how many points i had but then i realized i could just test how many points i collect by killing a type then testing if it was 200 against the smallest upgrade. Next thing i knew I was infinitely rolling around the map destroying everyone (including myself, since rolling into your own bullets damages you). Then i became too powerful and rolled into infinite green where even my own bullets couldnt hurt me anymore and i got lost for about 5 minutes. So... I liked the game! Great job!

Nice platformer. I liked the wall jump and the banana collecting, but because the colors were all the same it was very difficult to see where edges were and the vine kept auto jumping me and i would miss the next platform. Good graphics and physics!

Nice game. I wish it was longer, but if that's all you had time for then good job! It ran well and didnt have any bugs that i found and the art was really good!

Loved it! My only complaints are that you get stuck on walls instead of sliding and that it isnt longer. So i guess thats just one complaint. It reminded me of Spyro and i loved Spyro. Please make more. ill be back

both, thank you so much 🥰 it means so much to hear that!

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it! I really appreciate the feedback!