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Rules Clarification

A topic by StudioGenGen created Nov 10, 2021 Views: 1,956 Replies: 9
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I'm curious what this entails: 

General purpose code, designing, bases and models, placeholders, and story can be made before the start of the jam.

Is it saying that we can make general purpose code and models before the start of the jam, or is this meant to cover finding pre-existing assets? If we're allowed to use our own general purpose code and placeholders, what's the general rule of thumb on what's too much (for example, designing my levels on graph paper seems perfectly reasonable, but what about blocking out levels in Unity and playing around with the character movement beforehand)?


I'm guessing a good rule of thumb would be that anything you could reuse for another game project is fair game (i.e. Player Movement Scripts,  Non-specific  Environment Models, Blank Slate Sprite Sheets, etc.) as those wouldn't

However, I also would like some more elaboration on that just to make sure everything's a-okay.


What was stated by Rapidfire summarizes it very well. Here are some links to similar questions I answered in previous jams:


Great, thank you for the clarification!

Would you consider this asset for unity to be fine?

Corgi Engine - the best 2D+2.5D platformer solution for Unity, by More Mountains




So this will be my first game. I heard the general  purpose code can be made before, right? Can i use my controller script for my game i made before?



aight thx!