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Sorry for late reply, this is allowed!

Trailers? Your page could be completely blank and still submitted, as long as there's a game! It's completely fine to make trailers after submission period ends.

No, you're allowed to use that.


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Hello, sorry about that. Very often submissions posted this early in the jam aren't legitimate. While I do check if the game follows the rules, sometimes I'm wrong and remove it. Feel free to submit again.


No, that would be working on the sprites before the jam, which is not allowed.

If at this point you only have what's listed as exceptions to rule 1, then yes.

Assets should all be made during the jam's duration.

If you made it before the start, you can't use it

I guess you can cut them before start yeah

Yeah it's fine

I don't see a problem.

Yes, you aren't allowed to work on sprites.

Yes, that's all considered general purpose code.

Seems fine to me

Yep! I know someone who's planning exactly the same as you actually xD You can submit to many jams

The page said that metroidvanias typically are side scrollers. But the genre is not limited to it, so feel free to experiment with other layouts and views! Top-down, FPS, really anything. That debate has been brought up many time in the Discord server, and the general rule for a metroidvania that came out is "non-linear path with upgrades that change how you interact with the environment", so nothing on the view/layout!

That's actually the end of what I got lol

There you go!

There you go!

You mean submit more than one game? Yes, that's fine.


What was stated by Rapidfire summarizes it very well. Here are some links to similar questions I answered in previous jams:

Yep, any engine is accepted

Yes, totally. Your game is yours.

Yup, blood is fine. It's gore that isn't authorized.

Yes, you are free of doing concept art and think about the story and stuff. As long as you don't make something concrete apart from what's stated in rule 1.

Yep, you can! As long as the jam's rules are respected.

Visuals are cool, and I'd say you achieved what you wanted with the colors. The stun after being hit is either too long or shouldn't be there; it's easy to get hit right after the stun finishes because you couldn't move out of the way. Overall, it was a nice experience.

The game was cool. What there really is to improve is what has been mentionned a lot already, screen transitions. It also seems like your levels were designed globally, so the limit of a room was in the middle of a platform. This made the parkour part really hard, since you couldn't see where was the next platform. Apart from that, the game wasn't bad.

I really like the idea! Although I'm not totally sure I understood how it works, I enjoyed what I played. The music and graphics fits nicely, and the roll animation for the slime was well made. Good job!

I liked the story and the fact you could sail to get to different islands. That was neat. Some sprites were blurry and contrasted with the rest of the art but it wasn't so bad. Music was awesome, nice work!

I liked the story and dialogs. The artstyle was cool, and the music felt nice too. I also had Undertale vibes from it (beboo hardcore boss fight when). Good stuff

The vibes I'm getting from this lol. Graphics were nice and blended together well overall. The music was a bit repetitive but it didn't bother me too much. Played on Windows and didn't encounter any major issues. 

I found the graphics pretty interesting. I had some performance issues, probably because of the shaders and the particles produced when anything breaks. Apart from that, the game looks really interesting! Good stuff.

Everything blended well together, it felt nice to play. I had music on my side. The game felt a bit difficult with all the spikes and moving spikes, but it wasn't unfair. Cool stuff!