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Yes, that's alright.
Haha it's a weird one! The person who suggested metroidn't said "Either you metroid or you metroidn't". There's been a couple of interpretations in the Discord server, one being to focus exclusively on the Castlevania side of things (since metroidvania is a combination of both terms). Some thought about a reverse metroidvania, some others as having a setting on a seemingly opposite side of Metroid... There's many ways to interpret it! I should point out that choosing metroidn't still requires you to make a metroidvania, and you can pick another or more themes to mitigate this one.

You can use multiple themes. Question got asked in the Discord server and I updated the page to make it optionally plural.



Here's your submission link!

Here you go!

You can still update your game during late submission so go ahead!

Usually, there are some obvious signs and red flags. Apart from that, most people are on the Discord so it's easy to track progress. It's not impervious but gets rid of most rule breakers.

No problem!

Check the linked posts in the rules for clarifications on the blood. Subtle swearing is alright.

It is because your game doesn't follow the first rule: everything should be made during the game jam.

I'm sorry, it might have been removed in the middle of spam submissions. What game was it?

Yeah, could be interesting. Genre mixing isn't forbidden, as long as metroidvania is part of the game.

The presentation is very good. The art is consistent and slick, and the music didn't bore me even after 10 minutes. The gameplay did get a bit boring, since at some point you just run in a wide circle and attack from afar, but I liked that the game felt unforgivable, even after 10 minutes of upgrades. I died after using a ghost walk straight in the horde, and then proceeded to get by everyone. But the fact it took 10 minutes away from me is a good sign, especially since I never had played that type of game :p

Interesting idea! And the visuals are consitent. Played a bit, liked the movement and just going around in general. Lacks in content and mechanics, but for a nine days arcade game submission, it was alright.

Played it until 500, definitely gets addicting. The juice is present, what I think could add to the game is some sort of development, such as cards to tweak the gameplay or modifiers. Nice little game.

Makes a lot of sense! Took some notes for future updates. Also I checked the code and immediately knew why Bloodseeker was available from the start, but the game is more fun with that skin imo, so I guess it's a convenient coding mistake haha

Holy you actually beat the game and got the Bloodseeker skin? So cool, glad someone did it! Might have been overkill but overall it wasn't really hard nor time consuming to add in haha.

Yeah the enemies are quite tanky, I wanted the game to feel challenging, but perhaps they do have too much health. Do you have suggestions for how they could communicate when hit? The best I got in was a little particle explosion. As for the player's explosion, well 5x damage comes at a cost :p, and it's not meant to be the main damage dealer. There are some items that can mitigate the penalty though.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

After a whopping 130 slams, I cleared the game. The concept was very satisfying. Level design was well thought, and the gameplay was part of the "easy to play hard to master", like they say. The fast paced gameplay lets you come up with strategies (there was a level with three pillars with holes in them and a block at the end, and instead of slamming like a normal person I wanted to beat it with carefully calculating my jump to go through the pillars without slamming). Don't really have anything to suggest, I liked it a lot!

Defending a giant VIS (very important square) from one-eyed aliens with a shotgun? Sign me the square up! Honestly, just shooting felt good. At first I felt like the recoil was a bit much, but I quickly got used to it. Enjoyed the juice and the presentation, the art and music fit together pretty well. Nice one!

The atmosphere (no pun intended) was so good in this one! The artistic direction was consistent and everything managed to give off the "infinite space and endless travel" vibe. Shame on me though, I got lost just after the hot head, I was just enjoying using the slingshot to travel at hair-rising speeds :p. I didn't find anything after that, so I think the game could benefit from giving at least some sort of direction, cause the environment really is that big. But the movement felt very satisfying, and add to it the atmosphere, caused me to enjoy just moving around without purpose. Nice one!

Loved the overall aspect of the game (artstyle, sound and juice), and the weaponized train idea is something I never knew I needed before. Game felt a bit slow at first, and then there was a huge difficulty spike on stage 2. Some items were worthless against some opponents, for instance I picked the spikes and realized they did nothing against projectiles, which is logic but it's a shame they didn't serve any purpose. But it was an enjoyable experience though! The idea immediately got me hooked.

Liked the presentation, the game was good to look at. The thing I noticed the most was the controls; at first I played with my controller, until I realized I couldn't interact with the first door on controller. Next I figured out what key was the interact key, and kept playing on keyboard. The mouse sensivity is high and wild, and the inverted camera was trippy. But overall, it's a good submission.

Liked the artistical approach and general idea behind it. A few things I can suggest: most of the time the sapling was in my way x). I think the combat could be smoother if we couldn't collide with the sapling and just go over it. I also noticed it seems like only the tip of the sword deals damage? It was a bit weird at first but ended being used to it (might be a skill issue). Overall, a nice little game.

I do not see how this is useful? I am not the only one judging the games; everyone who submits or contributes to an entry can judge games. So in the end, the best is being able to support both, it doesn't matter what I am on. But anyways, to answer the question, I am running the 64-bit version.

Beating all enemies on a floor spawns a ladder that lets you go to the next floor.

Nice little game! I don't know if there was more content after the rabbit boss, I stopped after beating it. I really enjoyed the character movement, the crystal dash was very enjoyable to use and not clunky, and the character add that little "drift" when it turned that I enjoyed way more than I should have. One thing I noticed: I restarted the level on my first fight with the boss because I thought it was bugged. Only on my second try I realized I was in fact dealing damage to it, with its ears changing. It would have been nice to have feedback on dealing damage, like all other enemies had. Apart from that, an enjoyable little game!

Was weirdly addicting at first, but the jump charging time may be too long. It makes it hard to charge it the right amount to jump. The best ended up being to fully charge the jump each time, and stop walking mid-air to land correctly. But this is countered by the many blind jumps: often times I wouldn't see where the next platform was, so I had to jump and take a guess, hoping I don't die and go back 5 platforms. I would suggest potentially moving the camera towards the next platform a bit, or indicate where you need to go with an arrow. Some juice was added, overall it's a simple and alright game. Gotta appreciate bunnies :p

Interesting take on the theme. For some reason when the game opened I could only see the top left quarter of the screen and couldn't move the window. So I just assumed stuff and went on. Those types of games aren't exactly my cup of tea but I did enjoy what I saw. Simple game, nice juice.

A short, pleasant experience. Loved the artstyle head-on, the music changing as the climax neared was a nice touch.

Game does well in its simplicity; enemy variety brings diversity, and the good/bad choices were well thought. I expected them to stack however; how cool would it be to have 200% firerate and explosive ammo with two bad conditions? But the current direction isn't bad either, I quickly grew to like it. Every 10 seconds a new challenge would come up instead of just adding itself to the previous ones. Nice little game.

25! You were almost there! Also, if you found the enemies a bit tough, clearing the game once unlocks a game mode that lets you take in more damage, but gives a fair boost to attack and HP. Might have more fun playing in that mode, in any case, thanks a lot for the feedback and playing!

Based on your system yes. The dates and time are changed according to your timezone (just verified using another jam).

I don't know about the specified times and dates, but when making the jam itch asks me for info in my timezone. The countdown on the jam page is set for your timezone though, so if you're not sure, just use the countdown to find out the time in your own timezone.

As for the late submission period, it is based on my timezone, but if you have the end of the jam's hour, just add 72 to it to find out when the late submissions end.

Yep, I'll allow it

As long as it respects the concept of backtracking to acquire new items to interact with the environment, no matter the view aspect or gameplay, it can be considered as a metroidvania. I do wonder how it could fit with a VN, but I'm down for creative uses of the genre!