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Models are considered as 3D base assets, so not any art can be accepted. You're free to make concept art but your assets shouldn't be in a completed state before the start of the jam.

Great then :) I was just wondering if there was a problem with it. It is indeed in a released state so it's longer than a demo. Feel free to test the other games first, I'll wait :)

Were you able to get the game before the sale ended?


Thanks for offering! I wouldn't mind getting some feedback on my game, Village Valley. It's free at the moment, so you can claim it and play it when you want. I don't mind if you turn it into a Youtube video :) , just tell me if you do (by here or by Discord, linked it on my profile) so I can watch the video!

Here are my ratings!

So in this jam we more than doubled the number of participants and entries, I'm so happy! You guys once again made awesome games, rating was difficult because of their quality! Results are a bit tight as you can see. Once again, my sheet will be in the community section of the jam.

Also wanted to remind you that the SMVM 8 is still ongoing, don't hesitate to participate!

Got to play it. Nice graphics and I particularly liked the music of the second zone. I found a bug though: if you get hit once, you're not able to move after it. You can only jump and attack. Nice job!

I don't think it was intended, but I got stuck in the 3 first rooms (the door on top of the first was bugged and the one on the right in the third room just doesn't let me go through). Cool artsyle and nice music. Nice job!

I got the same issue as Moisés, the game doesn't start on my computer.

So short but so good. The artsyle is great, and I liked the bit of story you put in. Also that dash attack just feels awesome to use. I hope to see more!

The time it takes to attack is pretty long, it is difficult to time it correctly againt enemies. Also, I got a couple of problems with my controller, first being the up and down d-pad buttons being left and right, and I could use the great hit. I think there should've been some music, but I didn't hear any. It's a start, thanks for participating!

Wow. I got nothing else to say, this is amazing. The only thing I can think of is making the rooms' doors more explicit, something is was only the edge of the screen, and in some cases it is another room and in some other it is walls. 10/10 would slash through 'em enemies again.

Nice art, took me some time to get good using the waterfalls but worked out in the end. Good job!

Very good, I liked the animations  and the story. Here a re a couple of suggestions. First, I'd change the shoot button on the controller, because using the right trigger is pretty tiring for the fingers, and the diagonal aim is the right button. Next, I'd say to give the player a small immunity after being hit. Enemies like the bats continue rushing towards you and can start a loop of hits, and the frog's laser does the same. Nice job!

Amazing art. I liked the light mechanic, using it to make platforms and move/control creatures. Most of my attack weren't touching the enemies though, and the cooldown after an attack lets the enemy hurt you, I think it should be faster. Great game!

Those snails look so bored xD Nice little game, wished there was music and the double jump worked correctly. Also liked the bit of story and the text we would get when using a terminal, made the game funnier. Good job!

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Finally a game with a story included! The character is responsive and there isn't to much momentum. Would have been nice to have the checkpoints in the first version. I'd suggest giving the player a diagonal aim, the placement of some bats was making them hard to hit. Great game!

Good gameplay, the character is responsive. I liked the parrying ability but had a hard time to use it, especially againt the slimes and the hands boss. I can see potential, I hope you'll continue the game. Good work!

Great job in the artistic part! Would like to play it with some music. Constrols are good on the keyboard, but way better with a controller, especially the wall jump. Also noticed that the up and be buttons of my D-pad would actually move the character left and right, I don't think it is intended. Good job!

Good atsmosphere. Some player animations are a bit weird, but it isn't too disturbing. If you die during the boss fight and respawn, the camera loses its focus on the boss and it lifebar doesn't appear. Good job!

Good start! Music and art feels nice. Found a bug though, I saved before the boss and died during the fight, when I pressed load game it respawn me into the void (I guess, since the falling animation was playing).

The player was a bit hard to control due to it "sliding" when landing. The graphics are great though. The player is responsive and the ghost hand is an interesting idea. Also discovered that she says "baka" when you try to grab her, pretty adorable xD Good game!

I'd suggest an immunity after getting hit and when transtionning between rooms. The character's movement is good and easy to control, and the artsyle is pretty. Good job!

Very liked the character's movement, it's fast and responsive. I encountered a bug tho: when using the blast attack on melee enemies and getting damage, you get stuck and can't move anymore. Enjoyed myself running around, but it would have been great to have a map. Good game!

Good animation and making it be a coop metroidvania was an interesting idea. Good job!

Good prototype. I would suggest to make the player faster before the leather boots. The environnement could also get more detailed, but I like the artstyle. Good job!

The sound effects were so funny XD And using the whip is so satisfying. Had a good smile while playing it, good job!

Pretty cool, good atmosphere and graphics. The game's polished and you can see it. Good job!

The player's movement felt nice, especially with using a controller. The art is great like the music, it creates a good atmosphere. Good game!

Reminds me a lot of Metroid xD Great atmosphere at the space station, and the graphics and music are neat. Would surely like it to become a full game. Great job!

Wow this was awesome! I found the idea of using the mines as shields pretty interesting. Great game, there's nothing else to say!

Very pleasant to the eyes. Didn't understand at first that attacking is an acquirable ability and not there by default. Cool game!

Zelda references nice

Enjoyed myself playing the game, graphics and music were pretty nice, once again, the player what a bit difficult to control, but I had a controller so it was less bad. Good work!

Nice art and music. The problems that I see are related to gameplay. First, the panda's movement isn't "sharp" enough. Only pulling a little bit on the joystick gave too much velocity to the player, so it was pretty difficult to land. It has already been mentionned, but wide spaces and a bad camera follow results in to many blind jumps and makes the game less enjoyable. Apart from that, I liked the game, nice work!

Nice graphisms (not only the dragon lol). The dragon's movement is a bit weird, and the pace of the animations is too slow, if it was faster it'd be easier to beat the enemies. Overall, good job!

Very good game! The graphics and the music are well-made and the game is enjoyable. I didn't encounter too many performance issues, way less than I thought I would by reading the comments. It has already been mentionned, but the stamina system does make the game less enjoyable, I was in the middle of a fight and ran out of stamina so I just started turning around until I could get 2-3 bullets ready. Appart from that, I did enjoy playing Neon Madness, great work!

Very cool graphics and nice ambient music, I think the only problems that I see are from the gameplay. Ledge grab could be rework, as well as crouching. When walking and crouching, the player stands up but it's collision doesn't, which makes it pretty weird passing into tiny places. Good game.

That game feels nice and it is polished, and there's a story! Definitely a plus in my book. To me, the rolling mechanic was a good idea, but I don't feel the need for the penalty when you don't do it, or at least, not that long. Was having a hard time understanding how the ladders worked and I was close to dying many times because of the stun. Otherwise, good game!

Good sprites and good music! Looking forward to it's development, good job!

It's hilarious xD I bursted out laughing at the boss. Silly idea and pretty original, good job!