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Can you reach out to me on Discord? I can handle it better over there


Uploads can be done without any actions on my part! Same for adding contributors, you set them up on your game's page!


It seems to me the game made it into the jam?

You can, everything related to the page can be changed after closure

I was unaware. It seems like it's an itch thing. There's no rule about joining late don't worry.

I get your situation, but I'm sorry; I can't grant your request. Besides, the themes are mandatory and will only be announced on the start of the jam, as theme voting will go on until just before. I do wish y'all the best of luck.

Use this link!

You can update for 72h after the closing of submissions, which means you are still able to at the moment


Thanks for reporting, they were both alright on my side so I hadn't noticed. I'm told everything is fine now.

Yes, you will be prompted to mention them will submitting too


Yes, although I do wish you good luck

Yes, you can go into any perspective

I'll allow it


Weird enough, but I put up a new one. Thanks both of you!

Metroidvania isn't a perspective, it's an exploration process. You can create a top down without any problems.

It seems to work, but here's another one:

I'll allow it!

I'll allow it

You're commenting on 2020's MVM 8 community, but you're probably talking about MVM23. Either way, GDDs and sketches of any kind are allowed at any time before the start of the jam.

Nope, you're free to create an engine before start.

There is an optional theme. You can currently suggest ideas, and there will be a vote one week before the start of the jam.

Use this:

Uploads are now locked since the grace period is over. You'll be able to update after the voting period ends.

Yes! Just give me the link to the game's page. It needs to be public.

Here you go!

That's actually exactly what SMVM is for. It's to further work on games submitted to MVM.

Exactly what SMVM is for


There's a 2 weeks voting period afterwards.

Your character design is fine. As for gore, it's always been a grey line. If you already checked the linked posts, I'd assume your suggestion of rationalizing it for PG-13 will be alright.

Yes. Any metroidvanias are welcome.

They've got a bunch of game keys to offer on other platforms, not for their own games.

(There are no prizes for the Super edition)

Nope, just mention them in the appropriate field when submitting.