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150 secs. im a noob. funni game. once i made something similar in sploder lol (flash)

feature request - export to plain html...

so i wouldnt need to make empty files with iframe, duh...

Yeah although i remember only this and solitaire lol


wanted to see if "engine" can survive such usage of OS ...

can i have sfw file? i want to test some loader...

cause probably its YET possible to run flash if downloaded...

when i will be able to use without account/nick ?

developer's best score :

ok =]

no, im one of these who will even copy license of it so... i was just asking if its "redistributable" nothing less nothing more. 

plus - i dont even have bank acc so how i could earn on it ? lol...

? lol ?

ok =]

just a question - can i add these dudes to my tileset? like its mentioned about projects and games but im also making art, so...

means - not nft, mine thing also will be nft-free and also i will block em. im just only asking about resharing it...

how to export on web ?

yeah but then it WAS flash player. now it wont work and author doesnt work on it, anything, site was fun but it only WAS. now the only comparable site is scratch...

a. ok.

1) support for tool - additional linux and mac

2) support for export - android, ios, windows, linux, mac as a local website app


no. just wine (as on linux i just installed newest wine from flatpak btw)

reminds me of sploder lol.

just a question - someone knows any CUSTOM , free character sets for it? i dont say default one is bad, i just want to test it a little ;p

yep i use free version (newest)

would you add compatibility for artix/arch linux?

neither pacman nor aur have libraries mentioned in readme because of what engine not gonna  start :/ sad :/

eats cpu af... (but what to expect from 2,5d engine? lol)


works under wine very good (i use linux btw) . many features although i probably wont use it in rpg maker but manually coding in js ;p

it was meant to be easy lol. (but not that requires literal no action, lol. game need to be a game lol).

little is best. was and is.


ok, fine then =]

short. MAKE MORE LEVELS  PLEASE !!! MINIMUM 15, NOT 5. and longer, okay ?

ez. (as for "hard" game, im not a platformer-master ;p)

cute and shrt 


hard one

and sus


good one =]

russian did it? looks like :/

a. ok. lol

how did you made this rainbow ?

edit: now got a problem under linux 


cant import once exported tileset. app throws only modifiable files as internal files (i know every app is archive, yes? )

sad ;-;