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looks like i will be able to convert few pp-games into godot soon…

cool! thx!

i know but well…

what for then is an engine if i need to modify output manually later?

couldn't it be so default coin icon (not cloned) would be coin icon at finish menu (like hardcoded) but being cloneable so i can add many looks to that icon?

i thought more of pp converter to .exe . apk and so on…

feature request - being able to clone also collectible thingies in custom items page…

very bad idea - high-res version of pocket platformer. read - 16x16 sprites instead of 8x8 and bigger game scaling (two times of existing size, like 1588x868)

why i want that? if i put games from this engine in game jams i get lower rated for too pixelled and small game

pocket platformer, thx

ok :)


- level management (rearranging so you dont need to redraw all the game if you f.e. putted a level too early)

- cloning levels (like to not make a empty default scene but copy tiles from existing one)

- changing title fonts (not only default pixel one, even 3 fonts of current one, serif and sans-serif would be better than only default)

- being able to redraw mobile controls same as sprites in game

- ability to use custom hex color in color picker (right now its limited set of colors)

bro, i made it in scratch-like game creator, trust me, i could do it even longer but number of 10 levels just looked good :)

if about audio - i never do audio, so well…

idea for current updates - maybe a custom sprite for spinning player (after getting thrown out of barrel) ?


bigger (in style of corporation-made) 3d rpg about politics - things like ecology, lgbtqia+ people, color people, knowledge access/opensource (including even real life books like f.e. 1984 ), economics, etc… with fights and smaller (mainly logic, like alchemy) game, like really a controversial game which probably could be just taken off here and github if i'd ever do it…

not saying that probably it wouldnt help that world and one person even said that this idea is comparable to (insert here worst person in history) ideology, yeah…

for over a week i need to use pirated version which spits non-mobile friendly games instead…


i know but right before adding it to jam i saw something and decided to not add to this jam 

(dont ask what i saw cause i dont want set this chat on fire…)

finally decided to move out of idea of adding to this jam. 

gonna keep that game as a personal project instead.

thx and bye :)

but it will have its own quality too. 

fun levels, related to things. or just harder ones. i have too much ideas for levels so im just putting it all in one…

it will be even divided in sections of levels…

(somewhen i needed to make something bigger than ≈ 20 levels…)

and even a little spoiler: 


yep it follows. thx although my speed is only because i have hoards of free time and that i know good tools to make games quickly. to the end of jam im gonna have that minimum of 256 levels (if not 512 but we'll see how much my computer could survive cause im on a potato)

1) i didnt said that im reusing assets, i only said im using scratch-like engine so i build games quickly (right now i have 50 level long game and i started doing it today…)

2) i meant to publish demo right now but wait to end of jam to publish full game (like i will fight in this jam by number of levels/game length and will update game every day up to end of jam)

3) its a new thing (even if few concepts i use again)

what if i will put already today as i joined (and today started doing) game which already is unbelievably big as for time i spent on it? like i use some scratch-like editor so i do it quickly but if someone'd play already today its already much…

also - is it good if i will put it here already today and every day add more levels to game up to end of jam?

(just for forking it and making mobile app out of it... right now even web version isnt mobile-friendly...)

i'd like it too...

okeh :)

didn't knew lol. will see later... 

maybe also an idea for sounds of player dying, jumping and dashing? like not only background music...

also a cool idea to set up background color to every level separately like vfx and size? also background music level (not-game) dependant would be cool...

idea - making title screens in the middle of game (only text, background and "enter to continue" text, like first or last pseudo-level)

why? - being able to write separately longer text inside game (visual novel-like) and not to use only npc's...

another idea - being able to scroll thru added custom elements cause right now it softlocks me at 12 or 16 tiles only...

yet another idea - being able to change appearance of border tiles (these grey ones)

probably also more vfx things but for these i actually dont have ideas...

ok :)

and for 16x16 size of sprites/tiles ;p

waiting for ice blocks ;p

anyway - i think that not only i wont be able to finish on time im not even sure if i'll finish it in this year due to my lack of creativity regarding dialogs and storylines...

again abandoned idea :(

ok :)

ended just after talking to computer. meh


just in that screenshot:

in the later game progress (but yet before dragon) there will be a library. gonna use real cc0 books inside ;p

for example fck cars :)

ok then :)

i am gonna make games realted to things big corps and some corrupted govts doesnt like (for example herbal medicines, lgbtqia+ rights, colored rights,right to repair, right to knowledge, etc...) does that count? not exactly to kill/eliminate someone but to put such things to change generic people thinking and to help all society...

im not a one which begs for storage space. i dont pay for itchio...