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A simple yet unbelievably endless in strategy and refresh.

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They are trying to expand his audience not shrink it.

I like to think you're supposed to find the story. There is an official ending, but just enjoy the atmosphere and learning about the environment for now!

Way more challenging than I originally thought!! Definitely used the defib more than once....very fun game.

Thank you for your visit to Jalapenoville! Glad you played!

Thank you for you very kind review! I am still working on trying to point the users in the next direction: this was an exercise in that kind of programming I guess. Glad you enjoyed!

Was good! The first level is a little too challenging for me, but I get the gist of it. 

I'm so down and love this stock photo collection so far. Give me your best!

Fun submission! I especially like the dialogue!

This is a great game! I especially like how you can undo if you go should tell people about that feature.

Something that could be cool would be switches that only activate as long as you have a piece on it.  This could be used to influence snails more or something idk.

Thanks for the info!

I liked it! A fresh and fun twist. I am kinda curious about godot and am turned onto that now...