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812, guess I need some practice haha

Just tried it, seems to work. you may want to update the game description, it still says to use F.

I think the latest patch may have disabled the first players ability to use the tractor beam. Player 1 cannot use tractor beam anymore, I tried this playing against CPU and against a second player.

Not sure what the controls so I unfortunately couldn't play :(

Fun and fast-paced game.  I felt like I was gonna run out of time/hunger so many times but I managed to get 20!  Nice challenging game.

Smooth controls, cute story. Not sure if there was an end to the game. I felt like there were limitless waves.  I'm suppose to be waiting for an auto repair thing but there is no indication of how long that would take.  I think there could be some sort of visual timer for the player to see. one idea I had was if the ship takes damage the timer gets pushed back 30 seconds or so.  Nice game, your art looks great!

Very colorful, fun game, I liked trying to dodge the movement of the torpedoes. It created a nice challenge.

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Cool game idea, my only issue is that I feel like the game can go on for a long time and there is not time recorded or score added up, at least while you playing.  I realize it does show up once the run is over.

Neat game idea.  Found a funny bug where you can stand near the box and grab flying fish that go near the box, and while the circle goes around just move your fish above the box, when you fail the button click, the fish drops into the box for points.  Another bug is when your on the boss mode, retry sends you to the regular mode.

Great looking game! This looks so polished.  Love the water waves, fun music + sfx and the art looks awesome too.  I like what you did with the sky background color.   Score tally sound is a little high at the end but that's my only problem. 10/10

Cool game idea to have the character jump in a different way.  I noticed you can do a super jump if you press the boost directly after you jump.  Not sure if it is intended or not but I'm sure it is the result of adding force to your boost instead of setting it to a certain velocity.  I was able to cheese most levels once I realized this.

I think I got the same issue others have already described with the last puzzle piece.  The art looks great and the music fits well too.  Some of the physics/movement is a little off but it doesn't hurt the game much. Neat puzzle game.

Nice game, it felt like I was playing an old NES game. loved the music + art. I will admit that start up beeping was a little loud for each retry attempt.  Movement felt a little clunky, I think there was some issues going in diagonal directions.  Could probably add a boss battle since the player can shoot coins at targets.  Overall solid game.

I love the art and style you went for! Unfortunately with how fast the characters fly around the screen though and the fact that everything is the same color the game can look like a blur at times.  I was spending a decent amount of time trying to distinguish if the flying object I was looking at was indeed my player ship or something else. movement is a bit difficult (I tried both with mouse and without) though I know that is part of the challenge. The game looks great but could just use a few tweaks + some audio.

I like the game, but I found myself constantly spamming the spacebar. A suggestion would be to have the player continue to dash while spacebar is held. While playing I thought for a while there would be a big fish the deeper I went, that would be a fun challenge if say you had to maneuver through small passages to escape obstacles like that.

currently you cannot, I will add it after the jam.

nice artwork. I like how the menus work by shooting.  Not sure if the enemies have enough presence since you can just dodge around them for points.  Movement seems a little too fast, but that might just be me.

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I see someone was was ready for the dialogue limitation haha. nice game, I do wish the cumulative score was visible somewhere beside the reward card icons.  I feel like the game suddenly stopped after I caught 4 fish.  I think the Game should transition back to the title screen or a quick replay option instead of exiting the game entirely.  I liked the water and the dialogue at the start of the game.

very nice upgrade system, wish I had the time to add it in my game. Cute and fun game.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I'll definitely check out your game too :)

Looks great, feels good to play as well. it's just missing that goal / mission since you cannot do anything with the coins yet and the game does not end.

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I liked the idea that everything was hidden until the player made their choice, since that felt very much like fishing to me.  Not knowing what decided to grab your fishing rod until it surfaced.  I was thinking of having fake fish (driftwood or kelp ) so that the player had to make a bit of a gamble between targets.

I had an idea for birds to fly into your ship that would turn off your beam for a short moment, but I decided against it for lack of time.  I think the upgrades would work well for this as well, another idea I liked but wasn't sure if it would make it into the game jam edition.  Glad you enjoyed it!

Its always nice to have some sort of player progress in a game and the upgrade system works well for this. awesome game. I liked the art a lot too.

That's what I did as well, I looked for similar games to see what others did differently. just played your game, its very enjoyable, has a bit of soothing music as well.

Cute art.  I like the idea of an imposter cat amongst the rest. I noticed the Alien always arrives from the top of the screen, so it becomes quite easy to spot em early on. Perhaps if they moved around a little more it might be more difficult.  Currently you only look around on the ground for the cats so a lot of the screen space is not used.  Perhaps have cats walk back and forth on tables and counters  to make the player have to look around someone else besides the bottom of the screen.

Very neat game, The water and Tractor Beam look great. I do kind of wish there was a way to gain more time.  Got an error before I finished the game though :(  Great game otherwise.

I like the art and music. The game is both easy and difficult at times.  Sometimes the birds line up in such a way it seems impossible to get by them.  Sometimes they nearly overlap each other.

Game looks great, I think I got close but I fell back to the start.  Thankfully there was no narrator to kick me when I'm down like a certain rage game I know.  I wish I had a little more vision for the jumps but I guess that's part of the challenge. Great looking game.

played and rated!

I think the idea of swinging on hooks is cool but the controls are a bit strange to me. I'm glad you had a tutorial because I had no idea what I was suppose to do for a bit.  I don't see the need to have the  'hook grab' on the mouse button unless you are actually aiming your click  but that doesn't seem to be the case.  I noticed a minor bug that sometimes the player can get stuck on the platform when trying to move.  

Interesting Game idea, hostile sushi lol. I was a little confused whether I needed to actually retrieve the sushi or not, seems not necessary. I'd suggest just adding a little note on your page that says the controls. Nice game.

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I originally had snappy movement but I didn't feel it matched the movement of a flying saucer, I may change it after the rating is done, depending on feedback.

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Oh man you and I did something similar but I like the polish you did on your game. looks great and sounds good too! nice job btw. A minor thing I noticed was on the beach level the player is almost hidden in the blue sky.

Very cool 3D effects

Looks cool, I may use this.  Just noticed sometimes you get a repeated tag, but that's easy enough to fix by just clicking one of them again to reroll.

Hilarious game, good stuff.

I'm glad you enjoyed playing :)

Glad you liked playing my game :)  Funny enough I actually had that feature but took it out after I submitted because I was using it for debugging/testing, I probably should have just kept it in. I'll re add it next update.