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This just made my day better, thank you and congrats 💖

What a great little game, and it works perfectly on mobile! Loved it

Oh thanks a lot for taking the time to write this! It makes me really happy to know that the game can be enjoyed by people not familiar with this kind of games. That was one of the goal when developing it!




love you


Thaanks! I'll keep it in mind for a future version.


That made me both sad and very happy to read 🥹

Thanks a lot! It's my first time drawing for a game so it means a lot 💖

oh wow thanks a lot for the nice comment, I'm glad you liked it 💖

nope, but still very angry

Yes! The jam game was made one year ago for a mini jam!

Thanks a lot! Sorry to disappoint, but I will not add content to Froggy's Battle soon. I want to continue learning and get better at game dev by working on other small projects. I might come back to it later next year though ✨

yaay, one year after, here is the full game!

Thanks a lot, happy you liked it!

Glad you like it 💖

That's actually a very nice score, nice job!

As you should be! Thanks for playing 💌

Happy you liked it!

Who knows, maybe something happened at the welcome party if you invited them both 😳

Thank you so much this means a lot 💕 I'm really happy you liked it!

Thanks a lot I'm happy you liked it 💌

Between Dire Decks, Bad Bodyguards and this, you are definitely an inspiration on how to do great simple roguelikes!

Loved it 💌 Also that color palette is amazing!

love the new version!

Oh thanks a lot that's lovely 🥰

Cool platformer, well done!

Très prometteur et très joli, bravo !

Glad you liked it and invited everyone!

not this time 🌴

Let's goooo another crazy compo game!

Art is as always incredible, with a very strong art style and quite different from your previous games! The gameplay is fun, I love how it gets progressively more chaotic and how level 7 makes you enjoy level 8 even more.

Great job ✨

Nice game! I love the idea of "every death makes it easier". Also visually very impressive and the controls feel quite good.

Not a fan of restarting from the beginning instead of from last checkpoint every time!

What an impressive compo game! The art, animation, music, sounds are all extremely clean.

I love how it starts as a simple "Find the correct path on ice" game and adds two beautiful ideas to it.

Mechanics are smoothly explained through simple levels.

I would love to play a version of this with a bit more "full" levels such as 16 and 17 someday!

Really enjoyed it, great job ✨

Thank you this is really kind 💖

I am still thinking about how to make a bigger Googoo game, and I tried some prototypes relative to sticker collecting / trading, but nothing felt really good yet. Somedays I'll find something!

Thanks a lot! A full version might be a bit too much for us with our current skills, but who knows, maybe in some months or years?

Thanks a lot 💖

thank you 💖

Oh thanks a lot 💖