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Between Dire Decks, Bad Bodyguards and this, you are definitely an inspiration on how to do great simple roguelikes!

Loved it 💌 Also that color palette is amazing!

love the new version!

Oh thanks a lot that's lovely 🥰

Cool platformer, well done!

Très prometteur et très joli, bravo !

Glad you liked it and invited everyone!

not this time 🌴

Let's goooo another crazy compo game!

Art is as always incredible, with a very strong art style and quite different from your previous games! The gameplay is fun, I love how it gets progressively more chaotic and how level 7 makes you enjoy level 8 even more.

Great job ✨

Nice game! I love the idea of "every death makes it easier". Also visually very impressive and the controls feel quite good.

Not a fan of restarting from the beginning instead of from last checkpoint every time!

What an impressive compo game! The art, animation, music, sounds are all extremely clean.

I love how it starts as a simple "Find the correct path on ice" game and adds two beautiful ideas to it.

Mechanics are smoothly explained through simple levels.

I would love to play a version of this with a bit more "full" levels such as 16 and 17 someday!

Really enjoyed it, great job ✨

Thank you this is really kind 💖

I am still thinking about how to make a bigger Googoo game, and I tried some prototypes relative to sticker collecting / trading, but nothing felt really good yet. Somedays I'll find something!

Thanks a lot! A full version might be a bit too much for us with our current skills, but who knows, maybe in some months or years?

Thanks a lot 💖

thank you 💖

Oh thanks a lot 💖

Thanks for this, that was an interesting read 💖

Super cool tower defense game! I love the energy bill mechanic. As with your other games, this one looks really nice!

Nice game! The art, animations and FX are all really impressive and inspiring. Everything is both good looking, stylish and easy to read.

The game is fun, even if as other said control mapping feels a bit off. Also not a big fan of the infinite word, paired with the arrows limited range the best strategy seems like running always n the same direction, which makes movement a bit less interesting

Great job and thanks for the game! got 27,5k as best score.

thanks! That's a really nice score, great job 🔥

Nice game! I don't know why but I especially like the transition screen, it is so smooth 🐾

C'est trop beau, la musique est top, les mécaniques sont bien cools ! La démo m'a donné envie, c'est dans la wishlist ✨

As another french dev, I always make that mistake too! The french word for "enemy" is "ennemi"

Wow, as usual, this looks and sounds increadibly good! Gameplay wise, I like how everything is well explained and reminded. Days are reaaally short though, that was quite stressful.

Nice little game! I like how you managed to add a narrative aspect and an ending to a type of game that is usually more arcady and endless.

wow thanks you so much, it was really fun to see you play 💖

thanks a lot, that's really nice!

Wow you are right, we didn't even think about 60% keybs, sorry for that!

What a nice game!

I'm glad someone else took the path of the bullet hell with musical attack patterns, we thought about it but went another way. This is a really good implementation, with clear visuals, nice music, clear and nice attack patterns, well tuned difficulty, and super intuitive controls. Also thanks for letting me skip the intro.

Why do you have to hold click to move the ship? It was quite tiring for me (wrist issues).

Also, I personnaly prefer bullet hells where your hurtbox is really tiny even if it doesn't match the sprite of your ship. What you did by making it bigger but giving a lot of life is a very valid choice too though, just personnal preferences.

Thanks for the game and great job, that's a solid jam game ✨

This is a very cool idea with nice graphics!

As other said, it's a bid sad that you can "cheat" by mashing your keyboard, and that the game is insanely hard and punitive if you don't!

With a bit more balance this can be a very good game, great job!

Nice game! Simple idea, great execution. The level design is really good for a jam game.

Very very nice presentation! 

The art is fantastic, and the intro and different outros look really great!

Sadly the game is not really interesting in this state. The patterns are really easy, always the same, and not on beat. I guess this is only because you didn't have time, and I'd love to see a future version of this with interesting patterns and difficulty!

oh and also frogs so easy 5 stars for me

Ok this is definitely my fav from this jam!

This is so good! Art style is very original, smart for a jam, clear and coherent. Sound design is great. Gameplay is a great mix of a stressful wario-ware style "understand fast what you need to do" followed by a cool "execute this is in rhythm a few time".

Really I loved it and this is an inspiration!

Also, I really like how clear you were with the different versions available. I played on the 1.0.

Very nice concept!

Some puzzle feels a bit long, like you already know you won but still have to wait several seconds for the puzzle to end.

I had some issues with the "change direction" blue panel, I am not sure it was always working as intended?

Great choice of simple rythmic music for the game. Careful with the menu music though, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you don't have the licence to use that?

What an impressive jam game!

The art and visual polish (menu, animation) are really good! As other stated, it's more a trial and error puzzle game, but that's fine by me, I don't like thinking to much ahead and trying is fun.

The menu button is awfully close to the "show path" button, I misclicked on a late level and lost all my progression, I was sad haha.

Really good job on this one, it's nice ✨

Thanks for the suggestion, you are right!

hey, thanks for the nice comment!

The end is actually at the end of the music track, around 3 minutes! There is no looping and random or procedural patterns here, it's one single track with hand crafted patterns all along.

Thats a very good looking and sounding prototype, good job on that! Animations are especially impressive for a jam game.

Maybe I missed something, but I believe the position of shrooms on the circle don't matter? Maybe that could be nice if it did!

Nice one!

I love the use of the limitation here, it's pretty simple but puts you into the game quite well. The execution is overall good, even if it was sometimes quite hard to do perfects. Maybe adding a small correction to the input time to take into account the average input delay of unity and user's hardware would help!

Thanks for the game I had fun 🐦🎶

I really like the art for the band!

The concept is nice too, but as other said it's just so easy to "cheat" by putting yourself in a position where you grab everything that it quickly becomes a bit less fun.