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The game is really fun, I played it with my brother and my sister and we tried to do the best time. The enemies diversity is well used. The only problem I have is that the jump isn't long enough for me. Overall really solid entry :D

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I forgot to had a line of code,my bad, thanks for reporting it. Should be fix now ;)

I forgot to had a line of code, my bad. Should be fix now ;)

Thank a lot for the feedback, I'm glad that you liked it ! I increase the size of the current, it should prevent the heart to be block in the corners.

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This game have a great art style and is pretty fun I really love it ! The only thing that I would change is the hitbox of the firefly (too hard to catch).

I love the art style ! The gameplay is quite original but the game is pretty easy before the final opponent. One of my favorite game so far.

I really like the concept and the GTA aesthetic. Extremly juicy great job !

The game is really cool and juicy but the 3 shot and auto aim are simply broken. I basically just have to aim up and down to be invincible. Still a pretty solid game.

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franchement très sympa

J'attend les hots fix la cam est dégueulasse et le jeu est tout buggé. Terrible c'est AAA qui sortent a moitié fini pour satisfaire les actionnaires . En plus y'a pas de NFT.

OH ! La reponce ! J'avoue que je ne m'y attendais vraiment pas :0

C'est bien dommage que tu ne comptes pas finir le projet il est vraiment impressionnant...  Après c'est vrai que les autres projets que tu as faits sont tout aussi beau et ont aussi une vrai touche (j'espère que tu continueras). 

Sinon y'aurais t'il un moyen de te suivre ? un site web ou un twitter ? (les liens de ta page sont mort)

Can you post the caps ? You work is incredible ! I'm dying to understand who it work under the hood !

Je ne m'attend pas à avoir de réponse mais je tient à dire que faire un jeu comme celui la sur construct demande un travail immense BRAVO !

(j'avoue que je suis curieux de savoir à quoi peut ressembler le code )

Done enjoy :) (just be aware that if you have an antivirus it can recognize my game as a virus)

I can make one in no time but why do you want it ?

Sorry for the timer, I have tried to give the player enough time to finish without becoming super boring (and optinally to stay within the restriction). I consciously let the player cheese the game because I think it's actually fun (and it avoids intense frustration due to the lack of good level design). And for the moving screen, it was just a test, I tried to minimize it so you can stay focused (but I probably have to make some change). Thanks for playing the game anyway ! And thank for this comment it will allow me to improve my design :)

Thank it mean a lot to me ;) !

If you drag the mouse over half of the screen, it should be enough (But it is indeed not obvious)

It would be near impossible :O

Thank for your feedback ! I forgot to precise that the full screen is highly recommended. If you get stuck press R and the ball will respawn at the beginning of the room. I'm happy you enjoy the game anyway :).

Thank for your feedback. Your the only one that say that you can't see the north room. I don't really konw what to do... (I least I fix the music)

Thank you ! I'm happy you have fun :). 

Thank you ! I'm happy you like it :)

Thank for your feedback. Yeah I'm not fully happy with the magnet (maybe I should make it round ?).The timer is a bit of a duck tape to be able to respect to the restriction ;) .

Thank for your feedback. Sure I will try yours.

Really fun ! But you should make the control mouse only

Fun game with cool concept. You should just rework the tutorial because if you use the grapple early you will just rotate with an absurd radius (failed it twice because of that).

Seem to be a cool game but I can't play...

Fun game with great visual but the control are a bit weird ( it would be much simple if each side was control by the same side of the mouse)

Yes I think we still have problems with the difficulty. But I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite it !

It was really fun and the limitations were well exploited. Great job!